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We should really be worried now

The ventriloquist turned toward his public and said with a wide smile that it was the dummy who was calling the ‘conference’ and not himself. We should really be worried now. The US has ‘decided to ‘attend’ the conference that … Continue reading

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Just how stupid is the American public?

A recent Washington Post poll reports that over half the US public believes that in the last 4 years of war waged by the US against Iraq, that only 10,000 or less Iraqi civilians have lost their lives! True, polls … Continue reading

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America government offers up capitalist corruption to replace Islam

As most all of America sits passively waiting for the ‘surge’ to be officially declared as a new war, this time against Iran and Syria, it is a nice time to reflect on what DC is offering all these countries … Continue reading

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The new book club at the Colorado Springs Justice and Peace Center

I did a quick google and came across probably a good 15 book clubs in the Colorado Springs area. That is a surprise to me, since I, like many, only think book clubs when I think Oprah Winfrey Show. I … Continue reading

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Zulu here, Beam me in Scotty, directly into Tim Hardaway’s ass

Due to basketball player, Tim Hardway’s recent confession that he hates gay people, there have been some eXtraterrestial responses. Star Trek’s mission has always been to deliver a message of justice and peace to all alien peoples, and Zulu is … Continue reading

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Global warming may be a good thing

To quote a co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20 on PRN’s Glen Beck Program. I yearn to be back in school, I really do. Even if we had to suffer under misplaced authority sometimes, at least the hierarchy of children’s merits were … Continue reading

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Strom Thurmond’s grandpappy owned Al Sharpton’s grandpappy…

What an eye opener for early Monday morning, y’all!!!   Now this will get all kinds of flack because it shows the true depth of what reparations are all about. The strongest proponent of reparations shown side by side with … Continue reading

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Rebecca Tinsley and Darfur- when ‘Waging Peace’ is calling for imperialist military action

Rebecca Tinsley, head of a British group called ‘Waging Peace’, spoke this past Tuesday at Colorado College. Her topic was Darfur and stopping a supposed genocide going on there. The report of the meeting in the Colorado College student newspaper … Continue reading

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High Maintenance Bitch

My favorite non-news story of the week cluttering up our minds with nonsense is the item about yuppies in Seattle’s north end supposedly getting irate over a sign for a porno-pet store called ‘High Maintenance Bitch‘. And if that was … Continue reading

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Huge British demo against Iraq War- ‘War, What Is It Good For?’

It happened, though today’s Gazette and yesterdays TV news didn’t mention it no doubt. One hundred thousand demonstrated in London against the Iraq War yesterday. See the demo and hear George Galloway’s speech. See and hear the song , ‘War, … Continue reading

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‘American Owned’?- racism on Route 66

You know the routine. You’ve driven 400-500 miles and are so tired you can barely move. Time to find a room so you pull into the first motel you see. And there’s that big nasty sign…. AMERICAN OWNED … in … Continue reading

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Another poverty study.

this one from Agencie France Presse. I was going to cut and paste the story, but I noticed as I highlighted everything down at the bottom it says Copyright by Agencie France Presse. and not to republish the information without … Continue reading

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America’s systematic abuse of its elderly

Drove by another of those faceless, nameless, warehouses for America’s elderly the other day. Oh sure, they actually do have nondescript and meaningless names. My favorite idiotic name belongs to a warehouse for the elderly in Salem, Oregon called ‘Hidden … Continue reading

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Nature Deficit Disorder

There is a book out that postulates that children today are being deprived of any real contact with nature and any real contact with a certain childhood independence, too. In fact, Salon carries an interview with the author, Richard Louv, … Continue reading

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Questions to St Peter

Sometime in October search engines found Ask Saint Peter .com. This was an experimental A. I. project scheduled to address what people were doing with their lives. It’s online but yet inoperable. The splash page features the picture of a … Continue reading

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That silence you hear is Al Gore, Slick Willie, and Jimmy Carter on Iraq

Al is worried about Global Warming, Slick has not so recently been busy alongside George Senior with Tsunami relief, and Jimmy’s been re-writing the history he was part of and using bad words (no, not SCOTUM). All noble efforts without … Continue reading

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New Iraqi oil laws made in USA

There is since the days of legal slavery, probably no worse example of theft written into law than the proposed new Iraqi oil laws will be when passed. Written first in English by the US oil companies and their US … Continue reading

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When are ‘the troops’ going to support the rest of America?

Antiwar protesters repeatedly get told they are not supporting ‘the troops’. Yesterday, in fact, a woman screaming out “You Bastards!’ at our peace vigil from her car, claimed that we were not supporting her husband who was one of ‘the … Continue reading

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The Immigration Debate, present for Tom Tancredo

The following youtube video is being linked to here in the hopes that Colorado Congressidiot, Tom Tancredo, might be watching? Tom, you’re an asshole…. a Colorado asshole. So enjoy your video, please. The immigration Debate Can you imagine if this … Continue reading

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The UN covers for US sponsored Philippine death squads

The UN has been supposedly investigating Philippine death squad activity, but astoundingly came up with the ridiculous conclusion that the government of the Philippines was not behind this constant terrorism against its own people. Not only is Philippine president, Gloria … Continue reading

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Evo Morales leads Bolivia out of US orbit

The Miami Herald has just published an interesting interview with Evo Morales, Bolivia’s new president, and it looks like Che Guevarra might have succeeded after all. If I had a dollar for all the times I have heard people say … Continue reading

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The UN becomes a creature of Bush and The Pentagon in Somalia

As the second US aircraft carrier moves into the Persian Gulf threatening to attack Iran and while Ethiopia is bombing civilians in Mogadishu, the UN is busy rubber stamping the joint Ethiopia/ US invasion and occupation of Somalia. UN troops … Continue reading

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The farce

America’s idiotic politics has been never more pathetically framed than in the grand pseudo debate over the nonbinding resolution on whether to ‘surge’ or not. All the Democratic Party posturing done here doesn’t add up to a bean of real … Continue reading

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The ‘success maker’ is a waste of time

(This is a guest commentary by my 10 y/o daughter…so here it goes.) We have to take the ‘success maker’ three times a week, 15 minutes each time. For me, that is way too much, but for others they have … Continue reading

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Jose Padilla must be freed now

The US public is being pushed by reaction on 2 important issues at this moment and is failing in both cases to respond anyway adequately to the challenges. Issue #1 is Bush’s plan to war with Iran, and the US … Continue reading

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