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America’s Colombian friends

Horrrible testimony is coming out daily in Colombia about the American government’s Colombian friends, the Paramilitary death squads. All of Colombia is following the continual unfolding of new scandal about the Colombian government and military’s deep connections with the paramilitaries. … Continue reading

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The planted pot

The worst thing that the supposed ‘War Against Drugs’ has done to Americans is that we can all become guilty (in a split second) until proven innocent by sum of having large amounts of money that most of us never … Continue reading

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Otpor and the US made coup attempts against Chavez in Venezuela

As a leader of Otpor (now called Canvas) meets with people in Colorado Springs and at Colorado College, it might be of interest to follow the trail of Otpor to Venezuela, and efforts of the US to overthrow Hugo Chavez … Continue reading

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Report from Denver Darfur rally

I went to the Denver’s sparsely attended ‘Save Darfur’ rally today with signs made special for the rally. US OUT OF AFRICA, US/NATO OUT OF SUDAN, and STOP US WAR ON SOMALIA were 3 of them, and we used these … Continue reading

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The ‘Save Darfur Coalition’ propaganda in support of US African military intervention is utterly reactionary

Sunday in Denver one of the many nationwide rallies by the so-called ‘Save Darfur Coalition’ will be held, demanding that Bush, John Negroponte, Condaleeza Rice, and The Pentagon move troops into Sudan supposedly to help stop a civil war in … Continue reading

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Sand Creek No Gun Ri

This morning will be the dedication of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. The headline of today’s Gazette? “One man’s battle” about whether the 1864 slaughter was a massacre or a battle, and reporting the re-release of a 1925 … Continue reading

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White House tortures 15 year old at Guantanamo then charges him 5 years later with murder!

Everything about Guantanamo is utterly repugnant beyond belief, but the torture of children there is the worst abomination of all. The case of Omar Khadr is one example amongst many, and shows that the US government is utterly lacking in … Continue reading

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Top Democrat admits that he lied to cover for Bush’s lies

Senator Richard Durbin, the #2 Democratic Party leader in the Senate, certainly takes the cake. He has confessed to deliberately passing Republican Administration lies to the American people, and actually has the nerve to state that he legally had to … Continue reading

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Congress has passed a war appropriation with an Iraq withdrawal proviso, so everyone’s ramping up to protest the veto Bush has threatened next week. …We want to protest Bush’s rejection of a withdrawal? We’ll have to protest a signing statement … Continue reading

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Jesus take the wheel

I was late coming to this country anthem. The chorus hit me today as I heard a succession of barefooted kids sing Jesus Take the Wheel solos at an elementary school talent show. Believe me the nuance was courtesy of … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh needs to get the can for Hate Speech, too

Here is a video of Rush Limbaugh’s promotion of ‘black face’ in the wake of Imus’s getting his papers from his sponsors for his own racist hate speech. Barack the magic negro The timing was deliberate, too. It is Limbaugh’s … Continue reading

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Pentagon lies blowback- from Jessica Lynch to Pat Tillman

Remember Jessica Lynch and the Pentagon psy-op built around her capture by Iraqis? It was all lies we were fed just like with the bull shit stories the Pentagon has been telling us regarding Pat Tilman’s death. Following is an … Continue reading

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The New Colossus

I met an otherwise conservative old gentleman yesterday with a refreshing answer to the immigration question. Said he: “I’d welcome them!” “This nation was built on immigration, we’re all immigrants -except the Native Americans- and I believe there’s room for … Continue reading

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What next, a required chador and veil for Jewish women in Israel?

This BBC item about the backwardness of many Jewish people in Israel has its humorous side I think. See the article Israel’s ‘modesty buses’ draw fire. One might note, also, that Israel is quite advanced in its traffic in prostitutes … Continue reading

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Hundreds gather to mourn Yeltsin, not more

Hundreds gather to mourn Yeltsin says the BBC. The title says it all though. Why only hundreds and not tens and hundreds of thousands? Both Yeltsin and Gorbachev are not so popular in Russia today, and it’s more because of … Continue reading

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What does ‘Otpor’ have to do with Colorado Springs?

You probably missed the notice, but Otpor will be at Colorado College this week and next, ‘organizing non-violence’ oriented people. Otpor claims credit for itself for supposedly non-violently bringing down Milosevic in Yugoslavia, though the real credit for this feat … Continue reading

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Holocaust denial

Tomorrow is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day but not everybody is remembering. Some want to forget. Some want everybody else to forget, too. Holocaust denial apparently is a crime for some people, and not a crime for others.

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Holding your breath is a powerplay?

The Democrats want a timetable to end the war, the President is threatening to veto any such measure. The media describes it as a power face-off. The Legislature has The Power of the Purse, the Executive Branch has The Veto. … Continue reading

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Israel obstinate

More nations gave formal recognition to the PLO, a terrorist group, than to Israel. Thus more people thought the Palestinian Liberation Organization had a “right to exist” than did Israel, a chunk of Arab land appropriated to make a Jewish … Continue reading

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New Age posturing with the ‘pickaninnies’

Those who grew up in the Old South, remember when racist politicians used to pose with ‘Negro’ children to supposedly show their concern for Black people. That was a crude technique to deflect criticism for being a racist. White racists … Continue reading

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Boys with toys endanger us all

Cover-up , cover-up, cover-up. A military plane doing Pentagon public relations in South Carolina crashes in a residential neighborhood and houses are hit, people below injured, and debris scattered everywhere. So what does the press do? They talk only of … Continue reading

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The United Nations is complicit with US war criminality and genocide everywhere

The United Nations is fully supporting US war crimes in multiple nations around our planet. It has become nothing less than a total satellite captured in the orbit of the US Pentagon. In Iraq, the UN has sat by without … Continue reading

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Pelosi and Olmert together support Bush’s planned attack on Iran

Much fanfare has been made about how Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Damascus was somehow contrary to White House policy. ‘Oh don’t go, Nancy’, shouted the Republicans. Then they called her a traitor for when she did visit Syria. And … Continue reading

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How cavalierly they have destroyed the peace in Somalia

Americans have one of the most self-centered medias in the world. Our whole corporate media universe revolves around a DisneyLand fairy tale version of ‘ourselves’. One week it is Ann Nicole Smith, and this week it has been the shootings … Continue reading

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David Barsamian on Targeting Iran

A last minute opportunity arose to have David Barsamian visit the Springs to raise awareness of this administration’s war aims on Iran. Most of us dismiss a prospective attack on Iran as utter lunacy, yet experts have been warning us … Continue reading

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