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Latest Articles


Don’t just commemorate Martin Luther King, avenge him

Reclaim MLK, yada yada. Yes, reclaim his radical persona from the academics and religious leaders who have painted his example to be an uncontroversial conformist. Commemorate MLK, reclaim him, fine. Wouldn’t that begin, at a minimum, by deligitimizing his assassins? How universal is recognition of Martin Luther King if the government agencies which killed him are unaccountable and still broadly in charge?

Martin L King Day

So, sometimes I get the response that Martin wasn’t a “saint”, works for me anyway, I ain’t a saint either. Never met one. What he did accomplish was to lead people to at least think about a lot of very important concepts. Like, Jesus most likely would not like the notion of killing, robbing, exploiting, enslaving, and other hateful activities against other people. People who were very young or not born when Brother Martin was slaughtered, supposedly by an independent person acting alone… you might not recall clearly a time when a person of color could be lynched for not getting off the sidewalk fast enough to avoid inconveniencing the so-called Master Race dude who was so afraid of dark people he, she or they would have a panic attack just because a dark person was in his immediate vicinity. Martin was a little more polite than myself when faced with such idiocy.   My response is to tell those haters, which is a synonym for Persons Projecting Their Fears And Insecurity upon other people… is to tell them bluntly that if they were so afraid of non-Anglo/Northern European persons not being inferior to them, why the hell did they come over to a whole two continents, had to cross an ocean to get here, where the people who who were here thousands of years just happen to be generally darker than the Anglo types. And then forced immigration of people from yet another continent in order to do the hard work involved in building the Shining City On A Hill, and that’s a description much older than Reagan, think like 300 years…

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Propaganda film now out “Patriot anti-Muslim Day”

They locked down the entire city of Boston. They identified two brothers who were Muslim as the bombers. One supposedly was shot to pieces but miraculously resurrected for the Show Trial. Much like the raid on the bin Laden compound, the secret burial, we just have to accept the word of the SEAL team.           Except the FBI not long beforehand had posted a Most Wanted “age progression” picture which was actually the real face of a Spanish member of parliament. Wonder if they did the same thing with British MPs, eh? But the Fibbers said, once exposed, that they had no intelligence whatsoever that Usama was still alive, no verified sightings, no actual broadcasts, nothing, since 2002.    So, when did they stop or start lying? Given that, how would we know that the two suspects in the Marathon Bombing were actually real?  They lie to us, constantly, boast that they’ll lie to us at any time and there won’t be any evidence to prove or disprove any of it. It’s the MiniTru, Ministry of Truth from Nineteen Eighty-four. The very next week the Boston and Fibber Pigs were given a cloak for their apparent evildoing by a refinery/fertilizer  company explosion in West, Texas which killed MURDERED 15 workers, as admitted by the corporate asswipes who actually recreated (on a smaller scale) another similar (same chemical) explosion in 1947 when a whole shipload of it burned and exploded in Texas City. The ammonia nitrate fertilizer which Christian terrorist McVeigh might not have actually done in Oklahoma City, same stuff.

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SEAL Team Glossary includes Canoeing, Winkler Hatchets & Bleed Out Videos.

You won’t find these terms in the indexes of the countless books praising SEAL Team 6. But they feature prominently in an Intercept exposé about the war crimes of America’s most famous death squad. “Bleed out” videos are passed among operators, as Special Ops mercenaries are called, featuring their victims bleeding to death as they are taunted by their murderers. “Canoeing” is the act of aiming a final gunshot through the top of the victim’s forehead such that the head splits open to form a V like the bow of a canoe. Canoeing Photos of faces spilling over with brains, such as the proof-of-death pic of Osama bin Laden, are then taken for the official record, including the team’s formal scrapbook. “Devil’s Guard” is an obscure war novel that glamorizes Nazi attrocities including fictional methods of inflicting state terror. Title 50 authority is the so-called license which US Special Ops have to partner with allied commandos to form death squads. Winkler hatchets are tomahawks made by craftsman Daniel Winkler for the SEAL Team 6 Red Squadron, known as the redmen, who are expected to bloody their hatchets as they conduct their raids. Using the hatchets to collect DNA hair-follicle samples for the Redmen means flaying their victims and returning with scalps, fingers and other disfiguring momentos. Another insight revealed by the Intercept: The British aid captive Linda Norgrove, who was killed during a botched rescue attempt, wasn’t killed by her captors, but by a grenade thrown at her by a Seal Team operators, perhaps because the goal of reaching Norgrove was not rescue but exposure control. Linda Norgrove worked for DAI, Development Alternatives Inc, an American NGO, a cover for being an agent for MI-6. The glossary we already knew: Blue Squadron, known as the Pirates; Gold Squadron, known as the Crusaders or Knights; Silver Squadron; and Red Squadron, known as the Redmen.

Trumpistas, flagging and what might be done about it

The Trumpistas are getting a little bit pissy about their idol being mocked. There’s a fellow named Craig who has a List, pretty neat stuff but on the Free Speech page (Rants and Raves)  any cellar-dweller punk can take down what’s been written. Of course, the author is free to re-submit the same thing and so might anybody who agrees with him/her. So once again a post about Mr Trump and his mindless minions claiming that a person (Republican but still a person) had an anti-Trump sign at a Trumpista Rally three days before the botched election, was somehow an assassination attempt…. Got flagged. And replaced with the following

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Seriously? THAT’S the deal-killer?

Ok, so the punk bastard is, well, a punk bastard. yawn. He rips off people including foreign dignitaries (and no, the law is quite plain on this, you can’t steal or kill people just because you personally don’t like them), urges the lynching of people who have both served long prison time and got PROVEN NOT GUILTY, promises racially and religiously slanted deportations, imprisonments, etc… (crickets chirping, general bored silence) but his general asshole-ishness isn’t what is now controversial. He HIRED a couple of hookers to entertain him with water sports. allegedly …If you’re not really conscious of that term, get a computer you don’t care very much about and google it. After which you’ll have to wipe the drive,re-install your OS and even then you might get a bunch of Porn Spam Flooding. But come on, man, promoting murder and actually participating in fraud (in amounts with more zeroes after the first digit than my entire extended family have had in two years of wages), that ought to be more important indicators of his (for want of a better word) character than whatever gets his pathetic little teenie weenie stiff. And there’s plenty to suggest he has such a complex, like he’s always doing stuff like having other people build Towers and name them after him, a Huge Wall, etc etc… and hey, being a possessor of a baby penis isn’t enough to disqualify him from public office. … assuming it’s actually his and not …. well, you know… Sorry about that, I’ve known a few really lunatic acquaintances …

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F U and the horseshit you rode in on

Barack Obama is an impressive speaker and a figurehead to make you proud –if you’re not listening or paying attention to what he’s doing. How sickening the fawning over his last addresses and his supposed legacy. Obama was the antithesis of Dubya, now Trump. Obama was probably the world’s most palatable politician in recent memory, but what he said and did was no less nauseating. And damnable. I can sympathize with onlookers mourning the loss of America’s gloss coat. Trump is the ugly face that is Obama unmasked. The king is dead, long live the ugly disreputable can’t-bear-to-listen-to-him king. Frankly, it wasn’t long into his doublespeak that I couldn’t stand listening to President Obama either.

I am being prevented from defending myself in Denver Municipal Court

What I filed today in Denver Municipal Court, as my jury trial is about to begin…
The Defendant, Eric Patrick Brandt – sui juris and pro se, having been ordered silenced by the judge from making any record of objections, arguments, or any other statement in retaliation for challenging the validity of the judges authority and needing to ensure sufficient record of defendant’s concerns and objections, do hereby enter into the record numerous documents anticipated will be essential should he need to appeal a conviction following trial.

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Mindless propaganda of the day…

On a National Geographic Channel (bought up by FOX) episode about Area 51, one of the explanations of it’s super secret activities is that they (the Air Farts and the CIA.) tested Stealth aircraft starting with the U2 and testing maneuvers using purloined Soviet airplanes, and that it “saved countless lives in VietNam”. I call bullshit. The GI Resistance Movement saved a lot of lives by forcing the Mighty Corporate Government to (at least temporarily) negotiate with soldiers as Humans instead of Disposable Conscript Slave-Warrior Minions. All the maneuvers and carpet bombing and surveillance and intelligence gathering techniques prolonged the war, killing more GIs, not saving any lives, fighting for “freedom” and all the other John Wayne jingoistic imperial lies. VietNam didn’t start the literally God-Damned war. The power structure of the US so called Democracy did. The Empire Strikes First. By prolonging the war they, the Shadow Government in all its Inglorious Self-righteous actions killed 50,000 GIs just in that one conflict. And set the stage for every war since. And before, the US was set up as part of an invasive foreign empire which has murdered more Americans than all the nations who “we” attacked combined. The shit about Defending America, no, it wasn’t. Liberating America, no, it wasn’t. And then there are the people in the attacked nations. The civilians slaughtered by aerial bombardment, and the Native civilians who were targeted, just like the people of Dresden or Hiroshima or  Hanoi or Baghdad in the aforementioned War On Everybody who dared to refuse to bow the knee before the Emperor du Jour. It adds up. Some of the estimates, 4 Million civilian casualties.1 1/2 Million Military casualties. That’s both sides. Or “all sides” . That’s a telling statistic. Three times as many civilian casualties than military. Munch on that. And if “we’ were fighting for freedom, and lost….  do your own math

Unresolved 2015 protest case reveals Denver police have been concealing evidence from all activist trials

Eric Brandt on the hoof
DENVER, COLORADO- A seemingly ordinary protester-in-the-roadway case has exploded in the face of Denver city lawyers from the prosecutor’s office to the department of civil liabilities. The case against activist Eric Brandt, for chasing a police motorcade which had falsely arrested a fellow demonstrator, today revealed that in arrests made at political protests, Denver police have been withholding key reports from the evidence disclosed to those defendants.

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You are not to blame. US stands with victims allied to neoliberal objectives.

“Why don’t we stand with Istanbul like we did Paris in the aftermath of their terrorist attack?” Because Western social media campaigns are orchestrated. Though built on outporings of sympathy, they are coordinated with NATO efforts to propagandize against perceived foes. The public’s failure to muster support for Turkish tragedies, like African or Asian or Balkan or other less-Western hosts, drawns criticism of racism. But it’s not YOUR racism, that’s blaming the victim. Your heartstrings are pulled by whatever photos the corportate media is pitching. Photos of Syrian children for the moment.

Quote “he didn’t have to die”

Cognition. Chanting. Changing cognition using repetitive use of words.     The title I pulled from one of those damned Supermarket Tabloid headlines about Alan Thicke. It’s a cheap way to express opinions which are actually accusations, yes? Partly. The publishers of the Stupid News publications are by and large degree holders, Liberal Arts for certain. That doesn’t have any connection to the term Politically Liberal. It means they study an array of disciplines as needed for their goals. In this instance, getting people attuned to believe anything they are told. Chanting the words aloud, or copying them verbatim, each repetition validates the former uses of that fact or factoid, the later doesn’t actually depend on fact any more than Liberal Arts would depend on Liberal Politics. Or the Defense Department having any clear and proven ties to actually defense. Like in the Orwellian dystopia Nineteen Eighty Four and the Animal Farm companion, NewSpeak, DoubleSpeak and DuckSpeak with the Ministry of Truth. AND the Capitalist Dystopia Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Nuances in language can be used to mean the exact opposite of the original thought. If you use phonemes, homonyms, and really bad puns if done skillfully (like you might learn at a Creative Writing course of study) Repetition can be both perceptual and expressive, say, for instance, singing songs containing the conditioning the Big Pigs want you to believe. Or simply accept, consciously believing that its hu-wi, which is Cherokee for Hooey. And just subtly train your sub or unconscious mind to accept as harmless and having no effect.

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“our empire has the most powerful military ever seen”

Right makes might, not the other way around. It’s a milestone for a civilization becoming an empire, when the Emperor declares that having a large, expensive military at his enforcers makes him the rightful king of all the world. Both of the Bushes said it, as did Nixon and Reagan and Obama. It’s a falsehood which takes on a persona and life of it’s own. The seeds of the destruction of an empire are there at it’s birth.

The use of last names as first names

Like Taylor or Tyler or Connor, just seems “trendy”, yes? Some of it comes off as major league cool and others just lame. and annoying. And it’s mostly an english language type device. Catholic kids have it all the way, until 1966 it was pretty much mandatory to name somebody first with the name of a Saint. In case you’re wondering why there are so many catholic women named Mary or Elizabeth (in Spanish that would be Maria and Isabel) reflects that the Church didn’t canonize as many women and a lot of them were born Catholic, so you wind up with (over many centuries) a large pool of people with a comparatively small pool of names. Then their familiar names, so you get a lot of people named for instance Maria Elena or Mary Elizabeth. Some others are Concepcion, events in the life of Jesus.  There’s one person at least whose Saint Name was Circumcision  A lot of my Mexican and Texas-born friends have sisters in the family who are separated by their familiar names. Mary Elena, Maria Dolores, Mary Magdelana. The guy most Texans refer to as General Santa Anna, that was his mother’s surname.  He was Antonio Jose y Maria LOPEZ de Santa Ana. You get recognition of both sides of the family that way, instead of Mom losing her heritage just by marrying Dad.

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Wounded Warrior project, hear this:

Or just read it, since it’s text that’s probably the best way…  Anyway, you don’t need to kiss the ass of the Capitalist Establishment  which sent you to “liberate” people who just happened to have oil and other strategic minerals, fishing rights, for instance, ports-of-call, striking range to Other Targets that can be reached by drones, other missiles and light aircraft (as opposed to a B52 or ICBM coming over the pole). You don’t have to pretend for THEM anymore, you’re no longer under command, you can think and speak. You don’t have to tell people that you were fighting for our freedom. Freedom to Obey? Freedom to believe all the bullshit we’re told? Demand that the top 5% which would take  in every punk in the Military Industrial Complex especially the Petroleum and other mineral extraction industries… demand that They provide all your health expenses. They’re the only ones who benefited by the Invasion and Occupation of VietRaqIstan which we know is also at the root of the Libyan and Syrian conflicts (you gotta love that term right? It skates the Pentagon and their Masters clean out from under the Geneva and Hague Conventions and other treaties entered into by the US government and ratified by congress, thus having the same weight of law as  the articles of the Constitution according to articles 4 and 6 because it doesn’t make use of the word “war”.)

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I wanted to invent…

From an Air Force recruiters commercial, and it shows the raw futility of going into military bondage with some starry eyed ideas about what you want to accomplish. Because Military Organizations don’t give a fig about anything other than killing. It’s what they do. The commercial had a drone pilot and an armorer (that’s the title) who was cleaning a Vulcan motorized Gatling gun. Sure that’s going to liberate anybody. The “I wanted to touch the sky” is just an admission that the Air Force believe they’re the owners of the sky.

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Standing Rock— Still Standing

Although DAPL and their parent company Energy Transfer Partners still insist they’ll defy the Army Corps of Engineers who pulled their permit. There’s money, oh yes, lots of that and the closely tied Political Power Play. This is the first major defeat of the incoming Trump administration. They’re not taking it lightly.

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Bill O’Reilly did not bite dog

So there’s a headline by a mainstream outlet that Billdo is upset that “the left” is eroding White Privilege. So, this is news? The punk ALWAYS spouts Aryan propaganda. He’s perhaps the smartest man on the Far Right Lunatic Fringe. OK not really. They don’t have very many intellectually evolved people.But he’s paid to present to Other Very Frightened White Males who are angry that other people, especially those with darker skin, don’t acknowledge their delusional fantasies of Supremacy. Making a headline out him saying something racist and just plain stupid is like having a reporter going around town recording farts. In short pointless. I know Billdo doesn’t listen to opposing voices, that’s another given. Undermining White Privilege or “authority” is a common complaint among the Klan. Because they’ve lived all their lives in fear of not being in charge. The ones to whom Billdo preaches his hate speech would be just as powerless and feeling somehow victimized, even if every government and social[ office was given to a White Male. They would still be nothing ass nobodies and still afraid. It’s why they have organizations like the Klan and the Heritage Foundation. They go to their meetings and get told that they are indeed powerful, and the rest of the world bows before them. Pure bullshit. And all their affirmations of superiority are empty. They obviously don’t believe them and Show It By Having To Repeat The Affirmations. Or have Bill O,Really? speak the affirmations to their longing ears. Very sad. Oh Well.

What the hell is Mr Trump’s problem?

He gets the most prestigious political office in America and still bitches because some of us don’t actually worship him as the Chosen One. How many, you may ask. Well, I might answer, just off the top of my head and without putting the total to a calculator… the point spread between him and her on election day, 95% voted for either/or. Much of that, so it seems, and there won’t be any real statistic on it, although the figure usually is counted as 30% for each candidate, was actually a protest vote against the other. Because 5% of other voters had formally said “none of the above” although votes for the Greens are very important. At the very least they tell the BigPigs that they’re not as in control as they thought. There was a 1% difference between the Donald and the Hillary, in her favor. With the count, actual, was 3 million more for her. Which only counts for this calculation.
If the count is accurate, still not decided, then they were really less than a percentage point.

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Sweat Lodge wednesday?

on account of it being the solstice. There’s bound to be one local. It is, how you say in zee eenglish, a very important big deal. There’s a paucity of listings on the internet, so I have to keep looking through every resource I have or can create. The ceremonies I know about involve the Iron Box and that’s out of the picture for me. There’s bound to be some at Standing Rock. But I don’t think I can make it there. So I have to keep combing for one really nearby. I could easily build an imnipi but it would be awful lonely and there’s a large communal structure of people who are the big part. One isn’t enough.

All is fair in love and battlespace

US Navy brass are upset that a Chinese vessel pulled a US unmanned submarine drone from the South China Sea and kept it. That’s against the rules apparently, Admiralty, whatever. They point out the drone belongs to the National Oceanographic Office, the information it gathers is unclassified, and it’s piloted by civilians. Sorry but “civilian” is synonymous with “contractor” and the Navy needs to rename its underwater glider drones if it wants to pretend their function is oceanic research. The drone fished out by the Chinese is called a “littoral battlespace sensing” vehicle. It may be unarmed, but there’s nothing environmental, humanitarian, collegiate, or goodwill-tourish about BATTLESPACE. China has been asserting territorial claims in the South China Sea, so whose “battlespace” is it?

Dickberry for Energy secretary?

Aside from the fact he’s one of the owners of stock of many oil companies… How much stock, you ask?
Well, me answers, he on the board of directors of several. Just another bazillionaire who never worked a day in his life. One of the major investments he has is the Energy Transfer Partners. The ones who have vowed on tuesday to keep going even without their permits, at Standing Rock. My challenge is, for the Donald and the DickBerry put their own sorry asses on the line instead of “leading from behind the lines… very very far beyond the line. There’s a few people from Colorado Springs, professional trolls or maybe just amateurs, who have been stinking up the blogosphere with their racist bigotry and especially in support of the DAPL. They apparently don’t have jobs or social lives, maybe they ought to go up there as well. Instead, they’ll do what they always do, hide behind the fence and bark at the Big Dogs as they run past…

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Pick Sarah Palin to head VA, Ammon Bundy to lead National Park Service

While the president-elect is making cabinet appointments, careful to pick the best fox for every hen house, hopefully he won’t miss the obvious best choices. British Petrolium CEO to insure water quality at the EPA.

Political transparency is for meddlers

Vladimir Putin apparently hacked the presidential election. So say intelligence pundits estranged by Tump’s Washington brain-trust transplant. True or not, what they’re saying is that bringing transparency to the election process and the behind the scenes emails which affirm its undemocratic nature, is meddling. What a laugh to hear DNC operatives say they feel “sucker-punched” that their off-the-record slurs of condescention were made public. And of course how rich of the US regime to accuse anyone of meddling in another country’s elections.

The world’s most interesting man…

Apparently died of alcohol poisoning from the beer he was promoting, and is replaced by another moron who is willing to kill his own brain to sell corporate beer. An old fashioned ass kicking for all involved would be in order, but the whole hog conglomerate would just go right back to the trough, poisoning people and as a bonus get the people to pay The Corporation for the privilege of being slaughtered. It wouldn’t change anything and you’d just be really tired.