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US wars: You win some, you win some

JULY 18-- Syrian rebels led by CIA and US special forces were able to assassinate three senior officials of President Bashar Assad's regime, targeted by NATO and the UN for Obama's TM Change, which we now can believe means "Regime Change". But news headlines today also tell of 24 NATO fuel tankers set alight in Afghanistan, by a Taliban insurgency of undetermined US backing, of course US contractors now get to sell NATO replacement tankers, AND elsewhere in occupation news, US auditors report $8 billion squandered in Iraq, although total spent, minus reconstruction achieved, probably yields far more billions than that. Meaning more growth opportunity for the US war industry, at Cost Plus. Unless cost squandered means plus should be refunded.

Kofi Annan troops to Moscow on behalf of the Pentagon

Poor Kofi, it is not easy being the head of the 'United Nations' brigade of the US military. Here he is, trooping off to Moscow pleading with Putin to allow the Pentagon to continue to try to smash up the Assad government in Syria. Annan Finds Mild Response in Russia on Syria. 'Russia, Help us out here!' must have been Kofi's plea. 'Mild Response in Russia'? The Pentagon propagandists really know how to be mealy with their words, don't they? Here below was the actual response to Annan, which was basically to tell Kofi to go to Hell! 'Russia supports a simple three-month extension of the observers' mandate. Western powers want language that could open the door to military action by outsiders. In Russia, that topic is taboo. Fyodor Lyukanov, editor of Russia in Global Affairs magazine, says the Putin government will not budge. “There is a red line which Russia will never cross. I will say never. This is legitimization of any kind of outside intervention, military intervention in Syria,” Lyukanov said.' Will Russia stand firm against the new Pentagon aggressions in the Middle East? That still waits to be seen....

The two most important Left websites, Alternet and Common Dreams, have apparently censored out any online commentaries about the US government’s war drive for regime change in Syria

As Syria and the Pentagon imposed fighting in that country rages, the Left's two most important websites have eliminated all discussion of the matter! YES, if you go to these 2 Lefty sites, you will see basically NOTHING about Syria and Assad and Russia and China's opposition to Barack Obama's drive for war in Syria and then onto Iran! They can't seem to decide whether to back up Commander in Chief, Democratic Party General Barack Obama, and his not so lovely Colonel Hillary Clinton with their humanitarian imperialist Lefty support or not? So instead, they just censor the commentaries they allow to be published.

If by UN declaring a civil war in Syria classifies atrocities as war crimes, US covert forces there are war criminals

UN observers have now labeled rebel clashes in Syria as having escalated into "Civil War", initiating the legal foundation to go after Syrian president Assad on charges of "war" crimes. It's a welcome bit of sophistry and should cut both ways. If the insurgent groups are armed and lead by covert special op forces of the US and NATO, then who are the bigger war criminals? So far the massacres ascribed to Assad, provoking Hillary Clinton's condemnation, have proved to be the work of US-allied rebels.

Russia and China boycott US meeting calling for regime change in Syria

Russia and China are fed up with Pentagon manipulations all around the globe and have boycotted the meeting set up by the US to implement attacks on both Iran and Syria and threaten both with war and regime changes. China joins Russia in staying away from Syria talks.   See that hole in the middle of the dove of PEACE above Pentagon Hillary? That's big enough to fly a drone straight through it, I do believe. And how did she get to become a 'friend of Syria' anyway? She is completely monolingual and can only speak pigLatin it seems. Funny, since she goes around lecturing others, in that language, ALL AROUND the globe all the time. One would expect a 'friend of Syria' to at be able to speak some Arabic I would think. What would happen if all those that were monolingual in Chinese and Russian were suddenly to declare themselves to be 'Friends of the USA', and set up plans to deliver their 'friendship' through roses and nuclear weapons and all? Hillary? What would happen?

Wikileaks to release Syria Files, but to whose fortuity, and whose Wikileaks?

At first glance it looks like the Wikileaks cavalry to the rescue! Wikileaks and embattled Julian Assange back in the saddle, to expose the behind-the-scenes on Syria, to undermine the shelf-worn NATO Powerpoint Presentation, this time against Syria, the NATO powers' prelude to war. YAY WIKILEAKS! But there are interesting anomalies: the leaked correspondence is as recent as March, yet Wikicreep Daniel Domscheit-Berg sabotaged the group's anonymous leak gathering system a year ago, and so far the files purport to embarrass Assad... Were these leaked by the CIA-backed rebels? Stay tuned.

HRW says state-sanctioned torture is “crime against humanity” but not in US

They keep piling it on against Syria. Human Rights Watch declared that SYRIA'S state-sanctioned torture constitutes a "crime against humanity" but not when America does it. SYRIA'S "torture centers" stink, not ours. ITS chemical weapons stockpile is a threat, not ours. ITS pilots and military commanders are defecting, alas, not ours. The pre-game show for the War on Syria isn't even a remake of the Iraq or Libya war of aggression, it's a rerun. Syrian Curveballs are whispering about unspeakable tortures called "Basat al reeh", "Dulab" and "Falaqa", failing to mention they got them from the Guantanamo manuals. Not only is Human Rights Watch silent about American torture, it ignores explosion of crimes against humanity which have resulted from the Western intervention into Libya.

Syrian ‘truce’ negotiated by outsiders has a completely stillborn birth

That 'agreement' sure didn't last long! It was made on Saturday and dead by Sunday morning. Syrian opposition rejects UN transition plan. When you were created by Uncle Sam and have Uncle Sam batting hard for you, then why settle for power sharing? Oh! But then there's that small problem of China and Russia, too. They know what you 'rebels' and 'opposition' are up to, even if the entire world corporate press outside of these two countries is into playing stupid to one degree or other about what's afoot. You're now foot soldiers for the Pentagon and are waiting and willing to bide some time. No PEACE for you are the Syrian people as a whole because of that.

Western ‘Peace Movement’ sits by in ignorant and stupid silence as NATO assaults Syria via Turkish territory

There is a lot more going on here than Syria just shooting down a Turkish military jet, which is now being used as an excuse to support OVERT US allied military intervention against the Syrian government. In fact, the key COVERT war has been taking place along the Syrian-Turkish border for months with the Syrian city of Idlib being the focal point of that Western attack on the Bashar Assad led Syrian government. Because Idlib is only 10 miles from Turkey,it is where the so-called US/ Nato supplied 'Syrian rebels' have started the war at. (check the location out on google maps) Al jazeera's cheerleading for this war began way back in early march, but this is one bit of info they leaked out in their pro attack Syria propaganda... 'Idlib and its province in the northwest are strategically important because of how close they are to the Turkish border. The Free Syrian Army is based in Turkey and its border is the most likely location for getting arms into Syria.' ...taken from Inside Idlib: Saving Syria ___That's right, the al jazeera- Qatar propagandists talk about this covert war as 'saving Syria'! Will China and Russia draw a hard line against the made by the Pentagon effort to overthrow an ally, the Syrian government. Will they stop the plans for war against Iran, that begin with planned regime change in Syria? We should find out in the next days and definitely within the next couple of weeks. The Obama Adminstration is playing with fire here...NUCLEAR FIRE. So why is the Western 'Peace Movement' sitting by in ignorant and stupid silence right now? Are liberals and the Left opposed to Pentagon made war or not?

Putin to Israel: if you start a war with Iran and Syria, it will also be seen as a US attack on Russia and China

The message is very simple that Putin has carried to Israel during his visit. It is the exact same one he gave directly to Obama at the G20 summit in Mexico last week. .... 'Don't start your war!' Is China solid in support of Putin's position for Russia? Here is how it seems from the Chinese pov...   'The Syrian opposition abroad has long called for a military operation in Syria similar to the one that helped toppling the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi last year, but the United States and its European allies have shown little appetite for such intervention given the complexity of the Syrian situation and the repercussions it might drag, particularly on Israel. Syria's powerful regional allies with Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, along with its international ones, such as Russia, have greatly contributed in restraining the superpowers from considering a military offensive on Syria.' from Xinhua News Analysis: Syria's new government faces escalation of tension on international arena.

Not much of a surprise at all- The CIA is arming Syrian terrorists according to the New York Times

Hey we knew that already! Report: CIA aids in funneling arms to Syrian rebels. According to The New York Times, the CIA is helping to vet Syrian rebel groups for arms shipments paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Well what did all the Lefty liberal humanitarian imperialists think? That the US was all uninvolved in the arming of the Syrian Right Wing opposition to Assad? It was nothing more than a spontaneous rebellion against a bad guy? Talk about being stupidly naive and with heads stuck in holes in the sand full of Stalinist style bullshit being dropped! (Here we can talk most especially about one 'unrepentant' doctrinaire marxist moron', Louis Proyect, who is a left over US Trotskyist- exSWPer blend- now tied to the unknown in the US, Australian Green Left Weekly crowd through his censored and rather closed off New York City based discussion list- See Latest 100 messages from Marxism list Proyect is the shining example of what a humanitarian imperialist acts like.) This inability of so many on the US Left to recognize the opening battle ground of the coming US-Israeli military attack against Iran is appalling. Where is the US antiwar movement anyway? Did the US Left and liberal community forget to even try to build one? RightWinger Ron Paul provides more leadership there than the US Socialist Left and Democrats seems to be able to manage! Sad.... His latest speech denouncing the US MILITARY interventionism against the Syrian government was spot on compared to what many marxist numbskulls can come up with. When Will We Attack Syria? by Rep. Ron Paul, June 20, 2012 The Left in the US never fails to amaze one at just how out of contact with reality it can be!

US military expansionism is BLOCKED by Putin at G20 Summit

Obama and Putin have just met in Mexico where the desires for the Pentagon to roll over Syria and into Iran were BLOCKED. Putin is not giving in to the US threats against Russia. Obama fails to secure support from Putin on solution to Syria crisis. Also see the BBC which covered the press conference after the meeting: Obama hits major road block for his Pentagon expansionism in Middle East.

US and allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia unleash sectarian religious terrorism against Syria’s people

Barack and Hillary are calling for more and more sectarian religious terrorism from the Sunni Muslim community against the Shia in Syria. The US government and its allies have started a sectarian religious confrontation between the 2 major divisions of the Muslim community in Syria. It would be like if Osama had stirred up a sectarian religious war between Catholics and Protestants. It is a total bloody mess that the US is making of things, even as it constantly criticizes others for supposedly causing the bloodshed. The Associated Press reports... A suicide bomber detonated his car packed with explosives in a Damascus suburb on Thursday, wounding 10 people and damaging one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines, Syria's state-run news agency and witnesses on the scene said. These are terrorists backed, supported, and supplied by the Pentagon and its Sunni allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia, against Shia led Syria and Iran. The people of Syria are caught in this crossfire.

What Is Really Happening in Syria?

Some are now beginning to ask this question, though to the thorough discredit of much of the Left and liberal US press, most of the people who should be mobilizing themselves in the streets against Obama and the US government cannot even discuss what's going on, because of the censorship of so many Left and liberal websites by their nominally anti- US imperialist owners. So we ask, What Is Really Happening in Syria? From this Middle East report... 'Meanwhile, a very serious newspaper, the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Germany’s leading daily, has reported that the massacre was not carried out by the regime’s shabbiha after all but by anti-Assad Sunni militants. According to sources FAZ interviewed, the victims were almost exclusively from the Alawi and Shia communities. The gruesome events took place after rebel forces attacked three army-controlled roadblocks outside Hula. It was during the ensuing fire-fight of some 90 minutes that the massacre occurred. According to FAZ, the perpetrators then filmed their victims and, in videos posted on the internet, presented them as Sunni victims of the regime. An independent investigation is clearly needed to establish which of these two versions is correct. It would not be surprising if both sides were found guilty of acts of savagery in what is fast becoming a sectarian civil war.' Clearly the US government has used this one event to try to stampede support for a US military attack on the Assad government of Syria.

A good question from Russia

"Russia does not agree with the breakdown of the system of international law which is currently happening," said Yevgeny Minchenko, director of the Moscow-based International Institute of Political Analysis. "Why should Russia allow the Syrian regime to be annihilated by countries that it has a competitive relationship with like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the West?" This is a good question from Russia, as well as from China which has decided to ally with Russia on the question of Syria. See full Reuters report- Syria becoming wider global, regional proxy war

Violence US military brought to Iraq, Obama Admin now is bringing to Syria

Here is this weekend's news from Iraq ... A wave of bombings across Iraq has killed 84 people and injured nearly 300 in the deadliest day in the country since US troops withdrew last year. ___ And now these thuggish Democratic and Republican politicians want to bring this Pentagon supplied bloodshed to Syria so that they can then blame Assad for it? Why don't they first spend some hundreds of billions of dollars to repair the mess they have made in both Iraq and Afghanistan before they go out looking for new targets to slaughter in Syria and Iran? Obama truly Sucks!

Syrian Foreign Ministry: ‘US Admin Continues Interference in Syrian Affairs and Open Support for Terrorists’

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – An official source at the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the US administration is continuing its blatant interference in the internal affairs of Syria, its open support for terrorists, covering up terrorists' crimes, distorting facts about Syria at the UN, and extorting countries and the international community to beleaguer Syria. The source said that this was made clear in recent escalatory statements within the past few days which coincided with an escalation carried out by terrorists across Syria who murdered scores of innocents, with the most malicious of these statements being the one made by a spokesperson of the US Department of State in 11/6/2012 in which she voiced her country's concern over the situation in several Syrian cities. In these statements, the spokesperson voiced concern over the possibility of a new massacre taking place in al-Haffeh, and the source noted that this is actually cause for concern over the possibility of armed groups committing such a massacre as indicated by phone calls between armed groups and their leaderships in Turkey. The source stressed that these US statements twist facts and falsify what is happening and encourages terrorists to commit more massacres and violence across Syria, stressing that US spokespersons ignore the armed groups' attacks of al-Haffeh and their assaults on their people, burning of public establishments, vandalism of schools, disruption of exams, and forced eviction of citizens from their homes. Instead, they cover for them and carry out media misdirection for the benefit of the terrorists under various pretenses. The source affirmed that those who support armed groups and provide them with funds and weapons and cover up their crimes are directly complicit in the shedding of Syrian blood, no matter what statements they make. The source said that the plan of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan demanded the cessation of violence by all sides, but the armed groups backed by the US and its pawns in the region who voiced doubts over this plan since the beginning had been working to breach the articles of this plan. The source said that the preliminary agreement between Syria and the UN signed in 19/4/2012 states that the Syrian government has the right to use its forces to maintain security and order and uphold the law, and it stipulates for the cessation of all aggression by the armed groups and relevant elements against the Syrian Army and against state buildings and infrastructure and public services. The source stressed that this agreement obligates armed groups to cease all illegal actions including assassination, abduction, vandalism and carrying arms, yet the US side and the armed groups who are not oblivious to these commitments have refused to carry out any of them ever since the observers arrived in Syria. The source went on to say that the Syrian government upheld its responsibility towards its people and its commitment to Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity as per the UN Security Council resolution no. 2042, and that the Syrian government only performed its duties in

Is Syria’s government using children as shields for its military personnel? Says who? Says Radhika Coomaraswamy for the Pentagon and the UN that’s who.

Every day there is some new atrocity the Syrian government of Bashar Assad is accused of, reported in the pro-USG, pro-Pentagon corporate media. Here, for example, is the latest item of this propaganda from the LA Times... Syrian children tortured, used as human shields, U.N. report finds. What seems to lend this report some credibility, is that it comes from an agency of the United Nations and a report from this UN agency titled '52 Parties on Secretary-General's List of Shame on Children and Armed Conflict'. However, when we actually read what is written about these FIFTY PLUS violators of human rights of children, we see that only 2 parties are highlighted in the abbreviated report, those being Assad's Syria and the other being those Afghans fighting for the liberation of their country from US-NATO occupation! We are left only to guess whether perhaps somehow, that the UN mentioned the US drone attacks that have killed hundreds of children somewhere in the larger report? We rather think that NO, they didn't. Why? Because the UN has been made into nothing more than a stooge supporting all US aggressions around the globe. And in fact, following further links we discover that there is no mention of any US military and US military allied forces harming children! NOWHERE. Even the UN agency's assertion that Syrian troops were using children as shields is pretty suspect. It includes items such as that the Syrian military has had soldiers inside schools and has had some of these troops use school busses during armed exchanges with foreign backed terrorists. If our US cities were under foreign backed attacks, we could imagine US police and military doing much the same. That hardly constitutes 'using children as human shields', a propaganda way of listing that makes effort to picture Assad as human monster being fought by lovely saints backed by the UN and the US, not to mention Western Europe and Israel, which was know to plant huge quantities of land mines all over Lebanon quite recently, assisted by US government political support and UN inaction. So who is head of the US commission that is lending its voice to accusing Assad of criminal activity? Why it is a woman who rubber stamped Sri Lankan atrocities against its Tamil minority, including horrors directed at hundreds of thousands of children through the many years! Her name is Radhika Coomaraswamy Notice in the wikipedia bio where she got her education... 'She is a graduate of the United Nations International School in New York City. She received her B.A. from Yale University, her J.D. from Columbia University, an LLM from Harvard University and honorary PhDs from Amherst College, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Essex and the CUNY School of Law.' Certainly nothing of the Chinese or Russian about this woman! Notice, too, that

Iran: Syrian intervention ‘will be defeated’

'Mashragh earlier reported that Iran’s armed forces had formed a joint war room with officers from “the resistance” which includes Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, which controls parts of Lebanon.' Mashregh is a media outlet run by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. See Iran: Syrian intervention 'will be defeated'. It seems really clear that the Obama Administration's plans to attack the government of Syria under Bashar Assad are also plans to attack Iran as well.

Is Assad too secular a leader for the Muslim Far Right?

Interesting that Tunisian Islamic Far Right 'jihadists' are entering into Syria to fight against the Assad government. The religious extremists helped bring down the Gaddafi government in Libya, too. Tunisia tells imams to stop pushing Syria jihad Strange it is besides, because the US military always claims to be fighting Muslim religious extremists throughout the world, yet everywhere the Pentagon starts a war with with its usual assistance of religious extremist governments in both Israel and Saudi Arabia, the countries then afterwards explode with Muslim religious fanaticism. Iraq and Afghanistan both come to mind in that regards.

If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

A quiet and rather hidden away news item today is that the US and its allies have just rejected a Syrian peace initiative put forward by Russia and China. Why on earth would the Obama Administration do that, since it says it's supposedly working to create Peace in Syria? ***See Syria: West rebuffs proposal to work with Iran to solve crisis *** 'Efforts to forge a united international response to the Syria crisis have been dealt a double blow as the West rebuffed a proposal to work with Iran and Russia rejected a new US peace initiative.' The answer to why the Pentagon forces of Obama have rejected any peace initiative that includes Iran in the talks, is simply because the Pentagon is launching a new extension of its previous Middle Eastern/ Asian wars with their attack on Syria to soon be followed by a direct attack on Iran as well. The Russian and Chinese governments are wise to that though, and are now no longer allowing the US to go about freely and get its way with other ham-strung countries, as they did with allowing the US to beat down Libya while it was Gaddafi led. So nobody is going to =buy the line now about it being merely just an internal affair of Syria's that has gotten out of hand due to Assad's repression. There's a lot more to it than that! Way back in the defeat of Saddam's Iraqi forces in their US sponsored war against Iran, the US began to consider ways to completely alter the entire Middle Eastern landscape through multiple regime changes in order to obtain a more pro Israel, more pro US government, more pro American based multi-national oil company result. Because of that, the Pentagon has started one war after the other throughout this entire region, in both covert and overt manner. Remember Libya! Russia and China do. Once again our question; If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks? ANSWER- Obama and the Pentagon do not want PEACE at all. They want war. And Iran is the next target they have in mind if they can just conquer Syria first?

Latest massacre in Syria has almost all the hallmarks of a US military atrocity

The victims are civilian, most of them women and children, killed with disproportionate force, with the usual un-Islamic effort made to burn the bodies to cover it up. Hell, this could have been an all-American lone-GI "Kandahar Shooting Spree", if you believe the DoD and don't want to credit our US Special Forces Death Squads. If only the dead had been peed on or had trophy fingers removed, we'd know for sure. Now President Bashar Assad's forces are reportedly preventing western "monitors" from either coming upon, or leaving the crime scene, to spin NATO's nauseatingly regular calling card and frame Assad for the atrocity to justify Western intervention. Said Assad of last week's massacre of Syrian civilians, it "was the work of monsters" which is codeword for Israelis and their habitual inhumanity toward non-Jewish Semites, but clearly now must include US standard practice as it pursues its global war on Islam.

Hillary Clinton, America’s new ‘Peace activist’ NOT

In the US world of constant corporate and Pentagon propaganda, nothing is seen as too absurd to try to float by the dazed and dumbed down American public these days. Today's blues/gnus, for example, has Mitt Romney denouncing Obama for screwing up the national economy, even though Obama bailed out the mega corporate banking institutions with public tax money, just exactly as the Republicans wanted him to do, too! Romney believes the selectorate is so fogged out that they forgot all about that. Is that possible in Stupid America? Certainly so! And then there's the amazing case of Hillary Clinton, who apparently is our Nobel Peace Bomber Prize President, Barack Obama's, idea of a 'peace activist'... WTF???? Hillary the 'peace activist'? Can't be true, can it? Hey, to people who believe that Al Gore is Planet Earth's saviour and that the Earth is only 10,000 years old, and that Dick Cheney didn't torture and that a young funny looking Black corporate lawyer means 'CHANGE", well why not Hillary, the Peace Lady? Let's try her out on the Africans and Syrians, the Chinese and Armenians, why don't we? Hillary Clinton is the new wave 'for' Human Rights from The Drone Man! Hurray! What is so fun about this, is that it is a sign of what America has ahead for the Year 2016! Hillary, new sign of hope for America, right after one term President Mitt Romney. Is anything too absurd for Americans? Well, I'm afraid not. For right now though, it's just a studio wrestling match with Hillary in one corner, and Bashar Assad in the other! Jerry Springer the referee. Oops, I meant Ban Ki-moon the referee!

Do as we say and not as we do? -D.C. slaughters civilians in Afghanistan even as it lectures Assad of Syria

There is nothing more sickening than Hillary and Barack lecturing others about their supposed slaughter of civilians even as they slaughter them themselves in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Afghan leader: NATO airstrike killed 18 civilians ___Just who are Clinton and Obama to be lecturing Assad of Syria about anything involving Human Rights?