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Selective intervention of genocide

A chief backer of such films as DARFUR NOW and SAND AND SORROW is the GENOCIDE INTERVENTION NETWORK, who urge us “Never Again,” invoking the myth of western indifference to the tragedy of Rwanda. Through films like SAND AND SORROW … Continue reading

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To John Weiss, INDY peace ambassador

Dear John, I’m sorry to have let you down in your efforts to negotiate a settlement with the city on the Saint Patrick’s Day affair. I have always valued your advice and I remain hopeful that the city will consider … Continue reading

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Black Fire- Indigenous with an attitude

Black Fire is good music. Defeated Nations, Native American- Sacred Spirit. Indigenous Protest, Resistance, and Dissent The Totonacs, to better understand the Anglo population of Colorado by seeing it in another country. More about indigena and mestizos They teach ‘Colorado … Continue reading

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Storming Palestine for the West 1917

On October 31, the occasion of its 90th anniversary, Aussie descendants of the original Anzac forces reenacted the 1917 storming of Beersheba, a key battle in the WWI struggle against the Turks in Palestine. Of all the historic campaigns in … Continue reading

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The ‘Save Darfur’ PR scam

Alternet today published The Black Agenda Report’s commentary calling the ‘Save Darfur’ a US interventionist PR scam. Ten Reasons to Suspect “Save Darfur” is a PR Scam ‘Humanitarian intervention’ is getting to be a more and more difficult sale for … Continue reading

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Regarding dismissal of St Patricks Day

Here is the language for a press release about the dismissal of criminal charges against the remaining SPD7-5. Pick and choose to taste:   I’m very happy that the city has decided to drop the charges. It confirms, despite their … Continue reading

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I’ve cured AIDS !!!

The Cure for AIDS 1. If you are gay/str8/lesbian/trans/bi and have tested for HIv and been told you are positive for the antibodies to HIv, (using Western Blot type test which register as much as 70% false positives) or been … Continue reading

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Fuck the Corporate Media

This courtesy of Portland Indymedia, via CSAction via ThomasMC

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St Patricks case dismissed with caveat

The city has decided to drop the charges against myself and Elizabeth, which would be, roughly, about time. This is a pleasant development, made even more so by the arrogance of their official statement, a slap in the face with … Continue reading

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Homeland Security Dept’s new puke ray

All sorts of new toys for the police to torture and abuse people with are now coming into use to supplement the taser. The puke ray is perhaps going to be too messy and not torturous enough for our delicate … Continue reading

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A film directed by Brian De Palma about the US military in action and based on a real event is drawing the fire of the American Right Wing. They say it maligns ‘the troops’ and want to try to limit … Continue reading

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A plague on both your houses!

Joseph Kennedy, patriarch of what is often described as America’s royal family, built his fortune by bootlegging whiskey during the Prohibition and rose to power by mob control of the unions.   Ill-gotten gains are credited by some for the … Continue reading

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Liberals and Labour

The Labour Party of Britain has changed nothing at all from Tony Blair under PM Gordon Brown, just as the Democratic Party has changed nothing 7 years into the Bush presidency. Both still are corporate creations masquerading as popular parties … Continue reading

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Hillary the Hoss

Zogby says that is there was an election today, that Hillary Clinton would lose to any and all of the top 5 Republican contenders for president. Does Zogby (like many pollsters) have a hidden agenda that he is using his … Continue reading

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BookmoBille missed at Veterans prade

This note was sent to the Bookman after Veterans Day. Enclosed was a clipping about the death of the pilot of the Enola Gay, who would not be memorialized with a headstone for fear of attracting protesters. The sender expected … Continue reading

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The Naval Academy at Annapolis

It turns out that the Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs was not chosen to bring ‘PEACE’ to the Middle East, nor was the Army Academy at West Point. The site for The Cheney Empire to force more of … Continue reading

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Life is an epiphany

Once when I was twelve or so, my sisters and I bought my mother a birthday present. We found it at Spencer’s, a store full of black lights and glow-in-the-dark posters, lava lamps, hanging beads. To our young minds Spencer’s … Continue reading

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Flag colors of the Middle East

What colors do you suppose the US and Israel have in mind for a destabilized Darfur/Sudan?

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John Howard- Oz’s political dinosaur dies due to Global Warming

John Howard, Australia’s political dinosaur, is finally dead due to the effects of Global Warming. He lost the election for Australian Prime Minister, and the reason why is that… like our own local idiots at The Gazette editorial pages he … Continue reading

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Whose war?! OUR war!

At the demonstration last week to mark UFPJ’s Iraq Moratorium we marched from City Hall to the IVAW guard tower installation in Acacia Park. On the way we chanted a call: “WHOSE WAR?!” with the response: “BUSH’S WAR!” It was … Continue reading

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Pinheads in High Definition

I hadn’t yet seen HDTV, or watched a football game in high definition I guess. Over Thanksgiving I had the chance, and got a closeup of the Sports Center-esque after-party where guys in chip covered Barca-loungers watch suits at a … Continue reading

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The Tao of Marie

I read yesterday’s post and decided that I’d had too much turkey, too much tryptophan actually, to have sufficient mental clarity to properly opine on the divine. Today I possess mental acuity thanks, in part, to the fact I have … Continue reading

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International Buy Nothing Day

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Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past

I was obsessed with Bernadette Soubirous when I was a Catholic schoolgirl. You’ll recall, or perhaps you won’t, that the Mother of God appeared to Bernadette at Lourdes in 1858. Or so Bernadette claimed. Filled with unbelief and not wishing … Continue reading

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A rat rats on the rats

Scott McClellan, former White House Press Secretary, is the rat who is ratting on his fellow rats. He says Bush and Cheney made him lie to the press, which is too funny for words for a guy who was in … Continue reading

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