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The sick American public on Iraq and Iran

Recent polls show that over 60% of Americans now are opposed to continuing the Iraq War. That’s the good news, but now the bad. Zogby poll Some 52% of Americans support a new war, that being one with Iran. And … Continue reading

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The Pentagon’s green baloney

The Fort Carson Fourth Annual Community Sustainability Conference is playing in town right now, and is part of The Pentagon’s green baloney program. You might want to take in some of the last sessions over at the Crown Plaza Hotel … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Colorado College rally (October 29) by the interventionist group, ‘Save Darfur’, was quite an educational event. There, we got to see a train load of comfortable American speakers demand that we begin an economic war against a Fourth World … Continue reading

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Join up and see the world in a negative way!

Strangely enough, many of us that protest constantly against US militarism often get asked about whether we think it a good idea that somebody or other should join up with the military? Is it a good career move or what? … Continue reading

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The US, determined to lie big once again

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States on Monday brushed aside the UN nuclear watchdog agency chief’s warning that there was no proof Iran seeks atomic weapons, and invited him to stay out of diplomacy with Tehran. Report continues… How is … Continue reading

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Gas Up, Dollar Down

The papered dollar continues to slide, and gas prices continue to go up to $93 a barrel and may soon be flying off into the upper stratosphere? The neocons have produced no national security after 7 years in power, but … Continue reading

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The Blame China pro US interventionists come to town today

The group Save Darfur comes to town with their Blame China pro-US interventionist campaign today at Colorado College. This campaign is heavily backed by the Democratic Party and is designed to take the heat off the Democrats for backing Bush’s … Continue reading

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FBI terrorism and the American Injustice System

Here is how the FBI works. It threatens to have your family tortured in another country unless you confess to a supposed crime that can get you life in prison. Then the legal system comes along and tries to sweep … Continue reading

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Militarizing society everywhere

America’s ‘War on Drugs’ is creating disaster across the planet. This week it came home to my neighborhood, as the Colorado Springs police closed down a whole block on Madison Street, of all places, to do its Swat Team training. … Continue reading

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Pope Nazi Rat beatifies 500 of Franco’s Spanish fascist clergy

It always seems incredible to me that Americans are mainly totally unaware of how the Catholic Church was a bedrock of support for the WW2 Nazis and fascists of all stripes. They still are. Vatican honors Spanish war dead but … Continue reading

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PPJPC throws in with UFPJ Denver action

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Protest the Iraq War in Denver Saturday

It’s just a short trip up to Denver and back, so combine the demo with some other activities and protest the continued occupation of Iraq by American troops.   October 27, Saturday: Regional protest set for Denver Colorado Springs peace … Continue reading

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Holy Land Foundation

The government lost their case, but they will try it again and again and again until a jury finally does what the government orders for it to do, which is to convict. Welcome again to the American Injustice System. The … Continue reading

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Election Farce

Saul Landau states the reality well in that we are watching a paid in advance contest between what he calls The Ridiculous Party versus The Disappointing Party. The Rudy and Hillary duet, so to speak. Our local School District 11 … Continue reading

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Americans for Chavez

Americans for Chavez provides a group of links to organizations that support defending Venezuela from US government attempts to overthrow the government there. I couldn’t help but notice that the local group CS Action is linked to on that site. … Continue reading

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Colorado College Political Science shits

Here’s an interesting development. When the poli-sci students –who put together the Colorado College Energy Conference at which Neoconman James Woolsey was a featured speaker– found out that the PPJPC would be protesting the appearance, they also learned that the … Continue reading

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Catholic hierarchy killing women in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country where the government can’t even obtain an income of more than about $1/day for over 50% of the population, yet it feels that it has a right to butt into a woman’s womb and force her … Continue reading

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Nader in 2008?

Nader in 2008? It’s better than voting for the Democrat or Republican at least. Nader is definitely at this point outside backing more corporate control of America. Or you?

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Rats to power!

Forget Michael Moore. Forget all the other liberal/ Left movies out there, but go see Ratatouille. Rats to power! The same director that directed the movie, The Incredibles, has made a movie where French rats once again come to power … Continue reading

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Beyond rationality?

In the better of times, the fact that most people’s belief system is relatively immune to rational argument is not all that frustrating. It is more amusing than anything. But in times of crisis the conservatism of people’s irrational belief … Continue reading

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Friendly-fire loss in Malibu

Two Malibu outcrops stood out like sore thumbs in the fabled community not lauded for its architecture (or history). Not counting Rockford’s trailer park in Paradise Cove. The Hughes Aircraft offices sit incredibly in the midst of Malibu’s most expensive … Continue reading

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Crash This is a running thread to record the meltdown.

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The Kofi Annan Prize, uh… Mo Ibrahim Prize

Prizes, prizes, prizes. Awards, awards, awards. Gunpowder magnates to cell phone magnates handing out the cash. The newest award for supposed good global citizenship goes to Al Gore… nope make that Joaquim Chissano, and was handed out by Kofi Annan. … Continue reading

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Verizon hardhats are actually NSA posse

Verizon thinks it’s a selling point that you’ve got hundreds of hardhats listening in on your conversation. Though the team is pitched as the tech support which is keeping you networked, I guess the commercials can’t avoid the humorous Verizon … Continue reading

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Benazir Bhutto of Team America

Why was Benazir Bhutto’s return to Pakistan feted with bombs? Whether the bombers were Pakistani security forces or Talibani “terrorists” or western black-ops (each faction by coincidence also fingered for 9/11), they targeted Bhutto because she represents US interests for … Continue reading

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