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The Battle of the Strait of Hormuz might be just about to begin?

Two countries, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, lie opposite each other at the Strait of Hormuz, and those two countries have enjoyed a long history of relative peace with each other as compared to the situation of many other areas in the Middle East. However, the US and its European allies, France and Britain may be just about to send that peace up into bloody flames? Britain, America and France have just sent six warships, led by a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier right through the highly sensitive waters of the Strait of Hormuz and to right offshore of Iran. Britain, US and France send warships through Strait of Hormuz

Almost half a million Iranian expats reside in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) as part of the total population of 8 and 1/2 million there. However, those Iranians have few rights in the UAE, as these are basically states run as monarchies for the international oil companies.

The UAE consists of 7 separate ’emirates’ (states) which are united politically. The most famous of the 7 emirates is Dubai, which is known as being the de facto oil and financing center for the Western Oil Company Dictatorship over the Middle East. English is the main language in use here, since many more inhabitants speak English than speak Arabic. There are tens of thousands of Brits as well as tens of thousands of Americans wandering this robotic city of Dubai. And there are hundreds of thousands of imported worker slaves that have entered here, too, from the Indian sub continent, the Philippines, etc. In fact, only about 20% of the UAE are indigenous natives to the area. Others have few rights, as even most of the indigenous Arabs as well don’t either.

The UAE is to Iran what Kuwait was/ is to Iraq. If we remember back into time, Kuwait was once an ally of Saddam led Iraq, financing Iraq billions upon billions so that Hussein could wage his US backed war against Iran, which was one giant slaughter for both sides. Then the West had Kuwait refuse to allow a beaten Iraq credit to stabilize itself with post Iran-Iraq War. That’s what started the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait that led eventually to the US attacking Iraq militarily, and eventually overthrowing Saddam Hussein and occupying the Iraq.

Today, the UAE has been just that sort of ‘friend’ to Iran that Kuwait once was to Iraq, and one that the West can bend to its will (as it always has), and make into a weapon to use eventually against Iran. When the US led forces begin their attack on Iran, the Strait of Hormuz will turn into being the center battleground of the Iranian response to that attack. It is very likely that the UAE will be part of this battleground, and with that, the friendship between Iran and the UAE will very likely come crashing apart. Then US led dictatorship over the region will be able to reign supreme, or at least the Pentagon theorists do hope.

Sadly, we shall see… and just what sort of monstrous mess will result, is anybody’s guess? But it is really doubtful that the people in this area could ever benefit any from such a tragedy as the Battle of the Strait of Hormuz would bring their way.

Christian on Christian Crime Spree, ongoing…

The nationalities of those identified as the hijackers on 9/11… 15 Saudis, 2 UAE, one Lebanese and one Egyptian, all of them U.S. allies in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.
U.S. and Allied Casualties on D-Day, D-Day, 2499 Verified American dead, 10,000 ALLIED soldiers.
Fox (Ministry of Propaganda) puts total at 4000 and as high as 9000.
Killed by the “Christian” cultures of Italy and Germany.
That doesnt count the French Civilians killed by actions of both sides, nor the Christian Italians and Germans killed by the Christian British, French, Canadian, U.S., Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, just to name the major players.
None of the 9/11 hijackers were either Iraqi or Afghan.

Saying that a coalition of Saudis attacking the U.S. justifies attacking two countries that Are Not Saudi Arabia would be like saying D-Day justifies an attack on Mexico. Or England.

Yet the Right Wing BabyKillers still play the 9/11 card
and expect us to eat it up and ask for seconds.
Save room for dessert, because it’s really sweet.

The vast majority of wars in which Christianity as a State Religion was a factor, were wars against Other Christian Nations or Christian subjects of the Same Nation. That includes the infamous Crusades.

Our Favorite Mercenaries, admired by Blackwater/Xe as being the epitome of Christian Warriors, Les Chevaliers Templars, Indicted by their Fellow Christians from the Catholic Church for murdering and kidnapping Other Crusaders and that notation was only made because they ran afoul of the French king and his Pet Pope.

Richard Couer d’Leon, the “Black Knight” from Ivanhoe and Robin Hood legend, King by right of conquest of England (though he spoke no English) kidnapped twice and killed once by his Fellow Crusaders. And that’s just the high-profile case.

Seems the Christian Nobility were neither.

Christian.. Noble… not a chance. After LOSING their very fat collective Arse to the Turks and Arabs they turned their focus more inward, and just started slaughtering (mostly) Christian subjects in their own kingdoms and those of the neighboring kings.

By the logic implied by the 9/11 chanting Murderers, or at least inferred by me, the Christian Blood shed by Christian Warriors over the past 20 centuries means only one thing…

That Christianity should enter into a Jihad to wipe ourselves out as an embarrassment to the name of God.

Actually, we already do.