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UN military units ready to take over for the US and Israel in Syria

Unknown-30——————————- Leave it for the so-called ‘United Nations’… this organization is always ready to be mobilized for Pentagon mop up operations after the US and its allies have smashed up yet another country. UN plans post-Assad Syria deployment- Al Jazeera reports

Prosecutors in the Blood Covered State of Colorado go for Blood to be extracted from the criminally insane

“It’s my determination and my intention that in this case for James Eagan Holmes justice is death,” Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler said at Monday’s hearing, which the accused attended. Mr Holmes’ parents sat holding hands in the public gallery. See Aurora suspect James Holmes should be executed, say prosecutors

Wait a second! Isn’t James Holmes insane, ‘Legally Insane’, and a grand example of how our society is unable to deal with those who suffer from mental illness? Why go for his blood by demanding the death penalty then? Well I guess that it is easier than trying to achieve any gun control in our WAR-addicted US society… Oh Yes it is!

So what will we soon see ahead? Nuclear war with North Korea as our native born US war mongers continue on with their decades long war against the Koreans? More ‘accidental’ killings at home? More criminally insane people going off berzerk like Holmes did? Sadly, we as a people, seem unable to deal constructively with reality and continue our death plunge toward the extinction of our own damned selves. Our local prosecutors meanwhile play out the role of being our ruling class’s ‘April Fools’.

The Obama Administration- how coach plebeian they do travel! …NOT.

images-50 One of the most sadly comical aspects of the Obama Administration and the rather dense liberal types that put their hopes for future change in them, is how it is pretended that The Obamas are of, AND FOR, the people. And many brainwashed Americans even believe that!!!????? However, if so, why does this Administration’s bosses spend so much money like this when they just travel a night or two? Joe Biden’s Paris Hotel Cost $585,000 For One-Night Vice Presidential Stay

And the one night in Paris was no aberration, it seems. Here, according to this Huffington Post news item, was just how much Biden spent in London previously! … $459,338.65 for one night! Incredible! And these are just the costs for the Hotel use!

Maybe the US should just make all those marriages illegal?

images-48___ The two sides are both lined up to shoot each other down as to who should all be allowed to marry in the US, which is the one form of prostitution now fully supported by religion if engaged in by a man and a woman. Sure too though, in the US prostitution is basically now illegal if you don’t film the act, distribute the porn film then for sales, and get that series of actions labeled as all being interpreted as ‘art’ by The State. No other idiocy in modern society quite like lawyers, cops, and judges telling us what is art and what is supposedly not, is there? …for lowball comedy, that is.

So some acts of prostitution are legal, while other types of prostitution are not. But why not just make all forms of marriage a form of prostitution that the state US Police State outlaws? After all, many marriages are acts of prostitution that often lead to child abuse and other crimes against humanity taking place. Especially so, when the marriages are of a man and a woman living together as economic unit blessed by The Church.

How corporate media fired Phil Donahue for him being against the US war and occupation of Iraq

Unknown-31—— The US is neither a democracy nor a country with a free and unfettered media. Instead we have a huge, Pentagon-pushing propaganda machine lying to us nonstop. See Democracy Now’s report on how MSNBC got rid of a prominent liberal Left voice… Phil Donahue on His 2003 Firing from MSNBC, When Liberal Network Couldn’t Tolerate Antiwar Voices

The unrepentant pro-terrorist and pro imperialist US ‘Leftist’, Louis Proyect

images-47— One of the saddest happenings of my lifetime has been to observe the complete Far Rightward slide of much of the ex-American Trotskyist Movement, that during my youth had been the strongest builders of the Antiwar Movement during the Vietnam War era. None more epitomizes that Rightward slide downward into oblivion than the guy who actually has marketed himself beginning years ago in the past, as supposedly being Louis Proyect: The (last) Unrepentant Marxist. However, today he now states that the time he spent as a marxist once building the huge demonstrations against the Vietnam War were all just so inconsequential and negative doings, as being nothing more or less than just being a wasted portion of his life! And worse yet, he, in his elder years (’60s), is now trying to build the idea that supporting the Pentagon’s current multiple war making projects in the Middle East is all so progressive, marxist, and totally all a very radical thing to do! Christ!

Sadly, many other remnants and lost souls of the former coherent English speaking Trotskyist Movement trail along beside and behind Louis Proyect, enabling him in his increasingly counter revolutionary ideological work. They remain silently present and participating on his ‘discussion groups’, as he censors off all and any opposition to his idea that being pro-imperialist, as he has now turned himself into being, might be the exact opposite of actually being marxist. They degrade themselves by belonging and participating in the same counterrevolutionary camp as Proyect, by remaining silent about Louis’s penchant for censorship of viewpoints counter to his own. It is really quite disgraceful but yet most seem not to see it… They simply follow ‘the leader’ as any good STALINIST would.

Today, with the announcement of the news of the US backed Syrian ‘rebels’ most recent terrorist attack (this time on a mosque!), Louis was busy on his 3 blogs, announcing his support for these D.C. promoted and armed thugs once again. He supports the further arming of the US backed counter revolutionary forces being used first against Gaddafi in Libya, now against Assad in Syria, and potentially in the quite near future against the current government in Iran. See Proyect’s Side with Syria’s Oppressed: An Interview with Mohamed Khairullah published on his blog ‘North Star’, which was set up by him and some fellow pro US imperialist fake Lefties expressly to push for ‘marxist’ support of Obama’s imperialist agendas in the Mid East. Here is also news of the recent use of yet more terrorism in Syria by those he promotes… Syrian suicide bombing in mosque kills top pro-Assad Sunni preacher and 41 other people

Proyect, and his collaborating and censorious cohorts like Pham Binh, claim that allying forces with NATO and the Pentagon to overthrow their own governments is revolution in progress, a bizarre idea indeed. In doing such, their activism mirrors the past renouncing of revolutionary theory by the infamous Karl Kautsky, who was once known as the ‘Pope of Marxism’, who rejected voting against war credits that supported the German military in its WW1 activities. Kautsky threw international solidarity to the wind in favor of supporting the capitalist ruing class of his own imperialist country in its war efforts, something which Louis Proyect is doing once again actively today. One could easily enough label Louis Proyect’s work as neo-Kautskyite, because it is pro imperialist in like manner as Kautsky turned to being in his own positions during WW1.

It would be bad enough if Proyect was alone in his Rightward turn, but instead he is representative of the RightWard drift of most of the former Trotskyist Movement. He is part of a slide into supporting pro capitalist forces, supporting pro imperialism war making, and wanting to organize into Left Social Democratic form, for many of these former Trotskyists. Proyect is representative of
the demise of the former Trotskyist Far Left in the English speaking countries, if not also in the entire rest of the world. It is sad to see such a legacy totally washing itself down the drain, same as the marxist leaders of China and the former Soviet Union have done as well.


The above is a picture of a much younger Louis Proyect than he is now. Where did he stumble into becoming his complete opposite? It’s like asking where Joe Stalin went wrong? From a comrade for the biggest builder of the antiwar movement, to sent ‘revolutionary tourist’ in Nicaragua, now into turning into a loud pro imperialist ‘Left’ mouthpiece of the Pentagon…. such is the sad life road of Supreme Misleader Louis Proyect.

The epidemic of ‘prediabetes’ in Middle Age Americans shows failure of the US corporatized medical system to treat

Did you know that 79 MILLION Americans are classified as having ‘prediabetes’ (early stage Type 2 diabetes)? And most of those are between the ages of 45 to 60, making it more common than not to have early stage diabetes for this age category. And 90% are unaware of their oncoming medical condition, also! What a colossal failure of American corporate medicine to treat the sick! See 90% of People with Prediabetes Don’t Know It

Rand Paul and the US political myth about the existence of an antiwar US Conservative Republican

Rand Paul, like his dad, Ron Paul, has built his stature up with the constant myth amongst so many US gullibles, that he is supposedly somehow Mr. Antiwar! But it is all skin deep this picture of what Hard Right Rand is really about. This Business Insider report Inside Rand Paul’s Overnight Transformation Into A Pro-Israel Defense Hawk kind of spills the beans about this prospective Republican candidate for President next election time. Rand Paul is no more antiwar than Barack Obama and his cabinet are. To believe that he might be so is akin to believing in the Tooth Fairy.

Conservative Hero


“I’m a rodeo clown. It takes great skill.”
Glenn Beck

Yes, Glenn… and it takes a really stupid cluck like yourself to today still entertain the hordes of conservative dittoheads as well as Rush once did it with his mean and asinine commentaries way back during the ’80s.

Now just who is this Conservative Heroine and what city does she play from?


Prime Minister issues apology for allowing the Australian Catholic Church to rob babies from their birth mothers

With a new fascist Pope (Bergoglio/ ‘Pope Francis’) just put into the Vatican by way of his work covering up for the horrible crimes of the brutal Argentinian military dictatorship of the past, here comes news from Australia of what this hideous church (The Catholic) has been up to in the past… Australian prime minister Julia Gillard delivered a historic national apology in parliament on Thursday to the thousands of unwed mothers who were forced by government policies to give up their babies for adoption over several decades.

It is just ridiculous how the Catholic Church Right Wingers always claim to be defenders of children and family! This church has more to do with Hell than it does with God. See more about how the Catholic Church stole mothers/ babies away from them in the US and Canada, too! Catholic Nuns steal babies from unwed mothers in Canada & USA

Robert Bales still not tried due to continued Pentagon coverup of his (and the Pentagon’s own) war crimes

images-46— Remember, after all this delay, the US war criminal Sgt. Robert Bales? Only with the most twisted thinking can anybody call this swift and real justice for the multiple Afghan civilians Bales murdered in cold blood, and most probably with the help of multiple fellow US soldiers who have never been identified or brought into custody by the US government. Instead the Pentagon has helped Bales cover for his US soldier comrades in crime, by whisking him way afar to his military base in Washington State where he is close to his wife, family, and friends. See the latest US military and governmental shenanigans with their featured Afghan war criminal- Six Afghan civilians who are expected to testify at the court-martial of Kandahar massacre suspect Staff Sgt. Robert Bales traveled to Joint Base Lewis-McChord last week. They made the trip to prepare for the trial of the veteran Stryker brigade soldier accused of killing 16 civilians, mostly women and children.

Bales is no more crazy than the US military commanders and politicians that sent him to do the dirty work. He is an assassin and murderer, no different really than all those Pentagon snipers who get top awards. All the multiple US war criminals need to be tried in an international court of law and put away for good. Only then could we say that true justice would have begun to occur for what the US has done to so many people in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US population itself is covered with the innocent blood of so many others they have helped their politicians and military goons harm through the many years.

American press hides away (for Obama) news about the Guantanamo concentration camp hunger strike now in its second month

ss2005-05-17image$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The US propaganda system sure aids out in assisting the US government and US military in their continued torture of people who have been convicted of no crime, as is the case with many of the POWs (‘detainees’) held by the Pentagon on Cuban territory in its concentration camp placed there. Actually, these hunger strikes have been going on at Guantanamo for over a decade now, with the compliant US big corporate press hiding this fact away from the American public…

‘Hunger strikes have been a fixture at Guantanamo since shortly after it opened in January 2002. The largest one began in the summer of 2005 and reached a peak of around 131 prisoners, when the facility held about 500 detainees. The U.S. military broke the protest by strapping detainees down and force-feeding them a liquid nutrient mix to prevent them from starving themselves to death. As of Monday, the U.S. was feeding eight of the 21 prisoners on strike, Durand said.’ (…Taken from ABC reportage- US Says Hunger Strike Grows to 21 at Guantanamo)

US government can’t get it’s puppet into power in Venezuela through fair elections, but is a coup try again in the making?

The US government and allies, despite pumping big money to its puppet candidate named Capriles, cannot seem to gather much more than the support of only about 1/3 of the Venezuelan electorate. The only campaign platform of D.C.’s man Capriles is anti-communism and red baiting, and that is unconvincing to most in Venezuela who have enjoyed the improvements in their standard of living from the program that Hugo Chavez has implemented in the last decade plus. Will Obama soon try another US prepared coup attempt in Venezuela? Time will tell… Maduro leads by 14 percentage points over Capriles -poll

James Steele, Pentagon organizer of Iraqi torture and death squads, again exposed in new documentary

images-45— Why is the horrible sectarian violence still continuing in Iraq today? A new documentary exposes how the US-Pentagon organizer (James Steele) of Iraq’s death squads post overthrow of Saddam Hussein began his campaign of Pentagon made torture squads in Vietnam, carried it forward into organizing Central America’s militaries’ death and torture squads as well, and now most recently into US troop occupied Iraq where the US war makers used Shia against Sunni residents. James Steele’s job was to organize Shia torture and death squads. This Pentagon soldier/thug’s legacy lives on ’till this day.

Is the name ‘James Steele’ an amalgam of the names of James Bond and Joseph Stalin? Stalin means Steel in Russian… See James Steele: America’s mystery man in Iraq – video

How the US better off kill many of the US poor via Cancer

The military people have socialized medical insurance that the uninsured in the US pay for these so-called ‘heroes’. And the rich have medical insurance for themselves, too. Here’s how the National Security State Right Wing assholes want us all to have actually works though. It kills us in mass! See Have Cancer but No Insurance? No Problem—You Can Pay With Your Life

Yet another Fascist Pope for the Catholics

images-44… It really is no surprise, but the Vatican has picked yet another Fascist Pope who tries to hide it away in the closet of time. Anybody who was a member of the Argentinian Catholic clergy during the years of Argentina’s military dictatorship knew exactly what was going on and was complicit with it if they did not speak out. Bergoglio is the perfect guy to follow up the Pope Rat, who himself was a Nazi youth before he ascended up through the disgusting Catholic Church. Bergoglio did not speak up as the Argentinian generals and military officer corps tortured and murdered political prisoners while stealing away their newborn babies. He has not spoken up after the generals fall from grace either. So we get yet another fascist creep as top head in Rome!

The head up its own ass Empire USA has well earned getting itself nuked by North Korea

images-42— Let’s see now? The US government ignores threats from a country it has waged war against continuously now for 6 and 1/2 decades and so do the American people themselves??? Are we collectively stupid or what? It is the all brainwashed, head up its own ass Empire USA versus the ‘Hermit Kingdom’, as the corporate war mongering US press likes to call North Korea. And Dennis Rodman seems to be the only person with half a brain about him in this potentially highly radioactive basketballed out fiasco! We are a comic book Empire on the flop. images-43

I don’t know about you, but I think that the North Korean Head of State might just be about to demand an end to the endless war the American people and their multiple governments have waged against his people. It all started way back when the US beat Japan in WW2 and then immediately put the Japanese occupiers of Korea in charge of the US puppet government set up by the US military on that peninsula for the already enslaved Koreans. Seems like Americans couldn’t speak Korean but some of the Japanese mass murderers could, so that meant the world to our US ‘boys’ back then. Boy were we really democracy promoting folk???? Hardly. ‘Our’ troops were into PERMANENTLY occupying the Korean Peninsula though we have never belonged there even one second at all.

After waging war on Koreans for all this time killing millions of them, perhaps we might take seriously that some Koreans might just be beginning to now be getting a little bit pissed off about what we enabled the US government to do, and that they might even actually send some nuclear bombs to Seoul and Tokyo, huge US government allied populations, and maybe even send a nuclear warhead or two to Honolulu and Seattle just for ourselves… perhaps? I would take this possibility much more seriously than the US public seems to be doing, as American sheeple are always in the lead to not noticing a thing about current events in the world we all inhabit together.

How to solve the Korean-US governments nuclear standoff? It is simple. Just stop waging war on Korea, Americans. Go figure…. but it’s simply the right thing to do. Get on board a little gun control, Dopehead America! Don’t let your guns do you in.

Republican operative and all round rat pays out to ACORN activist he slandered

Unknown-27 The Republican attack to defund the antipoverty activist organization ACORN was one of the most totally disgraceful actions the American corporate media has ever helped ‘Conservatives’ (read reactionaries) accomplish. But now the truth is unfolding as the thug who carried out the hit on ACORN has had to pay out $100,000 to keep his criminal actions from going into court. See Conservative activist pays $100,000 to former ACORN worker

The powerful super rich old farts of the US need to stop throwing America’s youth into deep debt

The following facts show America’s superrich thugs to be absolutely shameless. They all claim to be patriots as they feed off the blood of the country’s youth, too. The $1 trillion student debt should about be written off the books and taken out of the national militarism budget. Shame on the US superrich and shame on the ordinary American for being so damn stupid as well! (In June 2010, the amount of student loan debt reached $830 billion, exceeding the amount of U.S. credit card debt for the first time ever, and it grew to more than $1 trillion by October 2011. At more than $27,000, the average graduate’s student loan debt has more than doubled between 2005 and 2012.) See Do We Need to Change Bankruptcy Rules for Student Loans?

Hugo Chavez- A great man who will always be remembered

Unknown-25He was an honest man who defended and spoke up always for the poor and oppressed, while all the other so called leaders of the capitalist world side ultimately only with the super rich rateros who are looting our planet and making most of us live in destitute misery and without human rights. Hugo Chavez was a true world hero. If you want to know more about just what he devoted his life to, check out this film that can be seen on youtube. Hugo Chavez Speaking Freely.

The case of turning your 9 y/o kid into a Coca Cola whore and US Police State madness

The news from America just keeps on getting worse and worse and worser. The Massachusetts Child Protective Services is investigating the dad of this 9 y/o kid because of how he has his kid performing in a ‘joke’ video for youtube! Rapper ‘Lil Poopy’ sings ‘Coke ain’t a bad word’ …’Coke ain’t a bad word’? Oh YES it is, Coca Cola.

Shame on you, Massachusetts CPS and State government, for not admitting that the Coca Cola Company itself DOES abuse children, much more than this kid’s dad might be also doing. Go after the big company and not his dad, Pig Force America!

In America, the big wigs get constant praise while the common folk get ‘investigations’, jail time, and their kids possibly taken away by the police. What a shame. The ‘drug war’ madness of the US Police State apparatus just keeps getting crazier and crazier. When will it end?