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Lynne Stewart visits Churchill Trial

DENVER- For local media wonks who may have lost sight of the national significance of the Churchill v CU trial, the Denver courtroom was visited last week by radical luminary Lynne Stewart, who traveled from New York in a show … Continue reading

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Y’all are murderous mercenary profiteers

Photos by Ryan. Broadmoor Hotel Marie Pattie Eric Convention Center Custom bus murals sponsored by ITT Our point exactly.

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National Space [Weapons] Symposium

REMINDER! The military-industrial complex converges this week on the Broadmoor Conference Center, in the guise of “Space Symposium 2009.” The biggest mercenaries, profiteers, mass-murderers and top brass will gather over cocktails in the late afternoon, after weapons exhibitors have set … Continue reading

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Right Wing Comments, the gift that keeps on giving…

First we’ll get the indignant denials that the War is against Anybody Arabic or similarly dark-skinned and third world… or that there’s anything Racist or White Man’s Burden about it… That we’re really only fighting for their Rights and Freedoms… … Continue reading

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Mother and haunted closets

I just thought I heard my mom’s hello, as she might enter the house, expected, “hello?” in mock query. My dad was moving something in the coat closet, something squeaked against the floor, in a low tone, maybe the sole … Continue reading

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Ex RMN columnists stuck to their guns

DENVER- Considering the villainous role the Rocky Mountain News played in the vilification of Ward Churchill, their insinuations having been thoroughly discredited in this trial, you’d think the RMN columnists now writing for the Denver Post would be self-conscious about … Continue reading

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Canada welcomes Bush, bars Galloway

Canada refused to bar entry to Ex-president George Bush, then declined calls for his arrest for war crimes and prevented attempts by others to make citizen’s arrests. But in the same breath, Canada denied entry to a prominent antiwar voice, … Continue reading

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Pro-US gov defeated in Czech Republic

The current leadership of the Czech Republic has been defeated by opposition parties, but corporate US and UK news outlets aren’t reporting the whole of why it happened. Global Network activist and hunger striker, Jan Tamas writes from Prague: Dear … Continue reading

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Bush, McCain and the Romney Boys owe us one…

The former Commander in Thief and his anointed replacement, who would have been President until Palin figured a way to Get Rid of him…. Both made “The Troops” a pledge, Bush told them that “if only my Wife and My … Continue reading

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Churchill and his curiously vile detractors

DENVER- There’s an interesting sideshow at the Churchill v CU case having to do with a cadre of unsavory Ward Churchill online critics. What they are writing is hardly interesting but their unceasing doggedness, repeating only ad hominem attacks, leads … Continue reading

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America the Beautiful is NOT a Hymn.

Bite me. What got me onto this, of course the very Anglo-American persecution of their fellow Americans, including and especially American Indians, like the Ward Churchill (metaphoric) Lynching… But after I published the bit about Malaysian students being forced to … Continue reading

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“English First” Jingoistic Racism, Corporate Imperialism and Kuala Lampur…

So the “Manifest Destiny” freakshow has been exported, once more, and once more defended as The White Man’s Burden to countries like, say… Malaysia. Which the Corporate Big-Pigs say they don’t OFFICIALLY Own, yet they’ve forced the ruling party of … Continue reading

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Silly warmongers, space is for kids

Once again the Colorado Springs peace community has the unique opportunity to protest the annual Space Symposium hosted at the Broadmoor. First, the event provides unparalleled access to the upper echelons of the US military industrial for-profit killing machine. And … Continue reading

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Roughing it in DC

WASHINGTON DC- We caught the Metro, dragged our bags across the streets and sidewalks, but alright, we haven’t exactly been roughing it. First stop, the Capitol Hilton, from which we can promenade to the White House. It’s a stuffy hotel, … Continue reading

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Churchill lends trial his sonorous levity

DENVER- Court Room 6 is packed once again as Ward Churchill takes the stand to detail his wrongful dismissal by CU. His testimony began yesterday afternoon, and Attorney David Lane is outlining the basis for damages. Churchill isn’t asking for … Continue reading

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Warmongers do end run on Vietnam Wall

WASHINGTON DC- Who knew it wasn’t just the Vietnam War veterans who had misgivings about Maya Lin’s design for a memorial? Fair enough it doesn’t celebrate the achievements of our armies. This peripheral statue offers the more conventional bronze tribute. … Continue reading

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This is the dawning of …the age of Aquarius

Actually I was riding along today, thinking that just everybody in the whole town seems to be in a truly messed up mood. It’s like a cusp, you know, where one side is something especially good fantastic wonderful is about … Continue reading

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Springs peace community still kicking

COLORADO SPRINGS- I received reports that some participants felt ostracized, while others were directly requested to curb their enthusiasm. Fortunately the infighting was kept from public sight, on Armstrong Quad at CC, while school was on break, on a Saturday … Continue reading

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They teach their Piglets to be cowardly hate freaks…

So today I went to King Soopers to score some groceries and to hang up a “Computers for sale” sign… I got off the bike because I was out of breath and couldn’t make it up that last little hill … Continue reading

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Peace flows from the end of a gunboat

WASHINGTON DC- It’s not the “Department of Peace,” to contrast with the Department of Defense, although some detractors point out that we have the State Department for that, but visitors to DC will find in the NW corner of the … Continue reading

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Outside the White House

WASHINGTON DC- Beat cop stands backup for Secret Service

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Still considering a Military Career?

Probably if you’re somebody who considers the CS Independent to be too Marxist to be taken seriously. (That IS the Neo-McCarthyist catchword of the month, ¿C’est ça?) But speaking as one who is daily wrestling the VA on behalf of … Continue reading

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DC March on the Pentagon was fueled by a promising alternative energy: youth

WASHINGTON DC- Speakers were still entertaining an impatient crowd, and coffin carriers were mobilizing for the March to the Pentagon, when from the west came the Black Bloc. Bicycle cops in royal blue lycra scrambled to shepherd the group’s healthy … Continue reading

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Israeli soldiers admit targeting civilians

“That’s the beauty of Gaza. You see a man walking, he doesn’t have to have a weapon, and you can shoot him.” –One of the testimonies collected by the Rabin pre-military institute, surveying IDF soldiers about war crimes reported to … Continue reading

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The Bolsheviks had the right idea…

As far as ending World War One. Since the issue was raised that the United States intervention in 1917 was what ended the war. Silly on the face of it and sillier still the further you delve into the idea. … Continue reading

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