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Teabag Constitution Day, Acacia Park

THE NOT-WITH-MY-TAXES PATRIOTS are holding another tea party tomorrow, to mark Constitution Day Sept 17, 11AM downtown in Acacia Park, where two friends got permission to table there tomorrow to represent the Special Olympics and pass out applications. It's a terrible joke, but these teabaggers bring out my inner idiot. WE ARE TOMORROW going to don robes and false beards and circulate like multi-gendered Jesuses, through the throngs of angry Christians, passing out business cards on which we printed the passage from Matthew, what you did for the least of your brothers... But I'd really like to recruit an intrepid African American male to help me with a hypothesis. I'm pretty sure that at the height of the crowd's passions tomorrow, a single black voice raised against them, without his appearing to have allies nearby, will result in a spontaneous lunge to try to lynch him. Then we'll pounce, with the on-duty portion of the CSPD who aren't attending the event, and arrest the bigots. There won't be anybody left in the park.

One good thing about Colorado Springs

I'm going to tell you something great about Colorado Springs, because sometimes it's pretty hard not to hate it. On odd summer afternoons, today it's Saturday, downtown at the Southwest corner of Acacia Park, across the street actually, there assemble seven or so male gospel singers, who sit against a cement planter and sway, harmonizing to an incredible lead vocalist, through song after energetic, soothing song. Sometimes a crowd assembles, sometimes there is clapping. Often passersby make a point to greet the line of singers, shaking hands with them before walking on. Of all Colorado Springs cultural offerings, this is my favorite. Because isn't it pretty hard sometimes not to hate Colorado Springs for the ignorant, artless, soul-killers who populate it? The climate may be top of the line, but the cultural atmosphere brings on endless waves of despair, thoughts of suicide, or a determination to emigrate. And it's hard to argue against the logic of splitting. Jason Zacharias decided to seek his fortune elsewhere. To have tried to change his mind would have meant a lot of selfish reasons on our part, and telling lies about this place. Many who chose emigration eventually return. Why? I'll posit it's because the region is where we have our roots. I was always sure the solution was to build the environment we prefer to inhabit. I'm no longer so sure it can be done with our too few hands. Damn the greedy, incurious, time-theving idiots who've moved into our midst. Or who've grown like uneducated weeds between the crack of what we thought were good school systems. How do we urge them to emigrate? We might have to build a Mall-of-America-sized Walmart a half-day's drive away, and offer that they can live in it. Imagine, McDonalds in bed, someone to greet your friends at the door. Make the parking lot big enough to accommodate all their gasoline powered vehicles.

Tea Party Tax Revolt ignorance-mongers rally their usual Republican supporters

COLORADO SPRINGS- The corporate media led by Fox News, local talk radio led by KVOR, and the Gazette editorial page itself, herded their red sheep into Acacia Park today for lunch-time speeches full of hate, ignorance, and good old-fashioned unapologetic self-interest. They didn't understand my sign, but knew enough to scowl. Gazette representative Maria St. Louis-Sanchez was live-blogging the event, sitting on the ground beside the stage, which gave her an appropriate lack of perspective for the coverage she intended. For example, this online exchange: 12:33 [Comment From Guest] Is it basically an all white gathering? 12:34 Tough to tell. There seems to be a good mix of people here. Oh my goodness. The crowd was ALL WHITE! With the lonely exception of deposed-councilman Ed Jones, who delighted the crowd when he proclaimed he was not an African American, he was an American, and derided those critics who would call him an "Uncle Tom." The crowd cheered Jones, there were even chants exhorting him to run for governor. But if this had been nightfall, and one depression earlier, this is the mob that would have lynched him. And I'm inclined to imagine that had Jones been Hispanic American, judging from the anti-immigrant rhetoric, they would have jumped him in broad daylight today. These were ugly Americans, led by their representative uglies, hate-radio DJ Richard Randall, representative Doug "Porky" Lamborn, the illiterate Quixote Douglas Bruce and business-homophobe Ed Bircham. All pure archetypes of disgruntled white males. The demographics in my estimation were all white, mostly male, with ugly carved into everyone's faces from years of being disagreeable and bitter. And a plentiful predominance of pasty obesity.

STOP ISRAEL Sunday, January 18, 1PM

WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO JOLT THE CONSCIENCE OF ISRAEL?! IDF killings continue. Soldiers are being given "free-fire-zone" license!   Meet this weekend, SUN, Jan 18 at 1PM, Acacia Park, at the torii gate, a traditional site for antiwar protest.   The Shinto arch at Nevada Ave and Bijou Street commemorates our sister city of Fuji-yoshida, Japan. The plaque reads: "the purpose of the sister city relationship is to promote understanding between the people of our two countries and cities"

Acacia Park turns out Pro-Palestinian

COLO. SPRINGS- Some pictures from today's ANSWER / UFPJ protest of Israel's continued attacks on Gaza. Meanwhile Israel launched more air attacks and continued to mobilize forces in preparation for a ground "incursion." Talking points from Phyllis Bennis: The Israeli airstrikes represent serious violations of international law - including the Geneva Conventions and a range of international humanitarian law. The U.S. is complicit in the Israeli violations - directly and indirectly. The timing of the air strikes has far more to do with U.S. and Israeli politics than with protecting Israeli civilians. This serious escalation will push back any chance of serious negotiations between the parties that might have been part of the Obama administration's plans. Wider crop of view across Bijou Street. We occupied the four corners of Nevada and Bijou. Northwest corner Northwest corner looking across Nevada Avenue.

Taser use by CSPD not minimum force

Mark Lewis took this video in Acacia Park Saturday. His notes are below. Police shot this man with a Taser in the park Saturday, July 12, while I was taping the IVAW Tower Guard action nearby. There had been a fight and one man was arrested earlier and you can see the paramedics attending to a woman on the ground behind the police, who was involved in the earlier fight. This man was arguing with them about something and so one cop held him while the other shot him from about three feet, and they arrested him. He had stopped resisting and was talking to them, and had both arms behind his back at that point and the arrest and handcuffs could have been applied without this. The waist-level attempted tackle from behind was poorly executed and did not pen his arms, so the cop could have been injured as a result. He could have also been shot with the Taser. I don't know what the argument was about and I don't know what the guy did, but this is punitive use of a Taser to me, and not needed by the four cops that could have arrested this man without that level of violence. It is certainly NOT minimum force, which is the department requirement.

Pride Fest a good place to avoid crackers

COLORADO SPRINGS- Time for Pride Fest 2008, Sunday July 20 in Acacia Park. Its summer fair atmosphere is what Springs Spree used to be, reinforcing a fun, intimate sense of community. What's Pride got that Springs Spree or Territory Days do not? I have a theory. Homophobia. It's the same reason a gay bar has the best dance scene. Fewer idiots afraid of caching the gay bug. Bigotry, idiocy, poverty, obesity, fit a socio-economic profile that tends to be uneducated, uncultured and I'll say it, lousy company. Homosexuality may cut across the same proportional demographic sample, but at least at the annual Pride Fest the conversationally-challenged are outnumbered by the heterosexual social-minded participants. My true colors.