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POW-MIA. You are not forgiven.

The POW-MIA flag used to represent a renegade popular sentiment that our military wasn’t taking seriously the American soldiers left behind in Vietnam. Now the same flag flies from the flapoles of federal buildings like VA facilities. I think the cultural fixation on foresaken warriors is a Freudian reflection of our nation’s moral conscience. Indead our better self is a Prisoner Of War. Likewise Missing In Action. America you ARE forgotten, and I’ll add not forgiven.

Republicans shelved health “reform” again.

Because they think they could fix it once they sober up and abandon Trump. That and they know they’d get lynched when they have to leave Washington and face the people they supposedly represent. Their plan satisfies the requirement for the title of The Triple Lie, like Holy Roman Empire and Meals, Ready, to Eat. “health” and “care” and “reform”.

Steve Russell of Rag Blog and the stupidity of impeachment of Trump

His entire cabinet, the Heirs Apparents  of Trump should anything happens to him, are just as greedy, lazy, cowardly and uninformed as himself. Pence is the first runner up. My God that’s horrifying. It’s like a nightmare. Please, dear readers, don’t drop acid while contemplating that. The rest of the Succession is a spiral starting in the hottest chambers of Hell and gets worse. The only real solution involves a really bloody revolution. Like the French revolution but without getting tired of beheading the royals. Just keep it going until they’re gone.

What could be better than impeaching Trump, Congress and all Federal Judges –and The Second Coming?

Eh. We won’t bloody likely  get most of that, the Second Coming maybe but most people won’t like it. But, They’re Prosecuting Our de-loved Klan ex-Sheriff Terry Maketa!  Of course they’re not prosecuting the numerous killing of inmates and even more simple beatings which got his Official Okey Dokey… nothing ground-shaking like that. We’d probably have a better chance of finding the lost herd of unicorns with their elven keepers.  At the wedding of the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, presided over by Santa Claus. Nay, dear friends, it’s because he stuck it to his Ku Klux Minutemen friends while all their properties were at risk is a forest fire, and he used his rank in Emergency Response to have HIS property as the Priority for protection. Of all the crimes he’s committed over the past couple of decades, THAT one was the camel who broke the straw. Bad use of mixed metaphor there. As L’il Abner might have said it, “if I had my druthers I’d ruther have him punished for shit that most sheriffs and other pigs get away with doing on a regular basis”.

Read more »

Fascist Mercenary Capitol PIGS arrest 4, on Terror charge, for selling water

Of course the detained and probably beaten in custody young men were black. Question for the Right Wing, who all, as usual, cheered by the PIGS beat down of young men Making Their Own Job… Which of you Capitalist Hypocrites offered them jobs? If any of you respond with a statement that you personally would have done so, if they lick your Fascist boots, you’re still a liar because you wouldn’t hire them no matter how much they grovel. Feel as self righteous as you want, go to Church and lie to God and the congregation about how righteous you want them to think you are.

US taunts Syria with chemical weapons game: stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!

How does America know that Bashar Assad is planning a chemical attack against his own people? The same way we knew last time, because ’twas America who done it. And it’s the same refrain the US has used everytime. Saddam launched a chemical attack against his own people. We’re worried that Saddam will resort to a chemical attack against his own people. Though of course, no trace of chemical weapons was found. Surprising that, because America HAD SOLD HIM chemical weapons. Same in Assad’s case. This time they’re already in our possession. We have our covert proxies use them on absolutely whoever (Assad’s own people) and blame it on Assad.

Don’t fire until you see the white of their flag

A Canadian sniper has set a new record for remote killing by successfully hitting an unsuspecting target two miles away. Apparently the bullet took ten seconds to reach its victim. From two miles, even with a powerful scope, the objects of scrutiny would look no bigger than ants. Could the Joint Task Force sniper tell an army ant from a noncombatant? An insurgent from common civilian? Give the sniper a medal but it is poetic justice that these sharpshooters suffer debilitating PTSD with flashbacks of lives they voyeuristically truncate mid-sentence or mid-laugh, for no other justification than that the victim fell under their crosshairs.

According to Yahoo news… like Master, like Disciple

So this woman in one of the Carolinas, after a long time in the sun (apparently) campaigning for everybody to bow and worship Trump, went into a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. The Trumpistas are supposed to boycott Starbucks anyway, because Starbucks doesn’t allow extremists or anybody else to carry machine guns in their shops. Bad Starbucks! Very Naughty! Anyway, the Barista, not to be confused with illiteracy in any way, noticed the Trump tee shirt worn by the self-proclaimed “victim” and wrote on the cup, instead of the Trump disciple’s name, ‘build your wall’. The Trump girl got all pissy about it, crying and sniveling just like her Drama Queen president, that somehow somebody not agreeing with the doctrine of her Cult and saying so, even on the premises of a company who her Master tells her not to even enter, is somehow an assault and she and the Trump Cult are making a big hairy deal out of it.  One wonders how the Trump Temple of Hate finds so many crybabies.

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I don’t know why I read this shit, really, but I do…

Maybe it’s all the time I spent in the woods, mountains, deserts and creek bottoms. You take notice of everything around you or something will eat you. It’s the Law of the Forest. But on a Gossip Newspooper at the check out at King Soopers, …. eerie music coming from strangely lit closet in a creepy old house…. Oh man, don’t open the door, man, can’t you hear the music? O damn, I was dumb enough to open the door… Anyway, the Fake News headline was “Comey family person had a record for public drunken stupidness at theme park and whoop-di-diddly doo.” The one clew in the headline was that Comey himself did not commit the heinous extra minor misdemeanor. Some jackass in his family. Then there’s the notion that the president of the united states might have o.k.’ed the story. Massive coverup? come the Hell on…

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Chump Change

I’m flipping it a bit. This ‘change’ isn’t monetary, at least not directly. I got a wild hair yestereven  about Michael The Savage Weiner, right wing bloviation unit, something I noticed 6 years ago. His demented fan base had ascribed to him, on Wikipedia, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  And karate and kung fu but I don’t have the right amount of personal experience with them to out him. By the way, his fans aren’t retarded. Rabies, maybe. Definitely not very well educated. By the way, this is about the fact The Savage Weiner, simply by being such a right wing fanatic, does a lot more good for the Right Side, which is Left… he’s the ultimate provocateur. We don’t have to pay or instruct him  in any way. The Right Wing lunatic fringe takes care of that. How cool is that? The Tae Kwon Do was pure crap, he never took a lesson. But he let his nut suckers put that in his Wiki page. I know he never took a single lesson because to even attend the one or two free lessons to get started, you have to sign a paper which registers you with 2 archives in Korea and one in California, with your birth name and birth date. And the name of your sa bum nee and the do-chang. When you graduate from a no-rank beginner White Belt to an 8th Ke yub yellow belt, you get a certificate and the archives get copies. Beauty, eh? His fans showed what despicable liars they ‘truly’ are.

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So a Fascist Party congressman got shot….

The Republicans and Hate Talk Radio minions are angry that some democrats and non-fascist independents did not fall into their Pity Party martyrdom bid, and countered the Fascist rhetoric about democratic violence by reminding the Fascist party that they had been steadily recruiting “lone wolf lunatics”  like Jared Loughner and Jim Adkisson and Tim McVeigh to commit terrorist attacks against Americans with no regard that some of the killed or wounded were their own partisans, often children, that they often targeted churches, schools, etc… That the disco shooter in Orlando very early this year was not actually determined, the one Muslim who got killed in the episode was automatically found guilty in their Virtual Kangaroo Kourts of Talk Radio and Fox News hysteria… it’s easy to prosecute a dead man.. That people such as me have noticed that the Boston Marathon bombing took two lives and at least one of the accused was later killed, and his brother was called dead but magically resurrected conveniently… and then Corporate America killed  15 people in an unholy explosion of the same material McVeigh and other Christian terrorists used  and some of the damage from the blast were a school and a nursing home. Not far from Waco which was the reason given for McVeigh to murder 168 human beings, many of them children, on April 19th (which is the anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord, now suburbs of Boston) 1995.

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Yesterday’s anti-Muslim Hate Rallies sort of fizzled…

Actually it was to urge an end to sha’aria which leads to some Interesting Questions: Is it going to ban halal food? Would Muslim PEOPLE be forbidden to worship? Are they being brought into the War on Christmas bullshit where people get all stupidly angry when say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Will Jews be forbidden to refrain from making pictures of Moses? (That’s a real thing, by the way) and would anybody who mentions that graven images are forbidden by Biblical Law? Will it be the end of Kosher? American Jews will no doubt recognize the signs. Will White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and just for shits and giggles let’s take off the protestant limitation and add in Catholics and Orthodox (Eastern and Russian) and Rastas and Mormons and take off the color barrier, and just cruise into the mindset of people who have a huge history of anti-American terrorism, like the KKK and the Indian Wars and sundry  street crimes committed by non-Muslim generic citizens, and men beating their wives, children and sometimes other familial forms, like Elder Abuse, you know, the types of violence which far outstrip any sha’aria customs? I mean, you listen to Country Music, all that crap about killing their wives and getting hanged for it, when the majority (probably) will get a much lighter sentence by calling it “in the heat of sudden passion”? By the way, thats a Real Thing too… Will the people who want the Ten Commandments prominently displayed in every public building, suddenly realize that they don’t actually keep the Law on their own parts? Except those commandments which they believe are a free license to hurt and kill, of course… Hypocrisy Kills. If you kill people in the name of God, you’re doing it wrong. If you kill people just for the fuck of it, well, you’re still doing it wrong.

Can it really get sillier?

Mr Trump ordered his cabinet to submit to a contest of who could say the nicest thing about him. He ordered them to praise him in shorter terms. An Anti-Roast. What would be the prize be for such a farce? Would the lucky winner be the last one hanged or maybe he/she will get a pair of Donald’s shoes to keep, so he could lick them at his leisure?

Ted’s Montana Grill wants to rewild the American west with BISON not buffalo. Bison would be Lakota for ERASURE.

TATONKA is the Lakota word for Buffalo, or Bison as the white man calls the buffalo now. The difference would seem to be academic, maybe more to the zoologist than the historian. So what’s the big deal? Apparently the buffalo of the American West is not related to the Cape Buffalo of Africa, nor the Buffalo of the water, so it’s not a buffalo, it’s a bison. Okay. The whale shark is not a whale but we don’t call it a bison. Considering the plethora of creeks, hills, lodges and gals named Buffalo, you wonder what’s so damned correct about calling them bison. I’ll tell you. ERASURE. Apparently if Buffalo Bill had known those vast herds were BISON, darling herbivor of today’s most favorable carbon hoofprint status, Bill wouldn’t have carpet-gunned them in record numbers. What he killed into near-extinction were buffalo, of the hides, robes, dances, ceremonies, grasses, and rifles.

Drug Dealers enlisted in War Propaganda campaign, also some churches

So there’s this beer, popular among Mexican Americans, Modelo, which I never tried and don’t intend to do so… (beer tastes even worse on the return trip) but the founder or maybe he’s the current CEO, (much like Pete Coors whose grandfather made him “work” at the brewery, just like everybody else but Everybody Else did not have a guarantee of becoming CEO, real rags-to-riches ‘success’ story) but this dude has, unlike Petey Coors, a military background. Meaning the Government at many levels, especially the Pentagoons, are subsidizing his advertising because he injects Their Anti-American Fascist bullshit into his ads. That’s right, your tax money goes to pay for a Drug Dealer or more accurately All Purveyors of Demon Rum (the most common and most damaging drug-of-choice) to enhance his bank account.   They should be ashamed, but shame is a function of dignity, honesty, courage and pride. So they won’t be ashamed. One of the mythical Big Three automotive industry (formerly), the one which has a sheep head on the front which looks like the Gynecology chart portraying the working parts of female reproductive system, has a Militant commercial campaign already in process, but this latest one has some church being towed from the middle of a small Failed  1%er Town into the middle of a big field which is not supporting any crops or businesses, even though it’s at somewhat more than just a CROSS road, more like a confluence of several roads that looks strangely like a pentagram, and the field itself is at the corner of Bum Fukt Egypt and The Middle of Nowhere. What was the point of it? Are they displaying anti christian philosophy? This same truck model is used in the ongoing show Vikings, towing a long-boat filled with hopped up Bare-Sarkers who were drinking beer. Maybe mead, which is equivalent but not the same, and of course singing some song extolling Thor and Odin One-eye. And a bunch of commercials supporting the War On Terror.

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Since when is challenge to a dictator “anti American”?

This is of course crap. The person who posted that in the Op Ed page is supposedly a Patriot, telling a Chief Warrant Officer what he may or may not say To him I say, “punk, if you want to shut somebody up, do it to and for yourself”. Read more »

Russia intercepts B52 in their airspace, Pentagon screaming like the bitches they truly are

After intercepting Russians flying in international airspace, the modern version of piracy on the high seas.
The US Air Farts of which I was once a member has been abusing the airspace of any country in the world but got all pissy about Russian aircraft flying in international airspace and even called it aggression. Some of the propaganda channel here in the States have even boasted of it.
The USAF goes all wet-pants crybaby about anybody else in the world having defense capabilities while pouring murder machines, like stealth bombers, drones, coordination with Navy Seals and other assassins and torturers using thug tactics, killing civilians,…
Hell, there’s no country in the world against whom the US has a formal declaration of war as required by the Constitution and by treaties which under articles 4 and 6 have the same weight of the law as the constitution (Which The Military Has Every Member Sworn To Protect and Defend From ALL Enemies, even the treasonous Military Police State Fascists, like Trump and for that matter every other lying son of a whore president we’ve ever had) including the treaties such as the Geneva and Hague Conventions, the UN and NATO charters.

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Denver judge dismisses case against masked marcher who knew his rights

DENVER, COLORADO – US veteran cryptologist Jordan McDuffie was detained after last year’s Million Mask March and charged with two counts, Obstruction and Pedestrian-in-the-roadway, for stepping unto Lincoln Avenue west of the capitol steps when DPD says the Anon- masked protester they believe to have been Jordan ought not have. Before his May 24 jury trial could begin and after offering increasingly favorable plea deals, the city motioned to dismiss the charges.

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I think the Stovall twins, Joe and Mike, might have done the right thing.

In the obscene worship of the Holy Police State and the new sainthood granted to the most violent and racist pricks imaginable, there’s the notion that they murder people, beat people up in isolation cells then make up criminal charges against their victims, laugh about it when they’re doing it and lie about it afterward. And the Kangaroo Kourts back up these darling saints. Joel and Michael were defending their sister from an assault by a Fremont county deputy. That’s the same department who later murdered John  Walter. The Pig-loving “free” press called it Cold Blooded Murder but their Pigs get all the benefit of the doubt. The Moron in Chief stated a week before the sham election that the Central Park Five should be lynched for a crime they didn’t do, the State of New York never proved them guilty, but they were responsible, from behind bars, to prove their innocence. That SHIT about “innocent until proven guilty” is a chant the Fascist White Supremacists who surround Mr Trump. It’s a lie taught in schools and in the media, all of the media  and the Trump Base gleefully agree that even the sham trials which we are grudgingly permitted, in front of a jury sworn in advance to convict, unless the defendant is a cop, should be bypassed by “citizens committees”. So when the Black Bloc and Antifa and Black Lives Matter formed their own Citizens Committees in their neighborhood to monitor the Gestapo who were appointed over us, without our consent, the Klan and their comrades formed the Safe Streets Initiative to threaten anybody who even associates with Antifa and the Black Bloc with “dire consequences” and still spew that propaganda lie that there’s actual liberty and justice for all. Well, ‘safe streets’ Gestapo, I’m disagreeing with you, what are you punk fascist rat bastards going to do it about it? I’m calling you moronic cowards out. Get Some, Bitches. But you’ll probably hide behind your corrupt mercenary cops and courts.

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“On Saturday, your state will march for truth” says the invite. Hahaha SO true.

What’s wrong with protests being mobilized to demand transparency and full investigations into government misconduct? At face value, this weekend’s March For Truth seems like a perfectly earnest response, much like the March For Science sought to highlight public disdain for policies that deny scientific knowledge. Except the “truth” these organizers are trying to galvanize presumes to demonize Russia as perennial adversary and reboot the Cold War. This “truth” aims to differentiate itself from the “fake news” as the pot innoculates itself from Kettle Black. This is pro-war propaganda trying to pass as grassroots consensus, to out-truth the Truthers. The problem with Democrats steering grassroots protests is that they are the corporate war machine. The 2016 election transplanted the machine’s figurehead with that of a DOOFUS. But Trump is too much dilettante berzerker for practical purposes. Now warmonger propagandists have to work extra hard to manufacture public consent. Weekend marches are being mobilized in every state, as they say, but indeed on Saturday the STATE is marching to trademark TRUTH, to march Americans off to war with Putin to continue to destabilize the Middle East. Real truth would lead a populace to peace, not war. This is a Democratic Party march for propaganda.

Trump name-drops a Greek poet but can’t spell what he never read in print

Trump torches the Paris climate half-measure, stiffs the Zionists by reneging on an illegal move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, and misattributes his media ennuit to C. P. Cavafy whose name our Illiterate-in-Chief has obviously only overheard, never read, to know his name in print. And the media doesn’t recognize CAVAFY either! What’s not to like?

Nazi pig-loving sucks are threatening anybody who doesn’t obey them

The gist of this Klan declaration is they will use the police to silence any opposition, especially those from antifa, black bloc, etc. Their showcase issue is the protest against PIGS blowing away “suspects”, essentially a street level lynching. With the Nazi Rat Bastard Gestapo being the Lynch Mob.
Just as all other nations are required to obey the basic laws of civilized behavior Except The U.S., and within the borders everybody is obligated to obey the laws EXCEPT the Pigs, who can imprison on false charges, kill citizens in the street, torture and kill prisoners, and all for their own amusement apparently. The chickenshit pig-loving Klan bastards put this up in a West Side laundromat and probably other places as well, threatening anybody who say that Black Lives Matter, who call the Nazi Pigs “pigs” and “nazis” with punishment which they, anonymously, will have the Nazi Pigs inflict. Murderous scum who hide behind other murderous scum. They showed their true nature March 15 2003 by shooting a black man, Marquise Hudspeth,  8 times IN THE BACK in Bossier City/Shreveport LA, and then accepted a fundraising barbecue sponsored by David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, “to offset their legal fees” even though the District Attorney of their parish and the State Attorney General in Louisiana provided all the automatic dismissal of all charges, the Kangaroo Kourt system worked for the Pigs the same way it always has. All the punk ass murdering scum got away with murder, on camera, and at their barbecue where they were hogging all the roast pork (cannibalism joke) David Duke and a bunch of Klan recruiters were saying, on nationwide TV, that the Klan was a Police organization. None of the Pigs at the barbecue said any different. They didn’t call him a liar because he was telling the truth. The Courts and Police are in league with the largest and most vicious Terrorist group in America. And these Safe Street Project are in league with them as well. You disagree, why not PROVE me wrong? The Colorado Springs Police and Courts aren’t any different. When the Fremont Co. PIGS specifically Sgt Greene and Cpl Maas beat John Walter to DEATH while he was already dying from denial of necessary medical care. What are these pigshit assholes going to do about ME saying that?  The UberFuhrer Trump says we should congratulate and thank the Murdering PIGS. Donald Trump and anybody who agrees with his policy of supporting the privilege of the cops, and the Other imperialist military, to kill anybody anywhere for any reason they make up…. Y’all can line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas-size all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass.

You know why they put a blindfold on the victim of a firing squad?

It’s not about mercy. It’s so the big brave piggy soldiers don’t have to look their victim in the eyes. That’s right, I said it, the PIG executioners don’t have the courage to face their victim. If they say otherwise then they LIE. Of course the Police and Military life is based on lies. The biggest lie is that their comrades are so superior to anybody who is not One Of Them they can just kill him.
Munch on that with your steaks and hamburgers and weenies for Memorial Day. Some of you know I’m Christian, so here’s my Memorial Day … I’m going to pray for the souls of the HUMAN BEINGS blown away by the Military and Police, if you want to celebrate those MURDERS, it’s supposedly a free country and supposedly you can say whatever you want. When you introduce Christ into your sermons on how great the Killing Spree is, just remember that you’re taking His name in vain. That’s one of the Top Ten Hits on God’s chart. I’ll also pray for the survivors, and for the strength to do something, anything, to ease their burdens. To support your local Killers is an affront to God and all your praise for them is putting a blindfold on the eyes of your victims.

Those statues they’re taking down honored REBELS. Let that sink in.

If we’re really aiming to discredit historic personages who faught for slavery we’ve got a lot more statues to take down. The Alamo first responders come to mind. Boone, Crockett, and gang delivered the Texas territories from Mexico which had abolished slavery there. Gringo Texas land grabbers needed slaves for their intended plantations. And we can go back to the colonial declarers of independance, who resented taxation without representation. What was England trying to foist on America without representation? ABOLITION OF SLAVERY. The statues being taken down in New Orleans are no doubt going to rich collectors to decorate vast private gardens. There the statues wil definitely be appreciated for overt racist and segregationist themes. In the historic town centers where those monuments belong, those statues celebrate REBELS. Let that sink in.

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Stop politicizing murder of Seth Rich?! Tell that to DNC goons who killed him.

Apparently the family of slain DNC email leaker Seth Rich says his late night two bullets in the back had nothing to do with politics, AS IF they know anything about what happened! They don’t even admit that their son sent the files received by a Wikileaks worker. The family denies it based upon the fact that his laptop is law enforcement hands, inaccessible to investigators, ignoring of course that the receiving laptop has the evidence. But the media is backing the family’s fallacious proof because there’s a full court press on drumming for a proxy war with Russia. Ergo anything that diverts their fingerpointing at Russia is conspiracy theory presently being derided as “fake news.” News flash: everything coming from the corporate media war machine is fake news. It takes a real idot to deny that. That’s no conspiracy theory.