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SPOILER ALERT- Election 2008 outcome

If you are enjoying tuning into the latest news, hoopla and dramatic tension of the 2008 horse race, you may want to ignore Florida and skip this post. In darkroom terms, over the last months, ballot prospects have been exposed, … Continue reading

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In memoriam Kathy Verlo 1938-2008

My mother died unexpectedly in her sleep Friday night. She was 69. You are invited to share your sentiments at

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All your women are belong to us

AYBABTU variant: All Your Babes Are Belong To Us. In ancient days when kingdoms conquered each other, the winners would slaughter the vanquished males and keep the females for themselves, to augment their own number. Warring cannibals still do the … Continue reading

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The falsity of Stalinist “Socialism”

Socialism does not equal tyranny, unlike the claims and demagoguery of the capitalists. A true democratic Socialism and fair market system is a natural course for human society. It is free of predatory and parasitic capitalist schemes to dominate and … Continue reading

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Want a public psychological profile?

I’m not one to shy from self-expression online, but I draw the line at providing survey-question data, particularly psychological tests. They may plow up interesting stuff, but online, associating my IP and cookies, for harvesting by profile aggregators, I don’t … Continue reading

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Deep Nuclear Espionage in FBI Exposes U.S. Criminality

FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmond’s original 2001 allegations of drug running and money laundering within FBI now exposes in the articles below, selling of nuclear secrets by an inner group of Turks within the FBI is connected to U.S. officials, … Continue reading

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White on Black- Mia Farrow Saves Darfur

Mia Farrow and her ‘Save Darfur’ campaign is coming to town in Colorado Springs! Here is Mia Farrow- Black on White in person blowing bubbles of concern to the children there in Darfur. It feels so good! Those Mean Baddies … Continue reading

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Catholic clergy show their Roman roots

Before we cast stones at the Roman Catholic Nazis, have any major religions or denominations ever stepped out to oppose a war, any war?

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‘Democracy’ marketing

Ask the average American if advertising influences kids decisions and they will say that YES IT DOES. Ask them if advertising influences their own decisions and the overwhelming majority will deny that advertising effects their decisions in the least. Nobody … Continue reading

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What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher? The Bush Adminstration and the various school adminstrations in Colorado Springs think that they have the answer to that simple question. They think that a good teacher is one that is bullied by themselves, and … Continue reading

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The You Make My Day Award chain letter

So begins each post: “My friend so-and-so surprised me with a You Make My Day Award. Thank you! (You should really check out their wonderful blog!) I’m to post this with the following proviso,” etc, etc. Nothing wrong with a … Continue reading

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Banking insider doing whose bidding?

A French bank claims it has been defrauded of $7 BILLION by an employee trading beneath the radar. “In the interest of transparency” Societe Generale is seeking to rectify its banking methods, but will not reveal the name of the … Continue reading

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Stephen Johnson auto industry minion

There it is, the Neocon ensemble: black suit, red tie and US flag lapel pin, the mark of graft, greed, and audacious insincerity.   EPA Chief Stephen Johnson defended his decision today to deny California a waiver to set its … Continue reading

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Will economic stimulus avoid recession?

The capitalists system is in meltdown. The apologist candidates won’t tell us what the real problems are because they were asleep at the wheel and have voted in support of and taken part in the corrupt capitalist system. They’re all … Continue reading

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Eulogy for a Republican

My pal John passed away this weekend. He succumbed to cancer after a 3-pack-a-day habit. He’d been an army officer, insurance agent and counter clerk at the West Side post office. It was in the latter incarnation that I knew … Continue reading

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Knowing Obama from way back

Are you, or do you know someone who claims to have been a roommate or classmate of Barack Obama in college? Maybe it’s something about Colorado, but first-person-endorsements of Obama abound here. They’re as ubiquitous as Columbia post grads on … Continue reading

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World Economy 101

Here is a graph that I think illustrates world economic history quite well in a very simple way. It takes three countries and charts their portions of the world economy over 2 centuries. The three countries are the US, India, … Continue reading

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When America wheezes…

“When America sneezes, Asia catches a cold.”   Or so the adage goes. NPR referred to it as a cliche, and canvassed the foreign press for regional varients. The news being, apparently, that the American economy hiccuped or other such … Continue reading

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Cell phones for home front profiteers

CELL PHONES FOR SOLDIERS, a charity being promoted by, returns a dollar’s worth of long distance calling, for every cell phone you return. Lots of corporations earning tax credits and an electronic refurbishing company is reaping the profit. Continue reading

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The giant clitoris

My favorite economic analysis of the week is by Barbara Ehrenreich. ‘With all the talk about how to stimulate it, you’d think that the economy is a giant clitoris.’

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The MRAP is not Resistance proof

It’s the critical difference between “water resistant” and “water proof.” Remember resistant those watches? You could wear them near the water. The US suffered its first solder casualty in a new MRAP (Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected) vehicle, a sort of … Continue reading

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Scientists find abundance in scarcity

I heard today about an Abundance Study of sharks off of Catalina Island. Knowing that such studies are finding sharks no longer in abundance, the title seems contrived to suggest otherwise. Yes, frequency and abundance are scientific measures, but they … Continue reading

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Sweet Love American Pentagon style

Today, I decided to have a coffee in Carl’s Jr. which allowed me to overhear a story of American Love. A young guy started talking on a cell phone next to me where he was telling somebody he was getting … Continue reading

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Ultimately collaborators meet their due

When I hear our reporters echo the US DoD press releases, “the surge is working,” our troops can withdraw “soon, but not yet,” I like to think of this iconic Time-Life image. Justice was ultimately served on those who collaborated … Continue reading

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Libertad! Mexico wants freedom from US paid asesinos

Imagine if today the federal government had taken over the Colorado Springs Police Department, the Denver PD, and the Boulder PD? Imagine if that followed the federal government having taken over even more and bigger US cities’ PDs? The US … Continue reading

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