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Build it [in SL] and they will come

There’s an interesting trait of human nature I see playing out on the ever opening expanses of the Internet. It’s evident in dramatic relief too in Second Life. I suppose it’s the combination of man’s entrepreneurial spirit and the Protestant … Continue reading

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America’s Most Wanted

Clear Channel has announced it will be donating the use of electronic billboards across the country for posting mugshots of America’s Most Wanted, presumably to speed up the apprehension of dangerous criminals. Side effect: having to live under the gaze … Continue reading

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I had a blue Christmas without you

I felt more than a bit empty around Christmas this year. For the first time it seemed completely devoid of meaning. No one believes in God. No one believes in Santa. There’s nothing particularly thrilling to give or get. There’s … Continue reading

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US government thanks Guantanamo prisoners for having themselves tortured- Have a good life!

It really takes the cake, does it not? The US government broke all international laws, tortured numerous innocent Prisoners of War for 4-5 years, and then releases these innocents without a note to anybody! Not even a ‘Good bye, So … Continue reading

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Counterpoint duets in American musicals

A now Christmas classic has breathed new life into Frank Loesser’s “Baby it’s cold outside / I really must go.” After burning out the household listening to all available recordings, I yearned for other counterpoint duets. Neither Broadway, nor the … Continue reading

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Starbucks simply wants the yuppy monied nerds, and not you

Let’s face it, coffee drinkers inside Starbucks reading The Independent instead of The New York Times or The Gazette are just not what Starbucks Management wants. It has nothing to do with a supposed single complaint about The Indy at … Continue reading

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Getting high with Darwin and Keynes

The war on drugs. Oh yes, it’s a nasty endless little war, one that’s filling our prisons with small-time users/entrepreneurs and costing the taxpayers billions. It’s a war that hasn’t helped our poor addicted countrymen one iota, and it’s a … Continue reading

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Benazir’s murder, a matter of when

It’s tragic that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today. There is rampant speculation about who did it and why. But largely missing from the analyses I’ve read is the possibility that the nation of Pakistan, the Islamic nation of Pakistan, a … Continue reading

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Being seen unseemly

A PEW survey has revealed that self-googles are up, that is the number of people searching for a glimpse of their reflection online. Apparently earlier studies indicated a reluctance on everyone’s part to admit they googled themselves. I’d be inclined … Continue reading

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Go Team Tibet!

I love love love the Olympics. The Olympic Games epitomize humankind’s best and highest physical achievement, our ability to live in peace with other countries, to ignore race and to play fair, if only for a time. Sitius, altius, fortius … Continue reading

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Fuck the Vote in 2008

Americans have what options really? Rigged voting machines, gerrymandered voter rolls, election day harassment at the polls, and media misdirection.   If we could somehow count on an honest result, have we any real choices? Republicans are corporate wolves for … Continue reading

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Young people don’t bother going through the motions

The Gazette Christmas edition had a breakdown chart of El Paso County voting last election. It showed that more people vote from the morgue in this county than vote if they are aged 40 and under. Well almost! Half the … Continue reading

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Arabic Christmas Songs

Lest any of our local Christians forget, Jesus was kind of an Arab. So in honor of that, here are some Arabic Christmas Songs brought to you courtesy of The Coptic Church.

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Ho!Ho!Ho! NORAD tracks Santa and the media lets you jolly well know!

The Spy and Bomb crew located under our local Colorado Springs mountains and over the woods to Santa’s House at Peterson Air Force Base on the plains is tracking the fat socialist known as Santa Claws. You can find out … Continue reading

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Having a hard Christmas season this year?

Christmas is a sad time for many low lifes, atheists, communists, and Satanists. We get depressed and find it hard to make our way into a department store. In fact, this year I bought most of my Christmas gifts in … Continue reading

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From Labour to Catholicism in time for Christmas and Santa

For those of us who are easily entertained by the Republican Party candidates’ pre-Christmas expressed opinions in favor of our Lord and Master, it is especially gratifying to know that these expressions of faith are not solely American. The Lord, … Continue reading

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God’s Killers next to the Garden of the Gods

Yes, God’s Killers are here living amongst us in Colorado Springs. What a wholesome crowd they are! Campus Crusade for Christ’s USAFA Promotional Video

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Ugly Dolls more than skin deep

Do you remember several years ago, when Ugly Dolls crawled out of the Cabbage Patch like that season’s Troll Doll? We have an obsession with fugly. Except they were trendy, hand sewn in someone’s attic and sold at exclusive boutiques, … Continue reading

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Sustainable living for Colorado Springs

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The Spears sisters genetic tree stump

Dumbshell Britney Spears’ little sister is having a baby. The clan are mega millionaires, why shouldn’t they decide what they please? Clearly they’ve already decided a premature preteen nose job is fine, even if your face is going to outgrow … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t support the troops?

May I ask -who do you know doesn’t support the troops?   Is there someone you need to encourage to show more support for the troops?   No one? Then why the sticker? Support the troops? You do. You want … Continue reading

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The Cloverfield al-Qaeda Witch Project

Cloverfield is The Blair Witch Terrorist Project where there’s nothing in focus but black unknown, so we’re left to fear what kids do: the dark. Fearing the unknown was for the Dark Age. By exploiting the imagery of a post-democracy America, these filmakers promote our culture of fear by appearing to lampoon it. Continue reading

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Evolve in comfort of your own home

My friend Richard sent this Christmas gift tip for Heartland State families:   EVOLUTION BOARD GAME “Race around the board and up the evolutionary ladder as you draw, decode, decipher, act, mime and even read minds.”

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New Orleans

Police attack crowd with mace and tasers where people were trying to express opposition to tearing down perfectly serviceable Public Housing units in New Orleans. The US government wants Black people not to return to New Orleans for the same … Continue reading

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The Lakota last stand

Long live the newly independent Lakota Nation. They’re dead men.   What a time to declare yourself a sovereign nation. Yes it’s an eloquent action, especially now it’s brave and principled. Russell Means has been waiting for the UN resolution … Continue reading

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