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Pentagon Investment Group Parte Deux-mille et neuf

P.I.G. for short. The French is to the best of my limited knowledge 2009. The P.I.G. in question being Richard Cheney aka Bush’s Dick. Told the Freakin’ Bureaucratic Idiots that he has no idea who exactly spilled the beans on … Continue reading

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Ward Churchill to speak for O’odham

According to Censored News, Activist and scholar Ward Churchill will speak at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, 4831 W. 22nd St., on November 13, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. to benefit O’odham VOICE Against the Wall, which since 2003 has … Continue reading

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mixed signals on gluttony

This morning on childrens programming time (Used to be Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny, Bullwinkle etc) there was a PSA spot about eating, the big part of it being Portion Control. And the AFA sports teams “I Am Team” against hunger, nobody … Continue reading

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US drones are a form of terrorism, Witch Hillary

Poor Hillary. She was made to look just absolutely stupid in Pakistan as she tried to pretend that US government drone killings are not terrorism. You see, in her fairy tale fantasy and propaganda world, any act of violence that … Continue reading

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Tea Party Patriot robes for tiny pee pees

COLORADO SPRINGS- This year for Halloween I’m dressing up like yokel heroes Sean Paige, Richard Randall, Tom Gallagher, and Doug Lamborn, the rabble-rousers behind our local Teabag mobs. They’re reveling in the white man anger, against immigrants, ACORN, and taxes … Continue reading

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Thief of Jerusalem to speak in Denver

In Israel’s continuing PR barrage to elevate US jingoism against Iran, the regime has sent another official to lobby the Denver Jewish community. This time Mayor Hickenlooper and Governor Ritter are welcoming the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, to … Continue reading

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NY Times perfumes the 18th UN condemnation of Cuban Embargo

Does this seem like an appropriate headline to you? US EMBARGO ON CUBA FINDS SCANT SUPPORT AT U.N. –that’s how the NYT titled its article whose first sentence was accurate: “The General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to condemn the … Continue reading

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Daily Show censored Palestinian issues

Palestinian rights activists Anna Baltzer and Dr. Mustafa Barghouti were guests Wednesday night on the Daily Show. I know the talk show looks like a live tape, and few question Jon Stewart’s ethics, but there were some strange anomalies. For … Continue reading

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Krav Maga is martial art of war crime

I recently overheard a karate instructor mention an Israeli hand-to-hand fighting technique called Krav Maga being adopted by paramilitary forces worldwide, which of course excites the youngsters. So I looked it up. Speaking for social justice bloggers everywhere, I have … Continue reading

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Scary Sarah story….

75% of Americans believe Silly Sarah is NOT qualified to run for president… that’s scary… Because 25% of Americans are so STUPID they believe she IS. My God, the woman did not know the constitutionally defined duties of the Vice … Continue reading

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The face of the health insurance lobby

Nurse Ratched, to my imagination, was the most despised movie villainess of all time. She didn’t murder anyone, but by the sheer frigidity of her indifference, Nurse Ratched caused debilitating anxiety and heart-break. She’s my nominee for the face of … Continue reading

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Economy grows by 3%….

But only on the strength of the Socialist programs like Cash For Clunkers and stimulus payouts. Also according to the AP of all people, it’s the best showing in TEN YEARS. Well, Tea Party… what sayest thou now? Capital just … Continue reading

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Organic corn soon unavailable to you

I was shopping the other day for organic corn flakes, thinking that of all the cereals, Dr. Kellogg’s first processed food breakfast would similarly be predominant among the organic breakfast cereal offerings. I found exactly none; neither at the supermarket, … Continue reading

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Faux Smokey Bear PSA commercials…

Conan O’Brien has been running them. Yesterday, “Ah’m gonna behead you with this shovel and piss on your corpse” Tonight: couple leaving camp without extinguishing the fire completely, hubby says “it’s almost out”… Faux Smokey appears and says “ALMOST out? … Continue reading

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Lying Tea-Party commercial for Pueblo Bank and Trust…

The commercial has the president of the bank nobly turning down a bailout… But, the bailout is NOT for the bank, it’s for the Customers who were victimized by the thieves in the American Financial Institutions… his fellow bankers. But, … Continue reading

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Uzi Landau doesn’t steal Palestinian homes because there is no such thing

DENVER- Israeli PR envoy Uzi Landau addressed CU Denver students today, the majority of whom were antagonistic to his message. Denver policemen lined the walls, altar and choir loft, as Landau went on about the mortal threat which “extremist” Islam … Continue reading

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to be slain by famine and by pestilence and by the beasts of the field

So it’s been noted a few times the past few years that the Earth is fighting back. Not content to be slaughtered in the name of “progress.” The animals particularly have been doing things they’ve not been previously quick to … Continue reading

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They ask: Jonah, why the Bush-hatin’?

Because the Failed Bu’ushite Regime is extninct, defunct, right? Well, Wrong-O! Jeb Bush, Richard Cheney and Sarah Palin are sending out feelers for a run in 2012. All of them have support from the Tea Party Crazoids. Thieves of a … Continue reading

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Three meals away from revolution

The phrase is oft quoted, but no one knows who originated it –or, even if it’s true. It could just be an old pharah’s wives tale. But Obama buys it: from the people who brought you we’ve now come … Continue reading

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Why they love to target people in church…

The Reich Wing murderers like Akinsson and Roeder. von Brunn too, the museum he was going to shoot up is considered hallowed ground. But it’s because they’re cowards. Of course. They realize that it’s traditional for people not to go … Continue reading

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Sparkman still dead… RepubliKlan Lynch Mob still guilty…

Some so-called “liberals” say I shouldn’t mention that. Because it would hurt the feelings of the guilty “Party”. But the fact remains, the Anti-American rhetoric from the Failed Palin Campaign is still being ramped up by her Idiot Accomplices. Like … Continue reading

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What the Hell (literally) is wrong with this Fool?

GW Bush said recently that he “never sold his soul”. Of course not, he CAN’T. Satan owns it outright.

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Israeli war criminal to speak in Denver on premise of Iran having WMDs

This alert just in from Denver. Zionist war criminal Uzi Landau (who denies Amnesty International report that Palestinians are withheld their own water) is scheduled to speak tomorrow at CU Denver. Landau’s visit is part of a renewed Israeli PR … Continue reading

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That’s how many Black Hawk Down?

COLO. SPRINGS- A spectacular migration of Army attack helicopters traversed the city sky yesterday, flying south to Ft Carson where they will catch trains to faraway winter fear-breeding grounds in the news. It took only one Black Hawk Down to … Continue reading

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Health reform nuclear option is HR3200

Health insurance, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing –say it again. President Obama spoke of insurers as nice people who perform a valuable service, but where did the flattery get him? Industry death panels have redoubled their determination to … Continue reading

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