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Sarah Palin Church Lady for President!

drill-here-drill-nowI may be too impressionable, but I’ve warmed up to Sarah Palin. For President! The American two-party delusion needs a coup-de-grace, and doesn’t Palin have just authenticity enough to pull the trigger? Assail this logic if you can.

The Democratic Party is already out of the picture. Since reclaiming Congress in 2006 the Dems have shown Americans what they can do. Nothing. Name the issue, whatever their constituents want, the Democrats won’t deliver it. They can’t even commandeer a lead in the polls against the most despised political machine in recent memory. They’ve got a charismatic candidate who can run pirouettes around his opponent, a corrupt, desperate, lying geriatric. But the Dems can’t sway the corporate media from allegiance to the GOP.

How many rotten eggs do you need hatched? The Democrats are already rolling over for 2008 election irregularities. They will give in to Wall Street’s trillion-plus dollar extortion. And they won’t end the war, or stop torture, or defend the Constitution, or impeach genocidal bastards, regardless the public’s outrage. The Democratic Party is a dead lost cause. Dead.

The Republican Party is still kicking -the shit out of us- and they’ve no doubt got plenty left in them. We learned in just the space of a week that the GOP financiers must get their money or they’ll break the economy’s kneecaps. What kind of odds do you want the goons won’t be back for more?

We used to imagine that asset-stripping capitalists knew enough not to kill the golden goose, but maybe we underestimate the standard of living (ours) left to strangle from her.

Republican journeymen such as McCain, Lieberman, Graham, and cronies Paulson et Cheney, won’t stop at extracting your gold fillings. But novitiate Sarah Palin just may have a less developed depth of greed.

I’ve made this mistake before, when I imagined George W. Bush too simple to know that absolute power was his to corrupt. But don’t you have the sense Sarah Palin is the real deal? There’s no Prescott Bush in her bloodline. Palin will loot only as much as she can stash in a Winnebago. Then she’ll apply herself to her spiritual calling. She’s no Tammy Faye. To my mind, Palin’s religiosity is sufficiently extreme to appear genuine.

There may of course remain Halliburton machinations behind Palin’s flirty church lady. But the oligarchs’ growing mendacity, combined with Sarah Palin’s small-minded zealotry, could bring Fascist America beyond the pale. I think the GOP legacy could finally close the book on our nation’s Democracy fable. If we survive it, the Republicans will be gone for good.

I’m with Jacques‘ election 2008 slogan:


Palin kisses McCain’s toads

Frog kissing princessWhat can one say about the Conservative American’s ideas about what actually constitutes foreign policy expertise? These Republican Conservatives generally can’t locate (unless they have been in the military) any country other than their own on a foreign map and think that McCain is the Big Guy to go to for ‘leadership’! In short, they think that the former US bomber pilot knows more than poor AlaObama does about what to do in the world at large! Kind of pathetic really, to put it lightly.

So this week, McCain had his pig princess kiss his favorite two world toads to get her sweet lipstick on them. I’m talking about Sarah does Uribe and Saakashvili now, leaders of the Enslaved World. A Tutorial from Uribe- Palin at the UN by NIKOLAS KOZLOFF talks about it some.

John is more a pimp for the pig princess slut than anything other! I guess he wanted his gun toting bitch to know how to do death squads the Colombian Way?

What a sweet Republicain pair the two do make. They would be the perfect pair to head up the American State, don’t you think?!!! I’m leaning toward voting John McCain.

Alaskan anti-Palin rally drew record numbers, CoSprings rally not so many…

as a baseball game. One in which there is no Pennant chance or pennant impact.

The Rockies on Tuesday night drew a crowd of 25,000.

which is two and a half times as many as turned out for the McCain Palin Lie-Fest a short week and a half ago.

The Rox were, unfortunately, mathematically eliminated from the Pennant by the time they were playing the Braves last week.

However, they did deliver a really brutal whuppin’ to San Diego.

There’s another McPalin Lie Parade up nawth somewhere, Michigan I think, where the hall would seat 15,000 … there’s seats set aside for 8000 and nobody’s making any big run on the tickets.

Dunno, must be their rabid support for more Predatory Lending, more Selling America 850 billion dollars worth of rotten dead Corporate Meat, (YUM YUM!!) (which we got for exactly a penny on the dollar, but still, that ain’t a bargain folks) and of course the Deregulation that made it all possible.

Thank you very much Senator M and Gov. P…

But I think I’ll pass on my share of your Economic Miracle Whippin’ Policies.

The Alaskan Rally pulled in a thousand four hundred before anybody stopped counting.

I would imagine, from the McMethods used to count the participants at a McRally, they McMight have McRealized that keeping the reported count low would be to their McAdvantage.

Straight Lies Express strikes again.

Supposedly liberal New York Times spreads fascist filth around country

boratA spokesperson there said the (New York) Times last Sunday inserted 145,000 DVDs (of “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,”) in its papers delivered in the following markets: Denver, Miami/Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Kansas City, St Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee/Madison. Note: These are all in swing states…

See America’s oldest journal covering the country’s newspaper industry full report about the so-called ‘Clarion Fund’ titled UPDATE: Newspapers Deliver Millions of ‘Terror’ DVDs to Subscribers — In ‘Swing States’ That is, they are delivering DVDs targeting a religious group with racist and US Christian nationalist filth urging yet more war, bloodshed, and Christian religious hatred directed against the Muslim World.

What is most disgusting about this material is the projectionism onto others of their own motives as authors of this DVD. The makers of the DVD urge Christian Americans to stop what they say is a Muslim effort to take over the entire world. Isn’t this exactly what Christian Americans advocate in American foreign policy, where they see American Christians as God’s chosen people and are encouraging a war to help America run the entire world for the supposed future benefit of Christianized America?

So here is the supposedly liberal (in the eyes of Christian Jihad Crusaders) New York Times spreading the Chruistian Fascist Movement’s racial and religious intolerance around our country. And this supposedly liberal paper is doing it to help along the campaign of John McCain, too!

John McCain is trying to create a war hysteria in this country against both the Muslim World and Russia, and the NYT is aiding and abetting the effort. Go figure? Maybe this paper with the liberal reputation is not that liberal at all? Not too liberal to help spread fascist hate mongering against an ethnic and religious minority in our country?

The New York Times is really a paper that totally sucks, Liberals. Why do you read it when it acts most like Fox News most of the time? You liberal dumbasses make conservatives actually believe that The New York Times is a liberal paper when it most certainly … well… really most certainly is not! Stop buying the damn thing! It’s boring, too, … and racist. Of course, many of you liberals are just that as well.

Photog Jill Greenberg is a real maverick

A menacing John McCainJill Greenberg was hired to photograph John McCain for a cover of Atlantic Magazine. But she also used deliberately unflattering lighting known to anyone who’s held a flashlight to their chin. McCain’s handlers weren’t “sophisticated” enough to know it would make their candidate look horrific. Now Greenberg is in hot water with editor types who lament her exploitation of the gentleman’s agreement that rules the publishing world.

Do these editors hear themselves laud the principles which ensure they are never more than corporate PR shills? And isn’t that putting it delicately? These offended prigs are media whores, slapping colleagues who aren’t sucking up enough. These are the courtiers who won’t tell the emperor he has no clothes and who offer their guarantees that any photograph they take will not reveal it either.

Why should cold-hearted, dishonest, politicians like John McCain not have to be wary of critical journalism, instead of being able to count on the entire industry to collude with their deceitful imagery? Greenberg captured very telling stills of the rapacious, senile GOP Lugosi. So what if she wants to Photoshop juvenile mockeries of him on her website? Hopefully she’ll take a crack at Sarah Bride-of-FrankenCain too.

Would Dominionists murder for Palin?

While we’ve been speculating whether lotto-winner candidate Sarah Palin measures up to big “C” Christian standards, lo, church ambitions of old step in. A minister friend of mine offered Ides of March for November and President-elect John McCain: Having a Christian Dominionist in line for the US presidency would mean curtains for the septuagenarian as soon as he’s sworn in. It doesn’t take Dan Brown to imagine religious zealots would stop at the proverbial nothing to raise one of their own to supreme power.

Whether syphilis takes John McCain or whether it’s Sarah’s poison lipstick, we’ll be Sieg Heiling President Palin, whose signing statements will be taken straight out of scripture. Then where will the poor world be? I’m thinking RBs. Revelations and nuclear bombs.

My friend envisions the remedy will be an urgent Palin impeachment leading to a Pelosi ascent. A circuitous Democratic Party re-coup to be sure, amidst global catastrophe from which it’s difficult to imagine our world will escape. No wonder the rich have privatized spaceship R&D.

Colo. Springs unintelligentsia for McCain

Protesting McCain and Palin
COLORADO SPRINGS- Elsewhere, John McCain’s campaign hasn’t been able to draw audiences of more than 500 people, but Colorado Springs folk came in droves. Doors opened at 9am, but cars began queuing at 7. When the event began at eleven, the 10,000 seats were taken and thousands more faithful were still arriving. Plus us.

I held a couple signs, to remind attendees about the KEATING FIVE, HELLO? and about McCain’s dubious Hanoi Hilton mistreatment, P.O.W. FRAUD.

We got a lot of “America love it or leave it” sentiment. Otherwise the opportunity was ripe to confront some of this city’s most ardent war supporters with reminders of a different school of thought.

A half-dozen PETA activists came with compelling issues to put before the crowd. One was dressed as Sarah Palin with a beauty queen sash that read MISS GLOBAL WARMING, another was dressed as a polar bear. Two more were wolves holding signs asking to outlaw the sniping of wild animals from airplanes.


Who to blame if nobama

nobama pinA lot of people are still irrepressibly buzzed about electing Barack Obama to the presidency. For many months now the prospect has buoyed such hope, that Obama’s victory over John McCain has seemed almost foregone. I hate to suggest we’re starting to catch a whiff of an ill wind change.

School children still jump up and down at the mention of Obama, who they know is clearly better than smells-like-farts McCain. But while you might marvel that schoolteachers are passing along this election enthusiasm, they’re also making sure not to get the children’s hopes too high. “America, the children explain soberly, may still have too much racism.”

Or too many nay-sayers. Or discontents who’ll split the vote.

Anyone who thinks that public protest of Obama, or criticism of Obama, or too spirited derision of Sarah Palin, will sink Obama’s bid for the presidency, is ignoring who the real party pooper is already showing itself to be. It’s their party and the corporate shills are going to cry when they get their cue.

The media had to get excited about Obama when their focus groups confirmed he’d caught the public’s interest. In the meantime of course they gave McCain a free ride, with the exception of telling old man jokes at his expense. But now that they’ve played along with the DNC, and given equal time and a half for the RNC, the mouthpieces have liberated themselves from nonpartisanship.

Did you watch any of the RNC? Are the media describing it with superlatives where you’d have used expletives? From now until November, the pundits are going to cover John McCain on the campaign trail according to scripted GOP talking points. And they’ll report the travails of Barack Obama, according to the GOP talking points too.

You’d almost be convinced that there is a difference between the two corporate parties, considering the ferocity the media displays in protecting its apparently conservative interests. On the other hand, the more uphill the challenge looks for Obama, the more ad revenue MoveOn members will pump into the effort. All that campaign spending pours into one place, the national media.

Wake up and smell the shit coming from your television.

Documentation of Sarah Palin’s rise

While you burnish your peace buttons in anticipation of the McCain Shit-talking Express visit to Colorado Springs, check out Mark Lewis’ links on John McCain’s adopted pit-bull Sarah Palin. For example:
McCain camp announces Palin will do no interviews before election, only scripted speeches. See you tomorrow morning!

Video of Palin pronouncement of a jihadist “holy war” against Muslims

– Entire video of sermon to church: Palin asks them to pray for $30 Billion gas pipeline

History of her rise to power in Wasilla with her husband, father in law, mother in law, and state GOP

Tried to fire librarian four days after she refused to remove books Palin didn’t like from library

– Letter from her main opponent at Wasilla city council on her lies and corruption

Wants independent “TrooperGate” investigation called off and decided by state personnel board, 3 of which she appointed

– Top cop, fired for not firing sister’s ex, releases emails including from Todd Palin wanting him fired

– Staffer sent to get trooper fired delays investigation by not giving deposition and claiming legislature has no power

– State Trooper union says she and staff got into personnel files to dig for dirt on him

– Her personal lawyer is also on state payroll, so can make salary AND charge state $95,000 for her defense

– Family of 7, like hers, will get $22,400 in oil rebates this year from windfall profits tax like Obama proposed

got $13,000 from Big Oil lobbyists for campaigns (above the table)

asked for $197 million in earmarks, more, per capita, than any other state

– got $27 million in earmarks for Wasilla (pop: 6,700) using a lobbying firm tied to Jack abramoff

supported “Bridge to Nowhere” pork, then turned against it and used the money for other projects

3 times McCain criticized earmarks from Alaskan Governor, Palin

campaigned for Ted Stevens (7 felony indictments) before betraying him

undeclared car wash business and one called “Rouge Cou” (Red Neck) found, and car wash ran afoul of the law

– Claims foreign policy experience in trip to Ireland, which was just a stop over at the airport

– Claims she visited the troops a year before Obama, but actually 1.5 years after Obama

– Alaska National Guard top leader complained to Palin about “crises” of “missions at risk” from lack of recruits

– Palin “commander in chief” experience consists of never issuing an order to the National Guard

– Conservative pundits, noonan and murphy, caught by mic left on, saying “it’s over” “not gonna work”, “political bullshit”

– Compendium of news reports of illegal, corrupt, unethical behavior in office and in campaigns

– Compendium of news reports: Palin’s history in Alaskan politics

– Fact check of Palin / McCain’s bullshit in speeches at the convention

– From another source, on bullshit and lies in Palin’s speech

The Man With a Hoe

Palin and McCain  THE MAN WITH A HOE


Bowed by the weight of centuries he leans
Upon his hoe and gazes on the ground,
The emptiness of ages in his face,
And on his back, the burden of the world.
Who made him dead to rapture and despair,
A thing that grieves not and that never hopes,
Stolid and stunned, a brother to the ox?
Who loosened and let down this brutal jaw?
Whose was the hand that slanted back this brow?
Whose breath blew out the light within this brain?

Is this the Thing the Lord God made and gave
To have dominion over sea and land;
To trace the stars and search the heavens for power;
To feel the passion of Eternity?
Is this the dream He dreamed who shaped the suns
And marked their ways upon the ancient deep?
Down all the caverns of Hell to their last gulf
There is no shape more terrible than this–
More tongued with cries against the world’s blind greed–
More filled with signs and portents for the soul–
More packed with danger to the universe.

What gulfs between him and the seraphim!
Slave of the wheel of Capital, what to him
Are Plato and the swing of the Pleiades?
What the long reaches of the peaks of song,
The rift of dawn, the reddening of the rose?
Through this dread shape the suffering ages look;
Time’s tragedy is in that aching stoop;
Through this dread shape humanity betrayed,
Plundered, profaned and disinherited,
Cries protest to the Powers that made the world,
A protest that is also prophecy.

O masters, lords and rulers in all lands,
Is this the handiwork you give to God,
This monstrous thing distorted and soul-quenched?
How will you ever straighten up this shape;
Touch it again with immortality;
Give back the upward looking and the light;
Rebuild in it the music and the dream;
Make right the immemorial infamies,
Perfidious wrongs, immedicable woes?

O masters, lords and rulers in all lands,
How will the future reckon with this Man?
How answer his brute question in that hour
When whirlwinds of rebellion shake all shores?
How will it be with kingdoms and with kings–
With those who shaped him to the thing he is–
When this dumb Terror shall rise to judge the world,
After the silence of the centuries?

McCain speech reaches out for nobody

Snickering sidekick
“REACHING OUT” is a weaselly expression if I’ve ever heard one. Both Palin and McCain are now described to have “reached out” (ergo connected) to independent voters. Would that spin itself appear to be a “reach?”

I’m not sure I’d say either speaker even “reached” FOR other-minded voters. Mockery of the opposition was so base at the RNC, the jokes could only have landed within the closed GOP circles of snickering Muttleys. If the media needs to spin the official record to suggest the candidates aimed to connect with impressionable undecideds outside their party, the best reporters could truthfully approximate is that the politicians TRIED to reach out.

What does “reaching out” describe to you? Sticking your hand out in a conciliatory gesture, hoping the other side will shake it? Leaning over the edge of a lifeboat to rescue someone from the water? My vocabulary constraints hold that “reaching out” implies a connection reached, a bridge sought and made. Would that be an even credible typification of any of the RNC speeches? Reaching “out” infers there’s someone out there. And the past tense of “reached out” requires an “in vain” otherwise it’s presumed you got there.

If someone voices an apology, suggests a compromise out loud, but there were yet no takers; would it not be likely that a middle consensus was not exactly “reached?” I’m not sure, but to describe in retrospect that a speaker reached out, implies that someone took their hand. McCain reached for, or pandered to, but did not get “out.”


or what to tell their flock: BUNCH O’ DUMBASSES!
I’m looking for suggestions for banners to greet the McCain/Palin ticket and the imbeciles who’d turn up to see them Saturday at Colorado Springs’ private airport … DO THEY TAKE YOU FOR IDIOTS? — ENOUGH LIES! — ABORT PALIN! — CLEMENCY FOR THE “KEATING FIVE!” — WELCOME HOME “POW SONGBIRD!”

Protest the Republican candidates Saturday morning in Colorado Springs

McCain PalinMcCain and Palin will be in Colorado Springs Saturday for a campaign rally at 9AM in the morning. It’s our chance to let them know that we appreciate them for what they have been doing to destroy our country and the world as a whole. You can try to get tickets to go inside and express your support for their ticket at Republican Party HQ, or you can stay outside with us Republican rejects who will still be very vocal with how we feel about The Clowns inside. Rally outside of the Colorado Jet Center at 1575 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs starting at least an hour before the 9AM rally. Bring some friends, too! Bring some brunch, donuts, and coffee and have a picnic with the cops!

Watching the GOP National Convention

WHO ARE ALL THESE IDIOTS? Have you ever seen such a homogeneous bunch? American Fascism doesn’t need Nazi uniforms. It’s in our faces. Those faces. The TV coverage is enough to reveal the ignorance plainly readable in those Republican mugs. Save an RNC commemorative DVD for the medical records to advance the study of stupidity demographics. Probably security firms working on facial feature recognition already know the patterns. These of the genes of dumb chattel. They’re nothing authority has to fear. But march them behind sleazy, immoral predators, and they make for a terrifying bunch. Tonight was a celebration of the basest of personal attacks and the cheerleading of inanity.

More worrying, who are the masses of vacuous morons who elected the party leaders spewing these lies and half baked arguments? Stolen and manipulated elections to be sure, but at some point you have to hold Hawaii, Alaska and NYC for tolerating these pandering asshole pretenders.

Play-by-play: Cindy McCain is dressed as Kermit the Frog. They’re passing Trig around like a hot potato. Snowmobiles are now referred to as “snow machines” in deference to John McCain not knowing what they’re called. Did Bush’s cohorts start talking “nucular” to make their boss look less ignorant?

Was Sarah Palin’s baby Trig conceived in someone’s Trigonometry Class?

Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol PalinThe Palin children were named apparently after where they were conceived: oldest son TRACK (Field), daughter BRISTOL (Bay), daughter WILLOW (Tree), daughter PIPER (Cub), and baby TRIG (-onometry Class?).
Would it matter if Bristol Palin gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin while sitting out school with mononucleosis? Would it matter if the 16-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave her mother the Down Syndrome child to raise as her own? No.

It does matter that the otherwise grandmother is an outspoken opponent of birth control and abortion and would like to overturn Roe vs. Wade. It does matter that John McCain’s new running mate presents herself as a holier-than-thou religious zealot and is accumulating a trail of lies. It may matter that Palin’s doctor is an expert on child sexual abuse. Who’s the mother? Who’s the father?

Special note: this is not about the daughter, it’s about the grandmother.

Just say no, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin familyExactly who is John McCain pandering to by adding Sarah Palin to the ticket? Talk is that he’s hoping to hook the evangelical crowd, but he’s obviously missing a few key bits of information.

Conservative Christians do not put their women in positions of authority over men. Ever. In my former church, women were not allowed to preach to the general congregation because this was seen as unbiblical, and a condescension to their male counterparts. Believe it or not, they aren’t even permitted to lead the “praise and worship” musical segment of the Sunday service for the same reason. Jezebel can forget about the support of evangelical males.

As for females, they present an even peskier problem. Christian women have strong opinions about the roles of wife and mother. In my experience, few evangelical wives are employed full-time outside the home. Their lives are about rearing godly children and glorifying their husbands. Many consider themselves helpmates, subordinate to their husbands and the church. They are not going to view Sarah Palin as a sister in Christ. She resembles a Biblical harlot, not a Proverbs 31 role model.

There is a nonreligious unbridgeable gap here as well. In case you hadn’t heard, there is an ongoing feud between stay-at-home mothers (SAHMs) and women employed outside the home. The SAHMs claim the moral high ground in the area of child-raising and husband-tending, while the working women, especially those in traditionally male-dominated professions, cling to feminist values of independence, equality, and self-actualization. Ms. Palin — the working woman who calls herself a soccer mom — may strike both camps as an imposter. And many women, regardless of work status, will wonder why Sarah would leave five children, including a special-needs infant, to be used as a pawn in a good-ol’-boys ploy.

I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She’s being used as hastily begotten arm candy to pretty up an ugly ticket. Things won’t go well for her this election season. In my opinion, she should have refused McCain’s offer. She should have thanked him for the honor of being asked, and then used the national spotlight to showcase who she really is. Not the life preserver he’d like her to be.


You know how sometimes something you see, hear or smell calls to mind another something? Something close yet inaccessible. It’s a bit like the feeling of deja vu, yet not exactly.

Janine Melnitz for VPAnyway, when I saw Sarah Palin for the first time yesterday, I had the sense that she reminded me of someone. For some reason, I kept thinking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but couldn’t complete the mental thread. It gnawed at me all day. Kids show. It had to be late eighties when my boy was little. Whaaaat was it?
Janine Melnitz GhostbustersFinally it came to me. Ghostbusters! Janine Melnitz, aka Annie Potts, aka Sarah Palin. Now I can sleep.

Putin accuses Georgian government attack of being part of McCain campaign

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the US of provoking the conflict in Georgia, possibly for domestic election purposes. Putin blames US for Georgia role Good luck, Vladimir, but not even God can revitalize Obama’s campaign at this point, not with Joe Biden on board. Besides, Barack and ‘Joe’ are just as much as trying to get a nuclear war going with you as the next ‘John’ is. Most of us Americans are too stupid to care about nuclar matters anyway.

My trip to the local Barack Obama Campaign HQ

POWI went down to the local Colorado Springs Obama HQ today for a little visit. As I entered the door I was greeted by 6 flags hanging on the wall to the Left. The American flag was hung above 5 other flags; one for the Army, one for the Navy, one for the Marine Corp, one for the Air Force, and one that was that old stand by of the Right Wing American militarist, the MIA-POW flag. Change? I don’t think so. Barack Obama stands solidly behind more US taxpayer paid welfare for the military-industrial complex. And more wars.

Latest Election 2008 news is old news

All the bad news last week provided cover for the breaking of worse news. The Georgia standoff, the Iranian escalation, the dawning climate disaster –what could be a worst development? Lost hope. In election news, pollsters are beginning to tell us this presidential election is going to be close. Wha?! I’ve heard that one before, and so have you.

Wasn’t it just months ago that Obama could do no wrong? McCain was dismissed out of hand. Now they’re tied?! Oh I have no doubt that they’re neck and neck. In media terms, and in ballot counts. It’s plenty easy to forecast what you see coming if you’re going to deliver it. A close race. Like Bush and Gore. Like Bush and Kerry.

What’s expected as a landslide for reform becomes a close race, then a Republican victory, then a count with contestable irregularities, then an irreversible stolen election. So we’re at stage two. Obama’s voice of hope, tidal wave of public disaffection with the DC cabal, is ground to a halt against a heretofore wart on the ugly face of American idiocy. How is it possible? When you watch a magic act, do you ask, how is this possible? Because that’s not in question, is it? It’s not possible. The question is, how did the magician do it.

What have we learned from the past close elections? That we should have tried harder? That we could have given the slightest bit more? Let me ask you, how many more votes did we need to overcome a rigged count? How much larger an exit-poll count would we have needed to dispute the official tally?

News now that this election is going to be close, should be the harbinger of the shell game to come. Concentrate as hard as you like, give as much money to the shills standing around in hope that they will keep a close watch with you, you haven’t figured out the nature of this game.

The fix is in. The old coot is going to win. No mount of Obama TV ads to counter McCain TV ads are going to alter the Diebold, Republican Secretary of State office election fraud. Oh, the polls are dead on. The corporate media is dead on. The election will be close. Ask them what the count will be. They know that already too.

Obama & McCain, both weak candidates

McCain and ObamaLet’s face it, the System has offered up two very unconvincing candidates for the general American public to have to ‘choose’ from in our US pseudo democracy. Nowhere was that underlined more than at the prayer fest that the two held last night at the Saddleback Church under ‘Pastor Rick’ (as Obama has called this huckster).

It seems that the Democratic Party fully intends to demoralize its supporters in 2008 by aping the Republicans even more than they have done in the past. Phony religion is the best way to accomplish that. We can remember quite well where Pastor Jimmy Carter prepped the nation and set it up for Ronald The Clown’s Reaganism.

This turn to religion by Obama comes precisely while the nation is most fed up with the role the Religious Right has played over the last 8 years in America’s political life, too. In some ways, this strategy of wrapping himself in a religious aura right now is the biggest betrayal of democracy that General Obama is now carrying out. He is pushing for troops to Afghanistan continuing the illegal occupation of that country by ours, and serving up his militarism with prayers and glib Christian religiosity.

This weak effort by a weak candidate will give McCain the opening to keep Republican control over the White House intact. As big a stumbling bum as John McCain is, he is equally matched with the bumbling foolishness that the Obama campaign will sport. For us out there forced to be awash in this stupidity by the constant bombardment of the corporate media propaganda machine, it is going to be a truly sickening spectacle that we will see America awash in. The corporate parties only offer the US public total sewage this year with its blast of ‘lesser of 2 evilism’ slop.

LA Times coverage of the prayerfest- Barack Obama, John McCain discuss faith, issues at Saddleback Church forum Is there really a lesser of 2 evils here, or is that merely a delusion?

The urge to SURGE

storm-surge.jpgMy wife has been away for a month and when she returns, I plan to call out my troops to SURGE! Don’t laugh, if an old flake like John McCain can bait Obama about not being man enough to vote to SURGE, certainly I shouldn’t be an unpatriotic, limp wristed wimp like Brother Hussein. You know what I mean, Dudes?

This sicko macho rhetoric from the military is on a par with their use of homosexual rape in Iraqi jails. It’s on a par with the US police using homosexual rape as a weapon in US prisons, too. It’s on a par with all the perversions and sadism coming down from the top shits at the White House, and backed up by the Top Democratic Party shits in Congress.

Let’s see? We have this giant do-nothing military industrial complex with literally millions taking home their government socialism pay checks for being office workers, techs, IT specialists, and wander in circle grunts, and they need this sort of sexual rhetoric about ‘SURGING’, and they want to purge those who won’t SURGE to keep their welfare checks a rolling?

The urge to SURGE is government pornography, that’s all. The reality is a raped Iraq and Afghanistan and nothing more. We need to purge the SURGE now!

Will Vegas favor McCain by November?

Who does Vegas think is going to win the election
The media can pretend whoever they want to be leading in the polls. Obama looks favored, McCain looks too old. The press skews the news to screw Obama and make McCain out to be a cherub, but the prevailing zeitgeist forecasts an Obama triumph over the old white crony. I have to admit I practically feel it too. So I wondered, where are the Vegas bookies vis-a-vis the bandwagon?

The press can alternately tell us Obama will turn water into wine at Invesco Field, misleading us about his real chances of success, and what do they care if they are proved wrong. In fact, we’ll credit them with getting caught up the Great Half-White Hope just as we. But Las Vegas will eventually have to put its money where its mouth is. Their predictions have to pay out.

Can you imagine bookmakers mirroring the fake media fairytale ending to this election, and then having to pay it out according what probability plays out? Does a George Soros have a shirt big enough to fix the Vegas odds?

That would depend on what kind of money is riding on the bet. Probably there isn’t enough action yet to worry a fixer. You might even get 3 to 1 odds on McCain before the numbers start to run the other way. Keep an eye on the odds. I wager Obamaphoria will meet its match with the Vegas Democratic Party-poopers.