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In Memoriam. Goodbye, Miss Molly.

I just saw the news item. Damn, that hurts. There are a few people who I wish would live forever, and she was near the top of the list. On a similar note, And because of her life’s work, I … Continue reading

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No peacemakers without justice makers

The Peacemaker of the American west was a Colt 45. What does Peacemaker mean to you?   I’ll start. A peacemaker would be someone within a community, preferably a peer, who polices the activities between fellow members such as to … Continue reading

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US National Surveillance State issues out the national ID cards to us

There used to be a lot of worry about the government issuing a national identification card to all of us and then requiring us to carry it all the time so that they could monitor us, The People, all the … Continue reading

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I don’t understand all this talk about impeachment?

I don’t understand why liberals obsess about impeaching Bush? Just the word ‘impeach’ is something that has strong negative connotations like with the phrase, ‘they tried to impeach his credibility.’ In fact, isn’t that what the Republicans and Kenneth Starr … Continue reading

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Second Days Of Our Lives

Design criteria for building in SL: No elements, weather, climate or entropy Illumination can be controlled by viewer Gravity applies only to people, but mildly People can fly and teleport People can act upon objects remotely Walls can be solid … Continue reading

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Complex 2030- Are you buying this?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like we are not spending enough money on the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures. Here’s a good idea! Why not take all our perfectly good and functioning nuclear bombs and get rid of … Continue reading

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Vietnam vet selective memory

Am I to deduce by your Vietnam Veteran cap that you served in the Vietnam War? May I say, of course, thank you for your service, and sorry for what you had to endure, and I would be interested to … Continue reading

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Don’t blame US, Iran did it!

It looked for a while that the Bush Administration would use WOMD as their excuse to attack Iran. Then came along all the rhetoric that Iran was led by anti-Jewish leaders who were rearing to go at Israel with nuclear … Continue reading

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iraqi body count this is an listing of the IDENTIFIED bodies. Of Civilians killed in Iraq since the invasion. Up to February 2006 meaning the list is a year old. 3,670 individuals, including a minority for whom only a PARTIAL name or … Continue reading

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Where are they now?

If you do a Google search for images of Iraqi children, you’re led mostly to pro-war sites where war-bloggers are trying to foster the contortion that our soldiers love the children of Iraq. Operation Iraqi Children is a military sponsored … Continue reading

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The corporate press blanks out coverage of the antiwar demonstrations

The coverage of the antiwar demonstrations everywhere has been abysmal. There is a conspiracy of silence by the major press to use silence to try to demoralize us. Antiwar activists now have the majority of population with us, but due … Continue reading

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Iraqi government prefers Democrats.

Not statements from Iraqi citizens, but the top cats in Iraq have apparently resented being treated as puppets by the Bushiites. Al Maliki has said that Bush appointees give the orders, tell the Iraqi “free and democratically elected” government what … Continue reading

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US out to control Iran’s natural gas

Most thinking people in the world now realize that the US invaded and occupies Iraq in order to control the oil underground there. While other oil producing countries were rapidly depleting their major oil fields of the precious natural resource … Continue reading

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The Sundance Film Festival vs pasty White Wing conformity

In these days of anti-immigrant hysteria and pasty White Wing conformity of the Pat Robertsons, Ann Coulters, Cal Thomases, and Tom Tancredos amongst us, it is fantastic to have the Sundance Film Festival rewarding good movies about Spanish speaking immigrant … Continue reading

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The tiers of torture inside American prisons

It’s been ages since I saw an article in Time Magazine worth reading, but ‘Are Prisons Driving Prisoners Mad?‘ does ask the right question It even goes so far as to answer the question honestly, and then to conclude that … Continue reading

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Affirmative Action, Not Military Action

Despite the weather, illness (the other driver got sick), and early departure time, a small band of us made our way to Denver yesterday, to attend both a summit for the defense of Colorado’s many affirmative action programs (the Colorado … Continue reading

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Another local political rally shot down in flames

According to the Omygodzette, The City Fathers of Cripple Creek starting putting so many restrictions on the Annual Veterans Memorial Bike Rally, the usual organizers for the event said freak it, and are moving the Rally to Winter Park. Everybody … Continue reading

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Colonel Brian Allgood, West Point grad, army surgeon, Doctor Allgood, died last weekend in a helicopter crash, among a dozen unlucky American soldiers being transported across Baghdad. By all accounts he was an exemplary soldier.   Rest in peace. But … Continue reading

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The rally so far…

10s of Thousands in Washington rally. That from the AP feed to Yahoo. They are having a clear warm-ish day in The Big Swamp, as opposed to Here and Denver.   Nothing yet from Denver, the Statehouse rally must be … Continue reading

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Good golly, Miss Molly

Miss Molly being my favorite Outspoken Strong Irishwoman. Except for my mom, of course…   Molly Ivins is hospitalized this weekend with her ongoing battle with breast cancer. Join me in wishing her well, yes? And if you aren’t absolutely … Continue reading

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To: Bush and Gates Re: OUR Plan

Dear Messieurs Bush and Gates.     Today you have once again proposed that anybody who does not support YOU and YOUR War have some obligation to put forth a better plan for victory in YOUR WAR.    Also Mr Gates … Continue reading

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Whatever became of…

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Gas goes below $2

This is insane! We are in a global war to secure energy supplies under US control, and all is justified with a mountain of lies. Meanwhile, the price of oil sinks below $2 a gallon! How delusional is all of … Continue reading

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Is Kosovo just an accident of war?

Remember when America was torn asunder and went to war for the Albanians? Yeah, the liberals’ war. Clinton and Gore’s war. We cared so much about Albanians then and whether they were getting a fair shake! Makes one laugh in … Continue reading

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What’s on for tomorrow?

I read comments that we should go to Denver and be represented in their march, or maybe not, either way, what’s on tap? Holler at me with a good answer, I would go for either Denver or Downtown, but need … Continue reading

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