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Verifying the Sarah Palin Chronicles

Sarah Palin is probably like most people, she’d rather her medical records remain confidential. Most of us resist even the indignity of taking a drug test to qualify for a job. But executive level positions require the insurance of a … Continue reading

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Is there any cure for Nervous Nelly Panic Disorder?

Poor liberal Nervous Nellies. They see plots everywhere! It must be quite scary for them don’t you think? Somebody is always trying to take something away from them. Liberal Nervous Nellies are the exact flip image of the Paranoid Anti-Communist, … Continue reading

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Forget Joe the Plumber, the only person McCain represents is Jack the Lobbyist

"I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will … Continue reading

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What comes after the donkey eats the carrot?

No doubt about it, the American ruling class has decided to rewire the circuits once again. But what comes after? What comes after the big CHANGE? Certainly a Black man and his relatively young Black wife in the White House … Continue reading

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what a surprise, Troll Murdoc is into vote suppression..

Spreads the Republican Lies that all voter registration drives are fraudulent. Just like his BitchMaster McCain. What’s the matter, Murdoc, scared of the People Voting, eh? You know Not-Joe-the-Not-Plumber voted “fraudulently” don’t you? According to your Coward-in-Chief and his Henchmen, … Continue reading

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Pope says, ‘Piss in the jar, Please.’

New scientific ‘advances’ are being made by God these days! The Pope has just ordered that all priest applicants must now pass psycho-illogical profiling tests! The BBC reports that wannabe Priests to face ‘sex drive tests’ What next? Peeing in … Continue reading

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80906 Parade of Homes of Assholes

COLORADO SPRINGS- Is it my imagination, or are the McCain/Palin yard signs receding? This year has meant such a depressing drive through our neighborhood, to see all the “Families for McCain,” even “Women for McCain” signs. Today we thought we’d … Continue reading

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Obama has a chance to hear from Pueblo

PUEBLO, COLO.- How exciting to live in a swing state! Obama returns to Colorado on Saturday Nov 1st, 3pm Pueblo. If Obama becomes president, when will we have a better chance to reach him with an antiwar message? Michelle Obama’s … Continue reading

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Bigger gun nuts taking aim at Obama

Just what is the NRA hoping to convey with this ad? Does this depict a typical gun enthusiast? It sure resembles a Cracker out of Deliverance, armed to the teeth, looking to hunt someone down.   I read: PWT with … Continue reading

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Is Barack Obama the Socialist candidate for President?

Stephen Colbert and Brian Moore discuss the question of whether Barack Obama is actually the Socialist candidate for President of the United States. The conclusion between them was that Obama actually was not, but he seems a bit brighter than … Continue reading

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Cutting edge technology of wind power

You gotta love how wind power is the poster child for alternative energy. News segments about energy self-reliance begin with a depiction of wind turbines. Election ads about the imperative to invest in other energies, more wind turbines. Is energy … Continue reading

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Iraqi POW sentenced for resisting US

Hold your fucking horses of the Apocalypse! Can you believe this red, white, our colors don’t smell, shit? An Iraqi fighter is sentenced to hang for killing three US soldiers? We’re condemning normal acts of war because they make American … Continue reading

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Football player tackles crazy soccer mom

I’m Terry Tate, and I approve these messages…   Terry Tate on foreign policy Terry Tate on the importance of reading

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Dumb dads with guns kill children because guns are inanimate by themselves

People kill people, and dumb dads with guns accidentally kill children. Dumb gun laws also kill people and too much military and too many military people kill children using too many guns. 8-Year-Old Brings Father’s Gun to Day Care, Shoots … Continue reading

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American government torture report

Guantanamo man tortured into confessing – US judge decides It gets worse, too. The US government is using the torture administered against a juvenile to try to kill this kid over in Cuba… oh! … I meant the robbed portion … Continue reading

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Colorization of the Grapes of Wrath

I think it’s time to colorize The Grapes of Wrath. And I don’t mean the Turner Classics process exactly. It may help to dumb down the artistic contrast of the black & white for a contemporary audience palate of splashy … Continue reading

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The Colorado Springs Gazette favorably headlines local Communist Party activity in our fair city!

This is, as all presidential election years are, a circus year of American comedy at its best! I mean, we got a gift from John McCain of his female Dan Quail, Sarah Pale In town even! Still, imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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BBC reports how US forces murdered Ossetian civilians in Tskhinvali

Just like how the Bush Administration just got though murdering Syrian civilian children in an unlawful attack on a foreign country, the US led forces of Georgia’s US puppet leader, President Mikhail Saakashvili, targeted, attacked, and murdered Ossetian civilians in … Continue reading

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How my vote was stolen

How I lost my vote to EARLY VOTING. Alright, to be less dramatic: How my vote is now in somebody else’s pocket. Following the prevailing advice, Obama’s for example, among others, I voted early. But against the most important precautionary … Continue reading

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Springs Dems rally downtown in force

COLORADO SPRINGS- A street party atmosphere prevailed downtown as local Dems formed a line over five blocks long to see the presumptive next First Lady. El Paso County may want to be conservative, but this afternoon the police had to … Continue reading

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US government pimps US child prostitutes to justify its own worldwide terrorism against children

‘More than 600 adults have been arrested in raids across the US targeting people who force children into prostitution. Operations took place in 29 cities in a co-ordinated action involving federal, state and local law officers, according to the FBI.’ … Continue reading

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COLORADO SPRINGS- I attended the Every Vote Matters town hall symposium and I can cut through the unselfconscious evasiveness for you. The El Paso County election is RIGGED. The Republicans in charge are already folding their arms smugly behind locked … Continue reading

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Does it really need repeating?

ATF today announced arresting White Supremacists in Tennessee for plotting to kill Barack O… And Other prominent Black Citizens and leaders.   That… …can make you really really tired…

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Ted Stevens guilt at most embarrassing

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty on all seven counts of felony corruption charges. Says Reuters, it’s “a verdict that could endanger the Republican’s political future.” That’s all, for betraying the public trust? Though each charge carries a max … Continue reading

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Barack and John, good buddie militarism attacks Syria and Pakistan united in killing frenzy

The second coming of Christ has struck born again Democrats in Colorado and elsewhere and paralyzed them into none action, as they hardly notice that the US government killing goes on without so much as a word from their Black … Continue reading

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