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99.9999% chance humans are causing global warming, and other science-based facts on climate change for Earth Day

I poached the title ... We already know that it's been happening. The U.S. Military have openly prepared for 20 years now with the scenario that's playing out NOW. Before that 20 years, most of it was classified. Volcanic and other seismic active have slowed the meltdown, but it's not enough. Drop the carbon fuels and increase oxygen. 53258

Best Presidental Quote EVER

Better than Nixon saying (as Vice President) "you won't have Dick Nixon around anymore" Of course he lied. Later he said "I am not a crook!" Again, he perjured. 53251

Trump says there was ‘illegal spying’ on his campaign after Barr backs off explosive claim

Barr said "might have been spying" in which case the Campaign wasn't in any way being honest (and hey, it's TanTrump, what more would YOU believe?) and Trumpft chimed in by saying there was "definitely" and "absolutely" spying, and a day later Barr changed his tune. Trump is one paranoid pussy and this is going to give him nightmares even after he leaves for prison. 53245

While Ms Omar is being badmouthed by the Republicans for accurately pointing that Islam didn’t burn down the Twin Towers…

A white 'christian' young punk whose daddy is a sheriff burned down 3 Black Folks churches in Louisiana. So far Fox, The New York Post and the Trump haven't called for all christians to be treated as Terrorists. Or even the Lone Wolf church burner. The Klan get a lot of slack on their leashes. David Duke said on wall-to-wall TV coverage in 2003 that the Klan is an auxiliary of the police. If I went out telling everybody in a way they would listen to me, that the Ku Klux Kops are murdering terrorist scum I'd be killed while 'resisting arrest'. Duke said essentially that the most prolific Domestic Terrorists have the full support of the Police, and got re-elected. 4 times.

Chicago Pigs think they can rob Smollett in court

Pigs investigations failed, Jussie exonerated, Pigs lose. They chose to go the expensive road, too bad, their fault, get used to it. You didn't get to force Jussie to grovel and beg their forgiveness, on his knees, handcuffed, with three Pigs holding him still while a fourth kicks him in the face... you Ku K/ux Kops couldn't "put the n!@#$# in his place" with no non-Pig witnesses like they usually do. Pigs think they're better than everybody else, they're not and the crybaby Pigs can kiss it.

La Migra wants you Racist pigs, wanted 5k, got 118

Border Patrol struggling to hire, keep agents, but may never get 5,000 Trump orderedYou must be pure european white descent,swear to Fascism and Trump and take the Mark of the Beast. But hey, he almost got 2%.... Plus you'll be stationed in such Heaven On Earth locations like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, any of your family can get minimum wage with no union protection/representation and you'll have to take orders from the minutemen and other Klan organizations. Willing to kill children and any American your president David Duke tells you to kill. 53210

Trumps says acquitted, but never actually arrest, arraignment But sure is arrogant

Maybe he should have gone to law school instead of wasting his time at an Elitist (but not elite) "military" academy, which caters to rich snobs who want to play soldier. He says he was found not guilty. not so. Since he was never actually prosecuted. All that was settled was one point of an investigation. In a way it's much like a Catch and Release operation. They have his number. No, it's not 666. The REAL Beast has a real shot at Some Time In Our Life but he'll be smarter than Trump. The cops got all his information and who his accomplices are. The investigation spawned other investigations, not covered by the Russian probe. Cops do that a lot, a no-bill isn't in any way an acquittal. He was never tried, never found 'not guilty, so they can use the original investigation. No formal charges, no Double Jeopardy. no kidding.

Fallen Pastors McConnell and Linsay Graham tell us not to prosecute the Criminal in Chief…

Why did the “not guilty” Trump want every aspect of the Mueller investigation to be held secret? Must be something really big, because he routinely snitches himself out with some hard core crimes. The Real Estate fraud he pulled on the Libyan Delegation to the U.N. That’s grand theft AND Treason, he brags about it, and somehow Some People are Stupid enough to still enter into contracts with him. 53200

SB181 passes, Billionaire Tax Dodgers call foul, Houston we have a problem…

The Mining and "energy" companies say that by actually protecting our kids and neighbors from further toxic disasters... somehow is BAD for our schools. Like in Texas, where the kiddo's can't go out to the recreation yard (damn, that sounds like a prison description) when the ozone and other gas-induced toxic air levels, on warm days, because it is really killing the kids. And grownups too. For those who don't understand what a thermal inversion is like, well, you probably never went to Texas. It's also called smog. Asthma kills, and there's a lot of it there. Can't run or even walk if you can't breathe. But wait! There's MORE! You've probably heard of people sniffing glue to get high... A large Thermal Inversion coupled with a chemical spill at a refinery... just like the ones SB181 is preventing... 53196

Otto Warmbier’s family speaks out against Trump’s defense of Kim Jong Un in son’s death

just a quick reminder... The ACLU and others have a very large list of Americans killed in American prisons, jails and in the street by Police Violence and denial of health care. And a larger number Tortured. Do you really believe that U.S. cops ever repatriate their victims just because they're dying? The Koreans have the advantage on this score. U.S. prisoners don't get to go home to die.

Trump as Esther and or Mordecai?

Pompeo said it,(and Pompeo is an Honorable man) Trump will never put himself in harm's way. Pompeo is a Pompous Ass. What about the 70% of the people in Israel who Vote Against Likud and their coalition? Do you have the RACIST idea that All Jews Think Alike…? "Israel" literally means "he would pick a fight with God". .. There's a modern proverb, if you put two Jews in a room together and there will be an argument. add another and there will be a revolution, and if you put a Jewish guy in a room alone and he'll beat himself up. (George Burns used that) It's really a trait that all humans have. 53193

A new low for Racists

Sue Judge Jeanine Pirro for plagiarism of the book "50 years in the 'church' of Rome" author Charles Chiniquy, she used the term "placing faith ahead of patriotism" accusing a Representative who is Muslim and wears hijab. and Jeanine said she is putting sha'ariah above U.S. Law. In "50 years in the 'church' of Rome" Chiniquy said exactly the same thing about Catholics. It was quite the same racist anti-immigrant anti-Catholic anti-Irish anti-Italian Hate Propaganda that's the model for anti-semitic and anti-Arabic (Same thing, really,people who use the Bible as history commonly stop and sneak around the whole narrative of the old and new testaments about Abraham and his very large family) 53191

Kellyanne Conway thanks Trump for defending her after president calls her husband a ‘stone cold loser’

Kellyanne = Another Fascist fighting against a Dead Man. Oh, the HATE oozing out of the Supremacist Wing of the RepubliKlan Party. Go, Kellyanne, Go! Show the entire world the depth of hate and stupidity you're perpetuating! Implode the FORMER "Party Of Lincoln" which your faction forsake that when the Dixiecrats Klanfederates deserted from the Democratic Party BECAUSE ROOSEVELT, TRUMAN, JFK AND JOHNSON SIGNED INTO LAW ANTI-SEGREGATION MEASURES. And Truman and Johnson were Southerners. OOOO… Feel the burn! 53188

Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Fox News for ‘Latina thing’ segment

White Supremacist Ingraham goes on racist rant and tells her fanatic followers to flood Ocasio's office with death threats. Who's the Terrorists NOW, Ingraham? And against somebody your president tries to dismiss (Ocasio-Cortez) as irrelevant. So what, are you RepubliKlans going after somebody who you think is weak, (your favorite victims)?Hmmm… and RepubliKlans are famous for not initiating anything on your own, you follow orders like good little Fascists.. Absolute conformity and solidarity, Right? What distinguishes you from any OTHER dictatorship? Did you give away your right to think, speak and act individually? 53185

Kellyanne Conway tells us all to shut up about NZ mass murder, probably because she works for the klansman-in-chief.

No, Ms Conway , the Supremacists have killed more people, I guess shooting up a synagogue, a bar in Olathe KS because two of the victims "looked Iranian", sent bombs in the mailboxes of Democratic PEOPLE, rammed a crowd in Charlottesville VA killing one, because we the people don't have any obligation to keep maintaining statues of Traitors like Klan founder Nathan Bedford-Forrest who Ordered his "men" to murder captured U.S. Army soldiers because they were black. I guess all those killings by your party wasn't enough. We ain't shutting up because a sTrumpet tells us to do so. We're not bought and sold like you. You could be fired and sued for breach of contract, if you pizz off your Master Dotard Donny by telling the truth for a change. We have no such restriction. You probably had to buy your leash and collar and the tag that says "property of the Klan" 53182

DumFox ‘judge’ Jeanine protected (from ridicule) by Trump

Since Trump is bound and determined to forsake the gods of his fathers and instead turn to the god of forces? (for those who somehow missed the End Times rapture theories for the past 21 centuries, yes, that's from the Revelation) How about the terrorist in Charlottesville, James Fields Jr, who plowed his car into a crowd who were countering the Apostate Religious OTHER terrorists demanding that everybody in America worship statues of Traitors like Klan founder Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had ordered the mass murder of captured Union (AMERICAN) soldiers at Ft Pillow Mississippi because they were African Americans? We The People are supposed to gladly worship those Graven Images by paying for the maintenance of them forever because the Klan demands it? Trump showed HIS religious preference with that one... and he had that poor Sarah Sanders take the job of High Priestess and tell us that we have to worship the Beast Trump because 'God put him in office to rule over us'. 53179

Right To Death Hypocrisy

The Usual Suspects are spouting about infanticide. While they push kids into the prison system in all it's glory, including the so-called "medical" treatment, the same Private so-called correctional so-called health system that facilitated the murders of Marvin Booker and John Walter. The Trump Death Machine is saying that children already are being killed in Planned Parenthood clinics, and where is their evidence? The only logical scenario is that the baby is stillborn or dies post partum. Because a birth at 9 months or even an abortion at 6 months would be equal to a full term birth in the perspective of the mother. And in the matter of Privacy there would be No Way The LIARS Trump Or Brownback Or Pence or McConnell could have ANY records… except like the children in The Republican Private Concentration Camps/For Profit Prisons which DO have a lot of evidence of CHILDREN being slaughtered or 'merely' abused or medical neglect because their parents tried to get them out of what amount to War Zones… Republicans would of course, according to Trump sponsored Right Wing Troll Posts, NEVER would they try to get a better life for YOUR kids. You would let them starve

The Central Park 5 scandal being revisited

It's coming out, bigly, that Mr Trump has been trying to incite somebody, anybody (other than himself) for 2 1/2 DECADES to murder the young men now middle aged for a Crime They Did Not Commit. Now the narrative becomes "Well, since they're non-Whites they must have done some atrocity and they still need to be lynched. The specter comes through that whatever Trump says with the theme of "kill them and you'll be rewarded" such as Adam Purington blowing away a systems administrator who was a Hindu and another who was Anglo Saxon... because Trump doesn't like Muslim PEOPLE and Purington thought that he was killing Iranians. James Fields Jr. plowed a car into a crowd of anti-Klan folks. Killed one, injured a lot more... a man described as 'homeless' threw hot coffee onto the clerk at a 7-Eleven (because he was stealing the coffee) and claims that he did it because he hates Muslims. This past week. The Human Being he assaulted is Sikh. But in the eye of your average Trumpista, "if you ain't White you ain't right". Funny how that works. 53163