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Two Right Wing Talking Points from Shooter von Brunn

Straight from the horses ass, Rush Limbaugh (and Mark Levin) and straight into the obligatory Shooter’s Manifesto. This makes three that failed in their attempts to suicide themselves to Right-Wing-Glory, worshipped by the American Taliban as fallen martyrs… but in … Continue reading

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Addict, pederast dies, much fanfare

But let’s look past the innuendo and unproven transgressions, to celebrate the man’s contribution to the cannon of Western popular music product. Please! I hear celebrities dismiss the allegations of Michael Jackson’s pedophilia like too much water under the bridge, … Continue reading

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Dr. Pepper, Texas

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More Class War, and as usual, the guns are pointed away from the upper class

The Colorado Springs Gestapo Department released an Internal Affairs investigation results Friday, and once again, the PIGS came up “innocent”. Surprise Surprise Surprise. Seems the only property rights (or any other rights) they enforce or give a shit about are … Continue reading

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King Sooper UFCW members hang tough

COLORADO SPRINGS- King Sooper UFCW Local 7 members vote this week. Local activists are ready to join their brethren at the picket line. If the supermarket giants persist in their efforts to deny workers benefits and living wages, they might … Continue reading

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Who killed Neda Agha-Soltan?

The video footage is shocking. An attractive young woman watching the demonstrations in Tehran is struck by a sniper’s bullet and dies before several video cameras. The tragedy is projected unto Facebook and Youtube, with advocates hoping it will galvanize … Continue reading

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin…

was really the Pied Piper of Hameln. The “i” was added to the English version so it would be easier for Anglophones to read it. A sad tale that has an even sadder truth behind it… just something I found … Continue reading

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“Sovereignty”— But only for Amerika…

As reported in Talking Points Memo: Congressional Sovereignty Caucus Launching Next Week By Eric Kleefeld – June 19, 2009, 5:40PM A new group is set to launch in the House of Representatives, made up of conservatives set on defending American … Continue reading

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UFCW holding firm against supermarkets

COLO. SPRINGS- Local supermarkets Safeway and King Sooper have begun playing hardball with their workers. As contracts have officially expired, managers are calling the police when union stewards visit the stores trying to communicate with UFCW members.

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Since the subject came up…

Some of our Anti-Worker friends have tried to point out the error of our collective way and convince us that the Boss-Man is only looking out for our best interest, and we should feel privileged to work for less than … Continue reading

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No. 1 domestic terrorist Daniel McGowan

The Huffington Post published a letter by ELF/ALF political prisoner Daniel McGowan, who is allowed to send one letter per week from CMU36, the controversial “Communication Management Unit” whose cover-name is USP Marion. According to McGowan, prison guards call it … Continue reading

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Border agents taser a smart alec

You’ve probably seen enough cop taser videos –have you seen one videotaped by the tasee? A troublemaking Baptist Pastor named Steve Anderson got himself ordered from his car where he had been refusing to consent to a warrant-less search by … Continue reading

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To think some of them live in our town…

Murdering coward Minutemen. This is one of their latest outrages. The robbery and murder of an American Latino family. Actually they left one survivor, but the father and his NINE year old daughter were mowed down in their own homes. … Continue reading

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Monday noon peace vigil


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Lacrosse fought & equipped by warriors

Need another tipoff that the sport of lacrosse is early combat training? The leading equipment purveyor is Warrior Sports. This photo was taken at the 2009 Jamboree in Denver Colorado, where teams of little white boys converged to declare state … Continue reading

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Peru police shoot indigenous protestors

Peru’s military has opened fire on indigenous activists who were blocking further Amazon mining, helicopters have been seen dumping charred bodies into the river to cover-up the death toll. Contact the Peruvian embassy – solidarity actions are planned June 11 … Continue reading

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Tulane kicks Kimberly-Clark off campus!

From the Greenpeace Students’ Network: “Hi ya’ll! My name is Laney White, and I am spring 2009 graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans. I am writing to tell you the great news: Tulane just kicked Kimberly-Clark off campus!!!” After … Continue reading

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Spain reaches French Open final after all

In the second game of the final match of the 2009 Roland Garros, a spectator leapt unto center court where he tried to drape Roger Federer in a flag. Television didn’t want to dignify the antic with explicatory coverage, as … Continue reading

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If others can kill, Israel wants permit too

June 6th is the 42nd anniversary of Israel’s seizure of Gaza. At right is a UK newspaper ad placed by the Anti-Defamation League, one of Israel’s myriad damage control engines, when UK students were calling to boycott Israel over its … Continue reading

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Cuba declines OAS offer of Trojan Horse

Over US objections, the Organization of American States (OAS, OEA) voted to invite Cuba back into the fold, from which it had been expelled in 1962 for hanging with Communists. Cuba’s reply? No thanks! Although Cuba’s acceptance by fellow nations … Continue reading

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