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Israel blames Hamas for using civilians as human shields

Israel blames Hamas for using civilians as human shields at BBC reports Gaza hospital comes under fire. Yes, Israel, we remember,too, how you had to spread tons of cluster bombs and land mines across Southern Lebanon when you entered into that country the last time to vandalize. It was because Palestinians and Lebanese were 'using civilians as human shields' then, no doubt? And of course the US government likes using this same sorry excuse, and has from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan. Those damn human shields just keep getting in the way of righteous military men! The UN in Gaza was using human shields, too. Yes, and even food warehouses were used as shields by the UN there. You can't help but bomb these scoundrels when they try to trick people such as your so-called Israeli Defense Forces. Who can blame these nice people for 'mistakes' when human shields are being used? Certainly not most American Zionists.

Israel has always been genocidal

Zionist puppet Hillary Clinton declares she will NOT talk to Hamas. So why the Hell is she going to be Secretary of State, again?   UN President Accuses Israel of Genocide. Neo-Nazi Israel planning to demolish hospitals in Gaza. Nazi troops have already massacred over 1,000 people in Gaza. More Jewish protests against ZioNazi war crimes in Gaza. Israel preparing to nuke Iran before Bush leaves office next week? The Bible is a handbook of genocide. After the exodus, God told the Jews to go into the land and drive the natives out, and to kill every man, woman and child who remained. This is beyond dispute, it is right there in the text. So, one must come to one of two conclusions, either God is a genocidal maniac, or the book is a lie written by genocidal maniacs, to excuse their crimes. Either way, Judaism exists because of genocide, and what Israel is doing in Gaza is just a modern recurrence of what the evil they brought to the region over 3,000 years ago. They believe that they are the only people on the planet who matter, and anything they want belongs to them. No wonder the world keeps driving the Jews out. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." --Martin Luther King, Jr. Enough. It's time for a boycott. By Naomi Klein Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Jan 14 notes,


Israel’s Bombardment of Gaza Is Not Self-Defence. It’s a War Crime! Israel Is Committing War Crimes. Hamas's violations are no justification for Israel's actions. Israel Follows the Path of Nazi Germany. A Polish View of the Palestinian Holocaust "I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars." ---Abbie Hoffman Everything Israel has ever told you is a LIE. Hamas offered ceasefire in December, but Israel refused. Demands grow for Gaza war crimes investigation. Nazi Army spokesman justifies murdering innocent Palestinian children, saying, they would have grown up to become terrorists, anyway, calls Palestinians "animals." Final Solution: Member of Israeli Parliament calls for NUCLEAR obliteration of Gaza. American Jews beginning to revolt against the Nazi State of Israel. The Israeli leadership calls for the complete extermination of the Palestinian people, but you are slandered as "anti-semitic" if you compare them to the the Nazis. I think that is rather an insult to the Nazis. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Jan 13 notes,

Israel declined December cease-fire offer because it meant opening the Gaza border

A US media blackout is keeping the Gaza solidarity demonstrations out of the news, while repeating the mantra of Israel's right to defend itself. Behind the media lies, the diplomatic records speak another story: Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December. Colorado Springs' own Rabbi Donald Levy has been decrying in the local press how Israel is criticized "so deeply and so repeatedly...simply for defending its borders." Speaking for the Jewish Community, Levy explained to KRDO how all Jews feel some connection to Israel, and that the community hopes recent events will lead to the destruction of Hamas. The "destruction of Hamas?" Hamas members are the democratically elected representatives of Palestine! It's one thing to call for "wiping Israel [an apartheid theocracy imposed upon Arabs] from the map." Even Hamas is not cheerleading for a liquidation of all Israeli Likud Party members!

Israeli fury seals a Single State Solution

Israel's relentless and unrepentant program to exterminate the Palestinians of Gaza, will yield but a single outcome. And it would certainly please the Palestinians, if they live to see it. First, if Palestine is deprived of viability as an independent state, Israel is left with only a single state solution. Second, with Israel convinced that its security from rocket fire depends on every last Arab neighbor being interned or interred, there is no other choice but cloistered Apartheid. Will the international community long tolerate a feudal theocracy constantly inflaming the resentment of its indigenous laborers? I was being facetious to suggest that Palestinians will not live to see Israel vanquished. Much as Israel might try, the Palestinians won't be killed off like North America's original natives. Neither Gaza nor the West Bank will succumb to genocide, alcoholism or uranium poisoning, nor vanish like an eclipsed civilization. They can be driven off, and dispersed among the neighbors, but the Palestinian diaspora will hang interminable with a much fresher claim to the lands of their fathers than ever had the Zionists. But on the ground, the captive Palestinians will never reconstitute even a client state, so long as Israel pens them in like Soweto. Lands allotted to Palestinians will be work camps, and prison camps, with every un-free man's right to rebel against the yoke of occupation. Israel will dodge rockets until the last slave is shackled. And I guess the world will sit by and let them do that. However blatant they want to be about it. Knowing that after Lebanon and Gaza, Israel has disciplinary actions aimed at Syria and Iran, what are the prospects for cohabitation in the Middle East? Does Israel expect that its "right to exist" grants it a swath of no-man's zone, extended beyond the borders of all its neighbors? Israel's wrathful attack on Gaza, as retaliation for Hamas' motley rockets, the disproportionality of the air strikes, and the IDF's disregard for innocent civilian casualties, betrays Israel's racist ambivalence about the fate of non-Jews. Without a humanitarian regard for others, how can Israel expect to be asked to the adult's table? So Israel has sealed its own fate. Obliterate the Palestinians or drive them off, ostracize the neighbors until you are all alone. Israel will be a solitary state, inhabited by the white elite, separated by a state religion forbidden to their darker working castes. The untouchables will live behind apartheid walls until delivered by an Arab Mandela. Then international pressure, hopefully too a domestic conscience, will bring Democracy, and then, as current opponents of a single-state-solution fear, a popular vote will eradicate the oppression of religious rule. Say goodbye to Israel, the Jewish State. It will "be wiped off the map" of the Middle East, and left for Jews and Palestinians to inhabit with equality. So long as particular Palestinians do not survive who have claims to properties appropriated by the Zionists, or so long as some compensation is offered to buy off the Palestinian's right

Israel targets Gaza’s press like the Clinton regime once targeted Yugoslavia’s press

Not only is Israel targeting children, civilians, hospitals, mosques, and schools, it also is targeting Gaza's journalists. They don't want any information to get out to counter Israeli propaganda. Journalist Rights Group: Israel deliberately attacked Palestinian journalists The Israelis didn't get the idea of attacking journalists from Bush's use of terrorism against Al Jazeera reporters in Iraq, but from much earlier when Bill Clinton used Pentagon terrorism to attack Yugoslav television stations in Belgrade, the capital of that country. Now that Barack Obama has stacked his new government with Clinton retreads, we can't consider that this is something that he will ultimately condemn and reject at all, but rather a policy of the US and Israeli governments that will continue to be used. There is absolutely nothing about what Barack Obama is doing that leads one to intelligently believe that he will reject the use of torture and terrorism in US foreign policy. Has anybody noticed that al jazeera TV is kept off America's tv screens, despite being a better source of information than CNN or Fox. That's due to US government censorship efforts, not to the so-called free market. In the case of Israel's attacks against the press, the US government can call for an end to Hamas' lobbing a few tin cans over the border into Israel, but refuses to call for and end to murdering civilian reporters in Gaza. The reason? It is simply because this sort of thing is US Pentagon policy against civilians and journalists now being used by its junior partner Israel. (The journalist shown in the picture was actually wounded by Israeli troops while covering a protest in November 2006 within Gaza. Shooting down journalists is a long standing Israeli policy and was in use in that previous attack on Gaza, too. It is from Getty Images.)

Israel-USA use Hamas as shields to kill Palestinian children

Here we go again with that typical Pentagon argument that the official enemy of the minute is supposedly hiding behind civilians. Israel shells near UN school, killing at least 30 This is what Israeli propagandists have to say about that... 'The Israeli army said its soldiers came under fire from militants hiding in the school and responded. It accused Gaza's Hamas rulers of "cynically" using civilians as human shields.' What a threadbare argument for killing civilians with heavy fire, and the US government uses this excuse all the time for its Murder Incorporated policies around the globe. How many times has the Pentagon dropped bombs on schools, mosques, and wedding parties, and then denied it or used the above excuse? More times than I can count. Israel-USA are a group of terrorists and most all of the citizens of both countries are apologists for their government's continual use of terrorism on civilian populations. That is what colonialism, 'neo' or not always leads to. We need to open our voices, increase our public visibility in our opposition to the latest US terrorism underway via a US government client state. We need to wake up and realize that we are not governed by a democracy, but rather by a corporate dictatorship that has become, Murder Incorporated. We live under the rule of State Terrorists. Barack Obama is merely a new gargoyle that heads this regime.

The liberal myth of Barack the Impotent

Barack isn't president yet, Barack is just one man, Israel is handing Barack a fait accompli, Barack can't buck The Establishment, Oh Poor Barack the Impotent! What can the poor man do? According to Rasmussen Americans (are) Closely Divided Over Israel’s Gaza Attacks. However, these are not just 'Israel's Gaza Attacks, now are they? They are America's Gaza Attacks, America's Attacks on Hamas, America's Attacks on the Palestinians, and that damn Barack Obama is America's Commander in Chief, now as much as in 2 weeks. So why all this myth making about Barack the Impotent? It is simply that American liberals don't want to admit that they voted this in. Tonight I sat at a talk and discussion about the Israeli destruction of Gaza with 14 others, all who voted for Barack the Impotent. They were talking about in 2 weeks the 'regime change' supposedly going to occur. What regime change I asked? There is no regime change taking place in 2 weeks. You are making it all up as you go, since this is the same 'bipartisan' group of gangsters as before. Let's not talk about regime change when, in fact, there is none. How long are American liberals going to play stupid like this? Your guess is as good as mine? The myth gets further defined as Barack the knowledgeable and Decent, Barack the Educated Man of the World. But when it comes to Barack the Man with a Penis; go figure? He don't have one and is Barack the Impotent now, or all at least for 2 weeks more. Then The Penis of Barack will rise like Jesus Christ after Crucifixion, I guess? Your guess is as good as mine? Until then, Barack can't do it! What is it with Americans who want to individualize a Machine of Little ... well you know what I mean... who want to indivualize a group of Ivy League-Chicago School Politician Hacksters like the Barack crowd is? Air Force Air Head Cadets! Locked in Lockheed Shits! Barack is the Liberal Impotent made into a Deity of Change here! Or can he? ....the myth goes on and on and on. Can he? Barack, the He Really Wants to Do-Right Guy, Barack the Community Organizer, Barack the Man of Rainbow Color, Barack the Gentle Giant surrounded by Treacherous Dwarfs! Barack the Noble, Barack the Man of One? Good grief, the Liberal Community can give one the Heebe Jeebies. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has to put up with the suffering America's moronic pseudo liberal communities help deliver to them. God Bless.... Well God Bless Anybody but US!

Nazi rampage on Palestine continues

"This is not a war against Hamas. It is a war against the Palestinian people as is obvious from the fact that the bulk of the victims are innocent civilians.   "There is no heroism, but sheer cowardice, in launching these deadly bombs at unprotected civilian buildings just as there was no heroism in the targeting of unarmed civilians by the Nazi war machines.   "In short, the Israeli onslaught against a people who don’t possess the means to defend themselves and can’t protect their children from Israeli brutality is an act of sheer cowardice. It can be compared with the Nazi SS strafing Jewish protesters with machine gunfire." --Khalid Amayreh This is what Zionist terrorism looks like! Video analysis of Israeli objectives by Norman Finkelstein. War Criminal Bush gave green light to Israeli genocide of innocent Palestinian population. Condi Rice says she is working for a "durable and sustainable" cease-fire in Gaza. Of course, by "durable and sustainable" she means Israel will continue to starve the Palestinians to death, but the Palestinians won't be allowed to fight back. Has Huffington Post become just another Zionist propaganda outlet? "Israel is a NAZI state. The Jewish Soul is being tortured in Israel. The destruction of the Jews in Israel has been assured with this inhuman attack on civilians in Gaza. Hamas is the street gangs — this is equivilent to Los Angeles attacking and launching war on the people of Watts to attempt to kill the Bloods and the Crips." --Roseanne Barr (a Jew) Cop executes handcuffed man. Seven cars hit man on interstate freeway, but nobody stopped. Hey, what did they expect, after 8 years of Republican non-government? Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Jan 3rd notes,

The US government’s hatred of Arab democracy is on display in Gaza

"The democratically elected Hamas government was targeted for destruction from the day it won the elections in 2006." With that sentence in his commentary, Nir Rosen sums up the growing Gaza massacre Gaza: the logic of colonial power, a commentary that also deals with the US government misuse of the word "terrorist." "As so often, the term 'terrorism' has proved a rhetorical smokescreen under cover of which the strong crush the weak." Yes, EXACTLY. Once, the Nazis called others terrorists, too. Rosen does not mention the military suppression of the victory by the Islamic party in Algeria in the elections of 1991, which the European colonial powers and the US government completely backed up and covered for as it was done. Afterwards, tens of thousands died in the conflicts that ensued. From this election might very well have come much of Osama bin Laden's anger at his US former allies and friends, the US government. Certainly this suppression of democracy in the Arab World must have played some part in the run up to 9/11. So there is nothing really too new about the hostility of the US, Israel, and in tailing along, the European governments also, for their hostility to the fact that the Palestinian population chose democratically to be represented by Hamas after the US buying off of the PLO post Arafat's death. All that nonsense about bringing democracy to Arabs from American elites that hate Arab democracy not withstanding. What is there about supposedly supporting democracy in the Arab World that the US government has pawned off on a gullible, naive, and ignorant US public is on show in sitting by and allowing the Jewish carnage making in Gaza? Yes, it is 'the Jews' that is running this Gaza slaughterhouse, and they do it with 'The Christians' backing them up. These are the same sort of 'Christians' that slaughtered off so many Jews in World War 2. Both groups are absolutely shameless in their utter hypocrisy. They care not a hoot for the Arabs or democracy.... anywhere! The US hatred of democracy in the Arab World is now about as exposed as it can get, and let us not hear this babble about the US government supporting it ever be brought up in the year ahead. The silence of Barack Obama as he supports the Israeli government and Bush Administration as they slaughter innocent Arab civilians is horrendous, and should bring shame to every single voter who got conned to vote for the guy. Unfortunately, people continue to want to think the best about the neo-Clintonite gang that Barack Obama has morphed himself into heading. Make a dumb decision to vote ' the lesser of two evils' in a pseudo US democracy, and then it becomes rather easy for most of these voters to justify further US government suppression of real democracy

Arab dictator allies of US line up in support of Israeli terrorism against Gaza

Silence. Or worse yet even, efforts to blame Hamas instead of Israel for the new slaughter in Gaza. That's what the US allied Arab dictatorships imposed on the Arab world offer their people. Complicity. Many of these Sunni Arab elites (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, et cetera) are eager for the US to hammer the Shiite led Iranians, and have no solidarity at all with their own poor let alone the Palestinian poor of Gaza.... or Palestinians elsewhere for that matter. This is the opening battle of the war to bring about regime change in Iran for the Washington, D.C. rat class, and the Arab dictatorships controlled by the US government are fully behind the effort. Meanwhile the corporate media in the US and Britain keep a tight lid on the spin of the actual news, all in support of their own imperialist ruling cabals. At least, the European Union and the United Nations have had the decency to tokenly oppose this slaughter by this Jewish/ Christian Corporate Alliance centered in the US, Great Britain, and Israel. Everybody around the globe pretty much knows who holds the big guns, and it is the US government and its immediate side kicks that do. Everybody realizes that there is always the big price to pay if one gets too out of line with what these gangsters want from them. The US antiwar community, dominated by phony 'Peace'crat types, are immobilized. It seems that the script promised by the 'Peace'crats with an Obama victory were as false as they come. They all voted for Obama and now don't know what exactly to do? Really going out and protesting against their rulers is something that might make them embarrassed and scares them no end. Locally, not a word from the office clowns of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace De-Commission, with them only wanting to turn the other cheek from reality, though reality just keeps on beating them about their public face. So now we know why the Arab World hates us so? It has to do with their own gang of thugs kept in power by the US government. The US and Israel have even turned the Arabs into hating the PLO, now that the leader of the PLO, Abbas, is totally controlled by our sorry leaders in Washington, D.C. What a mess! And the world keeps on just getting more and more dangerous, more and more messed up, day after day. Nobody has any 'national security' these days, thinks to the Democratic and Republican gangsters that almost all voting Americans backed in the last election. This Israeli bombing of mainly children Arab youngsters living in the most horrible poverty and isolation in Gaza, is their work. Aren't you proud you voted for this, if in fact you did?

Obama endorsed by infamous UN liar

"Less than a teaspoon of dry anthrax, a little bit about this amount -- this is just about the amount of a teaspoon --"   Colin Powell perjured himself at the UN, playing the leading role in encouraging the invasion of Iraq which resulted in the deaths of over a million Iraqis. Now he's lauded for endorsing Barack Obama? What hope is there that Obama will seek a just resolution to the war in Iraq? Let's continue this excerpt from Colin Powell's presentation before the United Nations on February 6, 2003: " ...less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an envelope shutdown the United States Senate in the fall of 2001. This forced several hundred people to undergo emergency medical treatment and killed two postal workers just from an amount just about this quantity that was inside of an envelope. "Iraq declared 8,500 liters of anthrax, but UNSCOM estimates that Saddam Hussein could have produced 25,000 liters. If concentrated into this dry form, this amount would be enough to fill tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of teaspoons. And Saddam Hussein has not verifiably accounted for even one teaspoon-full of this deadly material. "And that is my third point. And it is key. The Iraqis have never accounted for all of the biological weapons they admitted they had and we know they had. They have never accounted for all the organic material used to make them. And they have not accounted for many of the weapons filled with these agents such as there are 400 bombs. This is evidence, not conjecture. This is true. This is all well-documented." Transcript to Feb. 6, 2003 U. N. presentation by Colin Powell Part 1: Introduction Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, distinguished colleagues, I would like to begin by expressing my thanks for the special effort that each of you made to be here today. This is important day for us all as we review the situation with respect to Iraq and its disarmament obligations under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441. Last November 8, this council passed Resolution 1441 by a unanimous vote. The purpose of that resolution was to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had already been found guilty of material breach of its obligations, stretching back over 16 previous resolutions and 12 years. Resolution 1441 was not dealing with an innocent party, but a regime this council has repeatedly convicted over the years. Resolution 1441 gave Iraq one last chance, one last chance to come into compliance or to face serious consequences. No council member present in voting on that day had any illusions about the nature and intent of the resolution or what serious consequences meant if Iraq did not comply. And to assist in its disarmament, we called on Iraq to cooperate with returning inspectors from UNMOVIC and IAEA. We laid down tough standards for Iraq to meet to allow the inspectors to do their job. This council placed the burden on Iraq to comply and disarm and not on the inspectors to find

The PLO has now been turned into a tool of Israel and the US

The PLO is now running operations for Israel and the Bush gang against Palestinians, as they sweep gangs of armed thugs into Palestinian towns like Jenin. What a sad demise to the PLO, who under Arafat turned towards corruption and capitulation in a massive way. Under Abbas, this process is now complete, and little remains of the PLO other than goon squads under foreign control. See Abbas sends forces to north WBank in security push When Jimmy Carter met with Hamas representatives, he as carrot carrier of the US, was well aware of this relative new reality, one which the American public hasn't quite caught up to understanding. Hamas, with all its defects and blemishes, at least is not corrupted in the manner that the PLO became when it began to get bought off by the US. Hamas has taken over the leadership of the Palestinian community, while the leadership of the PLO went totally astray, looking principally for personal gain for the 'leaders'. The US and Israel want a PLO group that is willing to collaborate with the oppression of the Palestinians, in much the same way that many Jews once tried to collaborate with the Nazis, to curry favor for their own personal selves and families. Iraq and Afghanistan also have clumps of traitors, who collaborate witht the foreign occupiers, too. The PLO is now dead and should be buried. It was defeated by Israeli and American firepower.

Egypt thwarts Israeli starvation of Gaza

Egypt thwarts Israel's efforts to starve their Palestinian captives in Gaza. Masked gunmen in Palestine were responsible for tearing down part of the metal barrier separating Egypt from Gaza in the town of Rafah, but now Egyptian leader Mubarak has announced his intention to allow residents of Gaza to resupply themselves in Egypt with the food and necessities being deprived them by the Israeli blockade. "Masked gunmen?" That certainly paints the usual negative picture. Is it fair to label either Hamas or Fatah as [lawless] gunslingers? All warring participants in Palestine and Iraq are masked. Israeli soldiers, Iraqi trainees collaborating with the Americans, even many of the Americans have their faces concealed. Needless to say every combatant is armed with guns. How descriptive is it then to identify Palestinian upstarts in such terms? The Palestinians who dared break down the barrier in Gaza have to obscure their identities to prevent subsequent retaliatory Israeli air-strikes on their particular homes and families. They do it also to avoid arrest and indefinite incarceration in Israeli prisons. Even boys conceal their faces with scarves or kaffiyeh when they throw stones at the Israeli tanks. If the armed Palestinians had fired on Egyptian border guards, perhaps there might have been cause to call them gunmen. Otherwise the description seems just as biased as another side saying Palestinian saboteurs interrupt Israel's smooth running genocidal solution in Gaza.

The Vampire

Thousands protest in Gaza against 'vampire' Bush ... Say what you will about Hamas, but they certainly are spot on about Bush. Bush is a vampire, a blood sucking criminal, and a total phony with his call for Palestinians to capitulate to Jewish Israel's ethnic cleansing. He has no 'peace plan', but only more calls to warfare and bloodshed. Shame on the Europeans, Canadians, Kiwis, and Australians for tagging along with this jerk.... this vampire. Vampire Bush.

Hateful Hamas and Friendless Fatah

Hamas and Fatah. Do you know which is which? I try to keep abreast of the people's struggle, so I find it strange and disappointing that in the news I so often cannot differentiate the two. I blame a slanderous media intent on confusing us about which are the Honest representatives of Palestine, and which are the Fake. Fatah stands for Palestinian National Liberation Movement in Arabic backward, and they came First. Though they emerged from Yasser Arafat's PLO, they settled into the bureaucracy of the Palestinian Authority, Israel's Kapos in the occupied territories. Fatah now enforce Western Foreign interests in the Middle East and as concerns representing the oppressed Palestinians, Fatah have become Frauds. That's how in a landslide election last year, Hamas came to take the reins, and why Israel which holds the purse strings, refuses to give Hamas its due tax revenues. Hamas, or Islamic Resistance Movement, may sound like Hotheads to you, but who are we to say what will work best for the Palestinians? Their land has been stateless for going on sixty years, they remain in permanent dislocation, made worse forty years ago under direct Israeli occupation. But I oversimplify. Israelis seem satisfied to create a Palestinian Diaspora same as was done to the Israelites in 500 BC, or let the non-Jews die in refugee camps in the meantime, but for Hamas. Still uncertain? Watch how the corporate media covers Palestine. If there's something Favorable to say, it's about Fatah. If it's Horrible, it's about Hamas. Perhaps my continued disorientation grows from the optimism that one day the media will show some respect and Hope for the Palestinian people. Hamas are considered terrorists, and like the IRA and Sinn Fein, they lead Palestine's fight for independence from colonial empire. Those who do not want to condone armed struggle should ponder Occupied France under the Nazis, a cakewalk compared to Gaza. With whom would Gandhi or Mandela have sided, the Resistance or Vichy?

Keith Ellison, DP Muslim Congressman for Zionism

Keith Ellison, newly elected Congressman from Minnesota and the first Muslim ever elected to House or Senate, at first seems to be the ideal liberal politician to support. On abortion rights, social security, reform of the medical system, immigration, support for public education, and even calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, he seems to be quite supportive of a progressive agenda. Plus, it is impressive that liberal Jewish groups were there backing him, a Muslim candidate for Congress. All seems to look quite good. Unfortunately, the devil can sometimes be found in the details. At his 'On the ISSUES' page, intermeshed in with all the nice liberal rhetoric one finds out that Ellison is 'a strong supporter of law enforcement', and for reinstatement of Clinton's COPS program. In other words, he is for maintaining a police state environment, where police and prisons are grossly and constantly overfunded. He actually seems to hint that Bush and the Republicans are underfunding policing, whereas he would change that! His concern is the 'middle class' and not the working poor that have to live in so many inner cities where police rampage throughout their communities like an occupation army. And look in at his 'Israel and the Middle East' page. This is truly telling for we see not a word about Abu Ghraib, US support for 'renditions' and torture, condemnation of the US/ Israeli invasion of Lebanon, etc. Instead, we learn from this Muslim for Zionism, that supposedly Iran is a nuclear terror threat, that the Palestinian Authority has not dismantled a terrorist superstructure in the Occupied Territories, that Hamas supposedly represents the greatest obstacle to peace, etc. In short, we see the full agenda of Zionism represented as progressive agenda, by a Muslim! Israel comes in for ZERO condemnation! I would say, the Keith Ellison is about as representative of the majority of the American Muslim community, as Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice are of the Black community in our country. Not very. In short, the American media are guilty of a big con, as they spread news of Ellison's victory at the polls as being a historic victory for the Muslim community. It is not. Electing a Zionist Muslim into office is about par for what liberal Democratic electoral politics brings, but that is nothing really to boast of. How sad to see all the liberal community behind such a man, whose web page clearly paints Iran as being a nuclear danger to Western Civilization, and not Israel. Is this not liberalism backhandedly pushing another Bush Administration assault on yet another country? It is reminiscent of when liberals rallied around Clinton's illegal war on Yugoslavia. That's right, it is illegal in international law to invade and bomb another country, yet liberal Democrats supported that. And liberal Democrat, the Zionist Muslim

The US & Britain are profoundly undemocratic forces in the world today

If it is not enough to give Israel the free reign and financial aid to terrorize Palestianians and steal their lands at will, the US and Britain also try to disrupt and tear up the governance the Palestinians try to arrange for themselves. For years they made demons out of Arafat and Fatah, but today the US & its allies are politically supporting Fatah by trying to force new Palestinian elections early and pumping money into Fatah and its leader Abbas, so that this group will be able to buy the new elections at will and destroy their opposition, Hamas. The US and Britain are profoundly undemocratic forces in the world today, though this in effect is nothing new, and this is just the most recent example of this. Our corporate government leaders no more support democracy in placxes like Palestine and Iraq, than they do in our own workplaces if we try to organize unions. We can go back to the US's coup against Allende where Washington DC installed Pinochet into power. We can go also to examine Algeria, where in 1991 the US and Europe supported a military coup after the elections were won by an Islamic coalition. Subsequently, several hundred thousand were slaughtered down, and repression there continues to this day. Hardly an incentive for Muslim groups looking for national independence and liberation to take a peaceful course of action, as opposed to crashing planes into the Pentagon and elsewhere. We can also see today, the US and its allies pushing to keep an undemocratic and unpopular Lebanese government in power. One that opened the gates to a foreign power (Israel) to wage war once again inside Lebanon against the majority sector of that country's population. We can see it in the US and European's support for the fraudulent and unpopular president just installed in Mexico, that provoked the largest demonstrations in the history of that country. And we can see it in the longterm US and Brit support for the Saudi Arabian monarchy, the Musharraf dictatorship in Pakistan, and the repressive Egyptian government, that has merely the sheerest of mirages of having any democratic trappings to it. Everywhere we look, the US and its allies are supporting tyrants and thugs, but can anybody really claim that this is something new? But this latest example of the US and Britain trying to force new elections on the Palestinians, is a new low of sorts, I think. It is forcing upon the Palestinians the type of factional violence that the US and Britain have already forced upon Afghanistan and Iraq. Could the Nazis themselves have taken this strategy of fomenting inter factional fighting to a form more detrimental to its victims?

Bush, just who is it that is destabilizing the Lebanese government?

The Bush Adminstration has been making statement after statement claming that Iran and Syria are in a subversive campaign to destabilize the government of Lebanon. But wasn't it just some few months ago that so many hundreds of thousands of Lebanese were in the streets demanding that Syria remove its troops from inside Lebanon's borders? And Syria did pull them out, too. But now, many of the same Christian Lebanese that demonstrated then, are now back in the streets of Beirut together with Hezbollah Muslim Lebanese, and both groups are demanding that the present government resign and dismantle itself. What happened? How did this Lebanese government, clinging desperately now to the reins of power, lose such previous popularity? Commander in Chief Bush, inquiring minds would like to know? The answer is pretty simple and obvious, though apparently the entirely whorish US press refuses to answer it, or in fact, to even ask this question. How did this current Lebanese government clutching to power by its little finger held so tight, lose its credibility within a few short months? Simple, they opened up the Cedar-lined Lebanese national gates, per US government request, and let Israeli troops rampage unrestrained (except by Hezbollah) across Lebanese national territory. The Lebanese beaches became clogged with a thick oil slick, the fields got strewn with land mines for children to blow themselves up with, and hundreds of thousands became refugees, lost their property, and even lost their lives. Who the hell would want a government that allowed this to happen and stood by passively? So whose strategy was it, to undermine this government? Was it Syria and Iran that came up with the idea, Dubya, to give the green light to Israel to go on its Jewish pogrom against Muslim Arabs? Or was it the twin US GeneralisiMoes, Dick and Donald Duck? The people united, never Hamas will be defeated, it seems. One, two, three, a thousand officious 'Iraq Study Groups' need to be Christened now. Baker and Hamilton to study Afghanistan, Lebanon, Colombia, and the Balkans, too! Time to play, neocon domino! Oh yeah. And one more US study group about the 'Palestinian problem', too. Duh? Just who destabilized the Lebanaese government?

Israel’s Targeted Assassinations leading to renewed Lebanese Civil War

'Targeted Assassinations' have become an integral part of official US policy and official Israel policy. Nowhere is this illustrated more than with Israel's constant running after Hamas leaders to try to sniper them out. By sniper though, often times this means dropping bombs or shelling neighborhoods and murdering entire families of innocent people, and not just firing away at a single person using a rifle with scope attached. The US leadership likes this Israeli Jewish terrorist mode so much, that it is now using the same tactic in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, and with the exact same consequences. As we have come to see, 'collateral damage' is often quite high. It should be clear, that what the Israeli and US governments refer to as targeted assassination' in reality is nothing more than terrorism. It's another semantics game like the Right also plays with the meaning of what constitutes torture. When the Right Wing US and Israeli governments do it, it supposedly does not constitute torture, or so say their apologists. So what does this have to do with Lebanon? It is quite simple really. When state terrorism (targeted assassinations) becomes official policy, the victims almost always reply in kind. They too start targeting the leaders of the Right for 'targeted assassinations'. Both sides, Right and Left, then usually enter into a prolonged sort of 'dirty war', where both sides employ terrorism against each other's leaderships. Yesterday, Israel murdered Hamas leaders in Gaza, and today, Hezbollah murders a US-Israel allied, Christian Lebanese leader, Perre Gemayel. And as pointed out previously, this situation is actually being fomented and inflamed by the deployment of United Nations troops into Lebanon in order to save Israel from any consequences from beginning a bombing attack on Iran. The European's tolerance for Israel's policy of 'targeted assassination' of Arab leaders it doesn't want to deal with, PLUS the allowing of the US to turn UN 'peacekeepers' into agents of Bush's foregin policy is throwing fuel onto the regionalization of the Iraq and Afghan fiascoes. The US government seems intent on turning the entire ME oil producing region into a zone of anarchy and chaos, where eventual control can ultimately only fall into Pentagon hands. It is a policy to drench in blood this entire area of the world in order to grab the energy supplies out of the ensuing chaos.

Middle East sibling rivalry no holds barred

Can I explain the current cataclysm in Lebanon? The media doesn't want to do it. Unfortunately for them, it's becoming a simpler story at each denouement. Here's an interesting overview: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land. And here's a chronology of the recent escalation. Here goes: Both Hamas and Hizb'Allah are always negotiating secret prisoner exchanges with Israel. Israel holds thousands of prisoners of both Hamas and Hizb'Allah. On June 25, Hamas captured an Israeli soldier which it hoped to use in an exchange. Similarly, Hizb'Allah captured two Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. In Palestine, instead of negotiating with Hamas, Israel decided to escalate its attacks on the Occupied Territories. Israel had already been refusing to recognize Hamas as Palestine's ruling party, it had been withholding all Palestinian Authority funding, and it was bombing the suspected houses and cars of the democratically-elected Hamas leaders. In its escalation, Israel bombed Palestine's only power plant and sent tanks into the Gaza Strip to force an immediate release of their "kidnapped" soldier. Out of solidarity for the defenseless population of Palestine, the military branch of the Hizb'Allah hiding in Syria decided to launch indiscriminate rocket attacks upon Israel, across the Israeli border from southern Lebanon. When Israel sent troops to Lebanon to attack those sites, Hizb'Allah captured two Israeli soldiers. With the precedent set: a-kidnapped-soldier- justifies-massive-air-strikes and M0Fo Bolton in the U.N. to stifle international pressure, Israel now had an identical pretext for attacking Lebanon. So, Israel is clearing the population out of southern Lebanon, just as it has been displacing the original occupants of Palestine. The world wants an immediate cease-fire, but the US won't let the U.N. take action. The US says it doesn't want to interrupt because Israel isn't finished. Finished what? Retaliating or house-cleaning? Secretary of State Rice calls Israel's bombardments "birth pangs" of the new Middle East, as if Israel's actions have been part of the U.S. remake for the region all along. A recently interviewed Israeli soldier, asked what he thought his unit was doing in Lebanon, smiled and said "purification I guess." This is like a household where one of the children, already in the headlock of a stronger sibling, is acting up. Under the pretext of disciplinary action, the bullying sibling decides to convert its headlock into a strangulation, simultaneously pushing that child right out of its room, in fact clear out of the house. The mother decries the disproportionate severity of the reaction, but the father, an abusive lout in his own right, refuses to intervene, and instead sides with the offspring so much his likeness.

Shit hits fan writ in Hebrew

Israel is delivering a lot of shit into the fan, and the US is shoveling to resupply them as fast as we can. The world wants an immediate cease-fire but the US objects because we say Hizb'Allah [Hezbollah] will not honor a cease-fire. In reality Israel says it won't stop until it has meted out at least another week of punishing air strikes. Secretary Rice objected that to stop Israel now would be to accept the status quo. The US not only supports Israel's offensive goals, we acknowledge that her incursions into Palestine and Lebanon are part of our plan for the transformation of the Middle East, of which the democratically elected Hamas and Hizb'Allah parties are to play no part. Imagine if Cuba started shelling Miami under the pretext of trying to assassinate the anti-cuban terrorists which we harbor there. Israel is committing the war crimes of disproportionate use of force, collective punishment, destroying civilian infrastructure, and of course, genocide. The UN is calling these clear violations of humanitarian law. Our media is playing this down by quoting only Lebanese officials as protesting these crimes as breaches of international law. That's like reporting "bank robbery may have been crime." "Man on street says money not theirs." The US is using its veto to keep the UN from condemning Israel. Our country is a party to Israel's war crimes and expansionist aims. The cat's out of this bag. Americans are in the Middle East for Israel.

Israel ends cease-fire in Occupied Territories

US mainstream media reports that Hamas has decided to end its cease-fire on account of a recent Israeli gun-boat attack upon Palestinian beach-goers. This follows a day after a top Palestinian government official was assassinated by an Israeli air strike.   Who might it be said was breaking the cease-fire?

Ahmadinejad and Hamas not denying Holocaust

No one is suggesting that the Holocaust didn't happen, or that six million Jews weren't killed by the Nazis. The mythology surrounding the Holocaust has to do with its aftermath: how the murder of six million Jews became justification for the creation of a Jewish state on land which belonged altogether to someone else.   That is the mythology about the Holocaust which natives of the Middle East would like the rest of us to contemplate. Western media seems intent on perpetuating a distortion of the Muslim position. So intent are they to avoid questioning the legitimacy of Zionism that anyone who does is painted as a "Holocaust denier." No one is denying the Holocaust! And no one is calling for killing any more Jews! "Wiping Israel off the map" is a truncated translation of what the Muslim voices have expressed. It does not mean "off the face of the earth" or "eradicate" or "exterminate." Right to exist Hamas is often described as not believing in Israel's right to exist. It sounds so unreasonable. Everyone has a right to exist. But Israel is not a person, it's an entity. Try this on for size. Does Jewish occupied Palestine have a right to exist? Did French occupied Algeria have a "right to exist?" Algeria had a right to exist, and the French there had every right to exist, as a minority. And as we've seen with all former colonies, the majority population has an inclination to rise against its upper class oppressors. The west has of course the inclination to try to prop up those embattled regimes. Israel was a nation created in 1949, carved out of the land of the Palestinians to make a home for European Jews. Israel is regarded by many as a last example of colonialism. White settlers laying claim to the lands of another people. Now the Israelis are erecting a wall to separate themselves from the darker skinned Arabs. It's an apartheid wall, and we've seen apartheid before. The Boers of Dutch ancestry no longer rule South Africa because the world wouldn't stand for it. Israelis have as much right to exist as anyone, as the Boers for example, but they don't have a divine right to exist on the backs of their native brothers.   Israelis call it a "fence." To construct it required demolishing entire Palestinian neighborhoods, often separating Palestinian farmers from their fields and orchards.     Off the map When the Iranian president says he would like to wipe Israel off the map, he's not saying he wishes to kill anyone. He didn't say he wants to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth, he's saying he'd like to see Israel off the map OF THE MIDDLE EAST! Ahmadinejad even suggested that Israel relocate itself to Europe. If Europeans feel so bad about the Holocaust which they inflicted upon the Jews, why shouldn't it fall to Europe to