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Democratic Party corruption sinks the heart of Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan has been grieving a long time, and this Memorial Day after the capitulation of the Democratic Party legislators in Congress was particularly rough. But it is more than that. The pain is made even worse by how inactive … Continue reading

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The OAS under Bush

‘Orgies on the negotiating table’ by Colombian death squad leaders is in the news in Latin America. A pretty picture of what the Organization of American States (OAS) located in Washington DC has actually deteriorated to, since they sponsored and … Continue reading

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Falwell lives!

It appears that Jerry Falwell died and went to neither Hell nor Heaven. He went to Poland, where he is now once again outing Tinky Winky from the closet. More intolerance of this sort can also be found in Moscow, … Continue reading

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US Armada poised to strike Iran

I found video images of our Persian Gulf Armada taunting the Iranians and restricting their movement. What would our flag waver, ass-kicker types do if some other country sent a navy to aim their guns at our shores? Indeed what … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 3,500 x 100

This Memorial Day the number of US soldier casualties in Iraq nears 3,500. At 1,000 we held a vigil in Acacia Park. We did the same at the 1,500 and 2,000 marks. The numbered-cross memorial we mounted at Camp Casey … Continue reading

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Sun sets on Judeo-Christian legacy

All roads lead to Rome. The sun never sets on the British Empire. What’s it going to be for the US empire? I’m guessing something from PT Barnum. The sun has yet to set on a bigger bunch of uneducated … Continue reading

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US bloodies up Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp

Nahr el-Bared, one of Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp continues to be battered by the US-allied Lebanese government of ‘Prime Minister’ Saniori. The attack on this refugee camp was made in Washington DC, and Bush is sending in tons of … Continue reading

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Just say NO

RU addicted to war? RU always thinking that troops are necessary to right some wrong somewhere far away? Do you believe that if we don’t act now, then others will act as we plan to act, but against us? See … Continue reading

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Me Claudius

Our emperor’s got no clothes? Oh no no no! This emperor’s fully outfitted. He’s wearing the skin of Clarisse for starters, if maybe I’m mixing up my film villains. Our creepy gladiator despot is the Silence of the Lambs cross-dresser, … Continue reading

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The lesson of Vietnam

As Congress voted today to approve funds for prolonging the bloodbath in Iraq, a vote which included a butt-load of Democrat shits, absolute idiots for shits, fork-tongued, pandering, corrupt asshole shits brought aboard last election selling the hope that they … Continue reading

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Middle East Road Trip

It seemed idiotic enough, a “road map” to peace. Little did we know the president was planning to take us for a drive, and now he’s lost.

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Raul Castro’s daughter blasts homophobia

I thought that this news item was of note, so here it is in full. Walter Lippmann’s website is worth visiting, too. See below… Tony Raul Castro’s daughter blasts homophobia Havana, May 21 (EFE).- The daughter of acting Cuban President … Continue reading

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BBC Chanel 4 documentary INSIDE IRAN

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US threatens Iran with war

Nine US warships are now in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran just 2 weeks after Dick Cheney threatened that country with an attack. What does it take to waken the international public to the reality that the … Continue reading

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Thank you, Larry Small

I was able to attend the city council meeting where I made the effort to correct some of the more recent baloney that The Gazette had published regarding the city’s pro-peace community. I stated that local peace activists were neither … Continue reading

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Senate immigration proposal is an unworkable abomination

The new immigration proposal from the Senate is an abomination that will only create chaos, confusion, and abuse of poor people. See alternet’s Frankenstein Immigration Deal Angers…

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Blackwater USA out of Sudan!

Last night, some misguided peace activists in Colorado Springs got together at ‘Poor Richards’ to call for more US-UN-EU intervention into Sudan. They want to stop the bloodshed in Darfur but seem oblivious to the actual realities of US global … Continue reading

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Mac and PC skin deep

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Congress sold us out… surprise

Now the question is how much heat can we apply quickly? Not advocating the use of Molotov Cocktails or anything, but that is a predictable result of continued Bush-league dictatorship. We struggled uphill, against an Attorney General, Supreme Court, and … Continue reading

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Mexico slides into political chaos

There is little news in the US press about it, but Mexico is beginning to sink into chaos. After stealing the Mexican federal presidential election in mid 2006 with US support, Felipe Calderon (FeCal), now acting president, began a struggle … Continue reading

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Numb skulls awarding peace prizes

Two weeks ago I wrote about a CIA funded Otpor spokesperson in town talking to local pacifists of Gandhi and nonviolence and how supposedly that had overthrown Milosevic in Yugoslavia instead of the US and NATO bombs rained down on … Continue reading

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’24’ and the high cost of idiocy

Now I think we can begin to put a precise figure on the high cost of idiocy. Here is what it took the Australian government in OZ dollars to get Hicks back out of direct US hands. A mere 1/2 … Continue reading

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Sexpot damsel or witch

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Sicko government goes after Michael Moore

Amidst reports that the US medical debacle rivals the US occupation of Iraq as being the biggest boondoggle in the history of the universe, the film Sicko is being displayed at the Cannes Film Festival. And amidst reports that the … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Jerry, Paul, and Tony

They were all here with us so long, and now they have gone away. In the next year yet more of them will go away, too, and the corporate media will be ablaze with shouts about the glory of it … Continue reading

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