So I keep getting emails from a Nazi whining about there not being a Straight Pride Parade.

Because, obviously, No Persons Have Been Targeted For Violence because they're heterosexual. NONE. So this Known Supremacist is sponsoring a Straight Parade in (maybe) Boston. These big tough Master Race Storm Troopers are demanding the Police protect them. Like the Skokie March 40 years ago. Real Toughies. There will be hecklers every goose-step of the way. Laughing their collective ass off. 53315

McConnell defends Trump’s blatant racism, Lamborn follows suit…

"Trump not racist" says McConnell the person who gained the entirety of his wealth from slavery. A 'man' who celebrates Klan founder Bedford-Forrest, and Daniel Boone who deliberately brought Illegal Immigrants over Thunder Road, aka "cumberland gap" into Choctaw, Shawnee and Cherokee Sovereign Nations, breaking treaties ... 53313

El Paso here and there ripped off by Trump

El Paso Texas has something not seen here for a long time, you'd have to go back in time to the pre-TABOR era. TABOR Error is a not funny pun. It's a sick demented fuck-job. Under the TABOR regime, we have virtually no contingency fund. Fix the drainage one piece at a time? Have a referendum - which in itself costs money. Roads, Fire Suppression, Flooding... gotta have a referendum. Have a sociopathic child'man' roll into your town, running around town having a Taxpayer funded Political Rally... referendum... he stuck us with the bill. 53301

Huawei “crisis” to Crybaby In Chief…

Meaning he invested in some of the companies and is pissed beyond mortal ken, Because Huawei got (and this is important) THE LEAD IN DEVELOPMENT OF ANDROID DEVICES, SO FAR AHEAD OF THE PACK THAT NOBODY CAN SAY THAT CHINA IS REVERSE ENGINEERING OR OTHERWISE STEALING TECHNOLOGY. 53292

Mr Trump (trying to) set himself up to be the anti-Christ

And as always trying to make a large bunch of stolen bread. His Royal Travesty got smacked down by his own party, the emergency funds set aside for natural and (oil spills) un-natural anticipated. For a pleasant change it's set up and ready to roll. Floods already in the Gulf of Mexico wreak havoc, and not even the first hurricane... yet. So Congress, both houses, set aside $18 Billion. 53286

Otto Warmbier’s mom says Korean cops “absolute evil”

Re: Otto Warmbier ... My condolences, but what about John Christopher Walter who was murdered by the AMERICAN cops in Fremont County Colorado, in custody, 5 years ago, tortured to death and denied medical treatment, over 18 days, without a single hearing. He was 54 years old, weighed 110 pounds when arrested and weighed 90 when his torturerers "found" him dead in the Observation Cell which is right behind the Booking Desk. 53278

Police: Army vet drove into people thinking they were Muslim

Trump will no doubt say that anybody who might look sort of like muslims (Islam is no more an ethnic group than "american") will be punished with violence for not looking american enough thus deserve to be shot, beaten, run over by cars, hanged, doused with gasoline and lit on fire.... HATE HATE HATE HATE, what spews from his mouth and all his disciples.

Oliver North is out as NRA president, following a leadership dispute with longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre

and to celebrate Trump and Pence declaring they would force congress to abandon a treaty long a-coming specifically for the NRA, and not at all a reward for giving the Republican platform a whole sh.tload of money, (because that would be a bribe and Trump would never take a bribe, just ask him, he'll tell you...) so one of your NRA terrorists decided to shoot up yet another synagogue, no doubt a tribute to the Jewish people.

99.9999% chance humans are causing global warming, and other science-based facts on climate change for Earth Day

I poached the title ... We already know that it's been happening. The U.S. Military have openly prepared for 20 years now with the scenario that's playing out NOW. Before that 20 years, most of it was classified. Volcanic and other seismic active have slowed the meltdown, but it's not enough. Drop the carbon fuels and increase oxygen. 53258

Best Presidental Quote EVER

Better than Nixon saying (as Vice President) "you won't have Dick Nixon around anymore" Of course he lied. Later he said "I am not a crook!" Again, he perjured. 53251

Trump says there was ‘illegal spying’ on his campaign after Barr backs off explosive claim

Barr said "might have been spying" in which case the Campaign wasn't in any way being honest (and hey, it's TanTrump, what more would YOU believe?) and Trumpft chimed in by saying there was "definitely" and "absolutely" spying, and a day later Barr changed his tune. Trump is one paranoid pussy and this is going to give him nightmares even after he leaves for prison. 53245

While Ms Omar is being badmouthed by the Republicans for accurately pointing that Islam didn’t burn down the Twin Towers…

A white 'christian' young punk whose daddy is a sheriff burned down 3 Black Folks churches in Louisiana. So far Fox, The New York Post and the Trump haven't called for all christians to be treated as Terrorists. Or even the Lone Wolf church burner. The Klan get a lot of slack on their leashes. David Duke said on wall-to-wall TV coverage in 2003 that the Klan is an auxiliary of the police. If I went out telling everybody in a way they would listen to me, that the Ku Klux Kops are murdering terrorist scum I'd be killed while 'resisting arrest'. Duke said essentially that the most prolific Domestic Terrorists have the full support of the Police, and got re-elected. 4 times.

Chicago Pigs think they can rob Smollett in court

Pigs investigations failed, Jussie exonerated, Pigs lose. They chose to go the expensive road, too bad, their fault, get used to it. You didn't get to force Jussie to grovel and beg their forgiveness, on his knees, handcuffed, with three Pigs holding him still while a fourth kicks him in the face... you Ku K/ux Kops couldn't "put the n!@#$# in his place" with no non-Pig witnesses like they usually do. Pigs think they're better than everybody else, they're not and the crybaby Pigs can kiss it.