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Latest Articles


Widow and son of Muhammad Ali detained by La Migra, who promptly lied about it (and Olathe)

Ali Jr., 44, who confirmed his Muslim faith, was detained about two hours, despite telling officials that he’s Ali’s son and a native-born U.S. citizen, Mancini said. It was the first time Ali Jr. and his mother have ever been asked if they’re Muslim when re-entering the United States, he said.

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NRA says Terrorism, media threaten civilization

They should know, they’ve aligned themselves, along with the President of the United States, with white supremacists especially the Klan and Aryan Brotherhood. Also, if you’re in the military and appear white, they WILL try to recruit you. The Klan is the largest and most active non-governmental organization terrorist group in American  history, founded in part by Confederate war criminal Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had Union prisoners murdered on his specific orders.   And was photographed alongside General George Wingate, founder of the NRA. Smiling.  Who was a Union soldier and formed his organization At The Same Time The Klan was formed. Yeah. So why would these birds, allegedly not of a feather, conjoin their organizations? It’s baffling to be sure. They both infest the Police Establishment. When the Klan held a fundraising benefit in Bossier City Louisiana after the local pigs murdered 25-year-old Marquise Hudspeth , at that barbecue was David Duke. You know the one, the closet-case cheerleader for Donald Trump, and Mr. Duke said that the Klan was a Police organization. All of the off duty Kops were at the barbecue and none of them said anything to contradict him. Just like the Kops in Colorado Springs,. The prison guards, local Kops and the entire county governments of Logan and Fremont Counties. And those who infiltrated the military. And the Hell’s Angels, Texas Bandidos, etc Motorcycle clubs. Who also have a hiring preference for military veterans. The Pigs in Bossier City/Shreveport were never indicted. I remember the Dallas stations showed the Pigs eating, laughing, the shit-eating grins, it’s a scene that’s burned into my mind the way 8 pig bullets burned their way into Marquise Hudspeth’s BACK early in the morning of March 15th 2003.. The Pigs said he was brandishing a cell phone at them.

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As of now the protest is still peaceful, on the Lakota side at least

And more than the Lakota. It’s well known that the Oil and other fascist industries (they’re supported by the military, unlawfully, and the Commander In Chief and at least three of the past 5 CiCs {Reagan can’t participate on account of He Dead and ain’t coming back} and it might be that Obama could have stock in the pipeline. Don’t know, don’t care.) and the current CiC is blatantly getting profits from this and other Military/Police actions, instigated by the White House and Congress, are testing the waters for a take-back of all the land They “gave” us so very graciously. “We” and “Us” meaning the tribal sovereign nations. Standing Rock was not a military operation (from our side) or terrorist attack (The National Guard and Police State Fascists are the Terrorists) but the brutal and vicious nature of the Military Assault will certainly be taken into account during all Native Sovereignty interaction with the U.S. Government lackeys and their Corporate Masters. And we are everywhere, not just on the Rez. To paraphrase an Air Force propaganda poster “Sleep well, America, Your Coward-ass National Guard are Awake!”

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DIA issues protest permit under court order, but limits crowd size to, wait for it, FOUR! Then court stays injunction.

DENVER, COLORADO- Abiding by the injunction in McDonnell v Denver, DIA administrators granted us a free speech permit within 24-hours on Thursday, but they insisted that the terminal location desired could only accommodate FOUR PEOPLE. You heard right. Four. There’s irony here too because there were FIVE people named on the permit application! Thus the permit was actually 20% denied, and in reality 92% denied given that we sought a permit for 50 people, a number easily lower than the DIA International Arrivals area can handle.
MEANWHILE, in the 10th Circuit Court, the city of Denver appealed the DIA injunction and asked for a stay. This is not usually granted in First Amendment cases, but on Thursday it was. The 10th Circuit stayed the injunction and wants to hear arguments on March 17. So at DIA for now we’re back to the impermissive permit process that precludes accomodating public expression at the Denver airport. And the signing of President Trump’s new improved Muslim Ban looms…

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DAPL used helicopters to down drones, cut live feeds as Rosebud camp swept

Forty seven water protectors were arrested yesterday as militarized police cleared both Oceti and Rosebud camps along the Cannonball River in Standing Rock. Helicopters flew low, not to support the ground troops conducting tent to tent raids, but to interfere with resistance drones recording the spectacle. Drone operators report their links being jammed and their drones being forced into collisions if they were unable to avoid the Homeland Security choppers. There were many live feeds being broadcast from drones, long distance cameras and on the front lines. Once Oceti camp was cleared, one by one the feeds were interrupted and dropped. When connections resumed, viewers learned that Rosebud camp too was swept and cleared. Rosebud was on reservation land, not disputed treaty land, but BIA officers helped by militarized police evicted everyone.

More R. congresscritters are using the McConnell method for quiet town halls

Simple, really. Just have the pigs put anybody who might be a dissenter behind a “free speech zone” compound. They do profile, too. They look for somebody who has alert eyes, probably educated and having an independent mindset. If you look like you have any sense or intellectual capacity, bam… you’re herded into the free speech fence. They want a show, they want to have the world perceive the Heartland to be all out cheering their Fuhrer. And not just the world. Mitch McConnell and Trump and all, they can rewind the recording of the Doctrinally Cleansing subjects performing like their little pet puppy dogs, eager to hear every insane shit that flows from the Town Hall podium, and convince themselves that all the people were in agreement. Even though they know that they themselves set up the show.
They’re varmints. In an enlightened and advanced society it would be legal to hunt them.

Here’s something off twitter, somewhat superfluous

A group of Wiccans around the world are to cast a binding spell on Trump.  Ummm…. a curse? Or is it a right wing Trump hoax, Fake News? How would anybody know? I mean, this is the cyberverse. Where 40 year old men pretend to be 9 year old girls, and some of them are cops. The R’s know their audience, what would cause them to go all foamin’ at the mouth insane. Start a rumor like that and you’d have the entire membership out in the streets with rifles and bombs saying “Fresh Brains! Fresh Brains!”  I mean, they’re one cult-like organization. But there’s not enough evidence that this is a Bartbreit put-on for me to even hint that might be the case.

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The Lords Prayer and Trump

Fox News was whining about “Liberals attack Mrs. Trump for saying the Lords Prayer!” and I wonder which ones did say anything about it. Just about anybody who speaks to me happens to be a liberal, and none of them said anything against it. But the Lord’s Prayer is kind of a two edge sword, so really any of That Crowd saying it is .. well… if I’m at church and the Trumps (Bush did this a lot) did a surprise visit, I’d want to sit very far away from them, to avoid meteorites, lightning bolts and falling bits of ceiling.

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What makes a Bircher more nervous than bi-racial families?

The son of their dope connection telling the truth. No, neither of Ronald Reagans dope dealing asshole hypocrite sons, but Pablo Escobar’s son. Said, yeah, we sold a lot of cocaine to U.S. government CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENTS. Now, the secret of blow is, most of the cocaine derivatives like lidocaine are legal. Not even prescription in such stuff as sunburn lotion, foot-funk de-funker, toothache salves, and then there’s the pharmaceutical prescription potions. For the pharmaceutical companies, the last price I ever saw was in the late 70s for legally obtained cocaine, pure bolivian snow, was 55 dollars A POUND. When a gram of not-pure was going for 80 on the street. So why would the government agents want to circumvent the import laws? Well, there’s a lot of dynamics. One is that keeping shit illegal keeps the price up. In 86 weed was almost non-existent in El Paso. Where you could walk across the Rio (wetback? No, scratchback. you just wait till the water was really low, go walk across and you’d scratch your back going under the fence. Stupid joke but illustrative.)

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Dozens of Protectors, Thousands of PIGS

The National Guard and North and South Dakota sheriffs deputies are preparing to swarm in, helmeted, armored, using their guns and poison gas and electric shock torture devices and clubs to beat down a few dozen PEOPLE who, unlike the Army And OTHER PIGS.Such mighty and brave warriors the PIGS are. Coward sons of bitches. Just like the Colorado Springs and Denver PIGS. There’s a way to tell them, though. The National Guard Mercenaries all have .mil email addresses and I’d bet a donut the Fake News outlets in the Dakotas have the names of every literally God Damned one of the punk assholes. Something like the local papers listing all the “patriotic” sons of the town bitches who enlisted or graduated from basic training. Real Heroes, oh yeah. Only a coward would look up to a coward like that. I bet they’ll be posting selfies of themselves beating up on handcuffed Real Men. And their chickenshit relatives will be laughing.

DAPL paramilitaries are raiding Oceti Standing Rock resistance camp tents

Colo. US District Court judge enjoins DIA to limit restriction of free speech (grants our preliminary injunction!)

Plaintiffs Nazli McDonnell and Eric Verlo
DENVER, COLORADO- If your civil liberties have ever been violated by a cop, over your objections, only to have the officer say “See you in court”, this victory is for YOU! On January 29 we were threatened with arrest for protesting the “Muslim Ban” at Denver International Airport. We argued that our conduct was protected speech and that they were violating our rights. They dismissed our complaints with, in essense: “That’s for a court to decide.” And today IT HAS! On Feb 15 we summoned the cops to federal court and this morning, Feb 22, US District Court Judge William Martinez granted our preliminary injunction, severely triming DIA’s protest permit process. In a nutshell: no restrictions on signs, size of assemblies or their location within the main terminal (so long as the airport’s function is not impeded). Permits are still required but with 24 hours advance notice, not seven days. Below is Judge Martinez’ 46-page court order in full:

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OK, without bashing strippers or supporting the practice

A guy who is a hundred years old is presumably old enough to decide for himself. The nurse assistant in Sanduskey Ohio was apparently willing and was obviously not a child either… there’s a saying that goes something like “I want to die in bed, just like my 90 year old grandpa, in a whorehouse… the undertaker couldn’t wipe the silly grin off his face”. It’s well within the limits of the laws.  And in this society, it’s been perfectly acceptable, at least to those in Power, to execute or incarcerate people who have the IQ and education of a 6th grader. It’s called The Army. I’m not criticizing or condoning sexual mores. Just the sheer stupidity of treating somebody as a sheltered pet.

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Rick Santorum says Muslims behind anti-Semitism, bemoans Trump not stopping it

Here’s a simpler analysis. Since the Republicans got married to the Aryan Brotherhood and the Klan in response to the Civil Rights Act, why not consider that Trump, not a good friend to anybody, has given his Klan accomplices a green light. Since Muslim people are collectively the smallest religious group in America, (there are more Hindu people than Muslim here) and the statistic is still valid if you count Pentecostals as a separate religious group… and every Muslim in America is under such scrutiny it would be difficult for a group of Muslims to fart in public without hysterical screams from the Klan sympathizers… If a Jehovah’s Witness refuses to salute the flag or stand for the Pledge or the Anthem, he or she will be accused of Islamic Terrorism. It is that crazy. There are idiot supremacists in every township in America, except Stop Six, a suburb of Ft Worth and was annexed. They’re a hereditary group descended from Freedmen and one of the first Freedmen towns established after the un-civil war. Even the Texas Klan, who are somewhat less intelligent and more aggressive than other Klans, don’t muck around in Stop Six.

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DAPL isn’t paying their Mercenary Cops

I copied this directly from a post I made at The empire is overstretched. If the R. Pauls, pere et fil, want to be the ones to do this, and it’s a tattoo on the breast of the beast, a target with the words “insert dagger here”. The SOUTH Dakota police who have been “volunteering” more like “volunteered by their commanders” at Standing Rock, aren’t being paid. Not by their supposed masters.The DAPL, with their half a trillion in assets, aren’t paying their mercenaries.The PRO pipeline yellow journalists let slip that “donations for the SD sheriff’s deputies who have been repeatedly deployed to Standing Rock” , supposedly to protect tho people of North Dakota, are trickling in. That’s right, the minions of the largest oil-money conspiracy of thieves are Begging The Middle Class of America for funds that their Masters should have just lying around in their desk drawers. We The People have been asked to bail out the Richest Corporate bastards in all of history. Spain at the height of their Conquista didn’t control so much of the world economy.

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Shades of Evan Ebel

According to the LAPD the man they say killed at least one officer was just released from jail. In Jail the cops teach hatred. Their motto is similar to that of Nero and Caligula “Oderint dum Metuant” which means “let them hate us, so long as they obey” In Colorado and Texas at least, the Aryan Brotherhood are given preferential treatment by Jail and Prison guards. And to an extent by the Courts. In Texas up until a settlement ordered by Judge “barefoot” Sanders, who was in no way conceivable any kind of leftist or liberal or even compassionate… there was a system of inmates being used as guards, they were called turnkeys and building tenders. They had keys and other access to any living quarters/dormitories/cells. They were allowed to carry clubs and the guards looked the other way, mostly, if some of those “clubs” looked amazingly like short swords or maybe long knives.  They could kill other inmates with impunity. And they were coordinated by the Aryan Brotherhood. Evan Ebel was too young for that. His splinter group, the 2-11 Crew, has some members and definitely mentors from the parent organization. The Police State.

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DPD commander reveals arrest threat is a regular “ploy” to disperse protest

DENVER, COLORADO- We heard on Friday that US judge William Martinez needed more time to craft an opinion on a temporary injunction of DIA’s enforcement of their free speech permit. He commited to a decision early this week, and frankly we don’t know what to expect. From challenges he posed to attorneys at Wednesday’s hearing, the judge appears to think DIA needs some degree of “notice” about potential disruptions. He is unlikely to rule against the permit altogether because he opened the hearing already proclaiming that DIA is a “not a public forum” and thus has discretion about what expression to allow. DIA can limit subject matter, but not viewpoint, and can constrict assemblies. Judge Martinez’s starting point was based on US Supreme Court precedent set at JFK and Dulles airports, ignoring that both of those facilities are decentralized and lack DIA’s literal public square. Ironically, neither JFK or Dulles attempted to quash their Muslim Ban protests as did DIA. I’d like to mention some other details revealed at the preliminary injunction hearing.

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What do you do with an Injun graveyard?

I don’t have to provide a link, it’s just to the right of these posts. Bruce Gagnon with “Sunday Song- Bonus Track” on Space4Peace. Man, it makes me mad, sad and for some reason uplifted, that something as powerful as this song happened and by God I’m going to promote it. Ah, you missed it! I just without thinking curled up my fist and raised it in the power salute. I guess the CIA and NSA asswipes got a good view of it from my laptop webcam. They’re probably wondering what the hell that means. They probably got a whole bunch of such pictures at one time.

So I asked myself, why Intel and Jim Parsons

Not the “intel community” supposedly trying to form a coup against Trump. I mean Intel the chipset makers.Why did they hire an actor who ordinarily plays a freakish super-genius to plug the Intel processors, why so many commercials, why the expense? Because Intel’s superior rival, AMD, is unveiling a new processor. AMD was almost taken down, not by better chips, Intel was always one step at least behind in reliability, speed and all the goodies that make one computer better than another. They weren’t outclassed by the Intel product. Intel had better marketing. It’s that simple. When Pentium II was the best Intel had attained, AMD was blowing their ass out of the water. It was the best processor not only speed compared to speed, but stability to stability. AMD was always reliable and just won’t burn a hole in your mainboard. For the marketing afore mentioned, the good people at Apple made a devil’s deal with Intel. So now a newer, faster and more reliable processor comes up over the horizon very soon. Intel is pulling out all stops to get branding as many customers as possible before AMD starts chewing their collective arse once more. Yeah, it’s got political implications. For one, AMD is made in India and the looney tunes person in the Oval Office has offered a trade war backed by threats of real blood wars with East Asia.

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South Dakota begging for help paying for Police State Actions-DAPL

Fuck ’em till they bleed. They sent their pigs to North Dakota to try to bully a Sovereign Nation into giving their, well, everything to the richest bitches in the world. If DAPL and the Oil Companies want to use Publicly Funded RAT BASTARD Police to act as privately controlled Mercenary Killers they should God Damn pay for it themselves. Or better yet, let the PIGS themselves pay for it. They had no business playing Gestapo. They did it because they wanted to beat people down, try to make Indians bow down and lick their Pig Jackboots. They can beg all they want. It was their choice. They should pay for it themselves.

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Pro-Trump media outlet boasts of perfume sales

They’re crowing that Ivanna Trump’s online sales of her/his perfume are at the top sellers on Amazon. Whoop di diddly doo. It just shows that the Wall Street elitists are spending their stolen money on a political statement in favor of the Punk In Chief who’s trying to pour all of the financial resources into hands of the already wealthy. They COULD use their economic clout on a REAL reform. Stop the God-Damn wars including the ‘internal’ wars like the War Against Native Sovereignty which has run unabated for 525 years now, and is heating up again with the full blessing of Donald and his Wall Street country-club cronies. But then, why should only Native Americans have exclusive rights to sovereignty? Why not all the other nations we’re forced to subsidize the conquest and subjugation thereof, with our meager bank accounts and our blood as soldiers, fighting the wars needed to keep the other nations in fealty to the Wall Street Establishment? Wars which we The Peasants are losing but win lose or draw Wall Streeters like Trump are raking in massive profits for “investing” their already stolen wealth into those wars?

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The media is public enemy number one

You may want to disagree with everything the Trump says, but I’d like to see you argue that he’s wrong about the media being “the enemy of the American People.” President Trump is a maniacal clown, but the Fascist corporate media is public enemy number one.

Smokey Bear wants to prevent fires, does he belong to your resistance?

So there’s a t-shirt being pitched by the alt-mod-left, who want to coopt the anti-Trump rallying cry RESIST. It’s Smokey Bear with his head down and fist raised, invoking the Black Panther salute made iconic at the 1968 olympics. Except his fist is on FIRE, and it’s Smokey. WTF. Is he resisting putting it out? Smokey Bear’s singular catch-phrase is about YOU, PREVENTING FIRES. As usual, he’s holding a shovel, a reminder that fighting forest fires is essentially ditch-digging. So what is Smokey resisting? The urge to douse the fire burning up his hand? The image reminds me of the innanity of moderate democrats. Both “Smokey” and “Bear” have long become euphemisms for cops. This Smokey wants to embed with your resistance crew. Knock him out with a shovel.

Whither the eschatologists of yesteryear?

Like Tim LaHaye, or Billy Graham’s son? I mean, I know what Graham is doing, he’s got a gig with Decision Magazine which is all about Christians who Hate Everybody Else. The Chaplains in the jails around the country hand that crap out and teach prisoners, lots of them, to attempt to bully other inmates into believing their hate speech. One thing Graham, his more famous daddy, and LaHaye made a big-ass production out of prediction. Their eschatology said that anybody who reunified Jerusalem under Israeli government would be a probable candidate to be Antichrist. Only that main character is now the President of the United States. So, why would they suddenly shut the Hell up about it now? Are they false prophets under the influence of satanic doctrine? Dobson, too. His organization provides volunteer chaplains to CDOC, to preach their hatred, and he’s closely tied to LaHaye. So, what’s the haps? Why are they avoiding the obvious, at least as preached in their prior sermons?

Pig-loving Racist Punk commits vehicular assault against DAPL protest- Doesn’t get charged

Instead the Fox News Everybody Support The Fascist Agenda community of sheer COWARDS are applauding the anti-American assault. It should be noted that the il Douche Mussolini clone in the White House doesn’t call it a Right Wing terrorist attack. And the Pipeline protesters have not once assaulted the militarist pigs who are running the Pipeline, a subsidized Corporate Welfare giveaway to pampered prissy Billionaire punks like Trump.

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