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The dark side of white music

What’s insidious about Country & Western Music? I’ll tell you. I thought I was just incensed at its hypocrisy because it rewards multimillionaire entertainers for talking like hicks. Country singers pretend to be simpleton hillbillies, possessed maybe with down-home smarts, … Continue reading

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Private philanthropy

I was recently introduced to a young couple, both 21 years old, proud parents of a month-old baby. They live in low-income housing, dad works a joe job. . .mom stays home, no friends or family nearby, to take care … Continue reading

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Minutemen Civil Defense Klan in hindsight

COLORADO SPRINGS- I had the pleasure Tuesday night to attend a membership recruiting meeting for a Minuteman border protection group. About fifty citizens turned up, with a collective IQ of probably about that. Lots of people eager to use their … Continue reading

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Here comes Hurricane Che

Google it. “Ernesto.” See what you get: Ernesto the hurricane and Ernesto Che Guevara. This season’s brightest prospect for an action weather spectacular has been given a decidedly un-American name.   To me it’s reminiscent of the 2004 season when … Continue reading

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Such a guilty pleasure

But let me share it with you! The other afternoon I was crossing a quiet street on the West Side and heard behind me the thump of something dropped to the pavement, followed by a man’s surprised curse. “Shit.” I … Continue reading

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Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be a wise parent–as long as you don’t actually have kids?

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No free TV

Television used to be free. They were the public airwaves and the networks were given the use of those airwaves so long as they were serving the public good. What’s happened? Now the public airwaves are full of television shows … Continue reading

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Progress at the local radio station

The main obstruction to getting Democracy Now aired on KRCC has left the building, unceremoniously let go, hopefully with a restraining order.

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Celebrities to soothe airport terror anxiety

In an airport the other day I overheard Connie Chung making an announcement. Our national threat level is elevated to Orange apparently, further precautions are necessary, etc, etc, please report any suspicious activity to the TSA. Was that Connie Chung’s … Continue reading

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Right wing imprimaturs

Did the Neocons flat out buy the National Geographic? It was a brilliant coup.   If you were to have asked yourself what periodical has been the most trusted and revered, it would have been the Geographic.   Right behind … Continue reading

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Dog and pony sex show

Little JonBenet Ramsey’s killer has been found. How many stories like JonBenet are on the back burner, waiting for a lull in the news or for the need for a distraction from the news? How fortuitous that just as a … Continue reading

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Little shit

    Speaking of shit. Is it time to resurrect a prank played on our president when he visited Europe in 2003?   Before Bush paid his visit, clever Belgians and French took little party favor flags in Bush’s image … Continue reading

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Bullshit making instructions

Writing an column for Crank Magazine some years ago, I announced my intention to describe how to make a bomb. Crank Magazine took out a newspaper ad in the local daily to publicize the upcoming issue , mentioning the forthcoming … Continue reading

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Rules of engagement for Lebanon peacekeepers

Concerned nations await clear rules of engagement before agreeing to send soldiers to keep peace between Israel and Lebanon. Israel has opposed ceasefire terms because they would inhibit Israel’s opportunity to deal blows to Hisb’Allah. Here are perhaps peacekeeping orders … Continue reading

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Apple Pan unchanged since 1947 or 1987

This is my favorite eatery in LA. You stand along the wall until there’s a seat free at the counter. You’re breathing down their necks, actually. Luckily those seated are eating at the pace they are being served. Fast. The … Continue reading

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This is terrorism

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Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

We held a protest today at the front gate of Peterson Air Force Base. It was to commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 61 years ago. It’s an annual remembrance.   The event also offers us a chance to … Continue reading

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US Postal Service eco-unfriendly

Remember the eco-revolution of the 1970s? Recycling was the rage. Manufacturers cut down on packaging. The USPS does not remember those days. Not only do they require the use of their packaging materials for Priority service, but you can’t recycle … Continue reading

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Police state

In Norway you can’t speed or run a light anywhere without getting a ticket. In Norway they have cameras mounted sporadically along the roadways so you have no choice but to drive properly. Even on a country road, even if … Continue reading

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9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11

At a precinct meeting to suggest planks for the Democratic Party platform, a friend of mine was stuck on 9-11 truth telling. He’d like to write it on a blimp. I agreed but argued, first things first.   Anti-war first … Continue reading

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Restarting economy with repurchased toiletry items

Never mind that the London plotters never got beyond plotting. Never mind that the likely success of their bomb smuggling strategy is yet unproved. Already the Department of Homeland Security has decreed that no one can take liquids or gels … Continue reading

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Digital reproduction of aluminum

1. Aluminum Siding In the German film epic HEIMAT, an unscrupulous brother brags about the lucrative post-war business of aluminum siding. Barry Levinson’s 1987 TIN MEN depicted the same competitive salesmanship arena stateside. In Germany the aluminum siding industry was … Continue reading

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Black gloves

Can somebody explain the psychology of our boys in their black gloves? Am I too distracted by the bad-guy movie image? Black gloves remind me of hired assassins, mafioso, bad cops, sadists, interrogators and torturers.   Did I miss any … Continue reading

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Atrocity damage control

This is 14-year old Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi’s ID. From Al-Mahmudiya. She is the young girl who was gang raped by five American servicemen who killed her family, and incinerated her body once they were done.   The press reported … Continue reading

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Animal cruelty at the rodeo

I just learned how they make horses and bulls jump up and down at the rodeo. I must admit I wondered why it was that the animals suddenly leaped about madly (bronc’d) after they got out of the gate and … Continue reading

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