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Rumsfeld AFA address

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No Gun Ri

A letter has come to light, written by the American ambassador to Korea in 1950, which details the American intention to shoot Korean refugees should they approach American troops. This letter not only led to the next day’s massacre of … Continue reading

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Micky Ds Token house

Here’s an unfortuante byproduct to what may have begun as an earnest environmental action. McDonalds was encouraging the recycling of aluminum cans. To offer credit for each can, to calculate a donation they intend for the Ronald McDonald House, McDonalds … Continue reading

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The Pope thinks who should step in?

On Sunday Pope Benedict paid a visit to Auschwitz and asked “WHERE WAS GOD AT AUSCHWITZ?”   Why didn’t he ask where was the POPE at Auschwitz?!   We’re certainly asking where is the Pope now? Why is he touring … Continue reading

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Support our snively troops

We’ve had a spate of vandalism at Camp Casey of late. It’s usually the same thing: lights broken, cinder blocks smashed, chairs upturned, fire pit stolen, banners torn and taken. They’ve taken STOP THE WAR, END WAR, WHAT NOBLE CAUSE, … Continue reading

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Congress building lockdown

I spotted this schematic on BagNews. He put it together to suggest what thoughts might be foremost in a GOP legislator’s mind right now.   I’m wondering how many others are speculating about the chances that the lockdown at the … Continue reading

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McCain abdication

Senator McCain was commencement speaker at Jerry Falwell’s school. He stressed his support for the war in Iraq, but urged opponents of the war to be more vocal.   This is not leadership. Build me a parade and I’ll march … Continue reading

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Used American soccer balls

There’s a local drive to round up soccer balls to send off to the children of Iraq. And they don’t want new ones.   An eight year old friend of mine came home from school and explained the logic. “Iraqi … Continue reading

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Sept 11 – America Reaps What It Sows!

By Black Liberation Army prisoner of war Jalil Muntaqim. U.S. International Warfare Initiates World War III Human Rights During Wartime By Jalil A. Muntaqim In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, … Continue reading

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Michael Crichton World Outlaw

The kingdom of non-aligned animals should move to extradite Michael Crichton for his piece o’ crap novel which denied global warming. Not because he denied anything, nor fabricated a parallel non-ailing planet, but because his work was propaganda made to … Continue reading

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Selling arms to the enemy

200,000 Kalashnikovs collected from the streets of Bosnia by US forces were recently shipped off to Iraq via the usual arms dealers/contractors. It’s said the shipments were intended for the Iraqi-coalition soldiers but the guns have disappeared and it’s feared … Continue reading

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Elementary school reenactment of failed suppression of colonial insurgency

COLO. SPRINGS- Last Friday D-12 fifth graders fought the Battle of Saratoga in a private park adjacent Broadmoor Elementary School. Their reenactment meant to teach the horrors of war, and to have fun.   The young British occupation troops in … Continue reading

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Stepping up imperialism

The Colorado Springs Gazette recently reported on developments at Fort Carson. With improvements to its infrastructure, Fort Carson will be prepared to ship out over 1,200 soldiers a day. It sounds wonderously efficient. Is anyone asking why we would need … Continue reading

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Oil pundit

NPR’s Daniel Shore was talking recently about the rising oil prices. He was asked about what factors affect the price of oil. I think Shore’s answer refined punditry.   Shore suggested to use the news of Iran as an example. … Continue reading

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Mob rule

Not mob rule as in democracy gone awry. Not lynch mob. The mob mob. To borrow what Serbs used to say about their country:   Many countries have their own mobsters. America is the only place where mobsters have their … Continue reading

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Freakonomics co-author Steven Levitt gave a lecture at Colorado College about how economics can explain everything and credited the inspiration for his book: Jerry Seinfeld. Which explained perhaps why Levitt was stuck in the minutia.   The Colorado Springs audience … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert and the missing laugh track

Stephen Colbert bombed. We know this because there was no laugh track.   I watched Colbert’s verbal pie-throwing at the Washington Correspondents Association Dinner. The press corps though it wasn’t funny big time. First off, how do you make fun … Continue reading

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MRE garbage trail

A Meal-Ready-to-Eat is what we feed to our soldiers in the field. It’s a self contained meal, descendent of the C-ration. An MRE features a meat, vegetable, bread, dessert, choice of drinks, and plenty of packaging. Here’s what’s left after … Continue reading

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