Monthly Archives: May 2005

Beautiful handfuls

I’m discovering another aspect about beautiful women. They need a lot of attention, not because they are insecure, mais non, but because they are accustomed to being the center of their world, they think that’s all there is. And why … Continue reading

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Koran flushing

Sacreligious treatment of the Koran. Not THE Koran, nor A Koran, but someone’s OWN Koran. A bible-thumper might appreciate this distinction more than the average near-secular American. Guantanamo interrogators weren’t flushing a Gideon Bible down the toilet, some vinyl-covered copy … Continue reading

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Bumper sticker literacy

Here’s a way to keep a healthy distance from idiots on the road. You can assess their IQ by the accumulation of particular bumper stickers. And they’re not particularly uncommon, so you won’t get bored looking for them. Additional note: … Continue reading

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