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Keep Space for Peace Oct 3-10

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BOGOTA, COLOMBIA- We went to a fair last night and heard music much like this! Definitely it was the most interesting fair that I have been to in my life! We also took pictures of the Colombian version of the … Continue reading

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Earth First! Destroy What Destroys You!

It’s your last chance to see the EARTH FIRST! ROADSHOW as it passes through Denver, on its way to the Round River Rendezvous. Tonight, 7PM at Capitol Hill’s Gypsy House Cafe, at 13th and Marion. From High Country Earth First: … Continue reading

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Agents of injustice

“Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice. A common and natural result of an undue respect for law is, that you … Continue reading

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June 6 — End the Siege of Gaza!

From A.N.S.W.E.R.: Saturday, June 6 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Israeli seizure of Gaza. Organizations and individuals in solidarity with the people of Palestine will be taking to the streets once again to demand: End the Siege of Gaza! … Continue reading

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Honor heroes not war criminals

A special Memorial Day banner for those who would confuse supporting our troops for a blank check endorsement of militarism. Remember the dead and veterans of 1812. No subsequent war has been about protecting American freedoms, but rather to increase … Continue reading

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US Marines embed officer in Daily Show

NPR just outed Rob Riggle! Maybe you knew it already, I did not, but Comedian Rob Riggle of the Daily Show is a Marine Corps Reserves Officer! The news story this Memorial Day being that Riggle just got promoted. His … Continue reading

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Utah Phillips (d. 23.05.08) remembered

“We the American People are enormously wealthy, you know that? Who owns all those trees in the National Forest? This is not a rhetorical question– we do! Who owns all of that offshore oil you read about in the papers? … Continue reading

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Private Funding to close down the Concentration Camp?

This is a question for the Legal Eagles…   Since the only real issue left in getting rid of this huge albatross around our collective national neck… (the one that’s tied to the even larger Boat Anchor)… Is one of … Continue reading

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The Earth is a witch, men still burn her

May 24 – June 6, new moon to full moon, Wild Roots, Feral Futures has posted its location, Durango, Colorado. Check in for full directions.

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National Assembly July 10 in Pittsburgh

Antiwar organization leaders are meeting in Pittsburgh on July 10 for the 2nd annual national conference of the National Assembly to coordinate peace efforts as the world faces more war and increased militarism with a changed face.

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Re-enacting and Celebrating Genocide… Just Like Skokie…

As immortalized in the classic Film “The Blues Brothers” where a group of dim-wits put on Historically Authentic Military Uniforms (of the SchutzStaffel) and marched through a largely Jewish suburb of Chicago. So, on Territory Days, can those of us … Continue reading

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State sponsored Terrorism wins again…

Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller said “Terrorists who can’t be convicted could be set free under the plan” which the House and Senate have now nixed to close the Torture Center. Aside from laying aside the basics of Human Rights and … Continue reading

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High Country Earth First Denver Meeting

High Country Earth First is hosting the EF! ROADSHOW, in DENVER, May 25-26: Monday 2pm in Cheesman Park, and Tuesday 6pm at the Gypsy House.   Four ongoing EF! projects in Colorado: DENVER: Stop I-70 Expansion through North Denver; SAN … Continue reading

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Free those illegally imprisoned at Gitmo

When human rights organizations have called for CLOSING GUANTANAMO, they don’t mean AND CARRY ON ELSEWHERE. “Gitmo” is about the illegal detention and torture of human beings. What kind of rubes are we dealing with? Guantanamo is an illegal entity. … Continue reading

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Reenacting wars of colonial imperialism

COLORADO SPRINGS, 1776. District 12 elementary school 5th graders reenacted a couple Revolutionary War battles, where the heretofore unstoppable Red Coats fought in vain to crush the American insurgency. Aided by Awakening Councils of British Loyalists, the English troops threw … Continue reading

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Activists have so far failed to construct a real American Antiwar Movement

Despite the grass roots sentiment against all the bloodshed that Bush and now Barack Obama are engaged in, activists in the US have ever failed to construct a real Antiwar Movement. Do you consider that to be a harsh judgment … Continue reading

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A Night to disHonor Israeli indoctrination

GOOD NEWS FOR COLORADO SPRINGS- Not enough endtime zealots turned out to make today’s event scary, although those who did approach us with arguments were disturbing enough. By the way, the “Jewish Market” turned out to be a dozen tables, … Continue reading

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Zionism’s unholy alliance

Tonight is Colorado Springs’ first annual A Night to Honor Israel, an event put on by the local chapter of Christians United for Israel. On the face of it — at least on the flyer for it — the gathering … Continue reading

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Pimping gambling with the Preakness

I have to admit I took my eyes off Mine That Bird. Again.

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Our own IDF propagandist blows gasket

More from our IP-swapping blog spammer in Newark NJ: He pretends to be a NYU law student, although he trolls here 24/7; he says he’s read over 1000 books on the Middle East, but his comments never stray from pro-Israel … Continue reading

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Stand united against Christian Endtimers who cheerlead colonial war for Zionism

SUNDAY 5/17- Colorado Springs Christians United For Israel has scheduled A Night to Honor Israel to instruct one and all “WHY it is necessary to stand united for Israel: “Biblically, Morally, Geo-politically” on Sunday May 17, from 3pm-7pm at the … Continue reading

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Borel & Mine That Bird moon horseracing

To watch the replay of Calvin Borel’s ride at Churchill Downs is more captivating than it was live. Even anticipating the 50 to 1 upset, Mine That Bird‘s final stretch weave from last place to first looks like an athletic … Continue reading

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Why be bothered by horrors of detainees

President Obama is blocking the release of further detainee abuse photos. Would more images of outrages committed against US detainees inflame sentiment against US troops? No doubt. Would more of such photos add nothing to the national dialog? Well… If … Continue reading

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Name is Yettaw, John Hasenfus Yettaw.

Ugly American John William Yettaw snapped this picture of himself before swimming across a Burmese lake to meet with detained Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Yettaw claims to be writing an inspirational book on heroes and was apprehended … Continue reading

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