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The price of militarism on the militarists

What is the price of militarism on the militarists themselves? In the case of Pat Tillman it was death instead of wealth, yet others live and still pay a price. In 'Torturers Toll', another Tony other than myself tells the story of how his torturing of innocent people in Iraq, has essentially destroyed his entire self respect for the duration of his life. How can he ever forgive himself for the cruelty he dealt others, all dictated by picking a 'career' inside the US military? He can't, and many other Americans are also in his shoes, too. These dehumanized participants in mayhem and abuse of their fellow humans reside throughout our super militarized society now. Take the most interesting case of Zbigniew Brzezinski, former cohort of our peanut farmer pastor President, Jimmy Carter. For years now, Brzenzinski used to brag about how he brought down the Soviet Union by starting the Muslim insurgency in Afghanistan that bogged the Soviet Union into 'their own Vietnam'. The US threw $2 billion PLUS dollars into a covert war waged by puppet troops of the US led by people like Osama bin Laden. Today, Brzenzinski is singing a different tune though, and he is inow nto warning us about militarism, instead of bragging about promoting it. The Washington Post carries his thoughts in a commentary titled, Terrorized by the 'War on Terror'. How bizarre to see a terrorist like Jimmy's former buddy now taking a stance against the likes of Bush and Cheney. Poor Zbigniew! Tears drop from my eyes even, in sympathy for this Donald Rumsfield of an earlier more..uh....innocent time. The man feels terrorized now by the thought that Bush's gangsterism is undermining the economic system and imperialism that he did so much to prop up. Yes, there is a price to militarism that the militarists themselves will have to pay. Zbigniew worries about that. For the overwhelming majority of us though, it will be the economic collapse that we will soon most suffer from. And for Brzezinski and his friends, the price to be paid will come from our anger at what unbidled capitalist corruption does to us all. Ultimately, the rich will become isolated as criminals that must be removed from the power they currently hold over us. The total price we will all pay for Iraq will be in many forms and will be seen differently by all of us American citizens. The returning troops are a first Tsunami wave that is hitting our society today. What will society look like afterwards though? Time will tell the now hidden price for turning away from solving our real problems by creating yet worse ones? The price is enormous.

Vets have to battle nasty US medical system like the rest of us

The bad conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center has brought many US soldiers from killing Iraqis into a new battle with their own US government. Now they and their families are not waving US flags so much as they discover what many of the elderly and sick amongst us already knew. The US government doesn't give much a damn about Afghans, Iraqis, nor the majority of US citizens either. Did the youngsters signing up for the US killing machine think they would get something special? Some sort of privileged status for themselves for being hired killers for Dubya, Cheney, or whomever might come along whenever as their top officers? The whole military medical system has big nasty holes in it much as does the civilian medical system does, too. When you sign up and go abroad to fight people you haven't a clue about you might want to think you are a big hero/ heroine, but you are not. You are somebody looking to get special treatment, that's all. You want that spiffy uniform, the perks, the respect by the people in power and their suck ass supporters at the lower economic levels. But once you get hurt all that fades into the background. Now you become much more like the rest of us, and the rest of us have to deal with sorry, don't give a damn, medical care. So tell any younger sisters and brothers, to deal with the real problems back home, before getting all psyched up to supposedly go solve the world's problmes by high tech killing. Didn't make any sense to begin with, but you let yourself get suckered, didn' you?And now the chickens perhaps have come home to roost, right on top of your own lonesome shoulders? When somebody tells you to jump off a cliff by joining up as hired killer, you don't have to go along smirking and thinking how smart you are. Yes, many vets that previously played the fool have to eventually battle the nasty US for-private-don't-give-a-damn- except-about profits medical system like the rest of us. You'll not get quality care like the top dogs are sure to give themselves. It was a dummy thing you did joining up, and we wish you now the best, just like we wish all of us the best in getting the decent medical care that is our human right.... one that our rulers ignore all the time. How many of the wounded vets wish they could frag the same people they signed up to blindly follow? After all, they fragged you did they not? If not yet, then you are one of the more fortunate. Thank your lucky stars up to now. Because the nasty sorry ass US medical system is more likely to kill

House of Bush, House of Saud

'The Angry Arab' and Craig Unger, author of the book 'House of Bush, House of Saud' team up for a great radio program about the Saud family and Saudi Arabia, the American government's favorite Arab oil whore. Sell the oil cheap for foreign benefit, make a sweetheart deal for one's own relatives, shaft the Arab people as a whole. So much for the US bringing democracy to the Arabs. What the US corporations and government want is for Arabs to bring cheap oil to America, peacefully or by force. The main Arab ally of the US is a brutal monarchy based on a fundamentalist Muslim theocracy. Check the program out- almost an hour long.

Dept. of Homeland Stupidity to play again in Super Bowl this weekend

How many American clowns does it take to screw on a light bulb? Heck, I don't know, but I do know part of the answer to how many police/military agencies it takes to play Homeland Stupidity at the Super Bowl this weekend! I've been making up some stuff recently but this one is for real. According to the US Customs and Border Protection, they will be one of 30 federal agencies there, but they did not state the number of state and local uniformed clowns that will show up. We can only guess? No naked breasts this year though, so you might want to rent a tape in that Department, or you women/ your women will just be watching the tight ends.

America’s rolling invasion of Somalia

The US invasion and occupation of Somalia is like that of Haiti, nobody is paying much attention. And like the current occupation of Haiti, it 'rolls'. What do I mean by describing this as a 'rolling invasion', for it is a term I think that describes the now prototypical US intervention into the affairs of other nations? Lebanon, too, is being violated by an American rolling invasion as yet another example. So let's take a quick look at Somalia then, to get a glimpse of the US strategy everywhere for its misnamed 'war on terrorism'. In Somalia, the US first arranged an invasion of that country using Ethiopian troops. Then it followed by bombing the country from US ships. Just several weeks after the initial assault using another country's military, that of Ethiopia, the US is switching them out, and moving a contingent of another country's military in, 1,500 Kenyans troops. In turn, the US is pressuring Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa amongst other countries, to follow. And without any interest at home what-so-ever, the US bombed Somalia once again just yesterday! Imagine how the Somalians feel? As a Muslim country they finally get some semblance of government after 15 years of chaos, but then the US returns once again to topple the cart yet one more time. The US sponsored troops? Thousands of Christian Ethiopians! And to follow up this humiliation using a traditional enemy of one nation, the US brings in yet a second nation's troops. See the roll? Like rolling waves of a heavy surf on the beach. This will then be followed by an eclectic assortment of other nations, none of which have anything in common with the natives, except for their racial coloring perhaps. And that of being sponsored by George W. Bush! We could go to Iraq or Afghanistan to see the same nonsensical outsourcing of imperialism once again. But let's look at Lebanon first. US invasion launched using Israeli troops first. Less than successful, so the Jewish forces pull partially back out. The US then has an unwanted UN move into the country as so-called 'peacekeepers'. The US then threatens Hezbollah. The US then has France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, and others to cajole the country with being given possible funds to rebuild itself some. The US threatens Syria and Iran. What will Bush roll in with next? US troops? Or maybe Polish troops? Don't joke, they are already in Iraq and Afghanistan in large numbers. How about Japanese? Don't joke, they are in Iraq! At the end of 2006, Yugoslavia had its area of Kosovo occupied by troops from 30 nations! Talk about a Tower of Babel! OK, enough