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Say goodbye to 2011 and bad bad Walmart

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- Occupy Walmart continues today at Platte and Chelton. JOIN US. Why Walmart — where have you been?! If the 99% can come together on anything, it’s against capitalism’s most despotic retailer. Judging by the support from traffic … Continue reading

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OCCUPIED: Colo. College documentary on early Occupy Colorado Springs

OCCUPIED by Colorado College student Elyse Miller, featuring Steve, Mario, Patrick, Tony, Drew and Occucar.

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The Last Girl Scout

Yesterday marked an invigorating shift for me.   I’ve been beset by the common malady among Occupiers, wherein the sheer weight of the task at hand and the sly, evasive Jung Fu practiced by the adherents of the Darkness has … Continue reading

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PICS: Together we can fight Walmart

OCS- There may be OCCUPIES less recalcitrant, but few more scenic.

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“Building 7, Building 7?” What about Flight 93, shot down by US gov AFTER its passengers had regained control?

Dick Cheney has confirmed Donald Rumsfeld’s Freudian slip, that Flight 93 crashed on 9-11 because it was intercepted by a US missile, not due to a cockpit tug of war. (Americans can probably agree that hijacked planes must be shot … Continue reading

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Why I Occupy Walmart

MY ENDGAME in occupying Walmart is to rally union members to the Occupy Movement. Union members, not unions. Taking the fight straight to Walmart, one of the most despicable, exploitative despoilers of the world’s people and economy is something the … Continue reading

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A sort of obituary for Kim il Jung

So the right wing retards who run the Gazette, KOAA and of course FOX news are saying that the “whole world’ had been terrified by Mr Kim’s nukes. Here’s another take: We had a senile B-movie actor who was so … Continue reading

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Austin activists can occupy a mall

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Tent monster who occupied Walmart

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- The occupation continued this weekend at the Walmart on Powers & Palmer Park. We took special care not to make shoppers feel guilty, who’d already turned in, or coming out of the store, hurriedly checking items off … Continue reading

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PICS: Occupy Walmart 12/12 First of our Twelve Walmart Days of Christmas

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- Occupy CSprings occupied the Walmart on 8TH STREET for our first of 12 Walmart Days of Christmas. Slogans you can use for your own superstore boycott: WALMART: ROLLING BACK UNION GAINS, ALWAYS — WALMART KILLS MOM & … Continue reading

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On #D12 #OccupyCS takes on Walmart, company store of the global plantation.

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- Showing the flag today on the Occupy corner of Acacia Park in advance of tomorrow’s 12/12 WALMART BOYCOTT. You might well ask why we passed on a sunny, pre-Chrismas shopping weekend to picket the 8th Street Walmart … Continue reading

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Did Obama’s middle class speech, as the MSM says, strike a chord? From Osawatomie, the note was sour.

OBAMA STRIKES A CHORD WITH MIDDLE CLASS SPEECH. What cynical populist fable-telling. President Obama delivered a speech in Kansas yesterday appearing to speak up for America’s middle class, as if he wasn’t the reddest-handed fox in the hen house. Once … Continue reading

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Death in the Afternoon. On Wall Street. Charging Bull met by clowns, matador.

Full story at Music: You Will See by Lole Y Manuel.

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Patrick Henry’s priest would’ve favored Give me liberty, or give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

Some juxtaposition, don’t you think? Patrick Henry’s call to arms Give me liberty or give me death mashed up with the Goddamn Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change … Continue reading

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One night in a Catholic-run hospital…

Funny story? I was bidding goodnight to a friend in the hospital, standing over her bed in my long coat, scarf and black stockinged cap, when two nurses burst into our near-black room to announce the shift-change. At once they … Continue reading

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Tired of Wall St. Stealing Our Dreams!

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If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window, no, you don’t go in that store! The Star of David used to do that trick.

This season’s War-On-Christmas email is pushing a holiday ditty whose refrain goes “If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window, then you don’t go in that store.” Seems like it might be easier to mark those stores with a … Continue reading

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