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Prince Harry plays anonymous sniper

Prince Harry, it’s been disclosed, has been taking his winter holiday in Afghanistan, fighting the resurgent “Terry Taliban” in the Helmand Province, and calling in air strikes like any ordinary [armed] bloke. The UK and international press were colluding to … Continue reading

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Super Harry kills the barbarians

One of the frequent refrains in the US is that the powerful and well-to-do war promoters here always keep their own children out of the fighting, and that many of them are ‘chicken-hawks’, gung-ho avoiders of doing the actual fighting … Continue reading

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Conspiracy and Betrayal

America is getting to be something like Czarist Russia, where conspiracy theories swirled about people’s minds big time. Many ordinary Russians back then thought that there were all sorts of conspiracies to control the Czar, who was seen as almost … Continue reading

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Holding Iraq down for others to kick it

It’s been repeated we cannot pull US forces out of Iraq before we have established an Iraq military with which the Iraqis can defend themselves. Not a police force, not a constabulary or carabinieri, but a veritable army to defend … Continue reading

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Too pretty to blog?

An oft-heard conversation in my house goes something like this: “Mom, why did I only get one Thin Mint and Lara got two?” “Because I like her better.”   Fortunately, my kids are wise enough to know that to accept … Continue reading

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Senior Democrats eat their young

Help the Dems out, just this once. The County Assembly last Saturday was overrun with excited delegates and alternates. Palmer High could hardly support the numbers, or more notably, the DP was unaccustomed to such a turn out. I’d like … Continue reading

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Was it something we ate?

I’m not sure why, but Tony and I both lost control of our bodily functions last night in the CC parking lot. How embarrassing. Eric fared a bit better; he just got the sniffles. Maybe he should use this as … Continue reading

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The Rosa Parks Lone Rider Theory

Urban mythologists would have us believe that Rosa Parks launched the Civil Rights Movement all on her lonesome. Why? Because that’s exactly how it’s not done. And the corporate tale spinners have no interest in educating the public about how societal reform is accomplished. Continue reading

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Mercury Fulminate in Fountain Creek

I noticed something about the Rampart Range cleanup controversy but don’t know if I posted it here. A few months ago (before the Range became, as always, a sheet of impenetrable ice) there was a story in the Indy about … Continue reading

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Stop plans for ICE detention in Denver

OPPOSE the construction of a new immigrant detention center in Aurora! Colorado Progressive Coalition office, 1600 Downing St. Suite 210 Saturday, March 1 11:00 a.m. The GEO Group, one of the nation’s largest private prison corporations wants to build a … Continue reading

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Raise awareness to the CAUSE of cancer

Look at all that pink respect for breast cancer! Breast cancer awareness, I mean to say. As Marie has pointed out, women’s basketball over the weekend was draped in custom pink uniforms for the cause of cancer. “Cause” is an … Continue reading

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Are anti-depressants really Doc ordered placebo drugs?

There is category of meds I call Doctor ordered placebos. You see, the doctors are, within the general population, the most fooled of them all by pill placebos. They often truly believe in drugs that don’t much work, simply because … Continue reading

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America ‘In debt we trust’

Why is this country going down? It’s because ‘in debt we trust’ to give us jobs, of all things! It actually works the other way ’round. Check out In Debt We Trust The multi-national corporations are putting the American people … Continue reading

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US allied troops sneak into Darfur by way of Chad

It’s really quite simple. France owns Chad, and Britain once owned Egypt and Sudan. The US, Britain, and France are all into North Africa together these days. They want the Chinese out. Enter Zionist Steven Spielberg, and a whole host … Continue reading

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The Cancer Cartel at work again

I don’t know how many of you are women’s basketball fans, but just in case you missed last weekend’s action, most of the top-ranked college teams played their games bedecked from head to toe in pink uniforms, compliments of Nike. … Continue reading

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Test your candidate on civil liberties

Tonight, instead of hearing a Wal-mart exec explain how Saving People Money Helps Everyone On Earth Live Better TM, stop by another CC venue to see the ACLU Winter Forum. The event in Slocum Commons is scheduled to be a … Continue reading

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Springs Culture Cast has party for Craig Richardson and Klayton Elliot Kendall of Springs Culture Cast

The Smokebrush is feting the first anniversary of the Springs Culture Cast enterprise on Thursday night. I love the work Craig and Klayton are doing to illuminate our city’s culture scene. Every weekday the two assemble a four minute segment … Continue reading

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Undocumented immigrant as superhero

The latest issue of Mother Jones features four photographs from Dulce Pinzon’s SUPERHERO project. These portray Mexican immigrant workers costumed as might befit the superhero responsibility they carry. Favorite unsung heroes? The Thing, Human Torch and Superman below. NOE REYES … Continue reading

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I am voting against McCain

I’m voting against McCain.   Saying there isn’t any difference between the candidates is like stating there’s no difference physically or philosophically between you and me, or me and Eric or you and Eric. The Anti-Immigrant crowd are howling for … Continue reading

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Viva Obama? Well gag me please…

This has got to be the most comical Democratic Party campaign video around. Viva Obama 2008 Empty, stupid, and patronizing it is. Obama is hardly any friend of the Latino community and almost every single Democratic Party politician has had … Continue reading

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Mentally challenged unfit for insurgency

US disinformation forces in Iraq pointed recently to an insurgency so in its last throes, that it was desperate enough, and dastardly, sure enough, to press mentally retarded girls into service as suicide bombers. Soon enough our military was forced … Continue reading

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What does a billion dollars look like?

We hear money has been spirited away by the billions in Iraq. Leading some to wonder what that amount of cash would look like in the tangible sense. For example, would a billion dollars be visible from Google Earth? Last … Continue reading

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Knowing we are in over our heads

One reason we have governments, for you inquiring civil libertarians, is for guidance. I can certainly think of two matters which might always evade common man’s grasp: nutrition and economics. In spite of all best efforts to educate a public, … Continue reading

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Rogue monkeys for Ralph Nader!

Even Zippy the Monkey’s friends and family have turned on him. I hear Spurious George was the butt of many jokes at the recent family reunion in Kennebunkport.   Could Ralph Nader be the Man in the Yellow Hat, come … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader white knight on dark horse

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are no end of terrible words which corrupt opinion shapers want to throw at Ralph.   A consumer/citizen advocate would indeed look sinister in the eyes of corporate malfeasance and to … Continue reading

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