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Polo fits White Wealth Winter Olympics

You might wonder why a polo player features so prominently on the official clothing of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Well of course, because the haberdasher au contract is Ralph Lauren, who one-upped Lacoste so many years ago when so many … Continue reading

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Yanks overseas pretend to be Canadian but how do you do that in Vancouver?

Since the overt militarization of Pax Americana, US citizens traveling the world are advised to pretend they’re Canadians. It only took this week’s unexpected team USA victory over Canada in men’s Olympic hockey, to ignite anti-American feelings. Even before the … Continue reading

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Norway ties USA for Olympic gold

Does it matter really in transnational games between warmonger countries? Nearly all Winter Olympic participants are NATO occupiers of Afghanistan. Though Norway was among several who condemned the Iraq invasion, its oil company is complicit in exploiting Iraq’s oil. The … Continue reading

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Suomi hockey team beats Slovenska for bronze at 2010 Jeux Olympiques

What does it say across the front of the Finnish hockey jersey “SUOMI?” Is that an acronym or an internet initialism? While it could be enthusiasm for Olympic mascot Sumi, Suomi is Finnish/Saami for what they call their country. Apparently … Continue reading

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Medal count reflects Wealthy Olympics

The US media ranks the US ahead in the Vancouver Winter Olympics based on most medals won. The non-American consensus rates competitors according to their gold, Germany often leading. If your average win is silver, it does seem queer to … Continue reading

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Vancouver 2010 Olympic destinations

Amtrak Station 1150 Station Street Apple Store at Pacific Center, 701 West Georgia Street USA House at Level, 1022 Seymour Street Hilton Metrotown 6083 McKay Avenue Olympic Tent City protest encampment, 58 West Hastings Street Adbusters Magazine Culture Jammers, 1243 … Continue reading

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Forget Olympic Gold, US claims a ring

The Olympic rings represent continents don’t they? I can almost see the globe laid flat traversed by the five rings, even the colors seem culturally appropriate. B, Y, Bk, G, R are the US, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. … Continue reading

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McDonalds: Eat Like Fat Olympians

The authentic moment in the McDonalds commercial “Eat Like Olympians” is where an athlete walks amazed past tables of A-list Olympians stuffing their faces with Chicken McNuggets. He’s not starstruck, but dumbstruck at the sight of athletes poisoning themselves/selling out. … Continue reading

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