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Silly Palin praises fallen Medal of Honor marine, but fails to note a couple things

One is that the actions he was taking, along with his comrades, when he won the medal, were War Crimes. The use of Military Force to compel people to obey his Terrorist Government. Civilian People. Making War against CIVILIANS. The other thing Mrs Palin neglected to mention is that neither she nor her Accomplices in the Bush and now Obama administration, and their Oil Company puppetmasters, gave two shits more about the life of the Marine or any of his 6000+ fellow soldiers who were slaughtered in the act of their commissions of War Crimes, than she or her Accomplices care about the Civilians who were either enslaved or Murdered at their command. She makes money from every soldier who dies, and every one of their victims who dies or is imprisoned as well. If her OWN son gets his stupid head blown off, she'll make money from that as well, AND use his death to make herself "look good". Typical Warmongering Money-worshipper. The Dollar Bill is their god. They even call it "The Almighty". It only makes it that much more blasphemous when they go to church and pretend that the atrocities they commit are done for Jesus or any other name of Jehovah.

Jesus “palled around with Terrorists”

One of His disciples was named "Zelotes". That's just a start. Peter, James and Andrew weren't very nice guys either, Peter definitely was a Zealot, an "insurgent" who had a little bit of very obvious skill with a sword. Since the only people in Judea who were allowed to carry swords were the Temple Guards and the Romans, (because the others would casually murder a Roman Pig or three) and Peter threw down on one of the Professional Swordsmen at the Mount of Olives. And survived... If Malchus (the swordsman) hadn't ducked, it would have been considerably more than getting his ear sliced off. I think ol' Pete was aiming to split the punks wig, nobody aims to cut off your ear in a real fight. But here's the deal, in order to actually effectively use a sword you have to be trained to do it. It's net nearly as easy as picking up a gun, pointing it in the general direction of the person you want to murder and squeezing the trigger. If somebody who doesn't know how to wield a sword goes one-on-one against somebody who does, it doesn't even matter if the Trained Swordsman has a sword in his hand at the time, because he would in short order have the sword of the untrained person in one hand, and the persons hair in the other, and be slitting his throat. That's the level of difference training makes.Peter knew how to use the sword, or he would have died on the spot. And he wasn't one of those officially licensed to carry the sword. That spells Zee ee ay ell oh tee Insurgent, rebel, unlawful combatant... terrorist. Middle Eastern Arabian Peninsula Terrorist.

Our McSick McCulture McStrikes again.

So the commercial starts, lady saying "I've got a picky eater on my hands.... but when her nutrition started to affect her development our pediatrician recommended Pediasure..." Now Wait A Damned Minute Here... Sure the kid is cute, has an engaging smile and all, but the kid is 3 years old at the most. Since when does the KID make decisions to only eat junk food? Pediasure was formulated for kids with serious illnesses like Cancer or real digestive problems, who can't eat regular food. CAN'T, not "have mommy so whipped that they WON'T" Jesus, lady, (ok, I'm arguing with a fictional character portrayed by an actress) or... Better Yet, the Mindless Wonders who are targeted by this ad. This is worse than that damn Morris cat commercials. It's a proven fact of nature, neither cats nor children will voluntarily starve in the presence of food. They've got a built in Smart that over-rides "picky". If you're letting your kids run the home to the point that you're allowing them to be Malnourished by the advertising influenced food choices they make, that doesn't just border on Child Abuse... it's over the border, applied for permanent residence status and is looking seriously at citizenship. Kid doesn't eat, start rationing the TV and stop buying the damn junk food. If your kid is both poisoning and concurrently starving herself with candy and cookies, don't buy candy or cookies. I know, the Media Commercial Culture tells you fast fast easy easy buy buy instant gratification and over consumption of stuff that there's no such thing as moderation with them to begin with. A Fat Food meal that has enough calories to sustain a human for 2 days, and doing it twice in the day, (starting with a breakfast of some cereal that used to have "sugar" as the first word of the brand name.. "Sugar" Pops, "Sugar" Smacks, "Sugar" Frosted Flakes..) It's not a new thing, the fictional musical group "The Archies" had a hit song for 4 weeks with "Sugar Sugar" went to number one because they put the record on a Cereal Box... of Sugar Pops and Sugar Smacks. You wouldn't pop or smack your kid with your fist, why do it with poison? That was 40 years ago and people are still doing it, only worse. Hence, turn off the TV. If a show has more than one commercial for candy or Fast Food, don't let them watch. McDonalds and Hersheys and Keebler don't own your home, your kid or your TV, YOU do. You'll save money several ways, you won't have your kid down at the doctor every other week, you won't be buying overpriced junk disguised as an Unhappy Meal, you won't be buying a "dietary supplement" that's designed for people in imminent risk of DYING, and you won't be buying a funeral for your kid when the truly unhealthy lifestyle takes its inevitable toll. For the first time since the Middle Ages average life expectancy has gone DOWN. At both ends, too, at the high

Jesus Springs rejects Christian values!

COLORADO SPRINGS- It's official! Colorado Springs City Council last night renounced our city's long-reputed (and disputed) Christian Values. In yesterday's session, an ordinance was approved to prohibit the homeless from seeking refuge on public land. Some might see this is a step forward for the pious headquarters of America's military religious empire, a self-suicide bomb to its pseudo-spiritual center. The council on Tuesday listened to hours of public input, predominantly against adopting the ordinance for a panoply of reasons. The speakers thanked the councilors for their patience. More than a couple reminded them of Jesus' words, what you do for the least of my brethren, etc. The nefarious Doug Bruce weighed in against the ordinance, not out of sympathy for the "bums" but because he thought the legalese too vague. Many speakers for the homeless agencies asked the city for more time, to delay a decision for further study. They sensed perhaps that passage of the ordinance was eminent, but ultimately gave the council its cue. Between doing nothing and doing something, eight out of the nine councilors expressed that they had to do something, which meant the ban. Police Chief Meyers had presented no other options for consideration. In his presentation the day before, the alternatives listed were "none." And whether they intended it or not, a number of local advocacy groups put their name to the chief's report. He made clear that not all of the organizations favored the camping prohibition, but more cleverly, he summarized their input as having concluded their were no other options. Included as hapless "signatories" were the PPJPC and the local ACLU. I'm not sure how several meetings about the homeless issue, led by the PPJPC, could have yielded no other options but a ban, but that was how the police chief summarized it. The only refutations offered were testimonials to the potential efficacy of third party faith-based agencies to help the homeless, and pleas for more time. There was little discussion about what else the city might do. Of course there is an important alternative the city can consider. More services. If the homeless present a health, sanitation, security and humanitarian problem, resolve it with better services. I was making the point earlier about private and public property. Public land is the public's private property. The city has just as much responsibility to provide services to the public lands and it does to the private. More so, actually. What the city has done in this case is withhold sufficient services and blamed the problem on the homeless. Is there a mess? Clean it. Is there lawlessness, police it? A fire risk? Monitor it. People living in need? Give. The city council members assumed to help the poor with this ban, intent to lift them from their squalor. How patronizing. Imagine if the city was to withhold services from private property. Imagine if private homes lo longer received sewer and water, garbage pickup and police oversight. Our residential areas would quickly be swallowed by tremendous squalor. Imagine telling private property

If Toyota has a “tarnished reputation” for voluntarily recalling cars…

What does that make Wal-Mart and their seemingly endless resources of Manufacturers pushing products that get recalled not just by the United States Corporate-Owned "watchdog" Lapdog Agencies, products that mostly are marketed as toys or furnishings for Kids? But also by the Chinese agencies, legendary for their diligence in regulating industries. Cadmium in kid's jewelry, tainted milk, lead based paint on toys, Jesus, why not just give the kids a chainsaw and a blindfold for their birthday, at least it would be faster. I was at their Customer Service desk yesterday buying a money order, there's a bulletin board chock full of Recalled Products and most of them NOT voluntary. The best you can say for the manufacturers is they cooperated, After the Fact, because of fears of civil lawsuits. Whoa, now, Civil Suits? You mean, the Tort System actually sometimes DOES work? But those interested more in protecting the "Liberty" of Corporate polluters, in the case of the Tainted Foods and Shoddy Products they make the people actually PAY for privilege of being maimed or poisoned by their products... say that Tort Law goes too far, and needs to be "reformed", meaning, granting the Very Rich a free license to kill the poor. Live better. Save Money. Give your Kids bad food and worse toys. WalMart.

“Christian” sniper scopes.

The maker of the Trijicon ACOG gun sight states on its website: "We believe that America is great when its people are good. This goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we will strive to follow those morals." Yeah, "morals" like killing the babies at Sand Creek and the Little Ouachita... real strong Christianity there. Or murdering somebody from a mile away with a high powered rifle and a well made scope. Whose Head Would Jesus Blow Off? Military Religious Freedom Foundation president Mikey Weinstein says the inscriptions could give the Taliban and other enemy forces a propaganda tool. "I don't have to wonder for a nanosecond how the American public would react if citations from the Koran were being inscribed onto these US armed forces gunsights instead of New Testament citations." Indeed. Those who argue that Islam is a hate-based religion, what are they saying about it? Oh, that's right, they're saying that every murder committed by the U.S. is sanctioned by God. Real "love" there. Tip for the company, stop making enemies for Christ.

Pope Forgives woman…

But she's still in jail... errr "hospital." Mighty white of him. Who Would Jesus Imprison, lock in painful restraints and force to take pain-inducing medications?

Hypocrisy on the part of Big Oil? who woulda thunk it..

One argument against curtailing the use of gasoline is that "Oil is used in the manufacture of fertilizers, and pumping water, and delivering food..." ahem... If the sorry Bastards who make that argument are really all that God-Damned concerned about the Poor, why do they waste the gasoline and diesel and fertilizers pushing around replacement penises in order to impress other Idiots? You would think that these modern Saints would, if they're so very concerned for the poor, they would stop or slow down on their wasteful habits. Also, they would feel a little bit guilty about the people who are held, whole nations, in slavery at gunpoint to subsidize their waste of these resources. What's weirder than that, I've seen actually seen, Really... HumVees parked (on the street, of course, I guess they spent so much on the car they can't afford a place to park it on their own damn property, they have to use Subsidized Public Streets to do it) in front of a house with a shrine to St Francis of Assissi in the yard. St Francis who was offered a ride once, and declined, saying "Our Savior never rode in a wagon, why should I be better?" WWJDAH? When would Jesus drive a hummer?

Who would Jesus Kidnap, torture, or bomb the living crap out of?

Like the "Christian Warriors" Xe, formerly known by their more Satanic and Accurate name "Blackwater" have been doing under contract to the CIA. Since they've been caught doing that in Iraq, AND since the Martial Law imposed on New Orleans during Katrina was enforced by Blackwater, are we supposed to sit back and trust the "benign dictatorship" implied in giving these Corporate Murderers and Torturers free reign anywhere, especially in America, to ply their Satanic Trade? The executive orders CheneyBush signed into "law"combined with the so-called "Patriot" act say that we should. Erik Prince, (Prince Erik?) believes that we should, and further publicly believes that God tells us to obey his "authority". The Colorado Springs Establishment, who worship Death and War equally as much as Prince Erik does, and hide their contempt of the 6th Commandment behind pseudo-Christianity just as much as Prince Erik does, and tomorrow morning their Bought and Paid-for "ministers of the Gospel of Hate" are going to be telling the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe across our Fair Metropolis that it's Morally Correct, and indeed, Ordained By Christ Himself, to continue with the wars of conquest their Satanic Overlords have started in the name of America, and "Freedom".

Break the commandment, keep the commandment

Or so the bumper sticker sayeth. Simple, right(wing)? Leaving aside the notion that you have to have kept the ENTIRE law for at least a week (purification time) and have NEVER committed any of the crimes listed in Leviticus and Deuteronomy not once not ever, that are punishable by death. Like masturbation or talking back to your parents. Jesus added a couple of definitions, more on that later. Now there's the case of the man in Texas, killed unjustly by the Death Penalty Slaughterhouse System. What happens when the Governor wrongly kills somebody? And the Cowardly "doctor" and guards who directly murdered him? Should they also be killed? The Bumper Sticker says so. Dig... the High Priest appointed Jesus to be The Judge. About Death Penalty according to the Bible, men were sent from the High Priest to ask his judgement I'd suggest my Christian brethren (and sistren--- see, I can make up words) study the laws they quote so glibly.The one commandment: Adultery.One of the commandments Jesus interpreted, . Not the one about "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" no. This IS a corollary to that. If a man looks at a woman with lush he's already committed adultery. I would say, even if somebody had survived adolescence without once talking back to Mom and Pop or whipping the wiener that would be a deal breaker. But since so many say that the Levitican laws beginning with the Ten Commandments are the ultimate base of American jurisprudence, how are they going to wiggle out of that one? They could say that they didn't know, that nobody ever mentioned to them, that it would be inevitable that innocent people WILL be put to death under the laws. They could, except their own Very Many Words mocking anybody who brings that point up, kind of sort of maybe would turn them into LIARS (except of course that they already ARE liars) They could say "It's better that one man die for all", but that was the judgment that condemned Jesus even without a consensus on His guilt and before He was even brought to trial. The Supreme Court, who are ultimately going to have to find a way to clear their Fellow Pigs of any guilt in the matter, (you KNOW, even if you deny it vehemently, that IS the case, they can't allow their Fellow Pigs to face charges for a crime) Could simply wash their hands of the matter. Like Pontius Pilate. Since the Title-Quote bumper sticker is printed BY Christians and aimed AT Christians, none of that would be politically palatable. They want to kill people but not feel guilty about it.


The killing of one's sibling. Specifically. On the other hand, DNA findings keep showing that all men are, indeed, brothers. I'll address the religious issues of that directly, since one of the most hotly divisive wars plaguing our world now has both the Religious and the DNA negating the claims of the most belligerent parties. It involves the three Mosaic religions, with among others, LOCAL Christians rooting for both sides because they feel that Israel being destroyed will bring on the Apocalypse. The people described are sometimes considered mythical. That's not the point. The parties to the wars don't consider them mythical and base the reasons for continuing the war on the sayings, writings and deeds attributed to them. So I'll start with something that's in all three, Christian, Jewish and Muslim scriptures.. Cain and Abel. Literally brothers. Fast forward a couple of chapters. Another set of brothers. Shem, Ham and Japheth. Their daddy Noah, The Most Righteous Man On Earth, got drunk and cursed his son. Somehow, that means that the entire almost half the population of the earth descended from Ham are cursed to eternal poverty and servitude. Fast forward another few chapters, Father Abraham... Who apparently had a problem common to his descendants, he couldn't keep his penis in his robes. Nor could his cousin Lot. Nor his grandsons Esau and Jacob. Nor his however many greats grandsons David and Solomon. The fragmentation of their kingdom after the death of Solomon was a direct precursor to the issues of which groups of their descendants own which parts of the land and, importantly, the water. (and now the oil, but the water is most important. You can't drink oil nor irrigate crops with it) To bring it back to the original theme, all men are brothers. We have, all of us, common ancestry. You know what they say about family, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose. But the fact is, we are all brothers. Israeli and Arab more so than the rest of the human race, the ONLY race. The concept could be expanded to living nice to every living thing on the earth, including the earth itself, and contracted to being nice to people in your immediate family, the children of your father and mother. For Jew and Other Tribes Of ISRAEL (also called "Samaritans") and Arabs the web of DNA ties is so complex, after all this time, who is Netanyahu that he can say that the Palestinian he spits on literally or figuratively isn't closer to him, genetically, than his first cousin? Those who assume the gulf between Palestinian and Jew have to ignore not only the genetic evidence but also, since they base their Hatred on Scripture, they have to ignore more than half of the Scriptures as well. That makes them Arrogant and Foolish all in one package, probably Blasphemers and, certainly, since the Dead supply the loudest witness to the fact... Murderers. Just like Cain. Most people in the world

Scary Sarah story….

75% of Americans believe Silly Sarah is NOT qualified to run for president... that's scary... Because 25% of Americans are so STUPID they believe she IS. My God, the woman did not know the constitutionally defined duties of the Vice President (to be prepared to assume the duties of President should the President no longer be capable of performing those duties). Richard Cheney did know, but had a team of lawyers (I noticed the typical Colorado pronunciation of the word is "liars". very apt) to define the Vice Presidency as some sort of above-all-laws Imperium. Sarah does not know. Sarah believes that Jesus chooses her to be the leader and that she can find the WMDs in Iraq and Osama bin Laden, just by the indwelling Holy Ghost. I believe she blasphemes against the Holy Ghost by making such claims. She hasn't channeled Jesus to help the army find these elusive targets , perhaps Jesus is so P.O.'d that we didn't choose His vessel to be our leader so instead He's going to oh what's the use? Her STUPID racist followers don't believe in Logic or anything resembling logic. They actually believe that the goofy bitch is qualified to have her nasty little fingers on the triggers of the Biggest Baddest Guns in the entire history of History itself. They also believe that Obama is the Antichrist, we're all going to either be Raptured out (not biblical but they think so anyway) or burn in Hell forever before 2012 anyway, sa why exactly would it matter if she could run for president in 2012 anyway.? If 2012 election cycle arrives and she's not raptured out that means she's not one of the Chosen Ones OR that she's been fed and subsequently feeding others a lie about the Raptu... oh damn, I'm confusing them again, apparently I've got some kind of rabid-ass idea that her supporters are capable of actual logic...

Big Insurance greed? COS is Sick Of It!

KRDO's Eric Singer called today's health care reform rally "very one sided," so much so, seeing it, "you might have done a double-take." Because it wasn't our backwater's customary Teabag Pity Party where agitated ignorants throw their own hopes for adequate health care into the drink; but KRDO doesn't report those anti-rallies as one-sided. Of course, KRDO's advertisers are the medical system conglomerates, pharmaceuticals, and big insurance! Greed. We are sick of it! The Gazette repeated their usual mantra that health care reform is unaffordable, but offered a refreshingly frank representation of Pattie's nuanced address to the energized crowd. The full Gazette article: Health care reform activists rally in Springs October 13, 2009 3:45 PM MARIA ST.LOUIS-SANCHEZ THE GAZETTE Patti Mulkey wants to work and be a productive member of society. Unfortunately, she says, her health insurance doesn’t cover all of the extensive treatment she needs for her chronic kidney disease. She said her insurance plan keeps her alive, but doesn’t provide enough care that would let her go back to work. “They make decisions without knowing how this affects everyone’s lives,” she said to a small, but vocal group of people at a rally Tuesday for health care reform in front of Colorado springs’ City Hall. “People who are ill don’t want to be ill. They want to be working and well.” The “Rally Against Greed” attracted about 40 people carrying signs that read “Greed Sucks” and “Jesus Didn’t Charge Premiums.” The rally was organized by the group Change that Works, a liberal organization that endorses a public option for health care. While protestors were vehement Tuesday, the rally wasn’t close to the size of other local rallies against the proposed reforms. Instead of focusing on the cost of expanded health care, organizers blamed insurance companies for the high costs in relating the stories of people coping with illnesses. Like Mulkey, many of the people who attended the rally said they had health insurance, but it didn’t pay for their care. Pat Hill said that even with health insurance, she was paying $750 a month in medical bills stemming from complications from cancer treatments. James Tucker, a local activist, said the people who reject the proposed reforms may regret it. “If they don’t get involved and join us, they will pay a price when they need the care,” he said.

Well, now, here’s another Right Wing Brain Fart in action…

The son of Phyllis Schlafly is leading a movement to re-write the Bible to weed out all the Liberal "mistranslations" Guess when they get it Wrong, they get it all the way Wrong. Yep, all that talk about Love thy Neighbor, faith hope and charity, longsuffering,  Good Samaritan, don't lend your money out at usury (Capitalism), The Church at Jerusalem "having everything common" (Communism) Jesus healing the sick and not charging them anything (Socialized Medicine)... just too Liberal for them. And the whole concept of it being an Arabian religion to begin with (Abraham was from Iraq, Jesus was a Jew, the Magi were from Iran...) stirs their little Anti-Semitic racist souls to a frothy boil. That and the "Western Civilization" in all of it, like the Philistines, the Romans, Alexander the Great (he and the Philistines were ethnically Greek) seem to get a bum rap. Next thing y'all know, them thar Libruls in the churches are gonna tell 'em that slavery and lynching are wrong.

Obama is no over-hyped Messiah

Critics on both sides of Barack Obama's premature Nobel Prize peddle the same cynical caricature of our new president, as messiah figure likely overburdened by our expectations. It's a self-defeating setup that didn't fool the Nobel panel. Obama is not Jesus, he's Caesar. I don't mean to belittle the Son of God, but Obama's throne has a far greater vantage point to deliver this world from the yoke of the evil empire. This year's Nobel Peace Prize is a sort of Pay It Forward award to the man who holds the fate of so many in his hands. You don't have to believe Obama is the Second Coming, nor even that he's a good man. So far he's played Dubya's apprentice to a tee. But what can you do? Obama's vainglourious Basterds have everyone by the throat. The Afghans, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis, live but by the grace of his drones, or the whim of his rendition interrogator-torturers. American activists abut his militarized police, American sick expire while on hold with his third party death panels. The Nobel Prize could be another medal to pretend this American Emperor heralds a break from injustice as the US redoubles wreaking havoc. Or, it could be mankind's last best only hope to appeal, if not to Obama's sense of humanity, to his vanity. Is the 2009 Nobel Laureate going to escalate killings and predations on the poor? The choice is Obama's. The growing criticism of Barack Obama's record of inaction furthers the misconception that Obama is a mere figurehead, an affirmative action spokesman to give the US a kinder, gentler image. In fact, Obama sits in the little dictator's seat. It's lost no power since the days of Bush. You might argue that Bush was mere Howdy Doody to powerful oligarchs behind the scenes. Obama may be pulled by the same strings. But unless the puppet masters choose to reveal themselves, a puppet can pretend they don't exist. And a real flesh and blood man puppet can utterly efface them. I believe the Nobel committee is hoping to appeal to just that man. Obama doesn't need Congress, majority or no, nor the American People, nor the corporate media, to decide what he wants to do. He's not stuck to overturning the tables of the money-changers, or leading by example by dying for us on a cross. Obama doesn't have to render unto Caesar, he is Caesar. The most powerful there ever was, although I can't think now if there ever was a good one. The Norse were in no position then to bait one with a peace prize. Here's hoping. ADDENDUM: Barack and Michelle Obama sent out this response to the surprise honor, trying a little false flattery of their own. Here's the last paragraph: This award -- and the call to action that comes with it -- does not belong simply to me or my administration; it belongs to all people around the world who have fought for justice and for peace. And most of all, it belongs

Vlad Dracula was a White European Christian.

So were most of the people he murdered. Just, you know, sayin' is all. Same way with the Crusades and the Reformation. I know that wouldn't get me invited to speak at any church in Colorado Springs. Neither would anything Jesus actually said, so I'm in good company.

Teabag Constitution Day, Acacia Park

THE NOT-WITH-MY-TAXES PATRIOTS are holding another tea party tomorrow, to mark Constitution Day Sept 17, 11AM downtown in Acacia Park, where two friends got permission to table there tomorrow to represent the Special Olympics and pass out applications. It's a terrible joke, but these teabaggers bring out my inner idiot. WE ARE TOMORROW going to don robes and false beards and circulate like multi-gendered Jesuses, through the throngs of angry Christians, passing out business cards on which we printed the passage from Matthew, what you did for the least of your brothers... But I'd really like to recruit an intrepid African American male to help me with a hypothesis. I'm pretty sure that at the height of the crowd's passions tomorrow, a single black voice raised against them, without his appearing to have allies nearby, will result in a spontaneous lunge to try to lynch him. Then we'll pounce, with the on-duty portion of the CSPD who aren't attending the event, and arrest the bigots. There won't be anybody left in the park.

Nutty FBI ‘anti-terror’ gig comes to Colorado

It's just plain dangerous to be an Afghan Muslim living in Colorado, or New York City for that matter. You provide personal material for White America's Policing Establishment to play out their paranoic games with other peoples' lives. Najibullah Zazi is finding that out the hard way as he tries to eke out a living in Denver, Colorado for he and his family to live on. Now he's caught in another one of those dragnets and fabricated charges used to justify the Empires ever-non-ending war to spread its own police and military terrorism around the globe. See Queens terror raids part of FBI probe into Denver-based cell plotting attack on 9/11 scale One doubts that it is mere coincidence that the FBI timed this racially profiled harrassment to begin just one week after the 9/11 anniversary. The militarized militaristic meatheads in our society drool over this stuff and poor Zazi is the perfect fall guy for this racist government campaign, headed up from the White House office that has proclaimed the supposed end to American racism ever being considered an issue again. Zazi even has a nice Osama style beard for his coming government public photo-ops fed to the crazed US corporate press. God, Americans as a general rule hate Muslims! The Muslim hordes killed Jesus Christ by nailing him up on a cross and later drank Christian babies' blood because Mohammad is a pedophile, you know? But if Sarah Palin ever gets after them helped by the Jewish State they'll really have something to fear! Si better not donate any of your personal monies to an Islamic charity organization this week and end your Ramadan fasting now immediately! That is if you know what's good for you? (Now don't you feel a lot safer today because of the FBI racially profiling your neighbors to feed Obama's campaigns for yet more war?) I know the Military-industrial-governmental Establishment does.

Cuba declines OAS offer of Trojan Horse

Over US objections, the Organization of American States (OAS, OEA) voted to invite Cuba back into the fold, from which it had been expelled in 1962 for hanging with Communists. Cuba's reply? No thanks! Although Cuba's acceptance by fellow nations was hailed a victory, Fidel Castro wrote: "It is naive to think that the good intentions of one president justifies the existence of a body that... supported... neoliberalism, drug trafficking, military bases and economic crises." In an essay published the day before Cuba's official repudiation of the offer to recommit to the OAS, Fidel Castro recalled a lesson from the siege of Troy. Castro was reported widely as having called the OAS a "U.S. Trojan horse." In reality, Castro blamed the OAS for having "opened the gates" to the Trojan horse of US post-colonial despotism. The Trojan horse RAFAEL Correa, president of Ecuador, currently visiting Honduras, stated the day before the OAS meeting: "I believe that the OAS has lost its raison d’être, maybe it never had a raison d’être." The news, circulated by ANSA, adds that Correa, "prophesized ‘the demise’ of that organization given the many errors it has committed." He affirmed "that the countries of the American continent, given their geographic conditions, cannot all be put ‘in the same basket.’ And for that reason Ecuador proposed some months back the creation of the Organization of Latin American States. "’It is not possible for the region’s problems to be discussed in Washington; let us construct something of our own, without countries alien to our culture, our values, and obviously including countries that were inexplicably separated from the inter-American system, and I am referring to the concrete case of Cuba… that was a tremendous shame and demonstrates the double standards that exist in international relations.’" On his arrival in Honduras, both President Zelaya and Correa stated that "The OAS must be reformed and reincorporate Cuba; if not, it will have to disappear." Another cable from the DPA news agency affirms: "Cuba’s reintegration in the Organization of American States (OAS) has moved from being an issue per se of the organization’s General Assembly in Honduran San Pedro Sula, to once again being turned into an excuse for a struggle of interests that goes much further than the limits of the Caribbean island and could (once again) call hemispheric relations into question. "The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, made that very clear on describing the hemispheric meeting that begins this Tuesday in Honduras in quasi military terms. "It will be," he said, an ‘interesting battle’ in which if it is demonstrated that the OAS ‘continues being a ministry of the colonies’ that is not transformed in order ‘to subordinate itself to the will of the governments comprising it,’ it will be necessary to propose ‘leaving’ the organization and creating an alternative." "’Latin American countries are making Cuba the litmus test for the quality of the Obama administration's approach to Latin America," Julia E. Sweig, a Cuba scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations, told The Washington Post on the

Jesus Killed Mohammed, every last one

With attention now drawn on the evangelical skinheads running amok with the US military's Big Stick, reporter Jeff Sharlet relates a story in this month's Harpers, which showcases the fundamental irreligiosity of the capital "C" Crusaders. The episode Jesus Killed Mohammed takes place in Samarra, Iraq, in 2004, where rascally US Christ fans succeed in goading their crosstown rivals into taking a shot at them, the sooner to be dispatched to the Islamic hereafter by the Christ Gang's overwhelming firepower. The operation involved painting "Jesus Killed Mohammed" across the side of their Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and having their translator poke his megaphone out the top, giving Arabic voice to the insolent taunt, shouting it up and down the neighborhood until no one was left to speak up for Mohammed.             ???? ??? ????? The affair reminded me of the Monty Phython skit about the world's deadliest joke being appropriated for military use across the WWI trenches, which was, if you remember, immediately fatal, combined with the sacrilegious 2005 GWOT strategy which drew so much flak to US special forces in Afghanistan when soldiers burned Taliban corpses to draw enemy ire. The Intelligence Service calls it "tickling:" provoking your opponent into an emotional response to reveal his position. In the Afghan case, the US team violated Geneva Conventions against mutilating the dead. In Sammara the only code protecting the sensitivities of the indignant Muslims was probably the boxing rule forbidding blows below the belt. Perhaps it was the very indecency of the concept which most elicited snickers from the American perps. In operation JESUS KILLED MOHAMMED, the 1/26 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division led by Lieutenant John D. DeGiulio, under instructions from the 10th Special Forces Group who called themselves "the Faith element," drove their Bradleys along the streets drawing fire, one shot at a time, from virtually every door. After each shot rang out, the Bradley would summarily aerate each residence and its inhabitants until "Jesus Killed Mohammed" did not offend anymore. As Sharlet noted, every Iraqi home is permitted one AK-47 for self defense, so answering the US force's insolence did not reveal you to have been an insurgent. The infidels were biting their thumbs at the Iraqis from behind impregnable armor, to respond with small arms fire was entirely a matter of honor, and suicide.

Christian Crusades for committing torture, prayer & murder in Afghanistan

The Evangelicals love the authoritarian structures of the US military! It's seen as a command structure coming down almost directly from the authority of Jesus Christ himself. Never mind the torture on the ground at Bagram Air Base nor the bombing and murder of innocents from up on high. There is a soft side of Jesus, too, if you just buy it? Or, at least that seems to be the message? Now let us bow our heads in prayer and check out this video of Military Evangelism at work... 04 MAY 09- US troops urged to share faith in Afghanistan

America the Beautiful is NOT a Hymn.

Bite me. What got me onto this, of course the very Anglo-American persecution of their fellow Americans, including and especially American Indians, like the Ward Churchill (metaphoric) Lynching... But after I published the bit about Malaysian students being forced to learn English by their Corporate Masters, a show came on and just ended about a half hour ago, comparing America to the Bible. Claiming, and rightly in some cases, although as you can well imagine they didn't use quite the same phrases or even the same concept, that some of the worst criminals in History and especially American History, men like Captain John Smith and Cotten Mather, Kings Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth 1st, King James etc etc... were inspired by the ENGLISH versions of the Bible, and that the Bible is the Sole Inspiration for Imperialism, American Style, that we're (again with Cotten Mather, gotta love that jerk, he makes it EASY to hold my fellow Christian's feet to the fire) "the Shining City on the Hill" with our Manifest Destiny to bring the Poor, Benighted Dark Skinned world to Americanism. oh, that's right, they said "Christianity". America is NOT God and is not even a lower case "g" god. It's two continents. Just because certain highly placed United States government officials believe that the term "America" applies exclusively to us, they also by coincidental occurrence believe that Christianity belongs Exclusively to the English as a RACE. I've been in MAINSTREAM churches where this is often preached. They preach that America is actually the "New Jerusalem" and the English RACE has taken over the position (through the silliest use of Transmogrification Magic that I personally have ever heard of) The New Chosen People of God. Sarah Palin's church, for instance, preaches that. Not the entire Assemblies Of God denomination but her church in particular. Evangelic churches have one doctrine, the Priesthood of the Believer. Like there's no Baptist Pope. In their mindset, criticizing American Foreign Policy or American Corporate Imperialism or American Racism, interchangeable concepts actually, Is tantamount to Blaspheming against God Himself. Feh. I can turn that on it's very illogical head and say that people who think that resistance to Imperialistic Racist Corporate Tyranny is Anti-American and Anti-Christian are defiling the Name of Christ with their dogmatic insistence on equating their Murderous Evil with His Name. Taking God's Name in Vain, in other words, the first instrument of any act of Blasphemy. It figures prominently in what's referred to as "God's Top Ten No-No List". But the T.V. show, it was playing "America the Beautiful" in the background. And preaching that the English language is the Savior of the World. Funny thing about that is, Jesus didn't speak any English and the English Language wouldn't evolve into anything recognizable to anybody who doesn't have at least a High School grasp of English for well over a thousand years. The English people of His time had this really nasty practice of capturing Roman soldiers, putting them in wicker cages and lighting them on fire. Legion X spent time in Anglia and Judea... A LOT. Tenth Legion. A Punishment Brigade. Pontius Pilate himself was

The Joshua Paradigm…

If "We" are morally and legally required, as many have suggested, to judge "They" as in any other nation, by the most radical remarks of "Their" citizens, would "They" not also be justified in judging "We" by the most radical remarks of "our" citizens? Let's take as a specific case "reverend" Patrick Robertson. who said that a certain leader of a Nation in South America should be assassinated. Further, let's take into account that his Masters in the Bush/Cheney administration were and their minions still ARE fighting a Terroristic Covert War in that same Nation. Let's further go with comments by Mr Robertson and many of his fellow "ministers of the gospel" that Israel should have Killed every Palestinian, even the Babies, when they took the land. They claim this by references to the book of Joshua. They claim that Israel, and by association the United States, is being punished now because they didn't "Cleanse the Land". Never minding the fact that the Palestinians are ethnically just as much Israel as the Jews. The "ten lost tribes"? Never went anywhere, they've been there ever since BEFORE Judah was carried off to Babylon. Also the Jews who weren't Wealthy were left behind in Judah, mostly the Babylonians carried off the priesthood, royalty and the Richest of the Judeans, NOT Israelites, Israel was a separate Kingdom. When Jesus and laer Paul, nee Saul of Tarsus, (a tentmaker by trade and a Lawyer by profession) said "Judge not, lest ye also be judged, for with what measure ye mete judgment shall Judgment be meted unto ye" They were re-stating what Moses and later Joshua said. It's one of the first principles of the Talmud. What reason would a Palestinian, an Iraqi or an Iranian have to trust Netanyahu or any of the other Puppets of the Bush/Cheney Corporate Empire? Bush and Netanyahu shake hands, smile, joke, are very cordial to the same freaks who claim that the Iranians and the Palestinians should be Utterly Destroyed, from the Greatest unto the least, and every beast, and every servant, man, woman and CHILD, none shall ye leave alive... Well, Why should they? From their point of view, punctuated by Assassins bullets, air strikes and invasions like the ones into Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, The Empire has declared through its Spokes Freaks that Iran and Palestine should be destroyed. Especially punctuated by more than a million deaths of the Citizens of Iraq. The vast majority of them, like the vast majority of the Palestinians killed, Were CIVILIANS and a really disproportionate number of them Children.

Blackwater changing name to “Xe”….

Erik Prince, Killing Korporation CEO and founder, is Allegedly a Christian.   Throws in gratuitous references to "Knights Templar, USA" on his website. Nothing new in all of that. Speculation is rising that "Xe" means Christ Everlasting. They've got a training base near the intersection of Teller (county) One and Teller Eleven, on the western downslope from Cripple Creek. It's only secret in that they don't acknowledge it, either Blackwater or the Army. They are probably also the contractors guarding Peterson AFB who threatened to have Miss Johnnie arrested when she went to get her ID card a year and a half ago... And they're reported to be the staff at the new ICE "detention" center at Ft Carson. You've just got to use your Magic Decoder Ring to see it but Jesus said in The Sermon on the Mount "...fook 'em all, kill imprison and torture them and make money doing it. And contributions to the Republican Party count as your Tithes... Suffer, little children, SUFFER!!" You've also got to be wearing your X-Ray glasses... And an amulet on a necklace made of human hair and half a box of Lucky Charms cereal. And the skin of a human baby... And nothing else... And at a Corner Shrine dedicated to John Wayne. With black and purple candles. While saying the Lord's Prayer sideways. Human Sacrifice is optional. But recommended. Rolling on the ground, smearing yourself with feces and foaming at the mouth means you're doing the incantation correctly.