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Yet a fourth term of Clintonism? Why US liberalism is bankrupt and without any bailout that would work for it

The Democratic Party has reduced our supposed US corporate financed and run ‘democracy’ down over the last quarter of a century down to whether we are all led by our throats to another 4 years of Country Bush and sons, … Continue reading

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The media today did a casualty count for the war against Afghanistan and its mistreated people, and came up with the magical number 2,000 (Sorry Afghans, nobody in the US hardly cares about your deaths). We are all supposed to … Continue reading

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El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams wants voter registration fraud evidence pulled from net

COLORADO SPRINGS– A young voter registration activist, by admission soliciting only Mitt Romney supporters, was caught on video saying she worked for the El Paso County Clerk, mistakenly as it turns out. Local Dems have run with the story while … Continue reading

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Spanish protesters offer funnier response to police brutality than chanting “shame, shame” – VIDEO

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What’s kosher for the goose should be halal for the gander

If Israel can threaten to attack Iran, without drawing the unanimous rebuke of the international community, then it follows Iran cannot be criticized for warning of its imperative to make a preemptive strike. Except that both would be illegal, the … Continue reading

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Student power triumphs in Quebec

Canadian students took the streets to oppose tuition increases. They confronted police and braved violent repression day and night until their demands were meet. What do proponents of traditional non-confrontational social-justice tactics have to teach new activists? Fuck-all. Fuck them … Continue reading

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What’s fueling Muslim riots? Success!

Are Muslim anti-Western demonstrations raging against a defamatory video of dubious provenance? More likely it’s decades of war and drone-strikes. But after years of insurgency, IEDs, and suicide bombers, it takes storming a consulate to finally bag a high ranking … Continue reading

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Springs Mayor Steve Bach’s downtown plans centered on real estate speculation and corruption

As I was listening this AM to Right Wing talk radio on 105.5 today, they had Colorado Springs mayor telling us in an interview that it was no secret that he wants a baseball stadium to be built downtown which … Continue reading

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Randy Newman dreams of a White President and a sarcasm-enabled internet

“He won’t be the brightest, but he’ll be the whitest, and I’ll vote for that!” sings Randy Newman of his dream president, drawing the reaction he got when he penned “I’m a Redneck” or “Short People.” America needs a laugh … Continue reading

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Still no unions in racist Delano, California and racist management and racist owners get caught there once again for abusing their power

…Despite having over a 2/3 majority Hispanic population, it is the racist Anglo community that still runs affairs in Delano, California. For those youngsters who only dimly know their own country’s history, Delano was where the Farm Workers Union tried … Continue reading

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We need better gun control in the US

I just read that about 6 out of 10 Colorado residents are actually worried that guns might become better regulated than they are at present in a poll taken after the Aurora theater shootings! Are these people crazy just like … Continue reading

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Prince Harry the Hedonist shows war for what it really, really should not be

A young prince who can do anything he wants, might go to war for some noble cause, if he hadn’t already exposed his and its deeply immoral character. After his Vegas binge, Prince Harry has returned to Afghanistan, his request … Continue reading

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We all hate bad teachers, and so do teachers. Chicago Teachers Strike is about improving education

No one hates bad teachers more than fellow teachers. What a vile media construct to assert the Chicago Teachers Strike wants to force bad teachers on the public school system. The strike is a bid to strengthen the union and … Continue reading

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KFC’s fire-touched chicken

A branch of Hardee’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken on fire in Tripoli, northern Lebanon.   Yum, Love that American fast food!

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Opposition forces kill US Ambassador Chris Stevens, America In Libya’s No. 1

Maybe it could have happened to a more deserving operative, but that’s splitting hairs. Obviously we can’t call the late ambassador Chris Stevens the “mastermind” of the US covert destabilization of Libya. However, he was Our Man in Benghazi, essentially … Continue reading

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What the persecution and continued prosecution of Josh Carrier says about the craziness of Colorado Springs cops, its politicians, and its people

Let’s admit it- we live in one of the nuttiest cities of a crazy sick and sad society called the US of A. Nothing locally illustrates this more than the total idiocy of city officials regarding one of the city’s … Continue reading

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Don’t let the racist Democratic Party break the Chicago Teachers Strike – Support teachers! Support parents! Support students!

Black Agenda Report supports the Chicago Teachers Union. Their website published this film today: Standing Up For The People: Chicago Teachers Union Strikes, 1969 – 1987.

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US Schools are becoming more and more like a jailhouse

One sickening thing about the US is how parents and kids alike are now being treated like they are suspected criminals, being fined and jailed constantly by police and school authorities. See United States "Truancy Courts" collect $millions from the … Continue reading

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushes for Mitt Romney in US elections

There is nothing more outrageous than when a foreign leader of a small nation tries to interfere in the political process of another, far more populous country. Yet, that is precisely what Israel’s government leader, Netanyahu, is trying to do … Continue reading

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America doesn’t remember 9/11

Despite jingo media browbeating, Americans don’t remember 9/11. Or not how they’re supposed to. On the eleventh anniversary of the mystery of September 11, 2001, the political candidates mired in Election 2012 have decided not to commemorate Nine Eleven, because … Continue reading

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Syrian US-backed ‘rebels’ tape selves cheering executions of their POWs, another in their long list of war crimes

Some on the Left call these guys revolutionaries even! Especially those at the Louis Proyect sponsored website- North Star. The corporate Pentagon war pushing media positively gushes over the anti Syrian government forces as well, however the actual picture of … Continue reading

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Democratic Party and Obama force strike onto Chicago teachers and the corporate run press begins badmouthing the teacher’s union

Rahm Imanuel, the former Obama Chief of Staff who is now Chicago’s mayor, Arnie Duncan, and President Barack Obama himself have all teamed together and forced the Chicago teachers into a defensive strike against the Democratic Party’s plan to push … Continue reading

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What was it like before abortion was made legal in the US?

I remember the poor victims who were still getting their abortions illegally in Texas in the ’80s even.   Here also is Sarah Weddington’s memories of what the Religous Right’s domination over women did to them back before abortion was … Continue reading

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America hits the dead end all zoned out this zombie s’election’ time 2012

America is zoning out of paying the national elections much heed. Once again, we are presented only 2 horrifying ALLOWED visions for our country; Family Bush and assorted Far Right Christian aligned lunatics or Family Clinton and assorted capitalist governmental … Continue reading

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Washington DC’s Syrian puppet begs for money from US-EU governments as he helps destroy his own country

The Syrian National Council US puppet head is already begging for money from the governments in US and Europe to help repair the destruction that his ‘council’ has left Syria with. See Syrian rebel leader calls for "Marshall Plan" to … Continue reading

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