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The Irreligious Christian Right

I wanted to call them Christians with a capital H, but they’re not hypocritical per se. American evangelicals do not profess to do good, merely they pledge to do good by Jesus Christ. Meaning, what their preacher tells them, that … Continue reading

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Mohammed this is funny

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Not your mother’s I.E.D.

An insurgency in its last throes? Even to call Iraqi weapons improvised, as in IEDs, is to lie about the strength of the Iraqi insurgency -or as some would say- resistance. These “Improvised Explosive Devices,” are not so improvised at … Continue reading

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Maybe there is no al-Qaeda?

Try this on for size: the war on terror is being used to justify all forms of restrictive government controls, from surveillance to union-busting to torture. Lacking any terrorist acts of late, how do we know there are even terrorists? … Continue reading

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Organic food judged by the label

You can judge a book by its cover if the book’s edible and the judgement has to do with how it tastes. Detractors of organic products like to criticise the label as if it’s some sort of scam. And they’re … Continue reading

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Light summer fare

Here are some wonderful video clips, if you haven’t seen them already:   1. Georgia congressman Lynn Westmoreland wants to post the Ten Commandments in the halls of congress, if only to be reminded of them himself. Here he is … Continue reading

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Dweebs? Opportunist? Cretins? Inane Fausts, right-wing mini-minds, criminals.

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The sub-urban myth of low cost recycling

An urban untruth we can stop lying to ourself about would be recycling. Right now we can chose to separate our refuse in hope that we will be contributing less to the local landfill. From the regular garbage, we pull … Continue reading

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Sharing our neighborhoods with nature is a sub-urban myth

Urban myths are stories too amazing to be disbelieved. Here’s a sub-urban myth which we want so much to believe. The myth of sharing our neighborhoods with their original animal inhabitants. If one of nature’s varmints is disturbing your domestic … Continue reading

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Making Iraqi soldiers

US troops are training Iraqis to be soldiers? Is that a laugh? Iraqi soldiers are already some of the most experienced in the world, many of them veterans of the ten year war with Iran and the Gulf War.   … Continue reading

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Israel ends cease-fire in Occupied Territories

US mainstream media reports that Hamas has decided to end its cease-fire on account of a recent Israeli gun-boat attack upon Palestinian beach-goers. This follows a day after a top Palestinian government official was assassinated by an Israeli air strike. … Continue reading

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Zarqawi character killed off

US military press liasons have decided to claim some headway in Iraq by discontinuing the Abu Musab al ZarqawiTM character.   The world first heard of al-Zarqawi when Nicholas Berg was beheaded in a widely circulated video which coincided with … Continue reading

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Embarrassment enough

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What are you if you do not know the bad you are doing, or justify it because the best you can do right now is follow orders? Are you guilty of bank robbery if you only drove the getaway car? … Continue reading

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Short term life expectancy

This week 1,500 Army reservists from the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Division are being ordered from Kuwait to join the embattled Marines in Iraq’s Anbar province. Their commander General Casey assured us this deployment will be short-term. “Definitely short-term” he … Continue reading

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A Freudian mixed metaphor for the GOP

I’ve read it several times now, the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room. This would seem to confuse 1) the proverbial 600-900 lb primate (gorillas not named Kong seldom excede 400 lbs) who outclasses everyone else in size and power, … Continue reading

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