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Y’all ever hear of Bobby Fuller?

[Private First Class LaVina Johnson] Raped, beaten, set on fire...   Y'all ever hear any new developments in the 46 year old case of Bobby Fuller, from El Paso Texas? My brother went to school with a kid whose daddy was a Sheriff's Deputy Homicide Detective. Said HALF the homicides in El Paso County go unsolved. I believe it. He also gave my brother advice on how to do it, steal a white van, pickup or sedan for the getaway, wear gloves, use a KMart special shotgun,(the ones that cost 79.99) standard off the shelf shells, kill the victim in his bathroom and leave... Reason I believe it is the Jimmy Chagra assassination which took place in a High Security Office right across the parking lot from the El Paso County Sheriff's Department's main entrance. By party or parties unknown. Chagra would only have allowed one class of people into that office with guns. Cops. Case unresolved after 30 years. Bobby "I fought the law, and the Law won" Fuller, found dead in his car covered in Gasoline, and the coroner said "Death by natural causes".

Waste Management Inc.

We've all seen those garbage trucks going around in circles, with big signs painted on them that say that their landfills (dumps) are pristine centers for wildlife! Such an ethical and ecologically concerned company is Waste Management! This below is what the CEO of this fine company pulls down in salary with his BS about 'Keeping America Beautiful' and other such Waste Management Inc. PR. David P. Steiner Chief Executive Officer Waste Management Inc. The proxy statement for Waste Management Inc. uses the new SEC executive compensation rules. In 2006, David P. Steiner raked in $5,601,287 in total compensation according to the SEC. However, according to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, he raked in $6,541,198 in total 2006 compensation. With all the pro Green rhetoric coming out about subjects like the supposed Fort Carson 'sustainability' projects, etc., it pays to keep a sceptical eye on these corporate Green cons. Interestingly, Waste Management Inc. supposedly promotes the FreeCycle Movement. You can see how effective that is by judging how little actually gets recycled here in Colorado Springs where those Waste Management garbage trucks roam the streets boasting of how 'Green' they are. If they are so Green, then why haven't they used their influence to get the Colorado Springs City Council to come up with a real recycling program? Worth mentioning, too, is that their HQ is Houston, Texas, which is hardly the pristine center of environmentalism. In fact, that city is a toxic dump. Oh, and if you want to go out to one of those 'wildlife refuges' built by Waste Management Inc's fine endeavours?... then check out this one in California. Wetlands Landfill Expansion

The American dream is irresistible

People ask me if Cuba's so great, why do Cubans try to flee to America? For the same reason you're here American Dreamer. Not an entirely informed decision.   Others recognize that to cast off tradition, culture, spirituality, and one's geographic roots, in many cases extended family and the ancestral home, for the pretext of upward mobility in America, even if successful, is a tragic dead end. America, America, land of black sheep emigres, of the 700lb candy addict consuming Capitalism, dead branches on the family tree.

Cuban doctors vs Bush’s US floating militaristic showtime

The bankruptcy of US foreign politcy in Latin America will become highlighted later this week when Bush deploy's himself into Latin America with a Navy 'floating hospital' in tow. What the world will see is Top Gun military doctor Dubya diplomat in action, and it is assured ahead of time, to underwhelm rather than 'shock and awe'. The gigantic US navy war vessel accompanying the donkey is to perform surgeries at high cost to the US taxpayer, and minimal real long term medical value (if any) to the chronically malnourished and ill of Latin America. Meanwhile, Cuban doctors quietly and with little fanfare continue to run medical clinics in country after country when allowed to do so, and Hugo Chavez continues to offer low cost fuel supplies to the not so well off, in addition. The main tool the dumbest ass neo-con gringo rulers have to provide in response, is an creased militarization everywhere in the region using the drug war as excuse. Cops, soldiers, prisons, death squads, and neo-liberal imperialist inforced privatization is DC's way to winning 'hearts and minds'! What a formula for success! Eventually Washington's war on many fronts will turn into defeat on many fronts. Nowhere is that day nearing faster than in Latin America. Imagine the ridicule that this Pentagon 'floating hospital' will arouse. The US is widely known as providing inadequate medical care to its own population(to children in Texas, for just one example), let alone to other nations. While the Pentagon is most noted for its constant 'collateral damage' to innocents, not being any angel of mercy. Latin America will watch as Bush hobnobs with ruling elites that the mass of people despise rather than considering them as potential saviours from their economic insecurity. People need help, and America offers up a clown and a media circus. What a contrast to the Cuban doctors doing real work. US elite intellectual bankruptcy at its finest.

Gas goes below $2

This is insane! We are in a global war to secure energy supplies under US control, and all is justified with a mountain of lies. Meanwhile, the price of oil sinks below $2 a gallon! How delusional is all of this? The US corporate world is completely unable to deal rationally with any social or environmental problems. The same as with energy, so goes our health care. Diseases are exploding forth, more and more with total resistance to antibiotic treatment. And the leading caste of America cannot even arrange minimal coverage for the population! One factor in the proliferation of these resistant diseases is global warming's effect on the overall environment, and that is in turn caused by the overburning of fossil fuels. We need conservation and not deadly wars to try to temporarily keep gas below $2 for Americans when its real worth is far, far higher. It's the healthy thing to do, anyway you look at it to conserve the use of gas. Healthy for the environment, and healthy for your own personal health and that of your family. This has got to be the most delusional epoch in the history of mankind. Our energy companies should be nationalized and removed from influencing further the absurd political life of our nation. Yes, and a few of those energy executives already deserve to hang for what they have done to America and the world. Pretending that we do not have an energy crisis when in fact we do, is has set us back from dealing with a crisis that can kill us all quite shortly down the road. If we don't run out of the oil to keep the world economy moving, the bacteria will get us as they thrive in our overheated world minus much of its ozone. Many of the indigenous tribes predicted that such poor stewards of nature would eventually destroy themselves, even as they themselves got slaughtered off. It appears to be coming to pass as tribal elders once claimed it would, Capitalism has become exactly like a societal cancer that is now being fed on gas at $2 a gallon. Don't celebrate this price. Cry.

Texas football

The Park Cities, University Park and Highland Park, get Dallas city services, water supply, at no city tax cost to the residents. Super rich neighborhood, one of the richest in America. To add insult to injury, the Dallas Police department routinely patrols the “border” of these neighborhoods, to keep out the riffraff from the surrounding townships of Dallas, Oak Cliff, DeSoto and South Oak Cliff. Some of the most dirt poor areas of Dallas County. But the people and businesses in these townships, even though they also have the distinction of being separate municipalities, DO pay Dallas municipal taxes.   In Texas, Football is worshipped. It is their lower case g god. They sold the design to the State Legislature, which has to approve taxpayer subsidized business deals such as the New Improved cowboys stadium in Arlington, with a sliding roof over the hole , so God could still look down and watch His team play. One democratic legislator said quote “Well, if God approves of it, who are we to say different?” and voted yes to the proposition. So now the Cowboys are no longer not in Dallas, they aren’t even in Dallas County, they are across the county line in Arlington, Tarrant Co. Texas. Just south of the Ballpark which his royal dumbness forced the City of Arlington to buy. For his team. And the College football teams, and the high school teams, and even the Middle School teams, are considered a farm where the NFL gets to hand raise its candidates for the pro teams. Where one high school team star in a thousand gets a chance to even try out for a professional slot. They worship the oblong ball. There was one Governor, Mark White. He was Attorney General under Republican Bill Clements, until Bush the most active death penalty freak governor in Texas, (mark white helped him along) then lost the next election to Bill Clements. One of the few powers the Governor of Texas actually has is in deciding the school curriculum. What lost Mark White the Job wasn’t his Zero Tolerance, wiretapping, warrantless searches, death death kill them all bwaaahaaahaaahaaa attitude, and laws, no sir. It was football. Specifically the No Pass, No Play law. Which is as simple as it sounds, failing grades, no extracurricular activities. Whut do you-all mean Bubba cain’t play no more football jes cause he’s dumb as a sack of dirt? That’s downright on-American! One thing they used to protest the law was suspending the star player of the Chess Club for failing PE at one middle school. That’ll larn them sissy-boy eggheads not to fuck with our football. But there is one and only one good thing about the way the laws are set up. You know the difference between an Air Force recruiter and a NCAA recruiter? The NCAA recruiter isn’t allowed on high school campuses. The good thing is I get to use that as an example for arguing with people like our good friend Ray. Whoever he is.

Thank you, President Bush

The Dallas, Texas business community, my mother, and President Bush have teamed up to help me out financially. For years my liberal mother has threatened her sons with the possibility that she would donate a sizable sum of money to Dallas's Southern Methodist University in her will. She went to school there and it was the best time of her life. But, she says, the university has changed, and instead of being a center of learning as it once was for her, in short it has become a creature captured by the Dallas super-rich. Corruption seems to swirl around this university. Edwiin L. Cox Jr., son of the man whose name is attached to SMU's now acclaimed Cox School of Business, had to be pardoned by George Bush Sr. for financial crimes he was convicted of. In return, Cox Sr. donated a hefty sum of money to that president's Texas A&M's presidential library shortly thereafter. But that is not what SMU is most noted for in the field of corporate corruption. The most notable example of it, was when the Dallas business rich increasingly began to buy football players for the team. This went on despite repeated warnings and sanctions from the NCAA through the years, but the business community, alumni, and SMU coaches kept at it. Eventually, the shit hit the fan when the NCAA made SMU the first ever university to receive its 'death penalty'. The varsity football program was closed down entirely for several years, and a program with a rich history has now become a minor player in college ranks. But the latest scandal there is the decision by the big Whigs to make SMU the site of the George Dubya Bush presidential library. This is the type of thing that Dallas's already most sorry political reputation certainly doesn't need. Even some of the university's conservative Theological Department are quite aghast and have protested this decision. The local daily paper has tried to play down the public reaction to the recent announcement that this 'honor' had been granted the city and Soutern Methodist, but the site of the library will be quite appropriate IMO. Southern Methodist sits inside a rich, White segreGated, suburban enclave, entirely surrounded by multicultural Dallas. Isn't this the purest essence of Bush though? So what's to protest? lol Still, my mother sees this insult as the straw that breaks the camel's back. She has written the university and told them that she has now taken them out of her will. Thanks, Mom! And thank you, George W. Bush Mom, you're doing the right thing! See, there is some justice still in the world. And maybe also some day, both Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush (both Texas Oilys) will be publicly hung for their crimes on the