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Pentagon and State Dept Call leaked information Crimes

Just, you know, not the CRIMES committed by their agents and soldiers, it's the revelation of those Crimes that's 'criminal'. No word yet on any prosecution against the Rove-Bush Kartel for making false statements that have directly led to the deaths of thousands of United States servicemen (each one a capital offense, according the the Bush Doctrine) and a literally uncounted number of Afghan and Iraqi civilians. Although the Wikileaks reports did add a substantial number to that count. No, the people who told massive lies to support starting and continuing the Mass Murder Campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, they're not the subject of the Criminal Investigation, run in large part by Investigators who ARE Criminals. It's once again come down to prosecuting people for telling the Truth.

Wikileaks spills “Afganistan War Logs” detail Task Force 373, US death squad

You thought death squads were only for banana republics? Meet covert US Task Force 373 which circulates in Afghanistan with a 2,058 name "Kill or Capture List" killing all witnesses, even policemen, who get in their way. The sudden transparency is due the AFGHANISTAN WAR LOGS, courtesy at last from Wikileaks. While dodging US DHS agents, Wikileak's Julian Assange was able to coordinate a clever self-checking joint release of the documents via the Guardian UK, Der Spiegel, and the New York Times. The events reported aren't accusations, they're the soldiers' own records. This leak of over 90,000 files represents the US military's account of the Afghanistan conflict virtually in its entirety. The news outlets have attempted the present the data in manageable articles, while also providing the raw material for download. The Guardian even offers a tutorial. The coordinated release ensures that no one can alter the information, and Assange's choice of outlets was also clever: all three of them are/were pro-war. There will be lots of revelations from these leaked document, including underestimates of civilian casualties, and acknowledgment of casualties not admitted to the media, CIA hits, and another Black Ops SF squad called Scorpion 26, but let's get back to the death squad. We don't have to allege that TF 373 is an extrajudicial, fully-illegal assassination team, we have their own logs. Who they killed, tried to kill, killed instead, killed trying to get there, killed covering their tracks. Men, women and children. The logs cover up to November 2009, but we have no reason to think they're not killing still. Task Force 373 operates out of Kabul, Kandahar and Khost, comprised of soldiers of the 7th Special Forces Group of Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. They are transported by Chinook and Cobra helicopters flown by 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, of Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. Special Forces Airborne death squads. Or is America inured by our armed drones which assassinate from up high. Whether the trigger man wears a mask in Afghanistan, or sits at a console in Nevada, the hit is a war crime. Outside of a field of battle, it's simply murder. And lookey here, the 7th Special Forces have a patch for their record in El Salvador in 1984... Addressed by their commander in 2001: "From Fort Bragg to Colombia to Venezuela to Peru to Ecuador to Bolivia to Nicaragua to Argentina, you have been instrumental in forging deeper bonds with the democracies of Latin America," So before I let the banana republic slur go. Let's recall that Latin American death squads were often trained at the US School of the Americas, when they or their governments weren't being directed by Americans outright. Or the 7th, the "Devil's Brigade."

Wikileaks has video of Granai Massacre

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is officially a wanted man. After the arrest of whistleblower Bradley Manning for leaking the Collateral Murder video, the Pentagon announced it is hunting Assange "to talk to him" about 260,000 diplomatic cables which Army Specialist Manning is purported to have passed along as well. Appealing for fans to create Wikileak support groups worldwide, Assange confirmed possession of sensitive material to which he could only allude earlier: the US military's own video of the "Garani Massacre" (sic), its 2009 airstrike and coverup of the killing of over 140 Afghan civilians, most of them children. Within hours, the claim and Assange's appeal, were removed from the Wikileaks website. Assange's announcement has been propagated by journalists in the Wikileaks email circle, but strangely the call for creating a network of support groups, "Friends of Wikileaks is being given no traction. The hasty typo of "Garani," uncorrected, doesn't serve the cause either. As a keyword, Garani brings up only Assange's recent Tweet. All news references of the original incident are indexed under "Granai." Or of course Julian Assange's earlier codeword, Project G. That the media is so casual about describing the Wikileaks founder as subject of an "international manhunt" is unfortunately disarming. Assange has had to cancel an appearance in Las Vegas, and a later keynote engagement for 2600 in NYC. Oh hw funny. Pentagon Papers whisleblower Daniel Ellsberg is warning the Assange is facing very real danger of rendition, interrogation, disappearance, even assassination by US drone. The excitement builds? You can do more than watch Assange dodge missile strikes like Flash Osama. Contact Wikileaks about enlisting as friend or supporter, not just spectator. Below is the original email from Julian Assange: WikiLeaks may be under attack. You were generous enough to write to us, but we have not had the labor resources to respond. Your support is important to us. Please read all of this email to understand what is going on. We apologize for not getting back to you before. It is not through any lack of interest on our part, but an enforced lack of resources. One of our alleged sources, a young US intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning, has been detained and shipped to a US military prison in Kuwait, where he is being held without trail. Mr. Manning is alleged to have acted according to his conscious and leaked to us the Collateral Murder video and the video of a massacre that took place in Afghanistan last year at Garani. The Garani massacre, which we are still working on, killed over 100 people, mostly children. Mr. Manning allegedly also sent us 260,000 classified US Department cables, reporting on the actions of US Embassy's engaging in abusive actions all over the world. We have denied the allegation, but the US government is acting as if the allegation is true and we do have a lot of other material that exposes human rights abuses by the United States government. Mr. Manning was allegedly exposed after talking to an unrelated "journalist" who then worked with

US inhumanity maxed at Azimuth Limit

"Light 'em all up. Come on, fire!" Watching the leaked combat footage of the helicopter gunships killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2007, I'm troubled by my own desensitized response. When I saw earlier leaked videos of an AH-64 vaporizing Iraqi farmers and a C-130 wreaking mayhem in Afghanistan, I remember my real shock at seeing a human life extinguished. This time not even flinch. "Just fuckin', once you get on 'em just open 'em up." Not at the brutality, nor the callousness of the play by play --even as the pilots targeted rescuers trying to help the wounded. I fault the Rules of Engagement that allowed the massacre, not the soldiers' laughing swagger --as I hope they will not begrudge my unguarded satisfaction when eventually spectators will be treated to leaked footage of American soldiers taking some fire. If you watched the video, perhaps you too were wishing that July 12, 2007 had recorded a massive setback for US troops in Iraq, at the height of the "surge" where a whole shitload of "dismounts" had been ambushed by IED explosions in a Baghdad square in the aftermath of a civilian massacre. Those who watched the 39-minute extended version I know were hoping to see a resolution like that, instead of an additional war crime of disproportional force and the targeting of civilians, a Hellfire missile attack on a building into which armed and unarmed men had entered, surrounded by passing innocents and rescuers scrambling to help. There it goes! Look at that bitch go! Patoosh! Ah, sweet! Need a little more room. Nice missile. Does it look good? Sweet! The Army has declared that no further inquiry will be made into the 2007 killing of the two Reuters journalists. Its FOIA requests long thwarted, even Reuters is not expressing outrage at this footage. The corporate media is hoping to let this story fade on the fringe. Does this mean that more pilots and gunners might become emboldened to leak other trophy reels? It doesn't take Nelson Ratings for news outlets to see that viewers are already clamoring for more combat snuff films. We could grant amnesty in exchange for those who turn in the most degenerate sequences. And pretend they'll remain anonymous. Ultimately friends and relatives will be able to place identities with the radio voices. Speaking on one of the clearest channels is the young voiced HOTEL-26, who reported taking fire from the photographers and ID'd the "RPG" with started the whole engagement. Likewise the gunner on CRAZY HORSE-18 who responded "Alright, hahaha, I hit 'em...." is addressed "God damn it, Kyle." And then there's the poor 30mm gunner in CRAZY HORSE-19 who assessed his work thus: Oh yeah, look at that. Right through the windshield! Ha ha! While chomping at the bit to fire upon the improvised ambulance, he was momentarily thwarted by a puzzling "Azimuth Limit" which prevented his shooting. Bloggers are now abuzz to decode the Azimuth Limit which slowed the turkey shoot when none of the gunners were showing restraint. Azimuth is the angular measurement of an object's

Yeah look at those dead bastards. Nice.

Here's the Wikileaks decrypted Apache AH-64 combat footage of 2007 collateral murder of Iraqi civilians including two journalists, wounding two children. Wikileaks is tweeting the ensuing developments. Democracy Now has interviews recorded the day after July 12, 2007 by Big Noise Films. We have individuals going to the scene, looks like possibly uh picking up bodies and weapons. Let me engage. Roger, hey, we need to stop that. Can I shoot? Request permission to engage. Picking up the wounded? Yeah, we're trying to get permission to engage. Come on, let us shoot! They're taking him. We have a Black SUV err, Bongo Truck picking up the bodies. Fuck. Request permission to engage. Engage. Transcript from the Full video: 00:03 Okay I got it. 00:05 Last conversation Hotel Two-Six. 00:09 Roger Hotel Two-Six [Apache helicopter 1], uh, [this is] Victor Charlie Alpha. Look, do you want your Hotel Two-Two two el- 00:14 I got a black vehicle under target. It's arriving right to the north of the mosque. 00:17 Yeah, I would like that. Over. 00:21 Moving south by the mosque dome. Down that road. 00:27 Okay we got a target fifteen coming at you. It's a guy with a weapon. 00:32 Roger [acknowledged]. 00:39 There's a... 00:42 There's about, ah, four or five... 00:44 Bushmaster Six [ground control] copy [i hear you] One-Six. 00:48 ...this location and there's more that keep walking by and one of them has a weapon. 00:52 Roger received target fifteen. 00:55 K. 00:57 See all those people standing down there. 01:06 Stay firm. And open the courtyard. 01:09 Yeah roger. I just estimate there's probably about twenty of them. 01:13 There's one, yeah. 01:15 Oh yeah. 01:18 I don't know if that's a... 01:19 Hey Bushmaster element [ground forces control], copy on the one-six. 01:21 Thats a weapon. 01:22 Yeah. 01:23 Hotel Two-Six; Crazy Horse One-Eight [second Apache helicopter]. 01:29 Copy on the one-six, Bushmaster Six-Romeo. Roger. 01:32 Fucking prick. 01:33 Hotel Two-Six this is Crazy Horse One-Eight [communication between chopper 1 and chopper 2]. Have individuals with weapons. 01:41 Yup. He's got a weapon too. 01:43 Hotel Two-Six; Crazy Horse One-Eight. Have five to six individuals with AK47s [automatic rifles]. Request permission to engage [shoot]. 01:51 Roger that. Uh, we have no personnel east of our position. So, uh, you are free to engage. Over. 02:00 All right, we'll be engaging. 02:02 Roger, go ahead. 02:03 I'm gonna... I cant get 'em now because they're behind that building. 02:09 Um, hey Bushmaster element... 02:10 Is that an RPG [Rocket Propelled Grenade]? 02:11 All right, we got a guy with an RPG. 02:13 I'm gonna fire. 02:14 Okay. 02:15 No hold on. Lets come around. Behind buildings right now from our point of view. ... Okay, we're gonna come around. 02:19 Hotel Two-Six; have eyes on individual with RPG. Getting ready to fire. We won't... 02:23 Yeah, we had a guy shoot---and now he's behind the building. 02:26 God damn it. 02:28 Uh, negative, he was, uh, right in front of the Brad [Bradley Fighting Vehicle; an tracked Armored Personal Carrier that looks like a tank]. Uh, 'bout, there, one o'clock. [direction/orientation] 02:34 Haven't seen anything since then. 02:36 Just fuckin', once you get on 'em just open 'em up. 02:38 All right. 02:40 I see your element, uh, got about four

Wikileaks can archive the Palin emails so she doesn’t have to, by law

Wikileaks is off-line again. (But try The whistle-blower safe box had just posted fragments of communications hacked from Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account. GOP campaign reps denounced the act as "a shocking invasion of the governor's privacy and a violation of the law" Come again? Eavesdropping is illegal? Hackers working under the venerable pseudonym "Anonymous" posted email from the Alaska Governor which appeared to violate government safeguards about official communications. Emails regarding state business are supposed to go through government mail systems and be archived accordingly. Personal email accounts are not to be used to circumvent government oversight. The hackers invite the public to decide for themselves whether communications at the addresses and violated these restrictions. Wikileaks is a repository of leaked information to which government or corporate whistle-blowers can post who want to bring evidence of wrong-doing to the public's attention. Wired has an excellent profile of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The site has been targeted by the courts and corporate hackers to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information. For example, Wikileaks leaked instruction manuals from the DoD's secret prison system. Why Wikileaks has become inaccessible this time is hopefully due simply to too much traffic. You can check Wikileak for access updates, if lame commentary. When Wikileaks published offshore banking records showing how US corporations are evading federal taxes, the Swiss bank Julius Baer prevailed upon a US court to revoke the domain name. Apparently the Secret Service has vowed to investigate who hacked into Sarah Palin's account. This should be a revealing test of Wikileaks' stealth measures. Wikileaks contributors use a FIREFOX pluggin called TOR to spread their online tracks over a distribution of participating TOR users. In addition communications are encrypted with PGP -Pretty Good Privacy. Unavoidably however, a not insignificant number of machines on the network are recognized to be intelligence agents. (Scrubbing Bubbles said "We work hard so you don't have to.")

Gitmo operating manual leaked

Wiki Leaks has obtained an updated copy of the Standard Operating Procedures for CAMP DELTA. They've posted both a DOC and PDF version available for download as it is UNCLASSIFIED. Due to the document's size, the transparency group is inviting everyone to study and comment. Already revealed: certain detainees are hidden from the International Red Cross, the use of psychological torture, both violations of the Geneva Conventions. Below is the table of contents:   Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures Headquarters, Joint Task Force - Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - 1 March 2004 Contents (listed by paragraph and page number), page iv Camp Delta Rules, page ix Chapter 1 Introduction, page 1.1 Purpose ? 1-1, page 1.1 Minor SOP Modifications ? 1-2, page 1.1 References ? 1-3, page 1.1 Explanation of Abbreviations and Terms ? 1-4, page 1.1 JDOG Mission and Commander’s Intent ? 1-5, page 1.1 Responsibilities ? 1-6, page 1.1 U.S. Personnel Standards of Conduct ? 1-7, page 1.2 General Protection Policy ? 1-8, page 1.3 Chapter 2 Command and Control, page 2.1 Chain of Command ? 2-1, page 2.1 Physical Plant ? 2-2, page 2.1 Camp Delta Operations ? 2-3, page 2.1 Section I – Personnel, page 2.1 Detention Operations Branch ? 2-5, page 2.1 Detention Services Branch ? 2-6, page 2.2 Section II – Functions, page 2.2 Detention Operations Center (DOC) ? 2-7, page 2.2 Record Keeping ? 2-8, page 2.3 Chapter 3 Detainee Reception Operations, page 3.1 Overview ? 3-1, page 3.1 Infantry Support Operations ? 3-2, page 3.1 Land Movement ? 3-4, page 3.2 In-processing Security ? 3-5, page 3.2 Inbound and Outbound Operations DMO ? 3-6, page 3.4 Linguist Support ? 3-7, page 3.4 Facility Support ? 3-8, page 3.4 Chapter 4 Detainee Processing (Reception/Transfer/Release DMO) page 4.1 Purpose ? 4-1, page 4.1 Initial Processing ? 4-2, page 4.1 Documents ? 4-3, page 4.1 Preparation for Processing ? 4-4, page 4.1 Personnel Requirements ? 4-5, page 4.1 In-Processing Procedures ? 4-6, page 4.1 MP Escort Responsibilities ? 4-7, page 4.2 Clothing Removal Rome (Station 1) ? 4-8, page 4.2 Shower (Station 2) ? 4-9, page 4.2 Cavity Search (Station 3) ? 4-10, page 4.2 Dressing/Shackle Exchange (Station 4) ? 4-11, page 4.2 DNA Sample (Station 5) ? 4-12, page 4.2 Height And Weight (Station 6) ? 4-13, page 4.2 DRS In-Processing (Station 7) ? 4-14, page 4.3 ID Wristband/Dossier (Station 8 ) ? 4-15, page 4.3 Fingerprint (Station 9) ? 4-16, page 4.3 Camp Rules (Station 10) ? 4-17, page 4.3 Post processing ? 4-18, page 4.3 Reporting ? 4-19, page 4.3 Behavior Management Plan ? 4-20, page 4.3 Chapter 5 Detention Facility Operations, page 5.1 Section I – Rules of Engagement (ROE) and Rules for the Use of Force (RUF) ? 5-1, page 5.1 Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Use ? 5-2, page 5.3 Camp Rules ? 5-3, page 5.2 Section II – Daily Reports ? 5-4, page 5.1 Incident Reports ? 5-5, page 5.2 SPOT Reports ? 5-6, page 5.2 Serious Incident Reports ? 5-7, page 5.3 Discipline Records ? 5-8, page 5.3 Section III – Guard Mount ? 5-9, page 5.3 Change of Shift Procedures ? 5-10, page 5.3 Equipment Chit System ? 5-11, page 5.4 Section IV – DOC Operations ? 5-12, page 5.6 Public Address System ? 5-13, page 5.4 Radio Discipline ? 5-14, page 5.4 Building Maintenance ? 5-15, page 5.6 Video Camera/ Combat Camera ? 5-16, page 5.8 Section V –