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Bush stirs Horn of Africa stew

Once again, Bush has thrown aside all support for international law, and has encouraged Ethiopia to invade one of its neighboring countries. He doesn’t really give a damn that this step is likely to eventually cost the area at least … Continue reading

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Justice in America, RIP

    Rest in Pieces.   Habeus Corpus Act, 1679-2006. US Bill of Rights, 1791-2006. Peace of Westphalia, 1648-2006. Geneva Conventions, 1864-2006. Hague Conventions, 1899-2006. Nuremberg London Agreement, 1945-2006. UN Convention against torture, 1984-2006.

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John Edwards for Santy Claus

Ho ho ho. John Edwards declares himself a candidate for aught eight, counting no doubt on the votes of Virginians who haven’t been told about Santa Claus.   John Edwards, half of the Kerry-Edwards day-after concession speech givers will, instead … Continue reading

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The iMac, iTunes. These terms are self explanatory aren’t they? The “i” used to denote internet, but Apple somewhere appropriated it for all its signature accouterments: iDock, iChat, iMovie, iPhoto et al. And the iPod has ushered a cascade of … Continue reading

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Rough injustice and Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein is a very bad man, let’s address that chestnut right off. Bad man, did terrible things, no small trifle. Although, and it’s only a slight clarification, Saddam was our bad man, following America’s lead, doing our bidding, buying … Continue reading

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Squeaky Baby

Squeaky, baby, hang in there and we still love you_ She was the one who walked up to President Ford on the golf course and pointed a loaded .38 in his insipid face… then pulled the trigger, nothing happened, a … Continue reading

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Gerald Danford Q. Ford in memoriam

Remember Dan Quayle? George Bush the Senior had a wimp factor to deal with, and had to select a running mate that wouldn’t eclipse him in the alpha department. He found that little man in J “with an e” Dan … Continue reading

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James Brown vs Nixon’s Pardner

Two well known people have just passed away this week. One was Black and proud, while the other was a criminal and proud. I remember well the billboards for concerts that James Brown seemed to do on a routine basis … Continue reading

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Is the Wii not a technological marvel?

I have to admit I love the Nintendo Wii. Christmas chatter around kids this year was all about the Wii. Parents are thrilled that it reintroduces aerobics to the couch potato genre, but I’m not convinced that Nintendo won’t have … Continue reading

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Have a Holly Jolly Saturnalia

Me Christian, which simply means that I admit that I am not perfect and therefore can’t get holier than thou and (especially) I am not allowed to punish and certainly not kill anybody else for not being perfect. Christmas being … Continue reading

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The real war on Christmas

  A rabbi in Seattle wanted to put a menorah in the municipal train station to accompany a display of Christmas trees. Was he thinking the trees were another faith’s religious symbols? Did he mean to ask to juxtapose a … Continue reading

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The perfect pen

I learned penmanship having to dip pens into inkwells in our desks. Fountain pens were prohibited in class although the later grades were permitted them. I’ll not deny that a Mont Blanc is the ultimate writing utensil, but I’ll add … Continue reading

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Holiday season anti-war TV spot

A proposed 30 second television commercial aimed at counter-recruitment. Camera opens on a festive living room where a large extended family is posing for a picture beside the Christmas tree. Camera moves past family, over an incidental table beneath a … Continue reading

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Who smelt it, dealt it.

Israelis accuse their Muslim foes of wanting to wipe Israel off the map. They extrapolate that Israel’s “right to exist” is threatened by exterminationTM, even nuclear holocaust (no trademark needed). In reality opponents of Zionism are only suggesting that European … Continue reading

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Civil Rights are not Liberties

always remember, never forget, The freedom the military is now arrogantly claiming was a gift from Them to Us, has not been the focus of a single American war fought since 1814. The times when freedom was a side issue … Continue reading

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Freedom is not free

No it isn’t. We fought a revolution to get it. American patriot rebels had to fight against British soldiers and conservative American loyalist dumb-fucks like you who wanted to uphold King George’s traditional colonial power structure. Now you government soldiers … Continue reading

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Comcast vs. pop-up blocking software

Some kind of transition is happening between Adelphia cable internet service and Comcast in Colorado Springs. Adelphia customers seeking to get online through their usual cable connection in some areas now get a message about needing to install Comcast software. … Continue reading

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Knights over Yeomen

Another of the military’s proud legacies: an archaic and anachronistic rank structure, where the Nobles and Knights own the Yeomen, the spear carriers grunts. They still prosecute Officers (Knights) for fraternizing with the Enlisted Men (peasants, which is an Old … Continue reading

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Navy Seals virtual unreality

You hear soldiers in today’s documentaries make the crack all the time: “[Iraq] isn’t a computer game.” In war you get injured, you die, and it’s all for keeps. Yet the military still uses virtual combat games to interest recruits. … Continue reading

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The Semite’s anti-Semite

Would it be anti-Semitism to make note that the US entertainment industry is predominated by Jews? Studio heads, producers, financiers are disproportionately Jewish, fair to say? Television, newspapers, publishing houses, quite a number headed by Jews. We could throw in … Continue reading

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Harry Reid underlines again that Democratic Party is not an opposition party

Harry Reid, Democratic Party senator from Nevada and Senate Majority Leader, gave his approval in an interview this Sunday, to Bush’s plan to increase US troops in Iraq. This comes just days after Nancy Pelosi appointed the utterly ignorant Silvestre … Continue reading

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The guilty among us

Continuous sensory deprivation has rendered Jose Padilla effectively useless to his own defense lawyers. A sense of optimism before the 2004 elections had me anticipating a reckoning for the perpetrators of the Iraq war. Not just the Neocon architects, but … Continue reading

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Is hell for real?

OK, first, this is not another post about Iraq or Palestine. What it is is a post about yet another crazy religious doctor like James Dobson. Dobson is a pediatrician, and this madman Maurice Rawlings is a cardiologist. And I … Continue reading

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Saying grace

Is grace recited before meals anymore? It seems the bigger the dinner, the more preparation or participation that goes into the repast, the greater is the sense that something is missing if we omit the prayer to dive into our … Continue reading

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A Christmas greeting

Do the jingles and television commercials have it right this holiday season? Have you indeed been good this year? Here’s a Christmas card to ponder. Careful, it’s not what you are used to being shown.

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