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The Number of the Beast

Now that Ted Haggard is losing his following, people need theological direction more than ever. This is classical ABB religion that can give you the Number of the Beast. Go for the liturgurgical music if nothing else. Plus, many liberals … Continue reading

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A puppeteer

I wanted to study dance in college. I wanted to perform on Broadway. I wanted to walk through campus, and life, with “jazz hands.”   As a freshman, I was at CU-Boulder, living the life of a lab rat as … Continue reading

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Is Human Rights Watch really all that NGO?

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is in the news pontificating again. They are like little tiny parkings ticket officers who spin around in their little 3-wheel vehicles, ticketing people in places like the Warsaw Ghetto and Nagasaki for not pumping coins … Continue reading

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Japanese Pizza

Tired of the same junk food pizza? Tired of the same old ingredients? Here’s a site to help you out if you decide to make your own pie. Three whole pages of recipes at the Japanese Pizza Page Most popular … Continue reading

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Palestinian women murdered

Palestinian women protesting the illegal detainment of their husbands. Israeli soldiers fired directly into the crowd.

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US sinking into Somalia once again?

Incredible as it may seem, the US appears to be moving back into destabilizing the Horn of Africa once again. It’s like there are not enough problems in the Congo, Sudan/ Chad, Rwanda/ Burundi regions of conflict already for Bush, … Continue reading

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The US Time Bomb clock

These discussions about how many Iraqis have died, or how much the war is costing are so damn abstract. No reason to get too alarmed. Then again, check this clock out.

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The J-Class money is back

After 1937, the fabled J-Class sloops, the enormous Bermuda-rigs which vied for the America’s Cup, were discontinued in favor of a compact 12-meter standard. The reason? Humility. The huge J-Class boats were too conspicuous and extravagent for even the world’s … Continue reading

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Gangster Capitalism

When we watch the likes of an Alan Dershowitz or a Donald Rumsfield pontificating on the US government’s supposed need to use torture, even as they in the same breath deny that torture is torture or that they are advocating … Continue reading

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Making a killing

  The longer President Bush can put off closing down the war in Iraq, the longer he and his cronies can keep making their millions in war profits.   The nightmare in Iraq may have spun beyond our capacity to … Continue reading

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Mexico starting to unravel

Tomorrow, 4 PM, is the day of the big demonstration in Mexico City to protest the brutality of the federal police attacks on the people of Oaxaca this last weekend. Friday is to be the day of the inauguration of … Continue reading

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The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs sucks big time

Let’s face it. UCCS was designed by second rate people to be a second rate school. A simple visit or two is all that is necessary to come to this conclusion. America is full of these second rate schools and … Continue reading

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Is Iraq in ‘Civil War’?

Our national debates often enter into surreal territories, and I got to say that I find the liberal sites to be almost as bad as the conservative ones when it comes to their examination of US militarism. Today finds the … Continue reading

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The new prurience in men’s magazines

  FHM, STUFF, MAXIM, RAZOR, et al. Porn is back at the 7-11. It’s the resurgence of clean porn to counter the free-for-all no-holes-barred internet, just like Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Magazine put glossy clean brakes on the sexual revolution.   … Continue reading

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Battle of Oaxaca

There has been a virtual English language news blackout, except for Democracy Now’s Monday edition, of what has been happening in Oaxaca the last 3 days. A huge and peaceful demonstration against the occupation by federal police forces of Oaxaca … Continue reading

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Meet Your Meat

Have a look at where our meat comes from. 12 minutes the meat industry doesn’t want you to see, narrated by Alec Baldwin.

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Close the US military base in Ecuador down

Washington DC went down in total defeat in the Ecuadoran presidential election held this last Sunday. Bush’s candidate was the richest man in Ecuador, Alvaro Naboa, who tried to buy the election with his banana billions and his Bible thumping. … Continue reading

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A City Council anti-torture resolution

When our president signed the Military Commissions Act, it granted US agencies the power to torture their captives. Dear council members, the PPJPC comes before you to ask that the City of Colorado Springs adopt a resolution to condemn the … Continue reading

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No flag raising in Kandahar

                This recent photo from Afghanistan accompanied a story about the lost cause that is becoming the US trying to impose a Western will upon Afghanistan. With pictures like this I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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An impeachable “Right to Exist”

Jimmy Carter is championing the Palestinian cause with his new book, but he still faults them for not recognizing Israel’s Right To Exist. How unreasonable of them. Whether we agree Israel stays put or not, How can one make a … Continue reading

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Executions in Iraq

Americans are shown nothing of the deaths taking place in Iraq. We hear that people have been taken captive, some may be released, but later bodies turn up with their hands tied behind their back, many having been tortured with … Continue reading

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We Are a Nation Sunk Under Corporate Legal Bullshit

It is often said that we are a nation of laws? That’s certainly true, but just what kind of laws? Are our American laws there to provide protection and justice for the overwhelming majority of us, or are they to … Continue reading

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Oh, Lord, not Kumbaya!

My muse is upset because everyone is making fun of Kumbaya.   Relax, Kumbaya is safe. The story you read in the Gazette, Oh Lord, not Kumbaya, syndicated from the Dallas Morning Herald, is a rather underhanded loaded question. You … Continue reading

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The Deep End of the Gene Pool

      Marie’s got her own venue. Check it out! It’s The Deep End of the Gene Pool.   I’m very sorry to see her go, she lent us a simply brilliant and self-effacing quality which this forum otherwise … Continue reading

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Have mercy on the Iraqi people

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