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Colombia – La Marcha Patriotica

Just one week ago a huge crowd of people from all around Colombia marched on government buildings in Bogota demanding A New Colombia… one that would be free of the Colombian financial and military oligarchy connected to the US imperialists … Continue reading

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No dilemma, the human omnivore’s prerogative is unsustainable

Radical slow food guru Joel Salatin is not popular with vegetarians. New Age wisdom has held that modern man had to transcend meat, the only sustainable future calling for us to cut out the middle beast and narrow our source … Continue reading

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Here’s to the ladies who lunch – everybody laugh

“Ladies Who Lunch” used to mean the idle spouses of financially successful husbands, as one New Yorker cartoonist fondly dubbed them, his Grand Dames, until Broadway in the mid-seventies where Stephen Sondheim subverted the idiom for Elaine Stritch’s COMPANY showstopper … Continue reading

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Europeans increasingly are rejecting US and German elites’ sponsored austerity programs for their nations

All across Europe, European nations are increasingly rejecting forcefully the austerity programs for themselves devised by American and German corporate elites. The latest is Romania’s Government Collapses Amid Austerity Backlash …Why should people be forced to cut out necessary social … Continue reading

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A brief current look at US ‘Christian’/ Pentagon imperialism and its current antiChina campaign

Gosh how sickening the ‘Christian’ propaganda does get inside the USA! One would think, listening to the constant propaganda, that US Christians are battling persecution and inhumanity everywhere instead of solidly funding and supporting US war, imperialism, occupation, torture and … Continue reading

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COVERUP and hiding away of ‘Waldo’. Where is US Sergeant Robert Bales?

We have recently been fed a series of ‘revelations’ by the media about military men and secret service agents going off to frolic with prostitutes in Cartagena, and now in San Salvador as well! Oh, the horrors of it all! … Continue reading

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Workers Rights in China compared to Workers Rights in the United States

Is the US really a giant repository for all Human Rights, and even more explicitly asked, is it a safe area for Workers Rights and model of workers rights for the rest of the world? After all, most Chinese and … Continue reading

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If Okinawa can oust half its US soldiers Colorado Springs can do it too

The regimes of Japan and the United States have finally reached an agreement to move 9,000 marines from Okinawa, leaving 10,000 US military personnel, still unwelcome, on Japan’s southern isle. With troop reductions expected stateside, wouldn’t now be the ideal … Continue reading

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Sin las mujeres, no hay revolución

Camila Vallejo, Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin, Ann Wright, Cynthia McKinney, Kathy Kelly, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Bernardine Dorhn …an exhaustive list of the dominance of women among activist leaders would go on and on, back to earlier waves of influential … Continue reading

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Colo. Springs First Presbyterian biddies decide they want to take it with them

The downtown First Prez congregation voted 95% to leave its too gay-accepting mother church and launch their own cult of bigotry and warmongering.

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Christians against Pussy Riot – Go Pussy Punks!

You go, Girls! Go Pussy Riot! Russian church organises against rock band.

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Here comes the bride!

‘Here comes the bride… NasoGastric tube in her nose’… (sing to the tune of Felix Mendelssohn’s Wedding March!)… Bridal Hunger Games Losing Weight in Time for the Wedding. Here Comes the Bride – Wedding March Faithfully guarded, remain behind with … Continue reading

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Obama Administration reaches agreement with itself to have US occupy Afghanistan forever

What a total fraud of a ‘withdrawal’! ‘After months of negotiations, the United States and Afghanistan completed drafts of a strategic partnership agreement on Sunday that pledges American support for Afghanistan for 10 years after the withdrawal of combat troops … Continue reading

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Who obsconded with Pikes Peak Area Earth Day?

Famed environmentalist Denis Hayes spoke at Colorado College last week, and it was very tempting to ask the creator of EARTH DAY what he thought about speaking to an audience which had eliminated theirs. Oh, we have Earth Month, and … Continue reading

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Anti- Austerity demonstrations spread to Czech Republic

Anti- Austerity rallies and demonstrations are spreading like wildfires across Europe. Czechs stage huge anti-government rally.

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Sgt Robert Bales hidden away, as George Zimmerman walks out of jail

Oh Lack of Justice USA! Military and cop impunity reigns supreme everywhere now, and the Right Wingers talk of us a being ‘free’, ‘free’as the wind! BULLSHIT! I defy anybody to find some recent any recent info about Robert Bales … Continue reading

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Justice for Anastasio Hernandez! …A new video exposes the cold blooded torture and killing of this man by ‘ICE’ Immigration cops and the subsequent cover-up

At a San Diego-Tijuana border crossing, ‘Ice’ handcuffed and killed a man using tasers to torture him to death, then the US government covered it all up. Why are so many of our cops and soldiers seemingly cold blooded sociopathic … Continue reading

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Here’s another one for ANZAC Day…

So, it was on or just before ANZAC Day four years ago, the last veteran of Gallipoli died.   And I truly do get a bit sad and angry, betimes, when these guys are held up as a reason FOR … Continue reading

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Coddling the Pentagon troops in their Israeli platoon

Oh the Poor Pentagon! They are now involved in their ‘scandals’ from Colombia to Afghanistan to Palestine-Israel. These Pentagon troops have been killing kids (Sgt. Robert Bales and comrades), cavorting with prostitutes, butchering up live goats (torture of animals) and … Continue reading

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The role of the IMF

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I Hate Cops!

Remember all those idiot Ron Paul loving Libertarian fascist assholes telling us in Occupy how cops were supposedly part of our 99% crowd? Here is another song by Wally Pleasant titled I Hate Cops …He sure got that one right!

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America the Sick has many wanting the Los Angeles Times not to inform them on how US military actually operates

The Pentagon tried to get the Los Angeles Times to not publish the photos of American soldiers posing with mutilated Afghan soldiers’ bodies while gloating sickly over their kills. Yes, the Pentagon always tries to stage manage and censor information … Continue reading

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Thank you, Soldiers, for defending our American Free Speech!

Thank you, Soldiers, for defending our Free Speech! You all military sweethearts are doing such a damn good job, too! Here is a you tube film of you USA soldiers going about your hard work protecting our American Free Speech … Continue reading

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Who is Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali really?

As the Pentagon and D.C. cover up for US Sgt Robert Bales and his US soldier comrades who murdered a dozen and a half people including over half being children, they have continued with yet another antiMuslim show trial against … Continue reading

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Why don’t the US troops respect the troops they fight against?

I have been personally exhorted time after time here in Fort Carson Springs for supposedly not respecting enough our sacred US icons, ‘the troops’. But let us for a moment see just how respectful ‘our troops’ are for the troops … Continue reading

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