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Atomic’s one handed coders rebrand Fallujah game as Six Hours in My Lai

NMT has obtained screenshots from Atomic Games ‘Six Days in Fallujah,’ traded p2p and remarketed as Six Hours in My Lai. There was no budget to modify the OIF coalition uniforms to resemble the Vietnam GIs, but who’s looking at … Continue reading

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Take the ACLU Facebook quiz to see what kind of open book you are

Maybe you don’t fear facing off with an army intelligence interrogator, FBI detective, or secret service agent sitting in a Fusion Center determined to anticipate your next move. But what about a loan officer, insurance adjuster, arbitration negotiator, prospective employer, … Continue reading

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Antiwar COS -report from the front line

COLO. SPRINGS- Well, that wasn’t so hard. Our message was warmly received by soldiers who shook our hand in the staging area, and afterward we were thanked by others for what we are trying to do. Antagonism came from the … Continue reading

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Coloradans4Peace condemn COS parade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: COLORADANS-FOR-PEACE CONDEMNS COLORADO SPRINGS PRO-WAR PARADE.   –And why not? The rationales for the Iran and Afghanistan wars have been repudiated by the Obama administration. What place has this city to celebrate them? The wars have been … Continue reading

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The antiwar message directed to whom?

Cindy Sheehan may be glamping again. This time it’s Martha’s Vineyard, where Sheehan is prepared to lay siege to another presidential vacation. Which certainly highlights what’s become undeniable about Barack Obama. He heralds no change. And I’m not prepared to … Continue reading

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Treesit halts W. Va mountaintop removal

Mountain Justice activists Laura Steepleton and Nick Stocks continue to occupy trees adjacent Massey Energy’s West Virginia coal mine, preventing further blasting of the Edwight mountaintop removal site. Assistants at the base of the trees were arrested for trespassing, but … Continue reading

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Treachery on the Springs City Council!

COLORADO SPRINGS- I have to admit dropping my guard on the TABOR issue yesterday after 5 out of 4 council members pledged on Monday to vote in favor of putting reform on the November ballot. Private citizens who testified before … Continue reading

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Ding-Dong, the Liberal Lizard of the Senate is dead… Sing along, Democrats!

As I was heading for work this morning, the imperialist faux liberal, faux public radio, ‘National Public Radio’ was informing the whole world that ‘The Liberal Lion of the Senate’ was no more. In Heaven, no doubt… But… if I … Continue reading

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Lamborn’s NO HEALTHCARE teabaggers want to hear from YOU

According to CSAction, snively congressman Doug Lamborn has sent out 70,000 mailers, billed to the taxpayer, to disseminate the insurance biz wingnut falsehoods about health care reform. He’s hoping to reconstitute a teabagger assembly at a public meeting on Thursday … Continue reading

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Noblesse Oblige gone with Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy, last high-born American public servant, exits stage left. The Kennedy brothers set a fine example of how to account for yourself once you have enough money. Today it’s thought sufficient to follow in Rockerfeller’s footsteps: donate the requisite … Continue reading

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Lt. Calley finally apologizes for My Lai

Lt. William Calley has expressed remorse for the first time for leading the 1968 My Lai Massacre. Although he still maintains he was only following orders. Calley was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role, but President Nixon commuted his … Continue reading

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Right-wing KVOR radio goon tries to intimidate city council

I snapped this photo at Monday’s city council meeting: A stringer for right-wing KVOR radio holds his microphone up to the chamber’s amplification system. Curiously, he only assumed this conspicuous stance when the council members were explaining their votes, and … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Miner

Are you looking for a good children’s film, and a film for the whole family to watch? Are you looking for a film where your children can learn about an alternative universe, and one that our American government has helped … Continue reading

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Swine Flu in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS- When the swine flu hits the fan, contrary to all earlier scaremongering, H1N1 is no scatological disaster. I have an example: Without even looking, we know of two confirmed cases of swine flu in Colorado Springs School District … Continue reading

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Weiss TABOR reform has votes to pass!

COLORADO SPRINGS- I attended a COS city council meeting today, lured by the prospect that Vice Mayor Larry Small was going to call the CS Independent publisher a liar to his face.   I’m always excited at the prospect of … Continue reading

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Red White and Brave Welcome Home

Colorado Springs will be hosting a parade on August 29 to welcome troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Its predecessor was a 2004 victory parade, this one is billed as a Red White and Brave Welcome Home. You might shy … Continue reading

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Michael Moore writes a Capitalism tell-all

Michael Moore is premiering CAPITALISM, A LOVE STORY at Venice and Toronto. “By spending just a few millions dollars to buy Congress, Wall Street was given billions.” In a scene from the preview, Moore asks Blue Dog Dem Congressman Baron … Continue reading

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Top 10 Westerns, if you ask the French

  Are you a fan of the American Western? How do you think your taste might match a survey of French film critics? Though we mock their high regard for Jerry Lewis, let’s allow that France has a film history … Continue reading

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I’m a good old rebel

Excepting that the South fought for slavery and rural feudalism, their nostalgia is libertarian. Is that the enduring emotional charge behind flying the Confederate flag? Hoyt Axton recorded I’m a Good Old Rebel as being a “song of the Civil … Continue reading

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There is no License to Kill

“Licensed to Kill” was an Ian Fleming invention. His friend Richard Meinertzhagen dropped Fleming’s phrase for guests to infer he was a secret agent. RM’s routine of arriving at diner parties with a smoking gun reinforced whispers that he had … Continue reading

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We wanted Odysseus, we got Othello

America needs an Odysseus, obviously, to outwit the Cyclops and put out his eye. Against the all-seeing American health insurance lobby, our politicians are virtually powerless. To overcome this omniscient villainy without an Odysseus, the only hope is to rush … Continue reading

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Can Palestinians identify with Jews?

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Americans want clemency only for their own

How gracious of us! The US is beneficiary of a succession of clemencies shown to American citizens. Iran releases an American propagandist, North Korea forgives two more, Myanmar allows us to extricate a oddly errant citizen. All of them Americans, … Continue reading

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Putting Doug Bruce petitions on the run

WESTSIDE, COLORADO SPRINGS- A signature gatherer pushing Doug Bruce petitions was doing miserably well outside the Uintah King Soopers today, but I was able to interrupt for the quarter hour I could spare. Give him your 15-cents worth when you … Continue reading

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Back to skool week again

I’ve forgotten: is school the hard-fought birthright that enables men to guard their liberty with an educated vigilance, or is it where the majority become indoctrinated to march in lockstep upon the rest? Inhancing our kids’ nuturing with information they … Continue reading

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