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Helicopter crashes in foothills of Pikes Peak, local Gazette calls it hard landing

COLORADO SPRINGS- The complicit media accepts the Army’s characterization of the 1:30AM crash as a “hard landing” and neither the condition of the Apache Longbow aircraft nor its occupants is being revealed; even though emergency vehicles reached the downed Apache … Continue reading

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A domestic disturbance/family quarrel

Police often say that one of the most dangerous situations they can get into is being called to the scene of a rowdy Domestic Disturbance. But there IS one family dispute that the entire world has no choice but to … Continue reading

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The Ministry of Love (because non- compliance must be CRAZY right?)

In the book “1984” Winston Smith is arrested, and taken to the Ministry of Love, which in DoubleSpeak meant a Prison with a brainwashing facility. AKA, a psychiatric torture chamber. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, held in a similar facility, in the … Continue reading

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Six year-old on No-Fly List, 86 year-old granny tased in bed. Some “Freedom.”

Detentions without trials, evidence, warrants,… just the faceless and nameless assertion of some Torture Freak Pervert in the State Department or Homeland Security. Doesn’t matter about National Sovereignty since the only National Sovereignty the Torture Freaks recognize is their own. … Continue reading

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To GOL! or not to GOL! that was the question.

How would it have been played out in the press had the Team America gone on to at least a higher level of victory? We’ve already suffered through an anti-Immigrant slam against major league baseball, with all the appropriate “OUTRAGE! … Continue reading

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What freedom means to me: not what it used to

As the next ships are mobilized to challenge the siege of Gaza, NYC supporters of Israel paraded a “True Freedom Flotilla” around the harbor. This point may already be moot, “Freedom” doesn’t mean what it used to. Operation Iraqi Freedom … Continue reading

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Upon hearing some of the locals discussing Faulkner in Pakistan.

They’re saying “He almost DID get Osama!” ahem… where would they have that info from? Oh, yeah, The Colorado Rambo’s Publicity Dept. They also cited an A&E program where somebody had supposedly almost gotten bin Laden but Osama got in … Continue reading

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Not yet a hurricane, probably won’t be, but Alex…

Tropical Depression Alex. If it stays out over the water it’ll become a Tropical Storm, which for the purposes of the Oil S(l)ick is a moot reference. It might as well be a hurricane. And we’re still in the “A”s. … Continue reading

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De Gaulle urges resistance in occupied France, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan

June 18 marked the 70th anniversary of the Free-French General de Gaulle’s famous 1940 radio address when he urged occupied France to resist because victory over their invaders would be inevitable. Does the western media commemorate de Gaulle’s message without … Continue reading

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Rules of Engagement being changed to “protect” Americans.

Or something like that. I used to hear, growing up in El Paso, that the ROE were handcuffing “Our Boys” in VietNam. Same way the cops say that having to respect people’s rights would tie their hands behind their backs. … Continue reading

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FIFA vuvuzela horns may prove to be thin-skinned America’s best friend

Gearing up for Saturday’s World Cup match between the USA and Ghana, media talking heads are already preparing US viewers for the home field advantage that will favor the remaining African team in contention. Convenient actually, because by chance our … Continue reading

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Cheech & Chong concert “Get it Legal” tour: Mid October at Pikes Peak Center

Just a thought from the headline. You know how some people can get together and recite all the lines from say “Let’s Make a Dope Deal” or sing Black Lassie complete with the lead in of “thish is Horrendo Revolver … Continue reading

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Rancid Propaganda, from 68 years ago

But it illustrates the way “history” can be slanted, from very recent to a very distant lifetime ago or more… 1952 China Spy Mission goes wrong, shades of John Birch, etc.. The 4 CIA operatives, two of them the spies … Continue reading

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What you CAN do about the gulf oil spil

We may be powerless to advise the experts or force the perps to walk the plank. And we are not to blame for the industrial orgy of consumerism foisted on our modern livestyles. But turning this around is up to … Continue reading

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Faulkner is crazy, the people who encourage such are just plain evil

And just why does an idiot like that get to own guns unsupervised? His “friends” are encouraging others to have a hand at it. I don’t know why I missed this the first go-round. Must be the novocaine from the … Continue reading

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just when things couldn’t get worse…

McChrystal replaced by… Generally Betrays Us. Yep, “king” David Petraeus, the one whose staff leaked a protocol statement he had made sometime last year, announced on the Memorial Day weekend, of a military version of an Executive Order giving himself … Continue reading

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Soccer offsides rule is agreement not to score behind your opponent’s back

The US pretends the International Criminal Court doesn’t have jurisdiction over its war crimes, and thinks the same immunity should shield us from FIFA referees I guess.   The USA-Algeria match today was hard fought, admittedly team USA displayed an … Continue reading

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Justice for sale, judge Martin Feldman shows just whose pockets he’s in

Bush appointee? Reagan? Nixon? Exxon? Wouldn’t matter. The so-called “Leaders” are the easily replaced Corporate Face. Nothing to see, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see here…

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Puerto Rico Birth certificates cancelled, Citizens Forced To Prove Citizenship.

Is it any coincidence that this is aimed at the single largest concentration of non-Anglo CITIZENS in America? Yet the racist pricks in the Minutemen and other anti-“immigrant” Hate Groups, orchestrated by Fox News, deny any racist intent. Just like … Continue reading

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McChrystal panders to “Obama as Age of Aquarius Hippie” myth.

To hear him tell it, even the Republicans aren’t right wing enough. The dude has some serious personality issues, easily disguised behind a uniform and a herd of similar uniformed attitudes. There’s a hippie parlor trick, you run some quotes … Continue reading

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Oil spill sized profits in the other gulf

We notice oil spills, not because oil comes up missing, but when the accumulation overflows our ability to excuse it. What can we say about the embarrassment of riches piling up as development in the United Arab Emirates? It’s from … Continue reading

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Accounting for IDF missing intelligence

The results of Israel’s self-investigation of the Mavi Marmara Massacre are in: surprise, the IDF commandos did no wrong, but were set back by a deficiency of intelligence. It’s what many of us were already thinking, but there’s another punchline … Continue reading

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Rehabilitating Crusader Image, again.

So there was this History Channel show about the Templars. (I try not to look at stupid stuff like this, really I do) and the Oak Island “treasure” pit, and this Viking Rune stone found in Illinois or somewhere nearby… … Continue reading

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Things to do on the last day of Spring.

The sun rises in a few minutes, so I’ve got a short series of songs on my playlist, which I’ll accompany with my recorder (flute) Moonshadow and “Morning Has Broken” of course, Question and Wildest Dream by the Moody Blues, … Continue reading

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Scriptmatix “penny auctions” such as Quibids are less scams than pure fraud

Shell games tempt only the gullible, don’t they? So long as YOU don’t fall for them, what’s a little income redistribution among wretches? That’s an attitude shared only by the uninitiated. So-called internet “penny auctions” exploit human vulnerability like trust … Continue reading

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