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When you can’t actually drive a car and know the rules but do it anyway..

When you can’t actually drive a car and know the rules but do it anyway.. They first take a lot of your money and if you don’t bother to learn to pay your tickets and/or not learn to drive right, they start arresting you. Zero tolerance really. But you can buy a gun and walk into a school and just light the place up. No requirements at all. The NRA makes their members buy those stupid bumper stickers that say “I’m NRA and I Vote” and other crap written by oversized infants like Cheney or t Rump or Teddy Potty Panties Nugent and their ilk.. and you pay dues. And they make the members swear to learn the safety rules, formulated by billions of man-hours worth of experience, BUT the only part the NRA actually enforces is Paying Your Dues. They use that money to buy senator, representatives and presidents and governor and cop and judges and prosecutors… to make certain that anybody who wants a gun and buys it can have it. Rules? Oh, once you shoot somebody they’ll prosecute, if you’re not rich, like Cheney, for instance.. You can act all kinds of crazy about how you want to kill people, prance around your yard waving guns and still keep the god-damn guns. Completely. And when you blow 17 kids into the next life the NRA and their paid-off officials put more money into propaganda that justifies (to them) giving really stupid people guns.

Just like Ft Worth and Here and other Lynch ‘Law’ locales…

Sort of like here and Ft Worth.. not really.. the “sort of like” statement softens the hard truth. Our mayor here, Suthers, was the Gestapo Uberfuhrer aka Attorney General of Colorado and made damned sure the PIGS never get punished for their crimes, especially murders of “fleeing suspects” and prisoners. Coward scum killed Michael Marshall, an mentally ill inmate who was killed in November 2015 by Denver Sheriff Dept and John Walter in 2014 in Fremont County murdered by Sheriff Officers Corporal Maas and Hudspeth and Sgt Greene with the help of the Correctional Health “care” corporation and Fremont County paramedics… and the Attorney General’s office. Marvin Booker in a jail office because he came out of his cell without putting on his shower shoes. Fucking pigs, in all cases. If your loved one dies in a jail in any state but especially Colorado, you can bet a thousand percent of your ass that the Pigs Did It, Deliberately and for the purpose of pure Powertripping. And Suthers made it easy for them. There’s a pattern of the Cop Establishment paying PUBLIC MONEY, to buy off the Pig ass-holes so they never get charged of a crime. If a PIG gets killed the Sheeple canonize the PIG as though he was a saint.

Veterans Affairs budget on CSPAN right now.

They’re temporarily raising funding, but Rep Phil Roe R Tennessee is talking cutting (redirecting) Appeals. Meaning anybody who is screwed by the Privatization Dr Roe also advocates, doesn’t get an appeal.  Then there’s the Really Big Dead Elephant Stinking Up The Parlor…. Stop the Fucking Wars and the rest will fall into place. Rep. Tim Walz D Minnesota is questioning the numbers. 4 billion emergency funds and a 20 Billion shortfall. Some more repetitious advice from ME… Stop the Fucking Wars. None of the wars being fought right now, the 800 U.S. offshore Military Bases, not one penny of it is actually defending America.

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Alternate title: How do I get outta this Micky Mouse Outfit…

Lost Angels Times reported on a gang problem at Disneyland. No, really. Social Clubs, hard-core Disney fanatics with annual passes, roaming around wearing biker style colors. Rumble Jackets. Like Hell’s Angels, Bandidos, Sons of Silence only… Well, you have to see it to believe it… I thought they were grinning me. Yuppies Drool!

and then there’s this…

Hackernoon  reports that there is now the global deficit (debt)  currently well over $233 Terabux (for those inexperienced with my particular one-man patois, that’s a Trillion Dollars. The U.S. budget is allegedly 1 trillion.) estimated 270 terabux. According to Bloomberg. Which has one feature I don’t. People can’t just go on the Bloomberg sites and troll. I don’t have the imagination to think up shit like this. For the further record, just in case the rabid credit consumers, investors and such, “credit”  which should be called “debit” is really overstated. And debit as in “debit card” which means money you actually have, is denigrated as undesirable. One ‘credit’ investment firm runs commercials with the tag line “don’t get mad, just invest the money you don’t have into our treasure horde” essentially saying anybody who doesn’t get on board is envious. And no, that’s not the same as Jealous. Jealous means you believe somebody is macking on your stash. Envious means you’re macking on somebody else’s stash.  I give free english lessons for those bigots and racists who say everybody has to learn english but don’t do it themselves. You’re Welcome. Anyhow, there’s another very respected Capital Thief bank claiming a trillion dollars in assets, mostly because they got their own collective ass bailed out during the last crash. The people who lost everything by investing in their scam didn’t get the bailout. Just the billionaire bigpigs, like Trump. Just one example. Scared yet? Read on… Read more »

Russian team banned, go to Seoul and get to compete anyway

I guess the Team USA feel the only way they can win is if the Russians don’t compete. Here’s my take.Awwww… ‘merican athletes don’t get the competition eliminated so they’ll have to actually earn any victory. Team USA, you can do your gig better than I do. Not that I give three quarters of a fat rat’s left testicle, it’s GAMES. If you ever do something worthwhile in life, something that actually makes a difference to the world or the U.S. … Remember summer games 1972? I do. The U.S. basketball team lost by a couple of points to the Russians in what the Team Crybaby U.S.A. say was a bad call from the referees, so they as a team refused to take the Silver medal and still do. Get over yourselves, REAL pro basketball teams have the same thing every week. They don’t spend the next 45 years whining about it. Grow Up already. I’m going to put this on the NotMyTribe blog here in Colorado Springs.

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another nazi pig bites the dust

As Homer put it. El Paso County Concentration Camp guard got his head blown off. Too bad. He looks like one of the Pigs who beat me up while I was handcuffed. But since they ALL look alike, and they make their appearance as close to each other as possible, so their victims can’t  readily identify their attackers. Sure sign of Fascism. Pigs don’t like the designation, too bad. They did it to themselves. They don’t protect anybody except their billionaire Masters. When they beat somebody down, they tell you they’re better than you, but since they have to do their violent crimes in a GANG, have to hide behind an anonymous badge and clothes and their Fellow PIGS, just like the Gestapo, they prove to their victims what vicious nasty chickenshit punks they (the PIGS) truly are. Their Masters pat them on the head and congratulate them for their “Courage”. Yeah, PIGS, lick those Bankster boots. You’re just uniformed Slaves yourself. May your recently deceased buddy will greet you at the entrance of Hell.

and the stocks go down, as the floods go up…

Infrastructure on the coasts, gone. Bull Market, stampeding down the path, leaving their droppings… everywhere… for those who don’t recognize the Sunday School song, “the rains come down and the floods go up
and the house on the Rock stays put”
alternating with
“and the house on the sand falls down!”
Infrastructure on the middle, in the mountains, terminally fucked. What next? For the answers to these questions, tune in next week for the next episode of Dope.

Something to resist and how to do it…

The Air Farts and Army and really all the ‘services’ have a shortfall in the longwar plans. For a couple of years after the conquest/invasion/liberation of the Iraq and Afghan peoples, those deployed or on U.S. bases doesn’t matter, reserve or National Guard as well, who had finished their enlistment contract Only The Fucks In The White House And Pentagon and Congress invoked a clause that they can keep you in the Military for the rest of your life if the ‘mission’ needed you. So they were a) ramping up the recruiting and b)red-lining discharges. Now, many will ask, as they often do “Jonah, what the Hell are you talking about?”

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“Trump calls for unity” in SOTU

Yeah. Fascist dogma is all about unity. Every dictator in the world demanded or still demands that the entire population agree with him and offer(ed) incentives like an “enemy” nation “threatening” him and his host country, and of course offers the incentive of “Or get put in jail or killed” option. Usually makes the people conform to dress and conduct codes like

Travel Channel blatant revelation of Jefferson intent to commit genocide

Don Wildman had on the notoriously jingoistic U.S. propaganda “travel channel” and “history channel” did a segment of Mysteries of the Museum show, “Bigger is Better” about Jefferson saving America’s reputation by sending a dead moose to France, to convince Europeans to illegally immigrate to the U.S. without the permission of Native Americans so the “empty” continent could be populated. Bitch, there were millions of Americans beyond the borders of the U.S. They’re called “Indians”. Don Wildman never once in his narrative mentioned that in his Propaganda Lie. He declared Jefferson’s actions as ‘heroic’. This was the SAME Jefferson, president, author of a document stating both equality of all men, and declaring that Slaves who were liberated by the British and Native Americans who kept their treaties, mutually, with the British who hired Native Tribes to fight with their army, to be mutinous and murderers. Doesn’t mention that Jefferson was screwing his slaves, no consent needed. Or the Native Tribes who fought alongside the so-called “patriots”. Nope, he had to demonize any non-white person in the entire North American continent.

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RIP Ursula K LeGuin, who wrote “The Lathe of Heaven” and more…

You’d have to read Lathe of Heaven to understand my admiration. It was the first time I ever saw the term Oneirophobia, the fear of dreams. She accidentally introduced me to “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (Philip K Dick) because (the bane of library workers) somebody had put “sheep’ on the wrong shelf. It’s why libraries have signs everywhere reminding people not to re-shelve the books because it’s close to inevitable you’ll do it WRONG. So I got two psychedelic experience masterpieces in one short move.

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This repulsion driven resurgence of civic engagement is so 2002, sorry.

If we can credit the proto simian president George W. Bush with one good thing, his mediocrity did re-engage the electorate. Not enough of it, nor with satisfactory haste, but eventually Bush’s misdeeds repulsed enough Americans to elect the first black president. They hoped he would jail the Bush cabal and restore peace, but that didn’t happen. Instead the Bush wars carried on and Barack Obama started his own, also redoubling attacks on the American people, the middle class, immigrants, domestic jobs, Main Street, the environment, and paradoxically, the lives of black men. Equality, justice, civil society, continued to be degraded. The wave of youthful activists who saw their black Abraham Lincoln unmask himself to be a Herbert Hoover, disengaged from politics in disgust.

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Your Recruiter lied to you so you left, You’re Right!

“when anybody asks what you did to change the world, you’ll answer ‘I Became A Soldier’ ” BULLSHIT! Men have been soldiers of Emperors murdering anybody who did not bow before their Empire until the Empire went broke and some other empire took it’s place… for thousands of years and millions of dead soldiers and civilian. The Recruiters don’t for some reason emphasize the point.”When problems (with people not bowing down to the Emper__ eh, you know the rest) arise for Our Country which we have to pay to own any of it, except the ‘problems’ are caused by the Empire sending the slave-soldiers to the other countries because the citizens of those countries don’t bow down and worsh… you know the rest. You’re not going to change the world by using the same tactics and the same reasons as always. Your team has been steadily getting your collective ass shot off for 16 years against people who aren’t technically or economically advanced. Your government needs to quit doing stupid shit like that. They can’t be your leaders if you refuse to follow.

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Canadian pharmaceutical billionaires executed. Can Americans import that?

William Jennings Bryan said “No one can earn a million dollars honestly.” He was riffing Balzac: “Behind every great fortune is a great crime.” Big Pharma billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman stole $3.2 billion via a string of great crimes. Last month the unfortunate couple was found bound and strangled in their home in an apparent murder suicide. Investigators have now concluded it was an execution, the work of a “group”. A people’s revolutionary tribunal maybe? That idea could be another Canadian import that the One Percent are probably anxious to keep out of the American public’s grubby hands.

Shutdown leaves intact subsidized Death but not Life

Military and cops will be killing anybody who opposes them, here and Over There, unimpeded. The bombs from so high up the victims can’t see the planes and the planes will be over the horizon by the time the bombs hit… and the Military will say that no civilians or kids were killed, but when asked who exactly WAS killed, they’ll say they don’t actually know… So, how do you know who you Did Not murder, if you don’t know which ones you DID? Mutually Exclusive data, that. Try analyzing it on a computer. The cops and prison and jail guards will still be paid…. paid to brutally attack and often KILL people on the street and in cells, put 8 bullets in somebody’s back like the Bossier City pigs did to Marquise Hudspeth or beat somebody to death for not wearing shower shoes in the day room, like Marvin Booker or asking for actual medical care at the Cañon City “Justice Center” Jail/slash/Torture Chamber like John Walter.

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Micky D and the dying gasps of decadence and materialism

They teamed up, you see.. McDonalds and Disney and other lesser demigods of Pop Culture. Mattel. Coca Cola… Teach the kids to embrace buying more than they can afford, destroy economies and ecology alike, celebrate greed, waste, … and the imminent death of the world. Destroy or subjugate other cultures to bow to the mass-produced ‘culture’ we’re told by the Masters to say is “American”. When the snubs and insults don’t do the trick, send in the Marines.

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Standing Rockstar Red Fawn is seduced by infiltrator, set up with his gun, then urged by lawyers to cop a plea. What?!

I had a lot of fun at Standing Rock. The spontaneous resistance in Cannonball, ND, and the environmental movement it spearheaded, was for me the most inspiring uprising of 2016. My favorite memories were watching the ever increasing flow of distant tribal delegations make their formal running entrances into the main camp. Indigenous peoples came from across the world to join the largest NDN resistance gathering since the Little Big Horn. I was encouraged to see the keen interest of the international press and documentary filmmakers even though local and national media stayed clear.

Standing Rock was also not all that it was billed to be. It wasn’t going to be DAPL’s Last Stand. The scene was dominated by patriarchal religious elders who stymied initiative, unity, and best practice at every turn. If it wasn’t for the actions led by the Red Warrior Camp, maligned and disowned by tribal leadership, the gathered “Water Protectors” would not have protected or resisted a thing. Every media victory, every provoked outrage, and every setback for the DAPL was orchestrated against the orders of the official organizers, whose sabotage was abetted by the usual passivist NGO allies and their PC scolds. Reservation chairman Dave Archambault II turned out to be made of straw. When protest momentum threatened to become unstoppable, his agency-indian cronies capitulated to the USG. “DAPL Dave” as he came to be called, evicted the camp himself. (That’s not Archambault above. That’s FBI-informant Heath Harmon, who set up Denver activist Red Fawn. More on that below.)

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US president spills beans on shitholes where developed world goes to shit.

Citing “shithole countries” of Africa, Trump impolitely referenced where it is that developed nations go to shit. OBVIOUSLY, SHITHOLE is vulgar, derogatory and unhelpful. Used by the US president to describe dark-skinned nations, it’s reprehensible and racist. But “shithole” is more than a euphemism. Literally it’s a place made awful by being the dumping ground of everyone’s excrement. The specific lands which Trump slandered, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, and all of Africa, are beautiful, scenic, and bountiful places. How could “shitholes” begin to describe them? Well, in a gold-plated toilet scale… Isn’t “shithole” an appropriately condescending description of the purposefully underdeveloped and exploited African and Caribbean lands? The victims of the externalized costs of colonialism, capitalism, and now climate disaster, are what President Trump calls shithole countries. Predictably the international western press is translating shithole in its colloquial sense, not its literal, as shabby, backward, etc. –obviously to spare western readers from embarrassing themselves about their abusive relation to the third world, because there is absolutely no doubt that every culture and every language has a word (which predates plumbing) for where the community goes to shit.

Junior Netanyahu’s strip club banter exposes father’s graft -TRANSCRIPT

Three twentysomething douches sit in an armored limo parked in front on a strip club. They’re arguing about who paid for whose prostitutes. Benjamin Netanyahu’s son wants the son of gas tycoon Kobi Maimon to spot him $115 because his father the prime minister just directed $20B his way. Someone recorded the conversation. The third douche, a playfriend hired by Australian billionaire James Packer to lobby Netanyahu’s son, says “God help us if this gets out!” So they threaten to kill both the bodyguard and the driver. The driver who taped the conversation is being accused of indiscretion, not self defense. Check out the transcript below. Annotated.

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I could preach about this for days, nay… weeks

The merchant class must be spooked, they’re trotting out the St Patrick’s Day doo-dads fru-fru and trinkets. For those who know their way round a calendar, that’s more than two months away. Nuff said.

Sorry no, Reich is not the resistance.

Robert Reich is great. His historical analysis is sound, though hardly radical. His economics challenge the dominant media narrative. If his illuminations work for you, fine. But sorry no, Robert Reich is not the resistance. Reich is only playing the foil to Trump’s villain. And how hard is that, really? Reacting to Trump is the Democratic Party line. Resistance means more than the third law of physics. But this focus on the Mueller probe is not even that. It’s pure fourth fundamental state of matter.

Israel blacklists activist groups which most threaten their colonial legitimacy

Israel released its annual list of political orgs which pose the biggest threat to their Apartheid colonial project in Palestine. Except — WHO DOES THAT?! Who gives positive feedback to adversaries?! Rather, this is a list of the lesser effective pro-Palestinian campaigns which Zionists would like to see draw energy from the international BDS movement. BDS is universally acknowledged to be Apartheid’s existential nemesis. Hence the regular legislative attempts to make it illegal. BDS took down White South Africa. This BDS is the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against Israeli Apartheid in Palestine.
Below is the official “worst enemy” list, which avoids mention of BDS except where the omission would not seem credible. The list is divided by hemisphere. Europe is made to look like BDS there gets only a smattering of support. In the US there’s no BDS group at all, until you notice they’ve relegated BDS NATIONAL COMMITTEE to “other!” HAHA! Read more »

This from the range war Clive Bundy incited

Meow Wolf’s new Denver development is urban predation in sheep’s clothing.

Terra CottaDENVER, COLO- Alternatively, Santa Fe alt-art venue Meow Wolf is URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN CAT’S CLOTHING. Here’s the scam: Laud an arts collective of “creative types”. Let them pitch an arts space project to city planners for which you’ll supply the ownership investment. Let their non-profit creative-class cred prompt city leaders to provide otherwise unavailable land and the tax incentives and exclusions which come to cultural projects. Let them lead community fundraising to support art etc etc. You buy the land, you own the building, and you give them a 20-year lease. Their rent is subsidized by more community and city support. Cha-ching.

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