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Latest Articles


Joseph “Spicer” Goebbels Demands that reporters at his daily propaganda session must conform

Says it all, really. Fascism on the hoof. Their other other creepy weird-o spokes troll Doug Lamborn is probably going to have a Town Meeting to support his Masters, and how much you want to bet he’s going to have the Long-time Fascist El Paso Co Sheriff’s Department try to suppress any dissent or even awkward questions? And the National Antisocial Party hard core supporters call themselves by the Orwellian lie “Freedom Caucasians oops I mean Caucus”, as totalitarian as it gets.

Spicer says no connection between Administration Hate Speech and Hate Crimes.

This shit writes itself. It includes the worn to a nub rhetoric about liberal hyperbole. Look for il Douche to jump on that  bandwagon. He’ll have some kind of blarney about him being a victim and perhaps it was us ultra-inclusivists  doing the murders as an Agent Provocateurs campaign. Kind of like all those alleged lynchings were really just show-off suicidal negroes, who tied their hands behind their backs, hoisted themselves in a noose and set themselves on fire just to make White Supremacists look guilty.

Colo. Springs police disperse March 26 socialist anti-imperialism rally because it was easier than listening to them

Colorado Springs Socialists
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- Local socialists assembled at City Hall on Sunday to “March Against Imperialism”. After a brief march and an half-hour rally while encircled by CSPD, the socialists were informed they were “free to carry on with their assembly” but whoever lingered would be issued a citation for having been in the street. Making no distinction for who had and who hadn’t, the police began handcuffing participants and the couple dozen others quickly dispersed. Five socialists were issued citations for “pedestrian in the highway” and “failure to disperse” while another was arrested and detained for failing to show an ID while filming the police. That person was taken to the downtown police station and held until officers finally informed her of the charges for which she was being cited, after which she identified herself. Throughout her detainment, multiple officers kept up a harassment of questions, refusing her requests that she contact her lawyer. CSPD never issued an order to disperse, a fact that is borne out by witness video. But in effect that is what the officers accomplished. They threatened the legal assembly with citations, for failure to disperse!

Read more »

Entertainment — DickBerry is demanding a recount of “stolen” student council election at Texas A&M

Because the guy who lost the election was the scion of a prominent Trump $upporter. Money can’t buy everything, dude, get over it. Also the winner who “stole” the election is gay. Which offends Perry because he’s very sensitive about who is having sex with other adults. So he dropped all his official duties of hiding further American strategic arms agreement violations. Maybe we’re selling nerve gas or nukes to some third world Hereditary Dictator like Queen Elizabeth 2. And dismantling all the safety and environmental laws which would mean his comrades in the oily business won’t have to clean up their big nasty mess. It does have a sinister side, though.            One of the biggest money makers A&M has is ROTC. This ain’t the JROTC you know and loathe from high school. No sir. This is actually being in the army reserves. You might, if your age is =/> than mine, remember the theme “Pigs Off Campus!” Technically it’s an agricultural college. But there’s the militarization and, this is important…. Trump is their Commander in Chief. So, will DickBerry pull the punk ass move of getting his stepdaddy Donald to clean up his mess? (again)

Affordable Care Act stands, And Standing Rock tribe vindicated by oil spill

Trump loses. America wins. I’ll fill this out a little, the Supremes apparently have signed off on the DAPL being poised to poison the waters, Corps of Engineers pursuing the Keystone pipeline, and all this after a massive oil spill in North Dakota. Which was today announced that it was 3 times bigger than first reported. Hmmmm…. I wonder if North and South Dakota cops will whine and snivel about having to pay for cleaning up THAT mess. They keep saying they won. But it’s not over and we’ve got a long job ahead to fight them back into their cages. It’s warming up a bit, and it’s not just due to the known fact of anthropogenic global warming. It’s getting politically hot. Read more »

Ex Soldier murders older black ex soldier because he was black

And you’re god-damned right I’m going to say that Trump has more blood on his hands. He gave the Fascist white supremacists a green light to murder dark skinned people. What else could he expect from the Aryans? They’re not the best and the brightest, he knows it, and never stopped pandering to them. Make America Stupid Again. They’re living proof that white people are supreme. I don’t go around saying I’m better than them… but I do say they aren’t better than me. They need to drop that superiority bullshit and, klansmen, y’all can just line up and take turns helping yourselves to a Texas-sized all-you-can-eat-buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass.

TSA detained former Deputy Chief of Police, where was Blue Lives Matters?

Oh, yeah, the guy has a “funny” name and his dad was born in Somalia. But they’re not actually profiling Negroes nor Mulattos nor people who “look Mex” or Arab or Iranian or any other hated species of Human Beings. The lies continuously flow. The TSA held him in an interrogation chamber, signs saying “Remain Seated”, locked doors… but they weren’t “detaining” him.  He, being a COP, knew damned well that it was detainment.  And knew the rules for detaining people.  I’m going to break out the story of how I know a young woman who held another woman’s arm to keep her from leaving, and served 5 years for kidnapping, in Texas. But the cops have nothing to fear on that. They never get charged no matter how far in the wrong they go.  For all I know the victim, Former Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden, could easily be a complete dick. I’m bigoted in a way, I dislike uniform clothes, haircuts and attitudes. They take away part of the soul. Cops are never drafted into the police. Purely voluntary. But here, the TSA detained for 90 minutes AFTER they knew he was a Cop. So here’s the story. By the way, he was Second-to-Top Cop in Alexandria VA and top in Greenville North Carolina. A black version of Andy Taylor of Mayberry fame.                                                                                                                                      Former Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden said he was detained at Kennedy Airport when he returned from a recent trip to Paris. Greenville Police Department Read more »

Intellitech College still recruiting students for really crappy jobs

It’s how we know the economy doesn’t actually exist in any meaningful form. I might have written much the same thing 9 years ago when the Banks took us into a Great Recession or Massive Market Adjustment by buying debt, bundling it, and selling the uncollectible debt as though it was cash. But Intellitech makes the commercial claim that you, too, might enter the exciting and great pay and all that shit about HVAC technicians. “Work in schools, industries, businesses, all of which have non-working air conditioning in the heat of summer and you’ll be melting into the tar up on the roof and/or working on the inside part which is so hot it makes Hell feel like Antarctica in the middle of winter.”  Like the Army recruiters. “come and die protecting the wealth of complete assholes who have individual bank accounts which outstrip the economies of the Third World countries you’ll be murdering the citizens thereof”.

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Trump declares war on the Baldwins, like South Park movie?

Out of all the pure Crap the Drama Queen in Chief has on its plate, you know, dismantling health care, making sure no Plutocrat Captains of Industry have to bear the struggle of the EPA demanding they at least bury their toxic waste, taking personal ownership of Indian Lands or just the resources on those lands, canceling Meals on Wheels (sorry, grandma, you don’t get any food because Trump needs more guns and bullets to make him believe he’s a macho badass), putting out an open season-kill on sight license to assassinate anybody who has brown skin like in Olathe, you know, important shit like that… but that’s not his biggest problem. No sir, the hated infidel Alec Baldwin is mocking his Royal Pain In The Assness, and must be stopped! Waaahhh…. This would be funny if it wasn’t actually real. The president of about 30 percent of the people (and dropping) is actually contemplating punishing an actor for making fun of his hysterics.

Double Standard Oil

So some political hacks in the U.S. Government have sounded the alarm that Russian investors have gained the largest block of shares in Citgo oil. So, why the whining? These are the same outfit who demanded for generations that Russians become capitalist. There’s also the notion that has been promoted by many generations of United States based oil-heads that every drop of oil In The Entire World belongs to them. And there’s the notion that
Read more »

Mother Earth in revolt? Etna erupting.

That would be an elegant method of countering anthropogenic global warming. A little bit of geo-genic global cooling.  Hey, quantum computing has a provision that all events play off against every other events simultaneously throughout the universe. The center of each unit of space, time, mass and energy is centered on every other center including the center of the universe itself. How does that work, you ask? Hell, I don’t know, just that the phenomenon is repeating itself. Since time is part of it, each iteration is simultaneous with it’s previous and latter iterations. People in India have been assured of this since the earliest of their writings. And they invented the Zero and the decimal notation 0 to 9 while the Roman Empire was pending. It’s something the Inquisition was particularly harsh in judging.     Given the theory and its many tentacles tendrils neural computations however we’ll wind up discussing it, maybe the global warming and die-offs of worms, bees, frogs, probably some protozoans and amoeba might be triggering a reaction from the middle of the earth. Of course we won’t be comfortable with how it works. Won’t have any bloody control of it anyway.

Dakotas owe their Mercenary Nat’l Guard and other Pigs $38 million

They want the federal government to pay for it. But, hey, they VOLUNTARY assaulted the Water Protectors, VOLUNTARILY tear gassed, beat with clubs, arrested on bogus charges, blew off a woman’s arm playing with their grenades, it was the decision of North and South Dakota to do all that, strictly for the profit of the richest bitches in America, including Donald Trump who CLAIMS to have divested from DAPL. Even pretending that he had, is an admission that it would be a conflict of interest to use executive power to put money in his own bank.

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ICE and TSA racist scum still jacking with Muhammad Ali Jr

Same thing, yank him out of line, take him to an interrogation room, with armed guards and locked doors. That’s imprisonment, right? I know a woman in Texas who held the arm of another person to keep that person from leaving, and it was called Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Kidnapping. And spent 5 years in prison.    But hey, the pigs are endowed with privileges to do it to anybody they god-damn please, and beat or even kill the person if he or she even talks back. The TSA racists did as all racists do, said it wasn’t about unlawful punishment for what’s supposedly freedom of speech and religion. Or racial profiling. Oh, no, the PIGS are too squeaky clean to do anything like that, they’re just protecting his rights. I bet the Back the Badge and Blue Lives Matter Klan-associated Fascists who occasionally read this are screaming at their computer screens because somebody suggested that they’re not Pure and Righteous Angels sent from God Himself.

Read more »

Here’s a neat Idea

OK it’s not neat. More like messy and sloppy. But it’s simple, really, in the new age of non-privacy. Read more »

This is a WTF? Moment

A kid dies of starvation, in America, I don’t know the details, just that the Local Responsible Journalists in that state really dropped the ball. Who, really, makes a comment on the underwear of the deceased Person, in the world-wide available headline? Here’s a picture of the headline. Only a part of it though. I did that bit.

Repoopycans feel TrumpDon’tCare is dead in the water

Imagine that. Cut money out of actually getting the poorest a little help with health care, something which would conceivably get people up and ready to work again, maybe in the Killing Machine ‘defense’ industry or maybe poisoning everybody else’s well with fracking and pipelines and steel mills and reopened coal mines. So ‘we’ can threaten every other political entity in the world, like North Korea. If President Kim was a measurable fraction of the crazy Washington says, he would have attacked South Korea a long time ago because they have missiles aimed at the North. Missiles, planes, artillery, oh yeah. And all in the service of South Korea’s puppet masters in Washington, many of whom keep screaming into any available microphone that they want to destroy North Korea. Nixon for instance. Well, he wasn’t as crazy as Reagan or Bush the Either or well, you know… the loofah-faced shit-gibbon. Nixon gave the orders for the Environmental Protection Administration. The Repoopycans never seem to mention that when they’re railing madly about how some fish in the Grand Canyon are blocking their godless-given right to dump their poison everywhere. And blame it all on Liberals. I can’t believe anything that starts with Nixon being “liberal”.    Meanwhile, even with the affordable care act, the limits put on it, (so the Empire can seize other peoples lands and assets, and if they refuse they get to kill a whole lot of people including American soldiers to convince the Other Countries to pay tribute to the Empire) are so extreme that it hasn’t met the goals of adequate health care and a lot of unnecessary pain continues.

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Trump says he was ‘seeing things’

Ok, just all of these are about stuff that’s just wrong. The first is about the Drama Queen in Chief having a little bit of trouble with hallucinations. Maybe it’s the Ghost of The Obama Administration slipping him 20 mikes of acid in his energy drinks every day. People at the White House, DON’T LEAVE UNATTENDED FIREARMS AROUND HIM! He’ll be shooting imaginary leprechauns and pixies while screaming “always after me lucky charms! They’re tragically malicious” (shout out to St Paddy’s day which is tomorrow)

Read more »

Houston voters told to ‘shut up’, Barton told “bitch, you work for us!”

Civil Rights and protection of all human rights aren’t a state issue and nobody in Texas god-damn better ever question the Republican Supremacy or they’ll be told to shut up. But the people said otherwise. The question involved Barton voting against protection of women from violence. It seems almost beyond reproach, in the vast majority of cases, men are larger than women. Given that most people don’t take martial arts (if you wish to dispute it, I would suggest cruising the lists of the Tae Kwon Do associations in Korea. See the proportion of American men vs American Women studying it. And while you’re looking, check on Michael “Savage” Weiner who claims to have a black belt in TKD.) When neither party is a student of self defense, the smaller person loses. I mean, I was 7th Kyub, which sounds impressive if you don’t speak Korean. You go from a white belt, no rank because you’re just starting, to being a yellow belt which is 8th Kyub, then 7th, then 6th, 1st is a red belt with one black stripe, then you get 1st Dan and the next step up is a black belt. But, yeah, a large man hitting a woman or a child is the usual setting for the crime. But Texas for some reason wants to keep up the macho bullshit. The bill would make it an aggravating circumstance for a man hitting a woman. Really, it’s rare for it to be a woman assaulting the big guys. There was a kid in my class, a 6 or 7 year old girl name Meztli. Meztli was almost to a red belt. She could have beaten me down and made it look easy. That’s training.  But hitting people is stupid anyway. That’s another thing you learn in TKD. It’s like that Cheech and Chong routine about “boot to the head”. This could be conceivably be a free advertisement for martial arts. But Barton,… well…

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Preet Bharara fired for investigating Above The Law Trump

Not that I like prosecutors. They can all go to Hell with grenades up their butts, and probably will. They’ll prosecute the living dogshit out of poor people, but let a Rich Bitch commit all the crimes he wants. Under the “broken windows” doctrine the New York courts, and that’s state not just City and county… prosecuted to the maximum any misdemeanor alleged against poor people. They were, literally, prosecuting them for begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. I can do my own version of Chanting and just call it Positive affirmations. The pigs and their fellow Wall Street owned minions, like the Army, Boy Scouts, schoolchildren, singers at the start and/or halftime of privatized “public” athletic events, they all chant. Just like a cult. They can do it, they insist that everybody else recite their bullshit, in unison, standing in a uniform stance, saluting with their hands on heart or on top of right eye. Look alike, speak alike, act alike, conform or else…. And any prosecutor in the nation will punish you or at least try to do it if you don’t stand up for the national anthem or say the pledge of allegiance. In New York there’s been incidents where the PIGS arrested, and beat while handcuffed people who didn’t worship the idols their Corporate Overlords demand we worship. The charge would be “disorderly conduct” and under the Broken Windows doctrine, that would be a year rotting in jail with the PIGS beating the fuck out of them. Our illustrious Prosecutor Dan May did the same thing.  So do the CSPD and the El Paso Co. Sheriffs department. It’s that way here, it’s a nationwide Fascist standard. But Donald Trump, who incites people to kill people he personally doesn’t like. Sometimes they carry out his hate-crime orders. He robs foreign people of millions of dollars, like the time he ripped off Gadafi, on real estate and rental deals.  He’s boasted about it in the past few months. And when the New Yorks approved the anti-peasant Broken Windows doctrine, he applauded it. But when the prosecutors start investing HIS crimes, he has them fired.

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Hello…. Exxon loses lawsuit (in banker court) asking 1.4 billion from Venezuela

Like the massive oil company slapdown almost a century ago, in the 20s and 30s, in Mexico. They, like Exxon in Venezuela, went so far as attempted coups and sometimes completed assassinations, backed by U.S. Banks and Goverment entities, like the army, (no real difference in their chain of command, if you’re a soldier or sailor or airman or marine, you’re just a minion to them) in support of bringing back the Porfirio-Diaz corrupt Fascist Regime. At the time of the Mexican revolution led by Doroteo “Pancho Villa”Aranga, in the north and Emiliano Zapata in the south, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and the U.S. had Fascist governments. You can replace the term “Banker Thieves” for “Fascist”, the terms are equivalent. There were many more. Most of the Balkans states, for instance.

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St Paddy’s Day Massacre, deja vu all over again

Yeah. It’s approaching the tenth anniversary of the time the IRA took our money, gave us our permit, let us go to the second intersection and had the CSPD Goon Squad attack us, supposedly because we had banners protesting the Iraq invasion, occupation and subjugation. Oh, and the IRA also refused to support Mr Bush’s mass infanticide. A lot of people refused, world wide, but the Official Story was the Whole Damned World rose up to end the “tyranny” of Saddam Hussein. Which was of course a Heinous Lie and by now it’s enshrined into History Books where our next generation are told about the Heroism of George Bush and his Really Stupid Minions. So, on this anniversaire decimelle, Boston’s contingent of the IRA are preventing a group of War Veterans from marching, but just like the Fake Irish sponsors who turned the PIGS on us, they’re not doing it on the basis of opposition to a war the IRA opposed.
They’re doing it because the veterans are gay. To which I say, who really cares other than a bunch of closet cases who try to hide their own fears of being gay, by bashing others? But they’ll comfort themselves by lying to themselves and anybody stupid enough to listen. Oh, and by the way, about the History Books… The Project for the New American Century boasted in the mid 90s they would start a war of conquest where they would secure the oil fields in the Near East and Asia, especially Iran, and militarily and economically encircle China, India, Africa and Russia, and force the people of those countries to accept the Enlightened Rule of America, AND they projected that the occupation would last for 60 years, when anybody who remembered anything about Constitutional Law would be a small minority. The kids born after 9-11 are almost old enough to enlist in the Mightiest Army In History! Hooray!!
and the PNAC have been lying to them their entire lives.

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The Drama-Queen-in-Chief, is he the commander-in-debt, bankrupt?

I published this elsewhere, on and Space 4 peace.Here’s some more… what if Trump is himself bankrupt… if his financial sector freinemies (that’s a corruption of friends and enemies
in case anybody is curious … but his professed hate of Wall Streetand the bankers, what if they have doubts of his ability to pay his loans… what if that’s the reason he’s scrounging big money projects
with a 100 day time limit… What if he’s overstretched… what if such a revelation of that would cause a bear market, and suddenly… what if they use their vast resources of a) a whole lot of pissed off ex-employees and suddenly jobless regulatory official and b) Beaucoup money to buy such agents to actually tap his phone calls… just, you know, protecting their hard earn.. uhmm, hard stolen money.
That kind of information would be quite well received to people who might lose billions apiece in a bear market. It would also explain the Congress –both houses –which are really a bunch of very rich elitists themselves, and are literally his co-signerson the debt which comes due in 50 days or so…
They, like Trump, have aloudly proclaimed disdain for bankers but they give the bankers a
butt-load of bread on a regular basis… What if they realize they won’t ever again get a huge windfall like the Real Estate Bailout….

Read more »

Other than people shouting at each other, this is news

There’s a lady who gathered or rather “gatored” a following on twitter by dressing up a “pet” alligator in feminine attire. Ahem. You might remember Don Johnson of the TV show Miami Heat.
He did state, not on the tv show of course, that there is no such thing as a “tame” or “trained” alligator, that the most you could train them to do is try to take off your hand when you feed them, and that they don’t make good pets. Or any kind of pets for that matter. But as I said in the title, this is news. There was the Day Without A Woman rally downtown today, at the front porch of Shitty Hall. It’s a neat concept. I of course, gentleman that I truly am, didn’t mention the water sports issue that Mr Trump has, and was conveniently taken out of the MSM news soon after, even though it’s really the most entertaining of all his lovably wacked out antics. The only question I have and I might have gotten it from Samantha Bee, but there’s a huge question involved. The reports said “Donald Trump apparently has paid prostitutes to pee on him” and to my questing mind comes this retort to the report “WHAT? That can’t be real… Donald actually PAYING somebody for anything?” And there’s another wrongful use of the term “livid”. This time it’s supposedly Obama being “livid” over charges he tapped Donald. Fuck that. First, nobody has to dig for Donald’s secrets, because he can’t help but blurt out every thing he thinks he knows.

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CIA Hacked, stars in the latest edition of wikileaks

Ha Ha. The CIA hires people of questionable morality, based on their ability and willingness to harm other people. Good to see some triple or quadruple agent did them a little bit of dirt. Maybe the Paranoid Drama Queen in Chief is right and somebody is intercepting his babbling on the phone. Caesar should mind his own household most of all.

The Rat bastard thieves think they’ve won

But they said that 15 years ago on an aircraft carrier off the coast of California. Their mentors said the same thing several hundred times in VietNam. Oh, yeah, I’m talking about Standing Rock, right? How could I forget this. The White Supremacist Government has been trying to wipe us out for 525 years.