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Neda is Farsi for Photoshop

Does this image look Photoshopped to you? US and Israeli advisers in Tehran are still trying to pull a page from the Rachel Corrie playbook, even though world outrage about the American activist crushed by an Israeli bulldozer didn’t ultimately … Continue reading

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DMNS refutes allegations of data misuse

NOTMYTRIBE received this response from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to our post: IS THE MUSEUM OF NATURE AND SCIENCE GATHERING PRIVATE DATA FOR HEALTH INSURERS? In the July 26 article I outlined concerns that medical data specialists … Continue reading

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Is healthcare not a Human Right?

This is how Americans are going to get national health insurance, by demanding it. In Colorado Springs we’re still passing around petitions to support President Obama’s health insurance company stop-gaps. The Des Moines Catholic Workers find themselves charged with criminal … Continue reading

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Common Dreams Quid Pro Toe

How delighted I was to receive an email from Common Dreams, showing signs of skepticism finally at President Obama’s growing betrayal of American progressives. After censoring CD participants who criticize the Democratic Party for its capitulation to corporate centrism, even … Continue reading

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Jason Zacharias

“You must either make a tool of the creature, or a man of him. You cannot make both.” –John Ruskin, 1853, The Stones of Venice— “Men were not intended to work with the accuracy of tools, to be precise and … Continue reading

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Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s all folks, in lipstick

Full text of Alaska Ex-Governor Sarah Palin‘s poetic address, wherein she explains that her contract with the voters of Alaska has a “lame duck” escape clause, stuff about a God-given right to despoil, some veiled threats to shoot gun-control revenuers, … Continue reading

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Edmund Burke and the prevalent evil

Everyone wants to quote Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” I just heard it evoked by NPR, raising the alarm about a rash of albino murders in Tanzania, ostensibly … Continue reading

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Is the Museum of Nature and Science gathering health data for insurers?

DENVER- At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science the most popular exhibit this summer is called “Expedition Health” and features high-tech diagnostic kiosks where visitors can gauge the general state of their health. Judging by the long lines, you’d … Continue reading

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End the illegal US blockade of Cuba

JULY 26 marks the start of Fidel Castro’s six year struggle to throw out the US dictatorship in Cuba. The JULY 26 MOVEMENT became the name of the Cuban forces, commemorating the martyrs of 1953. July 26 is the International … Continue reading

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Lessons from antiwar antecedents

I have for several weeks been submerged in the writings and poster art of the revolutionary sixties, and I’ll catch my breath to say this to the Antiwar Now from the Anti-Imperialists Then. We won no victory with the fall … Continue reading

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Last veteran of the War to End All Wars

IS THAT RICH? UK’s oldest living veteran of the Great War died this weekend at age 111. Machine-gunner Harry Patch who survived Ypres and nearly not Passchendaele, was eulogized by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles who explained “The Great War … Continue reading

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Gates v. Crowley Case is black and white

While pundits pit Professor Gates against Police Sergeant Crowley, I recommend a white man’s refresher course in Black v. Cop. The above photograph depicts the officers of the law who came from all over Alabama in 1965 to prevent the … Continue reading

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Cronkite and Mays, confidence men

HOW ABOUT, for a tribute to Walter Cronkite’s much lauded integrity, the media honor the news giant by EMULATING HIM? How cynical of corporate news peons, and of their audience nodding along, to revere Cronkite’s hindsight truth-telling, and lament alas, … Continue reading

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National Assembly is antiwar exclusively

Reports are emerging from July’s National Assembly, the vital effort to unite antiwar forces into a common movement. Delegates from the major peace organizations hammered out a strategy to address Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine. Missing from the consensus? Nonviolence, … Continue reading

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Reprising the call to end Obama’s Wars

COLORADO SPRINGS- Intersection of Austin Bluffs and Academy Blvds, 4pm-6pm, all corners. Join Coloradans For Peace in their high-visibility every-other-Thursday rush-hour antiwar vigil, to END OBAMA’S WARS.

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Tea-Baggers plan another silly-ass costume party for 9/11

Actually that’s their staging date. The heavily funded by un-named Corporate Big-Pig sources, so-called “Grass-roots” movement against the Corporate Big-Pigs finally being forced to pay the bills they ran up over the past 2 centuries but ESPECIALLY the past 30 … Continue reading

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Burn your uniforms…

All those who sat and watched and cheered when the Colorado Springs Gestapo beat elderly and disabled persons for the non-crime of participation in a parade, and still say after two and a half years that you’re “fighting for Freedom”. … Continue reading

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Fascist cops nationwide still pissed over Drs. Churchill and Gates refusal to grovel

Some on the right are howling for “justice” meaning their silly-ass demand that Dr Churchill and Dr Gates apologize for stepping out of line, they (and by extension everybody else) are supposed to say “Yassuh, Boss, we-uns is so sorry … Continue reading

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Workers create wealth, they have rights

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Afghan Taliban set high POW standard

There it is. The Afghans have captured a POW, we’ve been sent his image in RGB with a personal message to the American public. US military spokesmen are calling the video a violation of the laws of war. Secretary of … Continue reading

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The US – Islam War nears halfway mark

I have to do more research, but I’m pretty sure October 7, 2009 should mark the HALFWAY POINT of the US-ISLAM WAR. I realize the Pentagon brass are calling for fifty years more of insurgency suppression in Afghanistan and Iraq, … Continue reading

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Problem solving by U.S. assassination

Word is out, confirming Seymore Hersh’s alarming report of last year, about the Cheney/Bush special forces tasked with assassinating terrorism suspects. Where others do it, such paramilitary raids are called “death squads.” While their existence is being admitted, Congress is … Continue reading

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Al Franken in the house bada boom

Al Franken has no sooner reached Washington, that he’s fulfilling his comedic promise, no small thing. At the Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearing, Franken framed his parting question thus: he too was a Perry Mason fan, could Judge Sotomayor name the … Continue reading

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Cheney ordered CIA to conceal operation from Congress.

Not from the People, that part would be a “gimme”, but from the People’s Representation. Now the Right Wing is trying to spin it that the operations in question were “The (miserably FAILED) Hunt for Osama bin Hidin’ ” and … Continue reading

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Right wing Simpletons, Call Home!

The heavily funded campaign for Right Wing Simpletons to call their Congressmen and tell them how afraid they are of Health Care Reform is ramping up, I just heard their Hate Speech commercial from the other room. It’s like the … Continue reading

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