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If it’s good enough for our troops

Local TV news Black Hawks down?   Police warn against the dangers of high speed car chases. Need they point out the recklessness of aerial duels in pursuit of sensationalizing crime for the TV audience?


How does the world see us? Maybe a little bit like this... We all live in Amerika by Rammstein

‘Terrorist plot’ of the day

Oh, there are so many 'terrorist plots' these days. Hardly a week goes by without one. As Britain rounds up its Muslim docs, here comes another one, this time in Pakistan. The evil people tried to get our friend, Pervez. It was the 'terrorist plot' of the day.

Feel Good Imperialism returns

Now that Dubya is in free fall with all his toads, it's time for Feel Good Imperialism to return. And who better to be the general for all the feel goody liberals that like imperialism with a smiley face, than Al Gore, Rock Star? Is this better than the New Life Church, or what? Gore plans to rock against warming, and you can bet there's money to be made by all our newly 'green' corporations. I'm so excited for Mother!

US helicopter gunships threaten Pakistan mosque in siege

The embattled US military puppet regime of Musharraf is using US made helicopter gunships to threaten continued attack on an Islamabad mosque where young students are holed up inside. What an image for the entire Muslim world to see. This dictator Musharraf is setting himself for an exit in the same style as the Shah of Iran. This US backed attack on this major Pakistani mosque comes along with the mass US murders of Afghanistan civilians, the Pentagon's use of collective punishment across Iraq, attacks on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, the pardoning of the criminal, Scooter Libby, and in the days to come, the crumbling of Pakistan's dictatorship. What next for the Bush Administration? Probably a joint US-Israeli bombing of Iran in the days ahead. And which countries are truly into Jihad? It appears that it is the Christian and Jewish ones. Payback for the Iranian hostage crisis, too, and for Iran's government having successfully defended their country against the US backed Saddam Hussein. This is an unholy alliance that wants to run the affairs of the entire Muslim world, and most especially that portion of it stretching from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan. And what was the supposed main crime of this mosque not reported in the AFP article? It was leading a campaign against the abuse and torture of Musharraf's political prisoners. It was for their campaign against Musharraf's prostitution of Pakistan to the Bush Administration. For that, the mosque had to be taken out. But the net result, is that the US and its puppet are destabilizing the entire country of Pakistan, and YES, the entire region, too. The Muslim countries will eventually unite against the Bush led thugs when pushed too far. They don't like US government terrorism. And neither should the American population.

Farfour Mouse vs Mickey

It's hard to believe how lost in LaLaLa Land are America's proZionist conservatives. One big issue for some of them is the supposed 'hostage taking' of Mickey Mouse by Gaza Strip's Farfour Mouse. I'm not making this stuff up either! See Farfour for yourself. These lunatics of the American Right don't get riled up about what Israel and the US have done to the million plus people of the Gaza Strip, way over 50% of them children. It matters not the least to them that Gaza has the lowest standard fo living in the world, and that most of the inhabitants living in this total misery are children. No. Instead they are worried about this mouse, Farfour! They're worried that he's a terrorist rat teaching the kids to hate! Can you imagine how lost in nonsense these nuts actually are? They're our neighbors, too. Scary. Here is another clip with some CNN commentary of Farfour in action, but go read the American posters' comments and see who is really sick in the head. And nobody seems too concerned about Farfoura. But then again she's not a mouse, is she? She's more the butterfly... The Daffy Zionist Ducks can handle that. But don't pick on Walt's pre-WW2 made fascist rodent, or they get all upset. And nobody seems to care about Walt Disney himself. He wa a rather loathsome character. ------------------------------------------................ Below is the real situation in Gaza, where per capita GDP is now around $500-$600 per year and falling. ........................................................................... on the 40th anniversary of occupation my statement in the UN SPECIAL MEETING TO MARK 40 YEARS OF OCCUPATION BY ISRAEL OF THE PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, INCLUDING EAST JERUSALEM UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK 7 June 2007 STATEMENT BY DR. MONA EL FARRA PROJECTS DIRECTOR MIDDLE EAST CHILDREN’S ALLIANCE Red Crescent Society For Gaza Strip GAZA ?Your Excellency Mr. Paul Badji, Chairman of the Committee, Distinguished guests and Excellencies, It is my honour to be amongst you today, despite the gravity of the occasion being commemorated, on this 40th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. First, let me say that 2007 is the 40th anniversary of 59 years of the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people. As we called for an end to apartheid in South Africa and the right of all people to live together and have equal rights, we must now, before it is too late, call for true justice for the Palestinians. Today, we heard about the economic plight of the Palestinian people. We heard about Palestinians in Israeli prisons which number close to 8,000 men and women, including approximately 350 children under the age of 14, most of whom have been tortured. How many UN resolutions must be passed by the UN? How many years of calling for 2 States before there is an understanding that Israel continues its aggression on the ground against women, children and men, the

Anger over Cheney’s privates montage

The stampeding elephant keeps sailing on! Dick Cheney claims that he is above the law and can do anything, even pretending that the office of vice president is not part of the executive branch of the government. That in mind, the fact that the Democratic Party can't find the energy to take this claim on in a concerted and serious manner, made me think of a computer enhanced American version of the following... except this time the photo would have Democratic Party leaders 'suckling' the vice president even further down below.... See Anger Over Polish Breast Montage Visualize World Peace!

How sick!

For lack of a $5 round of antibiotics, a disease called Noma can do this to a kid... Photo of Noma infection Meanwhile, the US spends how much on killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan alone? And some want the US to go on to intervene to 'Save Darfur'? How about just delivering these kids with this disease a round of Amoxicillin first? See Children Made Faceless Wikipedia reports that 400,00 suffer from this disease in Africa alone. Also they mention that... 'It is rarely treated since in some cultures it is considered taboo. Noma was endemic to the section of Auschwitz where the Nazis interned Gypsies.' Actually, it's more likely rarely treated due to nobody caring enough to fund the simple course of Amoxicillin needed to treat it. And the parents of these kids don't have the money to buy the medication.

John Howard, Australia’s lunatic leader

Just what type of man is John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia? The answer is that he is the spitting public image of George W. Bush, our own lunatic president. In other words, he's a bumpkin fool. Here he is, pushing legislation to outlaw pornography and alcohol for all Australians. Just kidding. He's just going to outlaw those baddies for aborigines! Aborigines face ban on alcohol and porn But only aborigines in one District! If they behave 1/2 of a year, then they can then drink and do pornography once again if Howard sez it's OK! Talk about blaming the victims for their problems, ay? What next? Requiring all Australian gays to wear condoms, while straights will not have that legal directive? With John Howard sniffing cane toad toxins, any ol' thing might go down? John Howard needs to be sent to Guantanamo for Australia's protection it seems. He supports what Guantanamo is all about anyway, and there he can partake of the strict discipline he is in favor of for Australian aborigines and other moral defectives. He's quite a bit defective himself. Where does the ruling class get these guys? Tom Tancredo for President anybody?

Vacation en Nicaragua

This post is dedicated to a good friend who got me thinking of Central America once again. It is about a vacation to Nicaragua and more. Let's start with a beautiful concert at the height of Hope in the early '80s, before the US government crushed that hope by its horrible imperialist military interventionism. Nicaragua Nicaraguita sung by the great Left folk singer of Nicaragua, Carlos Mejia Godoy. Then let's cut almost 1/4 century later, to see a beautiful vacation film in a visit back home to his country and family made by a Nicaraguan in exile far North. The beautiful music of the Colombian salseros, Grupo Niche, is followed in the second half of the film with more music by Carlos Mejia Godoy once again. A beautifully made film that shows Nicaragua at its best. The music is great and worth listening to on its own merits.

US Military Spy on Hundreds of Antiwar Demos

The Pentagon spied on hundreds of antiwar demos says the ACLU. Unfortunately, many activists in the proPeace crowd (and even the ACLU itself) seem to act as if they cannot draw the logical conclusions from this and act accordingly. Instead of helping publicize this reality of police and military surveillance and disruption of Peace proponents and their activism, they act as if doing so might be a hindrance and derailment of the Antiwar Movement! Therefore they run from the fight when it gets down and dirty. Isn't that sad? Without battling on behalf of those that might very well be the direct victims of this surveillance and rather instead acting as if they are chickens with their heads cut off who can't come to the defense of those vilified without cause, is not helpful but harmful to the Antiwar Movement. We must show solidarity with people when they are attacked and found supposedly guilty without due process. We must act forcefully on behalf of these people. Otherwise, we are accepting of the reality of those that want to make the whole world into one enlarged Guantanamo, where allegations need not ever be proven, but simply accepted as given fact by authority. Activism without Solidarity is empty of content. The US military spy on hundreds of thousands of us, and we should not act as if the harm that falls upon some of us for our activism merely has innocently fallen out of the sky. If you know this, then work as if those peace activists that have been slandered are in fact innocent until proven guilty. If you do not, then in fact you are working with the saboteurs of The Movement For Peace, and not against them.

Cynthia McKinney 2008, I think I love you!

As a powerful antidote against the nonsensical Juneteenth Day event here in Colorado Springs, thank you, Cynthia McKinney, woman in Green. This is a powerful speech, where she talks about COINTELPRO, the police, and how crappy America currently is now. Cynthia McKinney in Green, 2008. Oh, and LOVE.

The woman from Hell

Every so often a story in the news sort of grabs out at the reader. My first wife used to occasionally call me an 'aguafiestas', or a 'rainer on the party'. Hey, that's nothing compared to being an 'mordidafiestas', or 'party biter'. Beware the woman from Hell! 'Testicle attack 'That's yours'! lol... Well what else could the friend say?

Hiding the war out of sight

While our government should not technically be called fascist, it is also true that in many ways it acts as if it is. Many have pointed out through the years that 'liberal democracies' running Empires act towards their colonies' people as fascist governments do to their own populations. Certainly, this insight holds true for the US Empire, as well it has for European empires in the recent past. Now the US government is trying to ban photos, video, and basically all non vetted reporting about the US Terror War on the Iraqi people. The principle is, Out of Sight, Out of Mind. This brings back the memory of how many Germans at the end of WW2 claimed to not have known about their government's NAZI concentration camps. Seems implausible, but maybe not? The simple truth is that the Nazis, like our own US government, hid away their crimes against humanity from their own people as best they could. Empires act against the populations in their occupied colonies as fascists do against their own peoples. Think of that next time you get to listen to the sickening pretense of what is passed off to us as campaign 'debates' in this Empire's election campaigns. Little real is getting discussed as the press cooperates with hiding away this US government war of terror from its own public. Some are already saying, 'We just didn't know.' They want you to vote for them, too. Watch out, or We The People in the US will get led as far astray as the German people once did. They're trying to hide the US's terroristic war out of our sight, like once the concentration camps were hidden out of sight inside Europe.

American companies busy at work killing the kids daily

Protests at the G8 economic conference in Europe and Bush and Rice preaching the joys of capitalism to Putin as the Pentagon encircles Russia with new weapons. These are the headlines in the news this week and last. Most all of us now understand how the US's military-industrial complex kills children daily around the globe, since one has to be in obtuse and total denial to not know about this. But what about our other industrial giants? Aren't they helping others out, and most especially helping out the world's children to live better lives? George Monbiot has an excellent commentary about this issue titled (at least on their site), G8: Watch What They Do, Not What They Say. A` large part of his article discusses some big American companies involvement in helping kill Philippine children for their stockholders benefit. And how the US government itself steps in to ensure that this be the case. This is not a situation limited to the Philippines and/ or breastfeeding. American corporations carry out economic policies that kill all around the globe. They are constantly working to sell coca cola, corn syrup, and other expensive food trash to children whose parents have little money. In Mexico and Central America, vending of fruit and licuados is rapidly in decline, while corn tortilla prices skyrocket. Meanwhile, the countryside is turned to desert by American pushed ag policies. Children perish in these conditions, and they are the conditions that US corporations push worldwide. Yes, American companies are busy at work daily killing kids to make a better profit for themselves. Add that to the policies they push that degrade the world's ecology, and the kids are in danger everywhere. There has got to be a better way than allowing the 'free market' to just run amok.

El Pueblo Unido, Jamas Sera Vencido

El Pueblo Unido, Jamas Sera Vencido- How many times have peace activists heard that chant at rallies? Quilapayun does it even better as the youtube video shows. More musica andina at their website, too. Quilapayun is Nueva Cancion at its best.

Cheney’s African quail hunt

It's Bombs Away time once again! America's favorite dick is out quail hunting in Africa this weekend... Oh My! The terrorists are everywhere and from everywhere! Last week it was Albanians arrested for trying to destroy a fort in New Jersey! This week it is a horrid plot by Guyanese to blow up one of New York City's airports! And now look who they say they killed in Somalia. Foreign fighters from Britain, Pakistan, and Sweden were among those killed so says the Pentagon, and they were all taken out by Cheney's aim during his weekend African quail hunt! This would all be funny if it were just our imaginations. But it's not! This is our new lives. Next week they will find Muslim Martians trying to poison our water supply, so President Bush should call in our Colorado Springs own once again so that Dr. James Dobson can help get the word out to patriots about this threat to our international security. Call in the clowns and they will invoke and invent a clown-like threat to us all, it seems. I must be sure not to joke about any of this at the airport when my family flies out this week to visit relatives. Oh my God! Our last name is almost identical to the devil from Guyana trying to blow up the New York airport! And he's still 'at large'! I might just become part of this week's comic plot episode even. Stay tuned.... Terrorists are amongst us.

Memorial Day jingoism and celebration of death

The 3 largest Colorado papers all had the same headline pictures this Memorial Day. Graduating Air Force Academy Cadets all throwing up their caps into the sky in unison with jet planes flying overhead. Thus we arrive to half time in America's annual jingoistic display. Second half of this supposed public patriotic display of support for imperialist foreign policies will certainly be the 4th of July. We are awash in 'support our troops' brain wash. Don't you dare not support them! And not supporting the constant and continual warfare is always construed as not 'supporting the troops'. Thirty of us met the parade of cars entering into the Air Force Academy base and they penned us dangerous folk in behind chains and concrete barriers. Up on the hill mounted Calvary watched us terrorist Injuns down below. What a sad lot the people entering the base seemed. It gave me great pleasure to hold a sign demanding that the torture of American held POWs be ended. Just how proud can these graduating cadets actually be, when the employer they will be working for has such a low reputation from routinely torturing people? How about their parents? How proud can they really be? This Memorial Day's celebration of death just seemed more gruesome and pathetic than it has ever been. There was something pathetic about it all that seemed etched in the faces of the people in their vehicles as they came in. Next step? Buy some fire works and pretend that one is having a good time. Eat some turkey dogs and drink a little. Red, White, and Blue.

Falwell lives!

It appears that Jerry Falwell died and went to neither Hell nor Heaven. He went to Poland, where he is now once again outing Tinky Winky from the closet. More intolerance of this sort can also be found in Moscow, too. Thank God we live in Colorado Springs, where people and dogs of all types tolerate and respect each other! My dog sez Moo to Y'all. And she says that we all need each other, so don't make life hard for others. It's pretty damn simple., isn't it?

Mexico slides into political chaos

There is little news in the US press about it, but Mexico is beginning to sink into chaos. After stealing the Mexican federal presidential election in mid 2006 with US support, Felipe Calderon (FeCal), now acting president, began a struggle to obtain some public legitimacy by initiating a war with Mexico's drug lords. He is now losing that war. Of even more potential interest to the Mexican public as well as to the international public, is a split forming in the Mexican political establishment, exemplified by a new book by long time PRI leader, Roberto Madrazo entitled 'La Traicion' (The Betrayal). Madrazo book claims that Mexico was betrayed, as well as himself, by a secret pact made between previous Mexican presidents Ernesto Zedillo and Vicente Fox. He dates that secret pact as having begun in 1994. The essence of that pact was to seemingly end the over a half century dictatorship of one party, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional or PRI, and to begin a planned-on 'alternancia', where political power would alternate between the PRI and PAN kind of like it does in the US between the Democratic and Republican parties. Except the pact was actually broken when Felipe Calderon followed Vicente Fox into presidential office, since both are from the same political party. Madrazo knows about this secret plot well, since he was a full participant to it when it was initiated. But he thought that it would guarantee him the presidency in 2006. Instead, he came in third, hence the 'betrayal'. But what political forces actually launched this secret plot? Roberto Madrazo dates this well and it is easy to follow the money. He dates the plot as beginning in 1994 and it was in precisely the time that the Clinton Administration and Mexican PRI government were negotiating an economic 'bailout' to stop the Mexican economic crash of that time. In 1995, the cash began to flow to the tune of over $55 billion dollars from the US into Mexico. What was purchased by the US government? The US was sick of having ties to a corrupt Mexican dictatorship that had no world legitimacy. The European Union was formed as an economic bloc, but the US only had Mexico and Canada to work with, and Mexico had a most unsavory reputation. What was purchased by the bailout was an agreement to open up the Mexican system to another pro-big business political party, the Partido Acion Nacional or PAN. That way, the US would not be seen as dealing with a dictatorship. The PRI establishment wanted some guarantees as to their future though, and Roberto Madrazo wanted the 2006 presidency to come back to himself. Well it simply didn't, as change began to spin out of control of the PRI bigwigs in charge up to that time of all that was Mexico. So where

’24’ and the high cost of idiocy

Now I think we can begin to put a precise figure on the high cost of idiocy. Here is what it took the Australian government in OZ dollars to get Hicks back out of direct US hands. A mere 1/2 million dollars for one single one way flight! I'm sure boondoggles like this one in the name of the so-called 'War Against Terrorism' are bound to continue to just really please the folk down under. Aw Hell! The tax payers don't really need the money spent on reality anyway, do they? It's just paper.... Who ever knew that torture would cost so much? Wonder if Fox's hit show '24' ever mentions this sort of stuff on their 'reality' program?

Goodbye, Jerry, Paul, and Tony

They were all here with us so long, and now they have gone away. In the next year yet more of them will go away, too, and the corporate media will be ablaze with shouts about the glory of it all. Yet nothing has changed, nor will real change come with the US elections. The banality of corruption and decay of the US Empire will continue, with resistance mainly confined to the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Latin America, and Somalia. We will go on shopping, though the price of gasoline will be a little higher. Short term local forecast? More cloudy weather with gradually rising temperatures ahead. Local pressure confined mainly to a few individuals resisting as they can.

Will world agriculture production collapse?

World agriculture is facing some dire straits ahead. While most scientists have been concentrating their worries about the ability of agriculture to keep up with the growing population consumption needs for some time, they were often worrying most about the spreading scarcity of fresh water, growing desertification of the planet, increasing soil degradation, global warming, peak oil's effects on fertilizer supplies, etc. They had not been worrying so much about the death of honey bees. That has now changed, since these bees are necessary for pollination of flowering plants and the bees are disappearing. We need the bees not just for honey, which alone is a relatively minor item, but we need them most for pollination of crops. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is simply that consequences of destructive economic activities are often not foreseen in advance. People calculate one thing, but 'God', so to speak, calculates another. Nature is not a controlled laboratory in a university lab somewhere, where reductionist thinking can lead only to reductionist results. So it is deadly to just rely on only a micro-management style, 'environmental impact statement' sort of plotting of economic planning in the future. That is precisely what our corporate government and the corporations themselves will try to do, and they will call it GREEN to do so. In fact it is not and is a formula for mass human suicide instead. Let's hope that the bees can rally and come back next season? But even if they do, we are hardly out of crisis state in the least. We are just beginning to enter into it. The corporate sector alone is not in any way capable of delivering the type of planning of future economic activity that is needed to forestall disaster worldwide. Temporary profit making, which is what the corporate world is all about, can only be destructive to the world environment we all live in. There is not even a seed of real change that can be accomplished when this mindset dominates. A radical shift is totally necessary in how things are done and made.

Top Democrat admits that he lied to cover for Bush’s lies

Senator Richard Durbin, the #2 Democratic Party leader in the Senate, certainly takes the cake. He has confessed to deliberately passing Republican Administration lies to the American people, and actually has the nerve to state that he legally had to do such! He says that he was sworn to secrecy as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Let's see now? At the time when the lies that were sold to the American people by Bush to justify an attack and invasion Iraq, there was actually a majority of 1 by Democrats on that committee. There were 9 Democrats in all, and 8 Republicans. Senator Richard Durbin now wants Americans to believe that somehow they were legally obligated back then to help Bush spread deliberate lies to go to war! That's preposterous, Mr. Durbin. Your party, as well as the Republicans on that committee, were actually duty bound NOT TO LIE to the world, but chose instead, not to tell the truth. You are complicit in the international crime of attacking another nation under false pretenses, and so is the entire political party you help lead, The Democrats. Shame on you, and the fact that you now openly admit your guilt is hardly to your credit at all. It shows that still, neither you nor the Democrat Party as a whole, actually understands where your responsibilities lie, both legal ones and moral ones. Shame on you as your actions show that your group of Democratic Party politicians are actually a group of lying murderers same as the Republicans as a whole are, with only an exception or two amongst the sorry lot of both parties' political leaderships. Until our political system is fundamentally altered, there is no peace that lies ahead , neither for America or the world. This is not a democracy in any real sense of the word at all. We need an overthrow of this rotten and corrupt con game of a system that rules over us all, where polticians will no longer swear each other to secrecy cross parties when they lie to the public as a group. Two party system your DP ass! You are just one united poltical party of liars and murderers, that's all.