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“Pain Compliance”

…and they wonder why people would deliberately crash airplanes into their buildings… On Teevee right now there’s a Smug Arrogant PIG demonstrating how to use one of those Airsoft pellet guns to inflict severe pain on somebody to make him … Continue reading

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With The Rocky Mountain News another bad newspaper bites the dust

Rocky Mountain News is no more and we have not lost anything vital here in Colorado. These newspapers are mainly full of advertising trash these days and people are going elsewhere to get the news, so the decline of the … Continue reading

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Ding-Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead! Well not quite, Dorothy…

Dobson resigns as chairman of Focus on the Family. Yes, the cows are mooing and all is happiness in the land of Odd (Colorado Springs, that is)! Dobson is being replaced by another, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Patrick P. … Continue reading

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Once again, the sick Catholic Church is in the news

The sick Catholic Church just never ceases to amaze! Italy is now embroiled in its very own Terry Schiavo case, and the Catholic Church is trying to bring murder charges against a father for allowing his brain dead daughter to … Continue reading

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Mark 6TH YEAR of Iraq Occupation with profiteers Boeing, Lockheed, GD and KBR

A.N.S.W.E.R.’s March 21 MARCH ON THE PENTAGON to mark the sixth year of the War in Iraq will be directed not only at the US Department of Defense, but at the war profiteers for whom 2007 was a record year, … Continue reading

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Obama reneging on promises to pull US troops out of Iraq

Obama won the presidency based on the fact that most Americans found him to be credible on his promise to get US troops out of Iraq, whereas they didn’t think John McCain had any commitment to do so. They got … Continue reading

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US and Mexican Drug War Czars declare Martial Law in El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

…In my book there are only 2 major international metropolitan areas in the Northern part of North America, those being Montreal and El Paso-Ciudad Juarez. I would add San Diego-Tijuana in there too except for the fact that the two … Continue reading

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Consumer confidence men

The more I see pundits scoring Barack Obama’s performance based on Wall Street’s reaction, according to how much hope Obama is able to infuse into the public’s faltering confidence in the economy, I have to ponder the uncomfortable etymology of … Continue reading

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Dave Schultheis of Colorado State Senate District 9- Lost in a Black Hole of Stupidity

In this day and age, science has finally located the Black Hole of Human Stupidity and it is centered on Colorado State Senator Dave Schultheis, elected representative of Colorado State Senate District 9. That’s quite a dishonor, but Dave fully … Continue reading

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Obama presidential address to Congress addressed to dueling teleprompters

Have you noticed that Obama rarely looks forward when he speaks, not even by a fraction of 45 degrees? I think this censored camera shot which gives viewers President Obama’s point of view, the perspective exposes his complete reliance on the teleprompters. That’s why Obama turns his head completely from side to side, never facing forward, never appearing to address the majority of the audience who must obviously be in front of him. Anyway, it’s just an observation, but the mannerism has spoiled me for watching Obama make speeches, and I particularly question his use of the teleprompters for his press conference appearance. Continue reading

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Colorado Springs city government once again says it will end police raids on Homeless camps

COLORADO SPRINGS- Yesterday the CS municipal government, under the threat of an ongoing lawsuit, once again declared that it would end police raids on the Homeless. KKTV reports the following- ‘The Colorado Springs City Council voted in favor Tuesday on … Continue reading

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US soldier sadists get kicks in quick at Guantanamo

Exclusive: Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama So it’s not just Not My Tribe that writes about the bad character of most US soldiers, but rather Reuters does so as it informs the whole world of these facts about … Continue reading

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A look at the American ‘Peace’crat friends of the people of Zimbabwe

In an open letter to Barack Obama erroneously titled an Open Letter to the People of Zimbabwe, primarily members and close circles of the Workers World Party and some Black Democrats, too, have signed onto a letter that correctly spells … Continue reading

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Can I get an inflatable Ted Haggard Sex Doll anywhere?

A lot of us have literally fallen in love with Ted Haggard, and now that he is immersed in sin he seems even sexier! So that brings me to the question of where can one go to get an inflatable … Continue reading

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America needs new leadership

Dennis Loo, co-author of Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney states the case as the following. ‘Constituting a new legitimate authority from outside of the ranks of the existing leadership class and the major organs of opinion-making … Continue reading

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Costs rise with America’s ongoing ‘Health Care’ boondoggle

Costs up almost 10% in 2 years? Poor delivery of care, many uncovered at all, and yet the price is almost 2 1/2 trillion per year now? This is America, Land of White Collar Run-Away Crime. This simply is not … Continue reading

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Israel’s plans to make Palestinians homeless in Jerusalem in order to make ‘parks’ for the Jewish community

Ethnic cleansing disguised as plans to give a city more ‘open (Green) space’? Yes, that’s the Jewish State’s plan for Jerusalem. Voice of America reports that Palestinian Residents Brace for Demolition of Homes in East Jerusalem but forgets to add … Continue reading

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Truth Wanted: IDF military intelligence propagandists need not apply

Well, engaging the Israeli Internet Megaphone was an interesting experiment, although the popular consensus interjected the qualifier “hardly.” Now smeared across the NMT comment record is the indelible impression of what an industrial strength, defense department white-wash program can do … Continue reading

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Robert Fisk on how the international press helped Israel censor the media

Israel murders off journalists in much the same manner as the US military often has done. That is their heaviest form of censorship- DEATH. But they have other methods, too, and world famous international correspondent, Robert Fisk, discusses how the … Continue reading

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Israeli press speaks of Israeli gov-made army of bloggers spam machine

Haaretz uncovers the serpent underneath the rock… Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’ to combat anti-Zionist Web sites …Important to know that this army of bloggers created by the Israeli military are not independently posting their own materials and opinions on … Continue reading

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Friendly Fire: How Army Emergency Relief and the US Army itself rips off gullible Americans

Any thinking person in America would realize that the US military is fully funded and yet much more. But to the more gullible Americans, ‘the troops’ just still weren’t getting enough so the US Army itself created an organization to … Continue reading

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Ireland did not like occupation either

I think there’s an interesting St Patrick’s Day theme in the making… Americans have always opposed occupation. Irish Americans supported the IRA’s fight against the British. And wasn’t our first mantra “Don’t Tread on Me?”

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IT demands proof…

Of anything WE write. Perhaps It should take the challenge… Show US proof that YOU actually exist other than a Yahoo ID, Hotmail or gmail ID created yesterday. Many Commercial sites don’t even respond to such IDs because they’re effectively … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Nuclear Memory Lane: Bush “I just authorized the sale of nukular-

capable missile technology to India, which has 60 million more radical Muslims than Iraq and Iran combined… but it’s to make us all safer”… I’m sure somebody will point out that Because It’s A Parody Of The Actual Quote, “It … Continue reading

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From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!

A.N.S.W.E.R. has 7 Reasons to March on DC. We can borrow them! – The war in Afghanistan is expanding and widening. – 350,000 U.S. troops and US-paid contractors still occupy Iraq. – Israel’s Siege of Gaza remains in place, with … Continue reading

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