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American christianity is a cargo cult

Haha I sympathize with this meme. But it applies to the colonized as well as the colonizers. I do tend to fault impoverished people for shackling themselves to church dogma. Religion rationalizes and preserves inequity. Of course this ignores that … Continue reading

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The guard towers of Camp Amache, CO, Japanese-American internment camp

Visitors to what remains of the WWII-era Granada Relocation Center located on Highway 50 past Lamar, are tempted to conclude that the remote location was isolation enough to restrict the movement of its 7,000 Japanese-American internees. Gone are all 560 … Continue reading

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Doug Lamborn won’t touch President Obama because he says he’s a Tar Baby

That line probably gets lots of laughs at Tea Parties, but over Denver airwaves, Congressman Doug Lamborn’s likening President Obama to a “Tar Baby” got, I’ll say it, sticky. Yeah, the expression meant “intractable quagmire” when Mitt Romney used it … Continue reading

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Avatar: novel push for noble savage

I’d like to contrast the high-profile critical receptions being given two Hollywood films about darker-skinned-ness. Precious is about an African-American girl so dark she absorbs the light, without being about race at all. The movie tells a story of poverty, … Continue reading

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Suddenly colored television

Immediately after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the term “Nine Eleven” was already tripping off the tongues of TV talking heads as if it was more natural than saying “last Monday,” or “last week Monday,” … Continue reading

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Local black man made to take his hat off

COLORADO SPRINGS- An early Pikes Peak Region African American settler is commemorated with a statue in downtown Colorado Springs. A plaque explains that William Seymour was one of many freed slaves who moved west after the Civil War. The statue … Continue reading

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What About Black Community, Obama?

What About the Black Community, Obama? Seems like a reasonable question and to hear The Weasel respond to the question and then look at his response a bit is certainly worthwhile. The Black Community certainly knows where they stand with … Continue reading

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Barack- ‘I may have a pigmentation disorder, but I’m just like you, Mr. Businessman’

Barack Obama’s recent campaigning has highlighted how he’s ready to go to war against Iran alongside Israel, and how he supports using the death penalty even more than it already is used by the government in the US. Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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Jermaine Ward dies and police begin cover up of their murder by taser

Here we go again! Yet another police murder by taser and the cover up has already begun. The police say they tasered Jermaine Ward while he was uncuffed, while his companion who was also arrested, says that he was handcuffed … Continue reading

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Will race protest be curtains for Obama?

If there is a indeed still a racial divide, what happens to the colorblind society tapped to elect Obama in November? Continue reading

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‘White-facing’ MLK

Every year in America, we go through a sick ceremony that ‘White-face’s’ MLK. That ceremony is called MLK Day, where leaders of the White Community, that wouldn’t have bothered spitting on the living Man, as opposed to tasering him, start … Continue reading

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Black teenager taser-murdered by cops at his workplace over eating Hot Pockets

Yes, once again we see the police using their tasers to murder somebody. This time, they came and tasered a 17 year old kid working at a Food Lion grocery store, who hot eaten some Hot Pockets there and gotten … Continue reading

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