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A look at the American ‘Peace’crat friends of the people of Zimbabwe

In an open letter to Barack Obama erroneously titled an Open Letter to the People of Zimbabwe, primarily members and close circles of the Workers World Party and some Black Democrats, too, have signed onto a letter that correctly spells out what economic sanctions promoted by Washington and London have actually done... 'These cruel sanctions for almost a decade have caused massive unemployment, malnourishment, hyperinflation, deeper poverty, lack of health care and fuel, the deterioration of the infrastructure and much more. A recent cholera epidemic that has claimed the lives of thousands could have been prevented if water purification chemicals had not been banned under the sanctions.' They go on to spell out that they are in fact war crimes and a form of slow genocide against the Zimbabwean Black population. Right on! However there is more to this petition than just meets the eye, and Glen Ford takes a look at that in his own challenge to the very signers of 'The Open Letter' mentioned above. A Challenge to ‘Radical' and ‘Pan-Africanist' Obamites who signed 'The Open Letter'. In it he discusses the character flaws of one section of the 'Peace'crats, the Black Community ones. We here in Colorado Springs see these exact same flaws in the local White Community 'Peace'crat people. Check out Glen Ford's commentary and see just exactly what I mean?

Obamapologists task growing Sisyphean

The anticipation is building for one hell of a JANUARY 21ST wouldn't you say? While emails are flying, about invitations to this inauguration party or that, or about holding Obama's feet to whose fire on Day One, Two or Three, the President Elect continues to stack a cabinet to defy all Hope.   What is this B-Team Obama is assembling, even beyond the Cabinet? He's chosen pop- Fundamentalist minister Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation. Southern Colorado should be pleased to see its Senator, Ken Sell-Out Salazar, off to DC pastures where he can do less immediate harm, but at the Department of the Interior's expense, where he might take a run at pal and predecessor Gale Norton's ignoble high score. It was a supreme relief, this election season, to hear Salazar booed when he made appeared at Obama rallies. Can you name a single office appointment with which you've agreed? Obama's every single choice has been a gift to the Center Right, and Democrat Loyalists have run the gamut of excuses to describe their anointed one's mysterious ways. His wisdom been so opaque, I'm hopeful it's actually subterfuge. To hear his pundits spin it, Obama's reasons range from wanting experience, to a smooth transition, to keeping his rivals close. It won't be until he's in office when Americans will really know what the one will do. But we already know twice as many US troops are going to Afghanistan, and we know a resolution to the war in Iraq has likewise been pushed off into the future. What were everybody's reasons for hoisting Barack Obama aloft as their deliverance from Bush? Obamapologists will no doubt spend the entire of Mr. Change's first term reminding us that the tortoise ultimately won over the hare. When do you imagine that analogy will finally lose steam? I'm guessing lack of health insurance will compel most of us to cheer a speedier finish. I'm looking forward to the judgment of George Bush and Dick Cheney for their crimes against humanity. I anticipate that some Democrat apologists will even preach forgiveness, undoubtedly in the name of leaving Obama unencumbered to address bigger challenges. And turd-speak like that will be fine with me. I don't even care if he pardons Bush Co in a grand ceremony festooned with glittery Medals of Freedom and Yankee Doodle Macaroni. I don't even care if Bush pardons himself, and all of Fox News, indeed the whole Beltway, for their crimes of treason, theft, profiteering, usury, and illegal war. And Obama signs it and washes everybody's clawed feet. (Psst, no need to alert Bush, but War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity are the jurisdiction of The Hague. They're neither self-pardonable, nor outside of the reach of the International Criminal Court. In fact, it doesn't matter if the US is a signatory or not. There are no exemptions, and no statutes of limitation.) The question of course then arises, would Barack Obama block efforts by the ICC to bring the Bush Cabal to trial? What sob story

Change We Can Not Believe In

A shoe? The entire world should mark the end of the Bush Error by burning him in effigy on January 20. I know I plan to. Hang him. Dick Cheney confesses he's a war criminal. Confirmed: we've been punked. The Wall St. bailout was a scam. Obituary: Satanic NeoCon Paul Weyrich finally burns in Hell. Stabbed in the back, by the president-elect. Gays can just forget about hoping in Obama. He's chosen a notorious anti-gay preacher for the invokation at his inauguration. He's defending his choice by saying he wants a "spirit of dialogue," but I don't see any racists who got invited for that reason. Just take a look at his appointments so far, Republicans and conservative Democrats, nary a liberal to be found. His is clearly going to be a right-wing administration, and the sooner the left wakes up to that, the better. Republican "government." SEC knew about Madoff's $60B fraud, but didn't do a damned thing about it. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Dec 18 notes,

US and Britain are starving Zimbabwe to death

The so-called US government's ZIMBABWE DEMOCRACY AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY ACT passed in 2001, began the US/ British efforts to starve Zimbabwe to death in a form of war called "Economic Sanctions." This was a process similar to how the Clinton Administration began to kill off Iraq with economic sanctions that served to soften that country up for the Bush Administration invasion and subsequent occupation of that country, now to be managed once again by a Democratic Party presidency under Barack Obama. The results in Zimbabwe have been equally as appalling as to what has been done to Iraq as inflation now runs at 231,000,000%! That's right, you read that correctly. See BBC's report Zimbabwe inflation hits new high The background can be read about, too, at Economic sanctions undermine Zimbabwe's economy, where one can find out about the role the International Monetary Fund played in beginning the warfare against Zimbabwe's now starving people. That's right, and as people are starving to death in Zimbabwe due to the British and US government war against that country,there are those liberal fools who, ignoring the lessons of Somalia, Congo, and Zimbabwe, actually want the British and US governments to increase their military interventionism into Sudan! They call that humanitarian, too! In fact, our own local Colorado Springs 'Peace'crats of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission are just some of those people, who call for interventionism even as they parade themselves off as pacifists. Not heard one word from them about Zimbabwe though. And mums the word for them about Afghanistan and Somalia, too, countries which are in similar dire straights due to US government imposed wars. The US Antiwar Movement needs to wake up to where the wars are on fast, and to who's the government pushing this stuff (their own). I'm from Texas and though I like the group 'Asleep at the Wheel', but when you see DP voting liberals driving while as asleep at the wheel as the local pacifists are, then it just makes one want to throw up IMO. Very sad, because the people of Zimbabwe, as elsewhere, certainly need some coherent support for their liberation. And I don't just mean from Mugabe either, but from the US government and all its vampirish European government allies, too.

Greed is the true Republican religion

The Wimpocrats voted to let Traitor Lieberman keep his committee chair. If you thought that Obama winning meant the Dems had somehow become vertebrate, you could not have been more wrong. Vice President and Mafia Don Dick Cheney indicted for organized crime. New office pool: on what date will Bush pardon his partner in crime? Holy Crap. American Family Assn. selling burning cross lawn decoration. After wave of hijackings, Indian navy destroys pirate ship. Think about that: The US Navy is the largest in the world, and was created specifically to stop piracy. Yet they sit on their butts and do nothing except spend a hundred billion dollars a year of taxpayer money, while one of the smallest navies in the world actually succeeds in combating it, with just a handful of boats. "Man never worshipped anything but himself." --Sir Richard Francis Burton Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Nov 19 notes,

Will the Biden-Obama plan to ethnically divide Iraq into 3 parts lead to peace?

Joseph Biden is a long time proponent of creating 3 separate ethnic enclaves in Iraq so that the Pentagon can better dictate Iraq's future. Essentially, Joe Biden is the actual architect of current Bush Administration strategy in Iraq, which is based on ethnic cleansing and separation. See the report US Senate votes to divide Iraq for a peek into the background information about this. The Democratic Party controlled US Antiwar Movement has been in a long hibernation away from doing any sort of mass protests against the US-Iraq War and Occupation by Pentagon troops, simply because the Democratic Party has been directing the strategy of the US troops for some time now and there is no plan by their Big Shots to basically change anything that was previously worked out with the Republican Party in this strategy currently being used. The strategy has bipartisan accord going for it and the Iraqi people themselves working against it. In short, it's doomed to failure. The problem facing US antiwar activists today is how to break the grip the Democratic Party has on this movement? The American public itself does not see the connection between their own bleak economic fate from the pending economic collapse, and the continued US occupation of Iraq, and has opted out to do just about basically nothing as it puts its faith almost entirely into accepting the empty sloganeering that the Obama Campaign used to get the Democratic Party Establishment back into the White House. It has not registered on most American's minds that military deficit spending is the foundation of corruption that the entire US economy is structured on. The long term prognosis for the Biden strategy of maintaining US government control over the fates of the people of Iraq is bound to produce a horrible collapse into total chaos and disintegration for the entire region, not that either the Democratic Party Big Shots nor their more local 'PEACE' underlings really care much at all about any of this. They will merely wring their hands and absolve themselves of all responsibility for the final meltdown when it eventually occurs, even as they will cast blame onto the supposed 'violence' of the Iraqi people themselves. One can already begin to imagine the recriminations of the US religious Left, pacifist DP voters as they will lament about the lack of Gandhian methodology used by 'the others', the Iraqi people. They will pray on the matter and then will continue to go on about their business of getting more Democrats into office. The Iraqis will be left inside a totally decimated country left in shambles. Those of us outside this mind frame owe the people of the world to do the best we can in opposing the complicity of our own US liberals in the destruction of Planet Earth, the US economy, and the Middle East. We

Obama has a chance to hear from Pueblo

PUEBLO, COLO.- How exciting to live in a swing state! Obama returns to Colorado on Saturday Nov 1st, 3pm Pueblo. If Obama becomes president, when will we have a better chance to reach him with an antiwar message? Michelle Obama's visit to COS on Tuesday looked progressively Blue, Blue, Blue, until you got inside the City Auditorium and saw the Red White and Blue pro-militarism imagery. We need to put the peace logo back at the front of this train. As usual, expect campaign lieutenants to throttle the pacifist tone. Change We Need Rally with Barack and Michelle Obama The Union Avenue Historic District Intersection of S. Union Ave. and D Street, Pueblo Public Entrance: Corner of C Street and S. Main St., Saturday, November 1st, Gates Open: 1pm, Program Begins: 3pm The event is free and open to the public. ...For security reasons do not bring bags or umbrellas. Please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed.

Denver Obama rally a touch antiwar

DENVER- Let's just say Senator Salazar wasn't applauded roundly when he was introduced to speak. Our antiwar message played to a friendly crowd this morning as demanding Obama supporters converged on Denver's Civic Center Park. From the moment we started, many came up to thank us, others holding our signs to pose for pictures. (More pics to follow.)

Sarah Palin and her debased GOP base

COLORADO SPRINGS- At Sarah Palin's rally at Sky Sox Stadium on Monday, it was really depressing to see the thousands of people still turning up to see her. But what a bunch they were, and many of them brought children. A few local Dems showed up at 6am to demonstrate for Obama, and a hairy counter-protester set up a t-shirt stand across the street. He kept shouting "Obama sucks" every few seconds. However inane, his effect was demoralizing. He struck this fitting pose when he saw me aim my camera. The Obama support scattered themselves along the intersection and kept to a strict message of enthusiasm for their candidate. We antagonists entertained jibes with motorists and Republicans arriving on foot.

Come march in favor of elections for all

ON MONDAY OCTOBER 20th, at 12:30pm, Colorado College students will hold a PUBLIC MARCH to mark the first day of EARLY VOTING in the 2008 presidential election. Students will assemble at Worner Center, and march straight downtown to the El Paso County Registrar. This action will call attention to the need to go early to the polls, in case voters encounter challenges to their registrations. I'm more encouraged simply that students are taking to the streets because I believe, like Emma Goldman, "If voting could change anything, it would be illegal." Would Goldman be so revered a social reformer if people didn't recognize, deep down, the wisdom of her words? Students at Colorado College have in years past faced regular disenfranchisement at the voting booth because local election administrators chose to muddy the qualifications for whether out-of-state students could vote in El Paso County. This year, plans to enforce a similar policy were leaked, and the county was forced to deny its intentions. As yet, student organizers do not know what to expect on November 4. In the past, El Paso County has been such a God-forsaken Republican bastion that election rigging was probably unnecessary. It's conjectured that this year, facing a growing Democratic electorate, local officials will be so eager for the region to hold to its conservative-idiot tradition that they will justify any means to do it. I've seen the Republican partisanship on display at even ordinary county meetings. The Clerk and Recorder, Bob Balink for example, wears his Republican allegiance like a soccer fan. It would be no exaggeration I'm sure to speculate that Bob Balink will bite off your left foot sooner than let progressive ideas contaminate his hillbilly heaven. He travels to the Denver legislature on a regular basis to report back about what the crazy Democrats are trying to do. Every county commission meeting begins with his scouting tips about what progressive threats his Republican colleagues face over the horizon. Conservatism in Colorado Springs stands for cronies, imbecilic cretins and the clan. In the 1930s the Pikes Peak region was the Colorado stronghold of the Klan. I've no doubt a lot of these guys still have their clan robes. In fact most recently the Minutemen, the post-9/11 incarnation of the KKK, held its recruitment meetings in a Colorado Springs Police Substation community room. It included, I kid you not, a recruiting inducement lifted verbatim and without irony, from the KKK. Maybe a daylight demonstration of public unwillingness to be represented by bigots --who continue to parade about as if their support is unanimous-- will push their politics back into the stagnant backwater of their fenced no-immigrants-welcome backyards where it belongs.

Election canvassing trick or treat?

In our neighborhood, we don't have to think twice about opening our front door. Most days we leave it open. On the rare occasion that someone comes by, it's a neighbor or a delivery man. At the extreme it might be a Jehovah's Witness or small urban youth on a candy drive. So we found ourselves challenged this weekend at the sight of a grown black male in threatening urban attire on our doorstep at dusk. Behind him, a middle-aged white woman stood like a parent escorting a trick-or-treater. Much as I would have liked to know what their visit was about, we didn't open the door. I can admit I came late to the decision process, but I wouldn't have advised any different. We have an African-American neighbor, but otherwise everyone outside in our neighborhood is white and dressed appropriate to what they are doing. This visitor wasn't suitably dressed to deliver a pizza. Who had time to divine whether he had along a parole officer or a hostage? Answer the door? Not by the hair of our chiny-chin chins. Doesn't that adage look very strange after all these years? See how far we've come. I came on the scene after the third or fourth time our dark visitor rapped on the door. The decision already made to decline this particular solicitation, I listened as he tried to stuff some literature under our storm door before he walked back to a car. Only when I heard a motor start did I look to see a sporty black Infiniti pulling out of our driveway. When the coast was clear, I retrieved what he'd left under our door, finding two brochures promoting Barack Obama for president. This of course left me completely intrigued, and growing more so as the opportunity escaped to catch up with that car to ask what it was they had wanted. I would not have been eager to explain our racist timidity, nor I suppose did I want to be faced with having to decline a solicitation for a campaign contribution. I would have had no qualms asking what the gentleman hoped to project with the knit cap and jacket getup. Was he armed too? Our address isn't listed as being Democrat, or even possibly receptive I think, so were they attracted by our yard sign? We have an Obama sign on our lawn, entirely out of desire to show solidarity with the too few Progressives in our neighborhood, as well to encourage the election enthusiasm of our kids. The sign may have been the only reason our would-be canvassers picked our house. In these parts, Obama signs are few and far enough between that election canvassing requires a car. It turns out the literature our visitors left was generic information about how to use mail-in ballots, and something else equally insignificant to voters presumably already in their camp. This afternoon I'm going to check with the regional Obama headquarters to ask after what we missed. Really,

Who is losing in the debates? We are.

FOX NEWS claims McCain is winning. MSNBC seems to be making an un-characteristic Obama gambit. Who's losing the presidential debates? We are. And I'm not even talking about the exclusion of third party voices like Nader or McKinney. The Dems are winning, this last by "that one" but so is an escalation in Afghanistan, an attack on Pakistan, backing Israel in war-making against Iran, military intervention in Sudan, and the corporate profit replenishment bailout. Lost in the concern about the Palin versus Biden match-up was Biden's straight-up militancy. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Sudan. The Dems plan some kind of deceleration in Iraq, but more troops everywhere else. American voters haven't become energized because they favor Dems over Repugs. They are against war! The American people prevailed eventually against the Vietnam War and they find themselves three decades later having to rise again to stop their government from waging war against the world in the name of the so-called GWOT. Meanwhile the Democratic Party has co-opted that energy by posing as antiwar, and as the only social justice voice in Washington. Work within the system they say. But then you come against a hawkish leader like Joe Biden. What now. Are energized Dems cheering Biden's war cries? An audience member in last night's debate advocated killing Bin Laden no matter where he's hiding. Forget arguing whose borders must be respected. And the candidates seem to jostle for who is more eager to get Osama. I'd like to ask that woman if we should call in an air strike if it turns out Osama's hiding in HER house? Should the US DoD violate American public's territorial integrity? Is this what American justice has become? Air strikes in lieu of day in court, rule of law, innocent until proven guilty? Do Dems and Republicans form just a blood-thirsty mob out to buttress their standard of living at any cost? I caught some of the call-ins on C-SPAN after the debate. A number of the callers were for neither candidate and wanted to discuss the issues and candidates being cut out of the presidential debates. C-SPAN hung up on those.

What a coincidence! Good Ol’ Boy goes marching off to war the day after!

One day after the family values 'debate', Joe says good by to his Good Ol' Boy for the cameras! What a coincidence, right? How much more opposed to the endless wars can he get? What a big stupid con artist Joe Biden really is! Biden sees son and troops off to Iraq The Democratic Party IS, IS, IS the proWAR party. Can the Obama camp make it any more explicit?

The Bail Us Over into Deep Doo Doo Bill has just been passed

In a no surprise vote, the House has just bailed the American people into a deep hole. The 'new' legislation of give away was even worse than the first one attempted, with even extra pork added on. In short summary, good money has been thrown with bad, straight into the hands of those needing the money the least. House backs $700bn bail-out plan Stocks briefly will fly up again, oh so Whoopee! What is left 'unbailed out' is the private debt held by tens of millions of Americans who are now losing their homes and jobs. Instead of assistance, they will now be helping bailout the big guys as the Federal Debt shoots up alongside their own. What a prescription for total disaster! Bushels of bale for the rich kleptocrats and the rug being pulled out under from the needy.

Not Sons of Bitches, Dems are bitches

When the Democrats were the minority they seemed so weak. Now in the Majority they're positively wimps. Pundits tell us it's a lack of leadership. Why would the corporate media overlook who's at the whip? It would seem clear that the corporations writing the legislation, funding the campaigns, and paying for the free lunch, are driving the agenda. The GOP is paid to play the white hats, and when a bill is unpopular, the Dems are pushed forward to play the creeps. On the proposed bailout ripoff, the Dems were not the sons of bitches, they're just the bitches. I heard a Dem scare-mongeree explain that in spite of loathing the idea of a solution which benefited the wrong people, the bailout was our only option. "All economists agree we have to do this" he said, ignoring quite a few who have urged the opposite. The interviewer interrupted to announce, this just in, the vote had failed and as a result the DOW had plunged by 700 points. She wanted his response: "Oh. My. God." As Bush and his GOP team stand in the shadows, the Democrats are thrust forward to "lead" the support for this criminal legislation. Whether the bill won or lost, either way the Democrats would come out looking like shits. I'm reminded about how an invading army flushes out defenders still hiding. Send your captives into the buildings to spring the booby-traps. Make them open the doors to draw the fire. Among thugs in prison the dirty work is done by the bitches. Except for Democracy Now, the media won't report the authentic Democratic efforts to lead. Here's Dennis Kucinich on the floor of Congress speaking against the bailout and asking: why, why why: “The $700 billion bailout for Wall Street, is driven by fear not fact. This is too much money in too a short a time going to too few people while too many questions remain unanswered. Why aren't we having hearings on the plan we have just received? Why aren't we questioning the underlying premise of the need for a bailout with taxpayers' money? Why have we not considered any alternatives other than to give $700 billion to Wall Street? Why aren't we asking Wall Street to clean up its own mess? Why aren't we passing new laws to stop the speculation, which triggered this? Why aren't we putting up new regulatory structures to protect investors? How do we even value the $700 billion in toxic assets? "Why aren't we helping homeowners directly with their debt burden? Why aren't we helping American families faced with bankruptcy. Why aren't we reducing debt for Main Street instead of Wall Street? Isn't it time for fundamental change in our debt based monetary system, so we can free ourselves from the manipulation of the Federal Reserve and the banks? Is this the United States Congress or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs? Wall Street is a

Democrats push Bush Treasury giveaway to super rich while Republicans block it

What can be more pathetic and abjectly servile than the Democratic Party seen pushing to pass Bush's bailout of the bankrupt private sector with public monies, while the Republican Party itself blocks it? And the Republicans are the minority in both the House and Senate, too! See the Denver Post's GOP rebellion stalls bailout and Reuter's White House calls in big guns as bailout battle rages Yes, the 'big guns' are being turned on the Republican Party resistance and not any resistance from the Democratic Party which is rolling over and playing dead for Bush once again. Expect the same politics if Obama gets in the White House, since the Democrats are the party of the super rich just as much as the Republicans are. Despite all the pretense of supposedly opposing neocon programs, the Democrats are on board. The financial shenanigans and criminality of Wall Street and the DP response to them is just one more case in point. The Democrats are out to bankrupt the US Treasury arm in arm with Bush and Cheney.

Donkey fed carrot from Bush

The Democrats are just so damn predictable it makes one wanna throw up. After bleating out their protests against the trillion dollar tax-paid giveaway to loan sharks in trouble, they then meekly take a carrot, bray, and go about doing the dirty work their Republican masters have set out for them in the field. Obama says Congress appears "close" to bailout deal. What a joke and what a joker! What a donkey.

McCain’s insane won’t even talk to Spain

USA Bankrupt! Bush to spend $1 TRILLION to bail out Wall Street, so the filthy rich won't lose a dime, and middle America is left holding the bag. Even the Robber Barrons of a hundred years ago would blush at the heist that is now going on. And, of course, the Democrats are goose-stepping right behind him. The Big Whisper: What's Up With John McCain? Is he more of a candidate for the Alzheimers ward? McCain says he would fire SEC chairman. That's like saying he would fire the janitor because the principal took away all his cleaning supplies. And McCain "the Deregulator" is the principal. Oh, and never mind that the president doesn't have the authority to fire him. Maybe McCain is planning more of a dictatorship, than a presidency? Barack Obama responded by telling voters: "This comment was so out of touch that even George Bush's White House couldn't agree with it when they were asked about it. They had to distance themselves from John McCain! ... In the next 47 days you can fire the whole trickle-down, on-your-own, look-the-other way crowd in Washington who has led us down this disastrous path. Don't just get rid of one guy. Get rid of this administration. Get rid of this philosophy. Get rid of the do-nothing approach to our economic problem and put somebody in there who's going to fight for you." Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Sept 19 notes,

Liberals cry out for ‘Regulation!’

Democratic party-tied websites are spouting much the same analysis of the current economic crisis, which is simply that in their point of view, capitalism is great, it just needs 'regulation.' Give us a break, People! The US Capitalist System is greatly regulated and you guys backed a political party that helped regulate it, in league with the other party. Liberal Democratic Party voters seemingly want us to forget that their party has regulated The System for a century PLUS now! And once again, their regulation has produced chaos and uncertainly. It takes a lot of gall to demand something that your politics have been doing all along, which is that we 'regulate' the economy! What is really being demanded now by your Party leadership is more tinkering through the same old regulations, instead of proposing something different. It is your regulation that is every bit as much the cause of where the US economic system is today, as under the regulation of the Republicans. Alan Greenspan was your dog as well as theirs! The regulatory system was basically to have the companies police themselves, and this was a policy of the Democrats every much as much as it was of the Republicans. A capitalist supporting government will simply turn over all regulation to its own corporate leaders. To propose that a capitalist government do something else is utterly meaningless. So shout out 'Regulation' all you want, and it will not lead to anything than what was already being done, and is being done at this moment. The thieves will regulate themselves unless that power is taken away from them, something that the Democratic Party utterly opposes.

They had hid shit in bags!

Like a carefully choreographed play, accusations by the police that they have uncovered shit and urine stockpiles by protesters has been their routine to cover up their actions at both the Democratic and Republican Party Conventions. By making these false accusations in the press, the police and politicians hope to cover up their own shitty actions against lawful protesters. What they are actually trying to do is make political dissidents in the US out to be of the same stripe as common criminals in the police torture chamber prisons around the US, thus justifying their overkill storm-trooper presence these last two weeks. Thus helping tear up all our legal protections and rights. Sorry, Guys, it won't work. To the world it looks like American police and government are of the same stripe as what we saw on TV in Beijing, China. Smart, Dudes! American police may still have the support of the conservatized American population as a whole, but this support will ebb if you keep these actions up for much longer. Of note is that Denver's Democratic Party mayor, John Hickenlooper, has joined with St. Paul's Democratic Party mayor, Chris Coleman, in backing up these police smears in the press. The Denver Post today ran this piece of police disinformation backed up by the DP mayor of the city... Mayor: Protesters hid feces and tools Yeah, right! The real poop in bags being hidden is that of the mayor and police. When are Democratic Party liberals going to hold their party accountable for acting like the Republicans, on behalf of the Republicans, and on behalf of abusive national policing policies? Many of you DP voting liberals are among the group of protesters being smeared with dishonest shit by these false accusations by Democratic Party mayors, so why do you take it? Shame on you and your party! All you can seem to do is scream about Sarah Palin. Democrats, you are a pathetic lot indeed. Cop talking shit!

St. Paul’s Democratic Party mayor encouraging police violence against protesters at RP convention

Just like in Denver, the Minnesota Democratic Party is now encouraging an excessive police presence plus police violence against protesters, but this time at the Republican Party convention! Here is Chris Coleman, the DP mayor of St. Paul, praising the police violence in that city Below is an excerpt from press coverage by the Minneapolis paper... 'St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman praised officers for showing restraint and said a small number of law-breaking demonstrators marred what started as a peaceful day of free speech. “Their efforts were nothing short of heroic,” Coleman said. “They did not fail. They did not take the bait. We’ve done what we could to offer unprecedented access so peoples’ voices could be heard. Unfortunately, very small handful of individuals decided to break the law.” St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington said the trouble makers came from a half-dozen loosely organized groups totaling up to 180 people, representing a small fraction of the massive turnout Monday.' Yeah sure, Mayor. And just what are these small group of people doing that merits turning out the National Guard in addition to the already massive police presence in your city? What a bunch of crap, and the whole Democratic Party shares responsibilty for this police state atmosphere everywhere today in America.

Nothing says “change” like a guy who’s been in the Senate for 35 years.

Democratic Party making it clear they want a fascist police state even more than the GOP. Only violence at demonstrations by neofascist, jackbooted cops. I hope the City of Denver loses many millions of dollars in lawsuits for violating the Constitutional rights of protesters. And the Democrats lose many millions of votes for their complicity in these crimes against the Constitution of the United States of America. (Excerpted from Aug 26.)

The DNC’s Denver meatpacking facility

Calling it the Gitmo on The Platte might be a bit of hyperbole here, but look what the Democratic Party has prepared for US dissidents that will arrive protesting their lousy corporate politics? Tasers and cattle pens. I can hardly stomach being around you DP voting fools at all these days. You are the worst! Liberals want to vote for a political party like this? Don't you nitwit voting addicts of the Democratic Party assign any responsibility for this sort of 'homeland security' mentality to the Democratic Party itself, or will you just let these Barack-Hillary thugs hide themselves behind the Denver police without calling them out on it? You know that they really do control how their convention is actually policed, don't you? Shame on you for voting for this come November! BTW, the picture heading this commentary is taken from a Democratic Party web site, where this is what they have to say about the US occupation of Iraq... 'The Democratic Party supports our men and women serving in the military. Our country, our state and our county are indebted to them for their valor and sacrifice. We stand behind our troops and wish them a safe and speedy return.' Translated from the language of political bullshit, the Democratic Party is saying that it doesn't give a damn about the Pentagon looting our American national wealth on behalf of the military welfare sucking corporations and that it doesn't give a shit if the US government turns Iraq and its people into a total scrap heap. What a scummy political party you 'liberal' folk vote for again and again and again! You are hardly voting for the lesser of 2 evils but are voting for the evil itself. Right, Dennis? (That question is directed to Dennis Apuan, former brake on antiwar protest here in Colorado Springs when he was PPJPC director, and now a local Democratic Party candidate hoping to become a bigger cheese.) It's time to stop being polite about people like Dennis or Poor Richard, local court jester for Ken Salazar, DP Senator of Colorado. These people are part of the apparatus that wants to cage up protest in Denver against the war, and cattle prod US patriots locked up in the pens. Yes they are and we shouldn't let these cruds pretend otherwise. There is no way I would vote for Dennis Apuan, who did a most shitty job when he headed up the local peace group, too. He's no better than having a Republican in there, and your party can shock me for saying so, Dennis!

RECREATE 68 -No more politics as usual

From RECREATE 68: End the Occupations March and Rally — West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol, August 24, 9am END THE OCCUPATIONS No more free pass for the Democrats. Join R68 and others as we march to end all illegal imperialist occupations in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Hawaii, North America, and others. The Dems have the power to put an end to the United States’ illegal colonizations and wars, but they will not without pressure from the people. Join us as we create that pressure. NO MORE! NOT IN OUR NAME! BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW! The March will begin at the WEST STEPS OF THE CAPITOL and end on Speer Blvd in front of the Pepsi Center. MORE OF R68's SCHEDULE: Freedom March — Civic Center Park, August 25, 10am Join supporters of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, The Cuban Five, and other political prisoners for the Freedom March and Rally! Leonard Peltier’s parole hearing will take place in 2008. Let us not forget that the Clintons left him in jail and did not pardon him. Free Mumia, the Cuban Five, the Guantanamo detainees, and others. The march will begin at Civic Center Park and end with a rally at the Federal Court House. Shake Your Money Maker — Denver Mint, August 25, 5pm It’s time to redistribute the wealth. Between security and corporate pay-offs, the DNC will cost over 100 million dollars for a party. We think the people deserve that money. Join us as we encircle the Denver MInt (where U.S. currency is produced) and use our collective power to raise the mint building in the air and shake the money out of it for the people. Don’t forget a sack to put all of your loot in. Bring noise makers, energy, spells, magic, costumes, anything that gives you power. We’ll need it! Days of Resistance — August 24-28 During the convention, there will be five major protests, one each day. Each protest will focus on a symptom of the disease of an imperialist, capitalist, racist system as seen in our communities. Some of the proposed themes are as follows: Sunday - End All Occupations at Home and Abroad Monday - Human Rights/Free All Political Prisoners Tuesday - No Borders Wednesday - No Warming Thursday - No Racism/Imperialism Festival of Democracy — Civic Center Park and Skyline Park, August 24-28 The Festival of Democracy will be a five day event running in conjunction with the DNC Convention. The Festival of Democracy will include free music and performing arts, free food, and free institution building and political training. The purpose will be to share some fun and to work towards the development of programs and networks that will address our community problems ourselves, without relying on the two party capitalist system. We will also be offering a 24 hour free medical clinic for all community members to receive free health care. MONDAY, AUGUST 25 — Civic Center Park TUESDAY, AUGUST 26 — Civic Center Park WEDNESDAY,

George W. McCain: Because facing reality is just too scary.

The McCain transmogrification into a ZombieCon has accelerated, he now supports a bill to end affirmative action, a bill he previously opposed. It all depends on McCain's definition of "success." Today 75 people were killed, and 300 wounded, in suicide attacks in Iraq. The only thing the S[pl]urge has succeeded at is pumping another hundred billion of your future tax dollars into the accounts of the war profiteers. You say Silverado, I say Silverstate. McCain's son, Andrew, has suddenly resigned from the boards of two failing banks. Maybe his middle name is "Neil?" Disabled American Veterans cancels Cheney invite, after he all but demands waterboarding of guests. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) says America can't afford to keep giving Bush blank checks for the war. Wow, he must really think we are stupid, since Democrats are the ones who keep giving an endless supply of blank checks to Bush. Murder in Jesus name. NeoChristian terrorist kills 2, wounds 7, in church shooting. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's notes July 28,