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Poland charges their ex head cop with helping US CIA in running a torture chamber on Polish territory

What? Did you miss this in the US corporate news? So did I… Imagine that? See the Washington Times report about this world news…Newspaper says Poland’s ex-intelligence chief charged in alleged torture at secret CIA prison

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‘We want an arrest. Shot in the chest!’

Thousands upon thousands of marchers today were active nationwide demanding that justice be served on George Zimmerman for his assassination of Travon Martin in Florida, with whom he started a confrontation with because he thought it suspicious that a Black … Continue reading

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Who are these Fort Carson soldiers? The really ugly side of many of the US troops stationed in Colorado Springs…

The following letter appeared today online in what is really most often the daily Colorado Springs local military propaganda sheet called The Gazette. We reprint it here because it underlines the rather common type of thugs that the Pentagon has … Continue reading

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Thumbs up!

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Cops taser to death a Black vet in his own home

‘”Please leave me alone. I’m 68 with a heart condition. Why are you doing this to me? Can you please leave me alone?” Officers allegedly responded by calling Chamberlain a racial slur while urging him to open the door. The … Continue reading

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Pentagon-loving corporate media says to pay no attention to real details about the Sgt. Bales led USA war crime

The news report yesterday, hidden away for the most part, was that Child witnesses to Afghan massacre say Robert Bales was not alone and read that the Afghan reporter who was reporting for the Australian press had also reported being … Continue reading

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Where there’s smoke and no fire, there’s somebody blowing smoke

I doubt if “where there’s smoke there’s fire” is a firefighting principle. It seems more suited for WMD witch hunt rumor mongering, failing to find fire, you decide smoke’s enough. Well it holds true for a smoking gun, but not … Continue reading

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Everybody must now be watched in downtown Colo. Springs – so who will go downtown in that SICKO ambiance?

The Colorado Springs municipal government has now decided to gamble city tax funds into the National Security State by spending tens upon thousands of dollars in surveillance cameras. However, who will want to go into an already sterile downtown environment … Continue reading

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Bubbly Right Wing nut Michelle Malkin & her racist campaign out of Colorado Springs to besmirch Trayvon Martin

I find Michelle Malkin ‘style’ to be so utterly repulsive beyond all imagination! Here is an example of it as she launches her latest media bambazzle 2 weeks ago… ‘Wanted to share an exciting announcement with you all and encourage … Continue reading

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Up to 200,000 young people ‘occupied’ Montreal last week in protest

Turns out that the Occupy Movement is not so dead after all, it’s just that the corporate media wants you to think that it is. ‘Occupy Montreal’ is not exactly organized in the way that Occupy Wall Street has done … Continue reading

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Obama’s lying claim to be for world nuclear disarmament

Only a slime ball like Obama with his Democratic Party-military-industrial complex behind him would be capable of pulling off the pretense of calling for world nuclear disarmament while stoking the flames for a new US Middle East war to be … Continue reading

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Justice for Trayvon Martin rally held in Acacia Park

From the Black community of Colorado Springs comes glimmers that intelligent life can be found in Colorado Springs after all! Channel 13 reports… Colorado Springs Call For Justice Hundreds Attend Rally In Honor Of Trayvon Martin …If this rally had … Continue reading

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Street vandalism, economic vandalism

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Go back to your country, Terrorist?

US government militarism occupies this woman’s country and kills over a million of its citizens over several decades, and yet it is the Iraqi born woman who is labeled a terrorist by her killer? All decent Americans need to demand … Continue reading

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With Denver Civic Center Park fenced, Occupy Denver activists spring forward


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Obama is the more effective EVIL of the 1%

‘If you believe that what Wall Street does is Evil, then Obama’s service to Wall Street is Evil, and there is nothing lesser about it’ …says Glen Ford, and he’s absolutely right about that. Read his entire commentary about the … Continue reading

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Doesn’t anybody like Mitt Romney?

I can’t believe how unpopular the Richie Rich guy is. The Counterpunch site is even selling buttons like the above at 3 for $8! Nobody seems to like Mitt Romney and he might not even carry voting members of his … Continue reading

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Ex-Nazi Pope lectures non-Catholics about being supposedly ‘outdated’!

How Rich! The Idiot Pope is on the move once again and is denouncing violence in Mexico! Wow! Like is there anybody other than the jefes of the drug cartels saying that they support violence there? NO. That’s just how … Continue reading

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Down the Merry Dead End path of crappy credentialling for hire

‘Well, What would you do with a brain if you had one?’ …said Dorothy to the Scarecrow. Thus began the Scarecrow’s quest for proper credentialing///! They were off and headed down the merry dead end path of the yellow brick … Continue reading

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Now MoJo throws Apple critic Mike Daisey under the bus in their exposé of Walmart Chinese shadow factories

Mother Jones is next to discredit Playwright Mike Daisey for his dramatization of Apple’s supply line abuses in China, right in the byline of Andy Kroll’s piece on Walmart’s shadow factory system in China, which they call their, haha, “fiction-free … Continue reading

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Crime versus American Football – Where in the Hell are the police?

Oh American pro football! What warlock/ warlike glory! Gotta root for the home team we all do! But what if it degenerates down into criminal activity, where would the police be? Well now we have the answer…. They will be … Continue reading

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Ex Colorado Springs Gazette reporter has a new book out about the Fort Carson ‘Lethal Warriors’ unit soldiers

‘Overseas in Iraq for several months, these (Lethal Warrior’ unit) soldiers were exposed to the same dangerous scenarios on a regular basis. So much, Philipps said, that the soldiers never knew who the enemy was and would shoot random citizens … Continue reading

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Is the US military now torturing the jailed children and three widows of Osama bin Laden?

The US government and its military have a long history of torturing and murdering POWs held by its soldiers and their allies, and 14 of Osama bin Laden’s family are now being held incognito in a Pakistani military jail. Are … Continue reading

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Robert Bales, US military war criminal, was a conman with a nasty background when he signed up as a soldier

Info is now beginning to leak out about the criminal background of Robert Bales when he signed into the US military to be put into a command position. See Afghan Murder Suspect Joined Army During Fraud Probe …What a seedy … Continue reading

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Wise up Colorado Springs only YOU can stop fracking

Heads up Colorado Springs environmentalists! If you’re thinking that among your colleagues, someone’s got your back on hydraulic fracturing, your count is off by one. NOT ONE SINGLE local organization or leader has taken the position that oil and gas … Continue reading

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