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Operation Quagmire, 1994

You know, the times come around and around and around... So this has been resurrected, I give you: Dick Cheney, advising NOT to invade Iraq. 1641

Kidnapped Iranian diplomat says that he was tortured by CIA

Kidnapped from Baghdad, an Iranian doplomat now released says that he was tortured by the CIA for info before he was let go. There was once a time when most Americans would have believed that a story like this would have been a complete fabrication. But not any more. We now have a government acting purely like Mafia thugs and the story is entirely credible. 1187

Green Zone goes way of Baghdad

Senator McCain ventured to a market five minutes outside the Green Zone, accompanied by a company of (100) soldiers in Humvees, and five helicopters, to be able to say it was safe for an American to walk about Baghdad. When asked incredulously if he was kidding about a neighborhood in Baghdad being improved by the troop surge, McCain replied "I've just come from one." 1170

Get the US and its hired goons out of Somalia

It has been weeks since the US and its ally Ethiopia invaded Somalia. Invasions of other countries, lest we forget, are violations of international law. Unfortunately, the United Nations Security Council acts as Bush's puppet and is once again rubber stamping US imperialist aggression. Now, Mogadishu threatens to spin into total anarchy ala Baghdad. 1135

We should really be worried now

The ventriloquist turned toward his public and said with a wide smile that it was the dummy who was calling the 'conference' and not himself. We should really be worried now. The US has 'decided to 'attend' the conference that its dummy has called. I am referring to the announcement that the Iraq PM is calling for a regional conference on March 10 in Baghdad. 1083

The latest, boy is it stupid

I was on the bus going to Memorial yesterday. there was a copy of the Omygodzette laying on the seat across from me, open to a section somewhat removed from the headlines... Mr Bush has demanded a cut in Medicare and a quarter trillion for the war. 1015


Colonel Brian Allgood, West Point grad, army surgeon, Doctor Allgood, died last weekend in a helicopter crash, among a dozen unlucky American soldiers being transported across Baghdad. By all accounts he was an exemplary soldier.   Rest in peace. But why should he get peace, and not everybody? 991

65, 85, 100, how many more?

Just surfed by yahoo again... 100 + people killed in market blast in Baghdad. Gaza television station bombed... and something from yesterday, our Favourite Asswipe Tancredo is actually thinking of running for President in '08. 959

The next Big Lie

As the befuddled, overly religious minions of America try to figure it all out about Muslims, terrorism, Satan, evolution, chimps, global warming, Osama, and when Jesus is returning, their next Big Lie is being prepared for them to hunker down with. Condi, Dick, Dubya, and the rest of the gang have got the ships, missiles, and soldiers in place, so they got to get the Big Lie in place, too. What will it be? 925

More news, really bad all of it

Cheney said on DumFox news last night that the president has the final say on the course of the war, Mr Bush is about to make the same announcement tonight, I think in a few minutes. 914

The big announcement…

Coming soon... All of America and the world wait with bated breath.... The Chimp is gonna tell us all about his new plan to save us, pull our nuts out of the fire and then he will dance nekkid on the Oval Office rug, while singing "I'm a little crackpot, here me shout." 884

Comparing the death tolls

In the aftermath of bombings and indiscriminate attacks in Iraq which reached record numbers on Thanksgiving, I read that the combined Iraqi civilian casualties raised the Baghdad death toll to 202. For the day. For Baghdad. The count starts anew each day.   Meanwhile the US soldier death toll is 50 and climbing, for the month. For all of Iraq. Why the differing units of measure? Why not consider weekly totals for both Americans and Iraqis, to facillitate comparison? 709

From Marine to Al Jazeera Journalist

Marines are crazy as a rule. Or so, that's been my experience with them. But crazy can sometimes be good,too. Al Jazeera online is one of my favorite sources of information, so it's particularly interesting to see this particular ex-marine go to becoming a journalist working for Al Jazeera. If you get a chance, see the documentary mentioned in this article from Mother Jones. It's all about how the Pentagon keeps assassinating reporters, from the Yugoslav television stations they bombed, to the hotel in Baghdad they blew away at. Remember when they bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? So many 'accidents'. Go get The Education

NPR versus Habeas Corpus

Can you imagine an informed American populace without the media telling them what’s happening? Why are your friends and neighbors not able to hear Democracy Now on their radios? In Colorado Springs the gatekeeper is public radio station KRCC.

News notes April 2006

Who's paying the bill, who's tendering the bill? U. S. gas prices have hit over three dollars per gallon. Let's see: we have oil men in charge of the country, they conduct secret meetings with energy companies, they convince us to invade Iraq with the world's second largest oil reserves, the oil companies post record breaking profits, and we're paying twice as much as we used to for gasoline. Who's the patsy? Though that word might be a little insulting if you're the parent of someone killed in this charade.   Whose conscience was not bothered by secret prisons? If CIA officer Mary McCarthy was not the source of the leak about the network of secret prisons to which America is abducting people, the question that comes to mind is not who was, but rather, who else was not? Who among the CIA, government and military administrators knew about the illegal un-American activities and didn't blow the whistle?   Diplomatic immunity for beachheads? On the subject of flouting international law, it has been revealed that plans for the American embassy in Baghdad include facilities for mounting military operations. Since when has it been permissible to treat embassies as military beachheads? When Iranians stormed the U. S. embassy

Plague upon Iraq

Nevermind that this operation appears to have been a diversion.   This is a picture of U.S. locusts launching the largest airborn assault on Iraq since the U.S. invasion. The attack upon a suspected resistance stronghold north of Samarra was called OPERATION SWARMER. 158

What authoritarian rule looks like

Several recent events have lead me to some dots that need connecting. The dots may seem wildly disparate: the kidnapping of peace workers in Iraq and Palestine, the recent NYT revelations of counter-protest tactics employed be the NYPD, and a French film about heavy-handed manipulation of political prisoners. 95