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Latest Articles


The media is public enemy number one

You may want to disagree with everything the Trump says, but I’d like to see you argue that he’s wrong about the media being “the enemy of the American People.” President Trump is a maniacal clown, but the Fascist corporate media is public enemy number one.

Smokey Bear wants to prevent forest fires, does he belong on your t-shirt?

So there’s a t-shirt being pitched by the alt-mod-left, who want to coopt the anti-Trump rallying cry RESIST. It’s Smokey Bear with his head down and fist raised, invoking the Black Panther salute made iconic at the 1968 olympics. Except his fist is on FIRE, and it’s Smokey. WTF. Is he resisting putting it out? Smokey Bear’s singular catch-phrase is about YOU, PREVENTING FIRES. As usual, he’s holding a shovel, a reminder that fighting forest fires is essentially ditch-digging. So what is Smokey resisting? The urge to douse the fire burning up his hand? The image reminds me of the innanity of moderate democrats. Both “Smokey” and “Bear” have long become euphemisms for cops. This Smokey wants to embed with your resistance crew. Knock him out with a shovel.

Whither the eschatologists of yesteryear?

Like Tim LaHaye, or Billy Graham’s son? I mean, I know what Graham is doing, he’s got a gig with Decision Magazine which is all about Christians who Hate Everybody Else. The Chaplains in the jails around the country hand that crap out and teach prisoners, lots of them, to attempt to bully other inmates into believing their hate speech. One thing Graham, his more famous daddy, and LaHaye made a big-ass production out of prediction. Their eschatology said that anybody who reunified Jerusalem under Israeli government would be a probable candidate to be Antichrist. Only that main character is now the President of the United States. So, why would they suddenly shut the Hell up about it now? Are they false prophets under the influence of satanic doctrine? Dobson, too. His organization provides volunteer chaplains to CDOC, to preach their hatred, and he’s closely tied to LaHaye. So, what’s the haps? Why are they avoiding the obvious, at least as preached in their prior sermons?

Pig-loving Racist Punk commits vehicular assault against DAPL protest- Doesn’t get charged

Instead the Fox News Everybody Support The Fascist Agenda community of sheer COWARDS are applauding the anti-American assault. It should be noted that the il Douche Mussolini clone in the White House doesn’t call it a Right Wing terrorist attack. And the Pipeline protesters have not once assaulted the militarist pigs who are running the Pipeline, a subsidized Corporate Welfare giveaway to pampered prissy Billionaire punks like Trump.

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Denver judge rules BEING HOMELESS IS IRRELEVANT to defendants charged with violating city’s urban camping ban

DHOL defendants with attorney Jason Flores-Williams
DENVER, COLORADO- A hearing was held today to review motions submitted before the criminal trial of three homeless activists arrested last November for violating Denver’s Urban Camping Ban. Terese Howard, Jerry Burton, and Randy Russel featured in the infamous 2016 video that showed Denver police officers confiscating their sleeping bags and blankets on the snowy steps of city hall. Through attorney Jason Flores-Williams, fellow Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) activists have filed a civil lawsuit to halt the city’s homeless sweeps. In municipal court DHOL hopes to challenge the ordinance being used to harass, displace and imprison the downtown homeless. Already the city’s case appears to be derailing based on developments at the motions hearing. Denver municipal court judge Kerri Lombardi approved all the city’s motions and none for the defense. Lombardi approved the use of 404B evidence for the city, but simultaneously restricted Res Gestae evidence for the defense. In particular, she refused to qualify two experts on homelessness, precluding the accused from arguing a “necessity defense”. Judge Lombardi stated that being homeless was irrelevant to whether they were violating the urban camping ban. When asked to recuse herself, the judge declined, so attorney Flores-Williams declared his intent to file an interlocutory appeal to bump the case to district court. Meanwhile speedy trial was waived and a new court date was set for April 5th.

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Why the constant Trump Thumping?

Well, it’s like Bush Bashing. Or holding Obama responsible for his actions, or the police or any other governing entity. In a tax-subsidized democracy or if you’re of the right wing sort, republic.  Either way, we pay these assholes. They’re our servants, supposedly. Now, Trump says he isn’t taking a salary to be president. He lies. His executive orders, if completed, will put money into the businesses in which he’s invested. When his disciples say he isn’t doing that, they’re repeating a lie they were told to repeat. It’s a religious thing. He’s their god. Now, there’s a flip side to thumping the chump. In Pavlovian Conditioning, which he gleefully uses to keep his cult members in line, it’s part of advertising and he uses advertisement a lot. … but in PavCon that’s my new name for it, negative behavior is punished and positive behavior praised. The second part is just as essential to reinforce positive actions. The problem is, there hasn’t been ANY positive behavior. Aldous Huxley put it straight up at a time when Donald was just a kid. In the second book of his famous series, Brave New World –revisited, he did a cursory overview of Pavlov’s research.  How deep did it go? Well, you remember 7th grade Health class?Yeah, that little tiny microscopic itty bitty teensie weensie excerpt about ringing the bell just before feeding the dogs?

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I’m told it’s a good day when you get to say “motherfucker” in federal court

The Colorado Springs Gazette was not amused. Nor was the Denverite about my testimony yesterday in US district court, seeking an injunction against the Denver International Airport’s free speech permit. The city attorney tried to discredit me by forcing me to recite for the federal judge the full unabridge text of the sign I held at DIA. It was a riff on anti-Nazi cleric Martin Niemöller’s oft-paraphrased parable: “First they came for the Socialists, but I said nothing, etc”, this time foreshortened as a visceral response to Trump’s Muslim Ban: “-and we said NOT TODAY [strong expletive]!” We argued about whether my message was “welcoming”. I assured her that it was very warmly received and could not be interpreted as anything but uniquivocal solidarity. So I read it forcefully, resisting the inclination to lean into the microphone on the last word. Afterward my attorneys assured me it’s a good day in their line of work when you get to say MOTHERFUCKER in court! Judge William Martinez restricted hearing testimony to the single day (Wednesday) and promised to rule on the preliminary injunction by Friday, February 17.

It should be noted

First that a psychologist once told me that the word “should” is passive-aggressive. But since I was sent to see him because I defended myself from the actions of some really vicious and assaultive punks, I consider that the fruit of a poisonous root and should be ignored.. But… Flynn, you know, the neocon hybrid who resigned very recently? The neos think he’s not Neo enough because he, like Trump, believes Russia would be an ally against China and Iran. Of course His Really Messed Up Majesty, The Donald, is not exactly trustworthy as an ally, Putin probably knows that because he’s not stupid, Flynn knows that because he’s not stupid, but they keep talking nicey-nice to each other as though Donald isn’t going to actually sell out every “partner” he has in any relationship. It’s part of his psychosis.

NewsMax says we’re seditious.

That we, the non-compliant, by resisting the leadership of His Holy Majesty, are the ones sowing discord. O, how can the Peasants reject their Political Savior? Do they not realize that
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News Item that Trump is pretending to be Jackson

As in Andrew Jackson as a “working man’s hero backwoods fake as all hell populist” but the editorial was that he was more like Stonewall Jackson. jacks on, jacks off… concentlate, Daniel-san. He was one of those who professed love for the black folks and the local slaves as Marse Jackson. Uhhh. sounds like he had a publicist, but in the Civil War he sure did take the side of the slavers.

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Flynn Finally Flea-Flicked? Freakin’ Fantastic! but why Petraeus?

I guess the shadow President prefers loyalty to the Imperialist Agenda rather than loyalty to the American people, but that was predicted long ago anyway. Also performance and ability aren’t factors. Petraeus, you might remember, in 2007, was the subject of a MoveOn half price full page editorial statement, because he was and appears to still be the face of the Bush jr Neocon war machine and the war on Iraqi Freedom / Self Determination, the propaganda reason the British used in World War One but not Won. “That small nations should be free” which was bullshit but that was well known at the time too. The Arab and Persian kingdoms created by the defeat of Turkey were pointedly set up as monarchies Like King Faisl of Iraq and the Pahlavi family in Persia and Saud and the well, you know the rest or can look them up. The Royalty in those Brit-American created states were warned to give their Oil fields to the British and American corporations. Much the same way the US demanded other oil possessing nations like Mexico, Venezuela, the Choctaw and Chikasha and so forth nations be given to Standard Oil. Ties in neatly with tomorrow’s headlines. Petraeus aka Generally Betrays Us, now, hmmmm

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Why the Crybaby in Chief lost his ass on casinos.

It’s hard to actually lose money if you’re The House. Like the fictional Montgomery Burns on the Simpson said: “It’s amazing, people come in, give you their money and leave! You don’t have to sell them ANYTHING!” Actually, though, Trump did that. One problem he has is a poker misconception. People know that in poker if you can run a successful bluff, like having no pairs at all or any other hand that can conceivably win. A four flush of 2-3-4-5-7 say the first four are clubs and the last a diamond, you have exactly no chance winning on the merits. Unless you can make people think you have an actual straight flush. You have to be really good at bluffing. If you have any kind of Tell that other players can see as a sure pure actual lie detection habit, you’re sunk. BUT everybody in the world who has played poker and intends to do so again, has the absurd notion that 1. Every other person has a Tell that he can exploit and 2. Thinks he himself is without a Tell.  Trump has a huge weakness. The more he is without a winning hand, the more loudly he threatens. The amount of belligerence he’s showing right now, shows he has exactly NOTHING in his “hand”.

President Bannon should actually READ his bible

Who is like unto the Beast, and who can contend against him?  I mean, that’s the way they’re acting, The Chief Crybaby and his master Bannon, I mean.  The one who thinks he’s the Ultimate Boss keeps saying he’s going to Destroy those he says are PERSECUTING him. Apparently a lack of immediate and uncompromising obedience is PERSECUTION. His immediate ancestry separated from Scotland by being run out, probably pissed off the Presbyterian AND Episcopal churches. Bannon believes himself a connoisseur of History, he should remember there’s a time between Charles II and William of Orange when the islands of Britain and Ireland were on fire with religious hatred, mostly between Presbyterian and Episcopal. Both had a mandate of Conformity. You could lose your head for being found as a Non-Conformist. What, did you think that term originated in the mid-20th century? Hell to da No! It means Conform to the Church Led by The Monarch or Die. The Presbyterians contend(ed) that the Throne should obey the Church and the Episcopalians say(said) that the King or Queen of England should control the actions of the Church. You know what, all those Islamic states have a freedom of religion that 16th-19th (insert edit) Centuries Britain didn’t even try to match. That shit about the Caliphate persecuting Jews and Christians in Jerusalem, well, the Jewish and Christian populations had a high old time putting on the hate toward the Christians and Jews in Palestine, and the Muslims as well. All the time the Caliphate existed in the Holy Land. My God! literally. I’m not accusing any of them being innocents. For 200 + years the British and Irish persecuted each other. That’s a mixed stew. Infighting doesn’t begin to describe the shitstorm. Irish vs Irish, yeah, everybody against everybody was more like it. This Is The Reason First The English Constitution AND the US Constitution say Freedom of Religion.

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Denver jury trial for offense of leaving your homeless little dog off the leash

Adrian Brown arrested June 21, 2016
DENVER, COLORADO- Adrian “Munk” Brown faces trial on Monday, charged his dog being at large on the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse Plaza. This happened on June 21 of last year, when he was testifying at the trial of a fellow activist. Because Munk wouldn’t let the dog catcher seize his dog, he is charged with interference. Because more than a dozen officers responded to the scene, things escalated from there and Munk was taken to jail. But that’s the pretext. In truth– ADRIAN BROWN WAS TARGETTED, STALKED, TAUNTED & ARRESTED.

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Occupy allstar Caryn Sodaro breaches bank doors, allows water protectors to ask Denver Wells Fargo to defund DAPL

Glenn Morris, Caryn Sodaro
DENVER, COLORADO- At the behest of the beseiged Standing Rock encampment currently blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline, Denver water protectors held an unannounced rally on the capitol steps Friday morning and marched prompty to the Wells Fargo building several blocks north. Led by the American Indian Movement, and joined by allies, the predominantly Native American assembly intended to deliver a message to the major banking entity underwriting the Energy Transfer pipeline project. The action Friday was prompted by President Trump’s recent executive order to bypass legal restrictions holding up the drilling. Arriving at the bank, the hundred fifty marchers found all doors locked.

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Two arrested at Colorado Springs bank, asking Wells Fargo to divest from DAPL

Water Protectors Jerima King and Karyna
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO- Water Protectors Jerima King (on left) and Karyna Lemus were arrested inside a downtown bank on Friday while trying to convey a message to Wells Fargo Bank to divest its interest in Energy Transfer’s controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. Protesters were denied entry into the Wells Fargo main location but marched to a nearby branch and entered its lobby before police were called. Several dozen Springs activists participated in coordination with protests at Wells Fargo banks across the country.

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Attention Fossil Fuel Addicts/Fanatics

The Anti-Science club, you know who you are. Your masters in Houston and Washington have instructed to respond to issues with specific chants/mantras. And to defer the related issues of White Supremacy and taking away American Indian Sovereignty.  The claims you’re supposed to chant are that Fossil Fuels are Necessary, that Solar power is infeasible, that global warming which you previously denied even existed is, according to your Masters, isn’t carbon related but instead sunspots, and that spirals into your contention that solar energy can’t be made feasible. Oh, that and the contentions that Your Royal Masters aren’t deliberately blocking implementation of Solar power.  Which, with the Sunspot theory, which means actually darker portions of the surface of the sun, meaning LESS energy emitted so how the Hell would an unproven event actually mean more warming?  Physics, man, physics.

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Gorsuch already on Trump Shit List

They think they bought the government outright, but the arrogance is pulling their scheme apart. Every executive order is being denied in the court. OK challenged in the courts.The same courts that are so right wing the thief cartel thought they had a solid judicial rubber stamp machine going.

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Denver Stands With Standing Rock #NoDAPL NoKXL No More Fossil Fuels

You fascist, loofah-faced, shit-gibbon!

When Donald Trump says he’s gotten no calls about the Dakota Access or Keystone XL pipelines saying “Apparently they’re not controversial” he’s trolling you. Making taunts with easily refutted falsehoods is the definition of trolling. But two billion smartphones can play that game, you just have to be as creative as Trump’s writers. However, don’t underestimate Madison Avenue specialists of the lowest common denominator. I know the Donald makes it look so easy, he’s insanely inane, but the selling of Cheetos and Trump bling detritus is a science. A Pennsylvanian senator is having a go, tweeting “Why don’t you come after me, you fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon!” –an expression coined at an Anti-Trump demonstration in Scotland. Accordingly the corporate media is offuscating the Democrat’s name, Daylin Leach, likely because he’s an environmentalist. Let’s see if Trump bites.

Occupy v. Martinez (Plaza Protest Ban) 2016 US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision AFFIRMING Prelim Injunction

Yesterday I published the federal judge’s order to grant the 2015 preliminary injunction against the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse. Since that time the city motioned to dismiss, there were show cause hearings, and depositions, and an appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. On April 8, 2016 the appeals court AFFIRMED the preliminary injunction. As a result this legal action is on the road to becoming a permanent injunction, to be decided at trial this April. The prospects look promising, based on how the appelate judges schooled our First Amendment adversaries. I’m reprinting their full decision below.

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Bannon said to believe in Apocalypse but wants to increase War Spending

On behalf of companies in which he and Trump are heavily vested. Of course. I was about to add the words or sentiment of Coming Very Soon to “the apocalypse” but it’s kind of redundant so I didn’t. Apocalypse and Revelation mean the same thing, and the event has already happened,  they mean the prophecy and not the actual end times events. A lot of people very obviously use the same words for the revealing/drawing back the curtain and PREDICTING the End of The World Order, and the actual event, and apparently Bannon does as well. So, OK, here’s the deal, and of course it’s not sweet. If the End Time and Tribulation are already started two things logically exist… That the Earth has less than seven years and ticking to get their hearts right, AND Bannon and all his disciples are betting on the Antichrist. Otherwise why would they be hoarding useless crap like gold and long term oil leases and wars to take the gold and oil from other nations which Bannon and his Satanic Cult don’t currently control? Because of course, such things of Corporate value won’t stop the destruction of Capital in such a scenario. Unless Satan triumphs. Of course, in the event of the end times NOT happening within our lifetime, the same thing happens. Bannon dies and leaves behind all his stolen money, I die and don’t take anything with me, see where this is going? The stupid bastards believe they’ll have to leave it all behind, that’s reality at its foremost, They Say they believe in God which would be superfluous if they aren’t going to follow Him, with or without a satanic victory.  Their logic stands on its own multiple heads.

Occupy v. Martinez (Plaza Protest Ban) 2015 Order Granting Prelim Injunction

While we await a judge’s response to the complaint and motion for a preliminary injunction against DIA’s free speech permit, I was drawn to reminisce about an earlier federal injunction GRANTED against Denver’s 2nd Judicial District. It was/is (!) also a preliminary injunction curbing police intimidation. This one prevents arrests of Jury Nullification pamphleteers at the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse in Denver. More broadly, it halts the enforcement of the despotic “Chief Justice Order 1” which attempted to curb free speech in Tully Plaza, between the courthouse and the jail, site of innumerable protest rallies since the facility was erected in 2010. After a protracted legal battle, the case will finally come to trial in April 2017. This case also started with police overreach, then a complaint, a motion, and a hearing. In August 2015, US District Judge William Martinez issued the below court order granting the preliminary injunction. Read more »

Racist Supremacists own White House, U.S. Senate

“Baby” Donald threatened a senator for opposing a Police State Rip-Off operation in Texas, especially in Rockwall County, across Lake Ray Hubbard from Dallas. Where the small population of racist rich people and their Sheriff, kkkind of like the Dukkkes of Hazzard, makes a comfortable profit from kickbacks on Konfiscated Property. Not only the boats and cars of the victims, but any assets they have, their real estate for instance. The Pigs can take away your house, your business, garner wages… for being ACCUSED for a crime, any crime. If you’re acquitted they still keep your property. “The Senate?” you ask… Yes, says me, indeed. And it ties into the Elizabeth Warren story about her criticizing Klansman Jeff Sessions, the Baby Donald pick for Attorney General.

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Lady Gaga performance at half-time deemed Satanic

I didn’t watch the show. As far as I know it was some show about fooz-ball or something like that, a bunch of millionaires getting paid to run around on the grass hitting each other and chasing balls. And it’s hero-worship, for pay. buy a ticket and get into the sanctuary-field and buy some really overpriced beer and other poisons, buy souvenirs, … and like I said, Hero Worship. That’s an actual Greek religion. And it’s Idolatry. One of God’s top ten list. If Lady Gaga did satanic whatever, it’s really just what everybody in the stands was doing. I understand one of the teams is called the Patriots, well, Patriotism is worship of you army and other government whoop-dee-doos. And since it’s worship of something that’s not God. On a Sunday, which some pope long ago decreed was the new Sabbath and that everybody who is Christian has to worship on Sunday. Unless you have a strict capitalist boss who orders you to work on Sunday but you get to use a “reconciliation mass” on Saturday. Not that it makes any sense but it does have a distinct aroma of Idolatry.