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Latest Articles


This one from Space4Peace

Bruce Gagnon has scored a good treatise from Diana Johnstone of Counter Punch.    about the cover-up of U.S. Air Farts bombing the legitimate government of Syria, how it’s being neatly rolled into the American Memory Hole and turned against Syria, Russia and anybody else who gets in the way of The Mighty Empire. Alle Sieg Heil am der Amerikanisch Reich! and other over the top ways I describe the fascination with the Fascist Nation.

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Here’s a neat idea, and legal too

Go out in your backyard … no, wait, first go to a thrift store, because we all like to conserve resources, right? and buy a bunch of used christmas light strings.  Because buying new ones would be wasteful on one end, and polluting on the other, right? Arrange them to where they spell out “Fuck The Pigs!” where the only way somebody would see them would be if he is flying really low over your yard. Like, you know, the way cops do with their noisy intrusive damn helicopters. Then light it up. By plugging in the power cord of your improvised nobody-but-the-police-can-see-it yard sign. What could they legally do about it? It’s in your own back yard, right? Where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Nudists do it all the time. Sort of, they just get nekkid in their backyard where somebody would have to climb the fence and the hedge and be deliberately spying on whatever the hell you do for private fun in the privacy of your own yard.

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on the other hand of the other person in the ditch…

Because in order to keep somebody in a ditch there has to be another person in the ditch holding him down. So right now, at the start of the White Blanket, the National Guard, and ND Police and other expendable low level Armed Slaves are going to be camping out. In North Dakota. In the Fall, Winter and Spring. It’s not like cops have very much physical courage in the first place. And now they’re beyond the First place and now they are in what to an overprivileged scion of the petit bourgeoisie must seem like the Worst Place. And remember the Army and other Cop organizations are peopled top to bottom with lazy bums who joined the Military so they wouldn’t have to get a REAL Job.    And their Pig Masters in Washington and New York and Houston will be snug in their (stolen) homes all comfy and warm. It’s like the Russian concept of Field Marshall Winter. The people who live there, constantly, and have done so for thousands of years, they’re suddenly the ones with the upper hand.  And that’s not all.

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DAPL buys ranchland to separate water protector campsites from oil pipeline.

STANDING ROCK SIOUX ENCAMPMENT, CANNONBALL, ND- Energy Transfer Partners have upped the ante by purchasing the Cannonball Ranch and the 1,500 ft easement which surrounds it, effectively forcing Camp Standing Rock to move south of the Cannonball River. Even though an injunction has halted construction and winter cold will forestall escavation until the spring, the North Dakota State Police are pressing for the closure of the camp’s northern outpost, manned to physically block further demolition of the sacred burial ground, and the National Guard are pressing for additional millions to finance their containment of the protests. In a private meeting on Monday, the tribal council signaled its willingness to meet law enforcement demands, under protest by activists at the blockade. While the indigenous gathering vows to resist through the winter, logistics are steadily stacking against it. Escalation will be hindered by the limited rivershore next to the Sacred Stone camp, and water protectors will now have to cross a river and several hills of National Guard defenses to reach the pipeline.

She thinks she’s above the law… pots and kettles?

So says Donald Trump regarding one of the two women running against him. The first part. Everything past the ellipsis is my take.      Flash, Donald… you, sir, are not in a position to criticize. There’s the little incident of “fucking” Moammar Gadafi on a real estate deal, in New York City, because he’s a Muslim. That’s illegal. Landlords and Slumlords and taxi drivers and innkeepers in New York are often prosecuted for doing that. But Not Trump. Why? Because Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a trust fund believed to be over 100 million. And fraudulent real estate deals like the one with Mr Gadafi. By the way, Gadafi was never convicted or even tried on any of the accusations against him. So much for due process.

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More piss-you-off marketing foolishness

Other than Halloween stuff being put up since the first of August, which was 3 months before Halloween.. Way to go, and I’m sure I should send Halloween greeting cards to all my family and friends. Just peachy. But there’s the commercial for a pet supplies store who are marketing NFL licensed gear for DOGS. One commercial (God, couldn’t they just stop at one, and then take that out and bury it?) has two dogs preparing for game day festivities wearing jerseys from the teams which I suppose every dog is an ardent follower Fanatic for a football team. And has rivalries based entirely on which other pooch likes which other team. Which they don’t. Dogs are smarter than humans in this respect. Let me iterate and possibly re-iterate something really basic. Professional (and that includes Grade School, High School and College players) Football is a GAME. Children play it for fun. Millionaires prance around on grass fields at the expense of every other taxpayer in the city unfortunate enough to host it. Whether the taxpayer actually wants to see a bunch of overly privileged dudes slapping each other with their entire body. We all get to pay for NFL. And all other sports. Because each and every professional and even grade school game, for a start, get traffic control at no expense to the team. That’s just a start. Schools, even “private” schools, get subsidies from the Taxpayers.

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Because phreak Google, that’s why

I’m going to redo my operating system on my mobiles. Change it to Kali Linux  They’ll still work as far as the phone company is concerned. Google has become megalomaniac on us. They act like they god-damn invented the internet, and have first dibs on every bit of data — every datum would be more accurate. They’re the ultimate snoops. Any measure of privacy flew out the Windows (had to pun that, sorry) years ago. In order to use the Android OS on my devices I would have to pay Google. Maybe not directly, but in bandwidth which is paid in my internet provider and the phone provider. Every time I take my phone out of airplane mode, Google has more than one “essential app” to update. Fuck that. Essential to whom, exactly?  I don’t use Google + or youtube ultra-fantastic-consume-don’t ask,  just consume, we’ll tell you what to consume and at what price consume consume resistance is futile you must be assimilated. It’s the “soft” Capitalist Dictatorship of Brave New World. I don’t use their products, but they get root access to all my communications devices and according to the phone manufacturers, rooting my own phone would void my non-existent warranty.

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Still here

Just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of really repetitive crap-fest. The election is as negative as always. One friend told me he would vote for Trump because Trump is “a businessman” and would put N. Korea in their place. Last I heard, North Korea is in the same place for as however long it’s been since the Korean Peninsula started breaking off. And the “businessman” was so funny I almost had spasms from holding my tongue.  Fear not or fear all, for Hillary hasn’t got anything in her favor either. Far be it from me to tell other people who they must nominate or not. But the Duopoly has put up a pair of real winners, tell you what… Neither can find a way to look good, so each makes the other to be a super villain. Aside from the fact they are in fact super villains

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So called “patriots day” 911

Why not, eh? If you say you love your police state government and you love your flag, pick the motherf- (ahem) cloth idol up when you drop it.If I had the foolish habit of saluting the flag each time I pass it, I would have to glue my right hand over my left chest, just from the ones you idiots let fly off your vehicles and leave in the gutter. Hey, that’s real patriotism, ain’t it? There’s a lot of evidence, not real proof of course, that your rich-bitch masters who you also wish me to revere as “leaders” set up 9-11.

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Don’t defend the unpopular ones

Or the Popular ones will come after you next. Stay invisible, never make waves, do as you’re told, resistance is futile, you must be assimilated. I actually heard this from a good friend just yesterday, and by good friend I mean all my friends are good, in my estimation.
There are many variants to the theme, like “don’t be seen associating with Those People, the establishment has ordered us to shun them”. Piss on that. There’s a poetic meme, has variations, by Martin Niemöller. He published a lot of different lists, First they came for… Socialists, Jehovah’s witnesses, communists, whatever order of who was First they came for… then they came for…
As I recall the various histories, the first They Came For were their fellow Nazis, the S.A.

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“in Donald Trump’s America…”

Ok that’s just stupid. But it’s his attack ad and I guess the scriptwriters for his campaign know what they’re doing. Polishing a turd, really. It starts with an attack on Hillary, good, she needs to be verbally slapped around a bit. NOTICE: I don’t advocate hitting people. Talking smack is way more effective and it’s also morally correct. Same with her declared opponent.
First off. it AIN’T Trumps america. He doesn’t own the place. Nor do his disciples. Then there’s the fact that America is actually two continents, and only one part of one continent is going to be represented by whichever morally corrupt power freak “wins”. and much as it upsets some citizens of the United States, the US doesn’t own even the U.S.

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The Anthem and the Pledge

There’s a great hoop and holler going on now because a Neo-Roman Gladiator who plays a child’s game for money (Football) has refused to stand for the Imperial Anthem. Right the Hell on! About time. The way the super-“patriots” are screaming about it, if we only refuse to say a pagan oath to an Idol made of cloth and stand every time the Song of Empire is played, the Empire itself will fall. According to them at least. But let’s have some fun with it. If if if if only, We just refuse, publicly, to bow or salute to the Idols our “leaders” appoint for us to bow, support, swear oaths or stand up for, then we have the Majick Key and can bring the monster to it’s knees. A veritable Vorpal Blade going snick then snee. O frabjous day callou callai!  here’s a little clue for you all, I’m not paying the Beatles any royalties but here the clue… The world and even America will do quite well without the U.S. Imperium  to run things for us. “Our Leaders” picked for us to choose in mock elections, they’re not the real power brokers. The flag is just a rag.  The Imperial Anthem is  a stupid piece of …

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Homesteading in Siberia

Just like Alaska, only fewer neighbors to fuck with you, and their government doesn’t suck any more than “our” beloved leaders.

Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor moved, no one’s saying where

Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor moved from its offices on the 12th floor of the Wellington Webb Building. Staff for the City Attorney, who’ve moved in, are saying they don’t know where the OIM has gone. Convenient. FYI, it’s moved to the Denver Post Building, but the information desk there won’t tell you were it is either. So the bad news is that you have to know it’s there, you have to have an appointment, and you have to know who you’re seeing there before security will send someone to escort you up. Denver’s OIM recently made the news about city council renewing their commitment to its existance, but it’s becoming nearly invisible to the public it’s supposed to serve.

Park County Sheriff Wegener releases incomplete CBI report on Carrigan, Wirth murders, calls it Final Report.

BAILEY, COLORADO- Under legal attack by the family of slain corporal Nate Carrigan, the Park County Sheriff has released the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s report. Trouble is, it’s 289 pages. Only. And while media outlets have been able to extract that alleged shooter Martin Wirth had a temper, was a womanizer, and made threats of a “shootout at OK Corral” based on interviews of estranged friends. What’s missing in the report is as obvious as if it was redacted. The report doesn’t connect any dots.

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Deportation and Ethnic Cleansing

That should be “deportation IS ethnic cleansing” and it shouldn’t even be on the agenda in “the land of the free” like the lying song says. Nay, verily. But it is. The part about deporting anybody who is awaiting citizenship for even traffic violations has been kicked around, and really should be kicked out. It is in it’s entirety Racism. When people who chant loudly about deporting “aliens” the first image they put in each others stupid little pointy head is “Mexican”. Which to them means anybody who has a spanish surname and dark skin. Even the Native Americans who were bought and sold back and forth between Spain and French in what was later known as the Louisiana Purchase. When the U.S. racist government, at the time presided over by slave holding Plantation Aristocrats, it got the name Louisiana Purchase but there wasn’t any clear boundaries. This goes with my post that Zeb Pike was an Illegal Alien.  European kings who had never set foot in America sold Euro-American dictators not only the land, but the people on the land.    And sped up the already official policy of deporting Americans based on our ancestry. And religion.

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Enbridge Dakota Access Pipeline and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stopped by who else but Standing Rock Sioux

Native American activists have been converging in North Dakota to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline which is encroaching without permission on tribal lands. They’ve delayed construction though the industry already secured an injunction against them. Their main complaint is that it threatens their water. Fittingly the first step authorities took against the growing protest was to take their water. Purportedly because some campers were allegedly endangering corporate surveillance planes with laser pointers.

Not so much bread, plenty of circus.

At last the modern gladiatorial spectacle in Rio is over. Yay! To not take away any reward gotten by the slave-entertainers, if you won anything good for you. The United States didn’t win a single thing. Seriously.  The athletes who won any medals, those medals belong to the athletes. If they can make money from doing commercials, well, that’s about as much as they can get. At least they didn’t get sold like the original Olympic gladiators. I know, the term Olympic is Greek and Gladiator is Latin, but the Games served the same purposes whether Roman or Athenian. Keep the peasants eyes diverted from the dirty secrets of the rulers. And provide the very rich of many nations a review of their prospective purchases of slave-soldiers. Like the modern military recruiters only more direct about buying human beings to kill other human beings. And the military, you might have noticed, exploited the U.S. Olimpic athletes for recruitment ads and you’ll see more of that shit in the coming weeks and months. The Games never were about honoring the athletes.  Who are, like their professional counterparts in the NFL, MLB, NBA , hockey, soccer, whoever is more idolized in the local media,… they’re entertainers. That’s their primary job today. The teams are privately owned but publicly subsidized.  And there’s that military angle.

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Nother Kase of Killer Kops

Yeah, I do use the KKK theme when discussing Kops. They taught it to me. 5 on one, while I was helpless. Many times. “to teach me a lesson”.  I learned the real lesson early.  Not the one they wanted me to learn.  Kops no likey, me no givey damn they no likey. But this is one reported on ProPublica. About a man who was 55 years old when the LAPD murdered him. Choked him out in a holding cell. His last name was Howard and yes, he was black. This one is drawing a bit of attention because the ProPublica comrades published the Jail Videos of the murder. Something the LAPD and the Kangaroo Kop Kourts in Lost Angels County tried to keep secret. Even AFTER giving out 3.5 million in an unlawful death settlement. If it was unlawful or even wrongful, why did the pigs who did that not get charged with anything? You know, like citizens do. The answer, of course, Exceptionalism. Like “our” foreign policy. “Thou Shalt Not operate a Police State Dictatorship nor shalt thou hurl bombs or other munitions at others without being, or having the prior permission of, The United States.”

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DIY legal strategies for defendants to give their lawyers a running start

If you’ve been arrested at a protest action you’ve got more legal options than paying the fine or taking a plea deal. Whether or not your act was constitutionally protected, or should be, or whether it was civil disobedience and was meant not to be, there are a couple good reasons to fight your charges in court. First, to draw further attention to your issue, and second, to give your prosecutors more incentive to offer a better plea deal. They might even drop your charges altogether.

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Need some help here…

There’s a perfect storm for a Petition Drive which will directly impact the Strip Mining and Fracking bastards. The Sioux band at standing rock are protesting the Dakota pipeline being forced on their land. The Pigs arrested 11 people on behalf of the Oily Slimy corporation running the operation. The petition needs to be (two of them actually) written, of which I have no clue how to word it. And some to volunteer to accost strangers in parks (Acacia comes to mind, as it’s near Shitty Hall) with the “excuse me, are you a registered voter?” routine. The petitions will be to the DNC and RNC respectively to have the Anointed Ones who they chose to be our only choice for the next presidency… have them make clear policy statements about the Lakota claims AND the Cherokee claims to a mountaintop removal scheme perpetrated by the Governor of Tennessee to destroy a sacred mountain in Chattanooga.

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Cheney and other Perverted Torture Freak Spawn of Satan, the sequel

This started as a comment on a comment by some fellow named William, on something I wrote years ago just prior to being thrown into the torture dungeons of the empire. and as I discovered one from my friend Tony and some Bush-Worshipper named Chinitz. So I wrote. And wrote… and suddenly   realized it’s better as a post.
As Wiliam said, there’s no difference between them. Left and Right. The stage was set by Cheney and his little buddy Gee W. Actually long before. People have done evil like torture since society evolved enough to support such things as torture dungeons. Bush and especially Cheney erased the constitutional prohibitions against American torture. Not that they were actually observed in the first place, but at least we had something to believe.

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Since we have no options…

Then we execcise that NO option. I mean, the appeal being broadcast about Why We Should Vote (but for one or the other) is that it would cause a constitutional crisis if we don’t. We’re bombarded with negative ads. Because there’s not anything real either of the Big Two could say about themselves that’s positive. unstable, irrational. Shit, why not just come out and say it, “Crazy as a shithouse rat and probably dangerous”. The saddest and sickest part of it is the inherent truth of their mud slinging. Each claiming (truthfully) the other being a ticking time Constitutional Crisis bomb. Well, bring on a crisis. It will blend in perfectly with what we already have. There is no constitutional mandate that only two parties may participate, nor any recognition of any party. There’s no constitutional demand that we actually vote. In fact there’s movements a-plenty on the Keep People From Voting front. So, Vote “none of the above”. Not refrain from voting. Just refusing the candidates The Masters threw up for us. and that does have a barf reference.

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Paleo Diet is not as spicy as original.

The original Paleo diet included eating people. Neanderthals didn’t fade into extinction, we ate them.

Killer Kops in Milwaukee.

And, just a wild guess, the courts in Wisconsin are going to give their fellow Fascist fucks a pass.
Just like always. Pigs kill anybody they want and they get away with it. How many pigs ever see the inside of a jail cell unless they’re ganging up on a prisoner? Which they also get away with, in the Kangaroo Kourts. It’s really easy to understand why Micah Johnson went off on their bitch-ass pig buddies in Dallas. All the right wing extremists get upset when somebody criticizes their Pig Establishment and especially the sadistic uniformed chickenshit asswipe Killer Kop Klan.
Guess what, Extremists? Too bad. Maybe you’ll sic your Gestapo thugs on me. Oh, wait, you already did.